Meet the Masters: Lady Nada

Written by Jo Boyle

“Come on.” said Samuel, staring at Josh’s alarm clock, “You know the routine by now. Put your toys away and go to bed. We don’t want to be late for the Master.”

“Sorry Samuel.” said Josh, leaping into his bed, “I promise to fall straight asleep.”

Samuel nodded and as Josh closed his eyes, his angel disappeared into a cloud of sparkles.

Josh kept to his word and fell into a deep sleep. And when he finally opened his eyes he couldn’t see any clouds, only millions and millions of stars.

“So, you’re finally awake!” teased Samuel, “For a moment, I thought you were going to snore your way through the meeting with a Master!”

Josh scowled which made Samuel laugh and he hugged him close. “Now you don’t want tonight’s Master to see you scowling, do you?  Tonight’s Master is always smiling and her name is Lady Nada.”

“Lady Radar!” shouted Josh, staring in disbelief at his angel, “I’m not sure if I

like the sound of her, she sounds dangerous!”

“No silly!” said Samuel, trying hard not to laugh, “Lady N-A-D-A.”

“Oh!” said Josh, sighing, “That name sounds much nicer.”

And the pair giggled as they journeyed onwards to the Master’s pink temple.

“This will be a good place to land,” said Samuel, nose-diving towards a daisy covered hill. They quickly got to their feet and without thinking, ran down the steep hill, roaring with laughter, before tumbling down and landing in a messy pile at the bottom.

“I hope you two are not causing trouble?” said a voice, in the distance. Josh looked up but could only see soft, pink light. Samuel, quickly scrambled to his feet as fast as he was able and puffed out his enormous wings, “Lady Nada!” he gasped.

And then slowly, the most beautiful lady Josh, had ever seen, appeared. She had sparkling, blue eyes and her golden hair and rose coloured robe, shimmered with light.

“Welcome Josh.” said the Master, “I AM Lady Nada and I am glad you managed to wake up in time to see me!” she teased, “Shall we continue? We have a lot of work to do tonight?”

The Master held out her glowing hand and led Josh, through a magical garden. Rose petals covered the ground and multi-coloured trees, glittered in the sunlight.

“This is my crystal orchard. Over there,” said the Master, pointing to a group of angels, hovering close to the crystal trees, “can you guess what they’re doing?”

Josh watched the busy angels and slowly nodded. The angels sang as they gathered the ripened crystals. Then they cradled the crystals to their hearts, holding them like precious babies.

“Looks like they’re singing lullabies!” smiled Josh.

“Very good, Josh. And those angels in the distance,” she said, staring at a group of pink beings, “they’re the rose quartz angels.”

Josh had to concentrate hard to see the beautiful angels as they shimmered in and out of view. They looked like delicate, wisps of light as they floated around the rose quartz trees, endlessly, blowing kisses over them.

“They really love crystals, don’t they?” said Josh, wide eyed.

The Master smiled, “Yes, and that is why the rose quartz is filled with so much love. They are my very favourite crystals.”

Next, Josh’s eyes were drawn to another part of the orchard where a group of purple angels, were busy at work. They each held a small bell and they softly chanted as they swirled violet smoke, towards the branches of a large tree.

“These are the angels of purification.” explained the Master, “They tend to the amethyst trees, helping to cleanse the crystals, keeping them clean and pure.”

Josh nodded and closely followed the Master who headed towards a sparkling waterfall.

“This is where the angels leave the crystals to further cleanse them. And once they are all squeaky clean a call is sent to the messenger angels, who gather the crystals. Then on their travels, they scatter the crystals to the four winds, letting them drop in different places.”

With that the beautiful Master, picked up a rose quartz goblet and scooped some water from the waterfall. She took a sip, sighed and gave the goblet to Josh, who gulped down the cool liquid. Wiping his mouth, with the back of his hand, Josh frowned as his hand began to tingle, strangely.

Josh looked at his hand, which was now glowing, bright pink and gasped loudly.

Lady Nada laughed and picked up a green goblet, “Would you like some more special water?”

Josh, couldn’t wait to try it took a big gulp. He waited for a moment and then began to giggle, uncontrollably, as his hand, arm and slowly, his whole body, turned bright green!

“Look, Miss Nada! I’m green!

Do I look like a scary monster?” and growled as loud as he could.

The Master laughed, “Of course not.” she said, hugging him, “Now Josh, tonight I shall be doing some very important work. Would you like to help me?”

