Meet the Masters

Written by Jo Boyle, illustrated by Melanie McIntyre.

Josh and his angel were playing in his room. Their laughter grew louder as they bounced up and down on the bed, as sparks of light and feathers fell all around them.

meet-the-masters_clip_image002As usual, Josh was the first to tire and flopped on to the bed heavily, “So, who’s it tonight, Samuel?” “Tonight, we shall be meeting a wonderful Master called St Germain.” replied Samuel, “He’s great fun and is also, a magician!” “Wow!” shouted Josh, unable to control his excitement “Like Merlin?” “Yes,” said Samuel, “He’s very like Merlin. Now come on, you know the routine. Straight to bed. We don’t want to keep the Master waiting.”   Tired from his bedtime fun, Josh did as he was told and quickly fell asleep.   And when he awoke he found himself in a vast, violet land.   There were violet clouds in the violet sky and violet flowers in the violet grass, and before him a violet, fairytale castle, which sparkled in the violet sunlight.

meet-the-masters_clip_image004“I can guess what the Master’s favourite colour is!” smiled Josh.   They stared in wonder at the beautiful surroundings and Josh, gasped as seven violet angels, landed beside them on the violet grass.   “Welcome Josh,” said the angels, “We have come to take you to our Master.”   They led Josh and Samuel, over a violet bridge and into the fairytale castle, where a giant amethyst crystal sent rays of purple light into the air.   In the distance the sound of a loud trumpet could be heard. Josh reached for his angel’s hand and squeezed it hard. A silvery, violet mist began to form before Josh’s eyes. Then, there was a puff of smoke and before him stood the Master.

meet-the-masters_clip_image006“I’ve been expecting you, Josh.” said the radiant Master, “I AM St Germain.” “Hello Mister Germain. I’m very pleased to meet you.” he said, politely.   The Master bowed, dramatically. He had a pointy beard and wore a short, violet cape over a violet suit. Josh found himself unable to stop staring at the Master, “Even your eyes are violet!” he gasped. “Yes.” he replied, leaning forward as if to tell him a secret, “I don’t know if you noticed but it’s my favourite colour.” And gave him a wink. Josh giggled, “Mister Germain, my angel tells me that you’re a magician.” “I AM.” smiled the Master. Josh opened his eyes wide, “You’re the first magician I’ve ever met. Will you show me some tricks? Please!”   St Germain stroked his beard and thought for a moment, “Well, strictly speaking I don’t do tricks. You see my favourite thing is making things disappear!” he said, his violet eyes, sparkling. “Like what?” asked Josh. “Well, like a bad mood.” said the Master, staring at him intently, “Do you ever wake up feeling grumpy?” “All the time.” sighed Josh. St Germain, nodded. “Well, I can make the grumpiest of moods disappear very quickly. The secret is to surround yourself in violet light and in the twinkling of an eye. It will be gone!” “Just like that?” said Josh, in disbelief. “Just like that!” said the Master. “Sounds good to me.” smiled Josh, “Where do I get this light?” “Follow me and I’ll show you.” said St Germain.   With that he snapped his fingers and instantly Josh, found himself in a magical, violet garden. “Tell me Josh, do you like dragons?” Josh stared at the Master wide eyed, unable to reply. But St Germain already knew the answer and clapped his hands, three times. Immediately, a large violet dragon appeared, wagging its enormous tail like an excited puppy. “You have a pet dragon!” squealed Josh, “Wait ’til I tell my friends!” St Germain, laughed out loud. “Of course I have a pet dragon, doesn’t everyone?” “No!” said Josh, shaking his head in amazement.

meet-the-masters_clip_image008“Well, I suppose he is a very special dragon.” said the Master, “He helps me with my work. Would you like to see?” St Germain, gently patted the dragon on its head. The dragon liked this and began  to snort, violet flames from its big nostrils. The Master smiled and then to Josh’s astonishment, placed both his hands in the flames. “What are you doing, Mister Germain? That’s dangerous!” shouted Josh. “Do not worry, Josh,” replied the Master, “These are not real flames and they will not burn you. Have a try for yourself?”   Josh didn’t want to at first but after a moment’s hesitation and a reassuring glance from the Master, he stuck out one of his hands.   At first, the friendly dragon sniffed Josh’s hand and then after a loud sneeze, gave him a sloppy lick but as soon as his Master, patted him on his head he began to snort cool, violet flames.   “That’s nice.” said Josh, surprised. “It doesn’t hurt or burn at all!” “Glad you like it.” said St Germain, “Now, tickle the dragon under his chin and see what happens.”   Josh did as he was told and instantly, found himself surrounded by a ball of cool, violet fire. Seeing this, the Master couldn’t contain his joy and he clapped his hands sending sparkles of silver, violet dust everywhere.   “You see, Josh. If there is anything in your life that you no longer want, call on me and with the help of my dragon and the violet flame, it will quickly vanish from your life!”   From far away a trumpet interrupted the Master’s words and Josh watched as seven violet angels, flew off into the distance.  

meet-the-masters_clip_image010“I see that someone on Earth has called the violet flame angels for assistance.” explained the Master, “Just look at how quickly they go to help.”   Josh nodded as he watched the violet angels disappear into the violet sky. “Mister Germain, do the angels hear everyone who asks for help?” “Of course,” said the Master, “you only have to think of them and they will be at your side.” Then the Master crouched down beside his young friend, “Well Josh, it has certainly been a pleasure to meet such a promising apprentice. I AM St Germain. Visit me whenever you wish and I will promise to show you more Master magic!”   A ray of violet light fell from the sky, surrounding the Master. He bowed his head and then, St Germain vanished in a puff of violet smoke.   Josh didn’t want to leave the St Germain’s home. He wanted to stay there forever with the magical Master and the friendly dragon. But in an instant, Samuel was at his side and gave him a cuddle, which always made him feel better. And then, as if by magic, Josh found himself tucked up in bed.

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