“Yes!” replied Josh, who was slowly returning to a normal colour.

The Master said nothing, she simply smiled and began to trace a wide circle on the ground. Next, she drew a large arc in the air and immediately, the pair were surrounded in a golden bubble. Then Lady Nada, wrapped half of her rose shawl around Josh, as they lifted into the sky, quickly leaving the crystal orchard far behind.

“Tonight Josh,” said the Master, “We shall be planting crystals deep into the Earth.

We will visit what is known as the grid-works of light and I will show you where to bury them.”

“Why do we have to do that?” asked Josh.

“The grid-works of light are paths of love which circle the Earth. Sometimes gaps appear in the grids and by filling them with crystals, we will make the paths of light stronger. It is simple work but very important work.”

The bubble of light landed gently, there was a popping sound and then, the bubble burst.

“Miss Nada.” said Josh, tugging the Master’s sleeve, “How are we going to get back?”

The Master smiled, serenely, “Oh, I think we will find a way. Follow me, little one.”

Josh walked alongside the Master, admiring the bright stars as they strolled. On and on they walked, until the Master stopped suddenly and opened a velvet bag, which hung around her wrist and was filled with crystals!

“Look over there,” instructed the Master, “Can you see where we need to plant the crystals, Josh?”

Josh stared ahead and frowned, “No, I can’t see any gaps, Miss Nada.”

The Master looked at Josh in surprise, but, then realised the problem, “Oh, of course.

Do excuse me, Josh. Please, let me help you.”

The radiant Master stretched out her arms and in a commanding voice, shouted, “Star light cease!”

Complete and utter silence surrounded the pair and Josh gasped, as every single star in the sky, from the nearest to the furthest constellation, faded from view. It was as if a gigantic curtain had been pulled across the great sky.

Josh shook his head, in disbelief, as Lady Nada pointed ahead into the distance,

“Now, can you tell me?”

Josh stared at the incredible view. It was as if every star in the sky had fell on to the ground. A carpet of starlight stretched out before them. And sure enough, tiny gaps were visible to Josh’s eyes. He clapped his hands, wildly, “Miss Nada, I can see a gap. There’s one and look, there’s another and over there as well!”

Lady Nada, smiled. Then she opened her velvet bag and let Josh look at its contents.

“Choose one” she said.

“Which one?” asked Josh, wrinkling his nose.

“Which ever one feels right.” she said.

Josh frowned, “But what if I choose the wrong one?”

“You won’t.” she said, “The crystal you choose will be perfect.”

Josh sighed, stuck his hand into the bag and quickly, pulled out a crystal clear quartz.

“See! Perfect.” laughed the Master and held Josh’s happy face in her hands, “Now

Josh, place the crystal deep into the ground. And that is all you have to do. Just let the crystal work its magic.”

Long into the star-less night the pair worked, the Master’s bag, mysteriously refilling with more glittering crystals, just as the bag began to empty. Soon, every gap was filled and the Master and her helper, hopped, skipped and jumped along the sparkly trails of light, all the way back to Josh’s home.

Josh, swallowed a yawn. The pair had worked very hard all night long and now he was very tired. Lady Nada reached into her velvet bag and smiled at him.

“I thought it was empty?” said Josh, rubbing his eyes.

Lady Nada, shook her head, “Do you really think I would leave you without a farewell gift?”

Josh smiled and placed his hand into the bag. He felt a smooth, cool crystal. Taking it out, he held it up and gazed at it. It was a beautiful, rose quartz.

“Do you like it?” asked the Master.

“It’s perfect, Miss Nada.” said Josh, his eyes shining.

The Master stared deeply into Josh’s eyes, “Thank you so much for helping me, tonight. I AM Lady Nada, until next time.”

A large, pink bubble appeared behind her and just as she was about to say goodbye to Josh, she glanced up at the sky and gasped, “Oh dear, I nearly forgot!”

The Master pointed her hand to the sky and said, “Star light cease, no more!”

Instantly, the night sky responded and lit up, even brighter than before.

Josh giggled and so did the Master. Blowing him a kiss, she waved as the pink bubble took her high into the sky and then disappeared from view.

Samuel, opened the front door and together they crept upstairs to his bedroom.

Suddenly Josh, didn’t feel tired anymore, so he sat on his angel’s lap and told him all about his fantastic adventure.

The End

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