Merlin’s School of Divine Alchemy by Aunty Ciara

Merlin’s School of Divine Alchemy written by Ciara Kennedy illustrated by Dag Nygaard.

Lisa is thirteen years old; she is short for her age and has long fiery curly red hair. She is a great dancer, a beautiful singer and she can also see into different realities. Lisa has been able to see things other people can’t since she can remember. She sees people who have passed over, fairies and unicorns, and even future events before they happen. Sometimes she sees entire groups of people talking and laughing in the corner of her bedroom, people from different realities.

merlin1For Lisa this is normal, it used to frighten her but it doesn’t anymore, not since she met her two spirit guides. Her guides walk with her all the time and offer Lisa great advice and guidance. They have explained to Lisa how her ability to see into different realities is a gift. How lots of other children her age also have this gift, it’s just not talked about much, yet.

Lisa has a great relationship with her guides. One guide is a tall, handsome looking man who calls himself St. Germain, Lisa loves spending time with him learning how to work with energy or as it is known on the earth plane, magic. Her other guide, Pegasus, is a majestic white unicorn with sparkling blue wings. Lisa remembers Pegasus from many lifetimes. Pegasus always reassures Lisa, and always talks to her about her soul mission, how she came here to help Planet Earth raise its frequency to one of unconditional love, joy, happiness, laughter and fun. He explained to Lisa that it’s time for the people of the Earth to rise up from fear, anger and hurt and to claim love, and how Lisa is here to teach people how to do this.

Lisa knows that this is a great responsibility and although sometimes she feels overwhelmed she always knows that she is being supported in every possible way.

merlin2-1Only recently St Germain told her that it was time she enrolled in Merlin’s school of Divine Alchemy so that she could study energy, frequency, colour and sound and also how to use the Gold and Silver Violet Flame. At first Lisa didn’t understand how this was possible as she was already going to school, she was in second year and was very busy with school projects and homework. St Germain quickly put her mind at rest explaining how she would be going to Merlin’s school during dreamtime.

Merlin’s school of Divine Alchemy is a medieval castle in the sky hidden by a large ancient forest miles above the clouds of Romania. He explained how she would remember everything she learnt during dreamtime, all she had to do was write it down first thing when she woke up.

Lisa was very excited about this. She was especially excited about making new friends, people who she could talk to openly about her gifts. Lisa had a lot of friends in her normal school but she didn’t know anybody else who could see things like she could, she sometimes felt very isolated and sad. Each school year was getting harder and harder for Lisa, she felt she had no human friends she could speak to properly. Lisa often wondered would her life always be this lonely.

Lisa raced home from school for the first night of her enrollment into Merlin’s School of Divine Alchemy. She was so excited she could hardly stop asking her guides questions:

  • What age will the other children be?
  • Will they be human?
  • Will there be aliens there?
  • What will we learn?
  • Do I have to bring anything?
  • How can I bring anything if I am going during my dreams?
  • Will you be coming with me?
  • Will I be safe?
  • Will I get homework?
  • How will I find time to do the homework?

St Germain and Pegasus both laughed with joy as Lisa threw out one question after another.

St Germain replied in a really soft tone, calming the energy in the room, he explained how she did not have to worry about anything; she would have an amazing time. It was run very differently to her normal school, although there was a range of children, adults, aliens, animals, unicorns and elementals everyone was treated with the same respect and given the same responsibility. Classes were held in the forest, in the water, sitting on clouds and visiting other planets and star systems, they would even have classes in the centre of the sun!

Lisa went to sleep that night feeling the most excited she had in a long time! It reminded her of the feeling she got going to sleep on Christmas Eve. St Germain sprinkled purple fairy dust mixed with lavender on her pillow to help her sleep.

After a few minutes Lisa was in dreamland. St Germain met her there and guided her up through the clouds to the medieval castle in the middle of the forest in the sky above Romania. Lisa could see all the other new students enrolling and for the first time felt very nervous, what if they don’t like me she taught. Her entire body quivered with fear. St Germain could sense this fear so he invoked the Gold and Silver Violet Flame, something Lisa would be learning about in her first class.

merlin3-1A beautiful sparkling Gold and Silver Violet Flame appeared before them, St Germain asked Lisa to step in. The beauty of the colours memorized Lisa, she gladly stepped in and in just a couple of seconds all the fear Lisa had felt vanished. She instantly felt excited again. Lisa couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t wait to learn more about these higher frequencies, or as there are known on earth, magic!

merlin4-2Lisa kissed St Germain on the side of the cheek and ran off to join the other new students in the enrollment queue. She was put in class number 23 ‘The Children of the Sun’. Lisa skipped down to the class wondering what kind of aliens she would meet, when she opened the door to the class it opened up to the most beautiful majestic forest. In the centre of the forest an amazing purple waterfall splashed down into a golden pool. All the students sat around the pool chatting and laughing.

Lisa walked over looking for a spare log to sit on and spotted one beside a human boy, Lisa looked at the boy for a minute suddenly realizing it was Adam from her normal school, she couldn’t believe it! She ran over and swung her arms around Adam, what are you doing here she screeched? Adams face it up when he saw her.

‘No way!’ He exclaimed ‘No way, you are here too!!?’

Lisa and Adam could not believe that after all this time in the same class in school neither one knew that they both had the same gifts. Adam spent most of his time playing sports and listening to music. Lisa would have never guessed that he saw and heard other realities too.

Adam and Lisa spoke about everything, their spirit guides, what they would see in class – they laughed at how they both saw the fairies playing with their teacher’s curly hair. The more they spoke the happier they felt!

‘It feels good to have someone to talk to’ Lisa said happily

‘I wonder how many more children are like us?’ Adam asked

Maybe hundreds, Lisa taught to herself. Suddenly in the middle of their conversation an amazing being of light appeared through the waterfall. He walked out of the water and stood in the centre of the circle of students and introduced himself as the beloved Master Merlin.

He warmly welcomed each of the students to his class ‘23 The Children of the Sun’. When he got to Lisa her heart swelled up with love, for some reason he reminded her of her guide St Germain, when she looked in his eyes she could swear that she was looking into the eyes of St Germain.

Merlin then asked each student to think of something that was not making them feel good. Lisa thought about all the times she felt isolated, even when she was in a room with lots of people, how she had a feeling of loneliness. He then invoked the Gold and Silver Violet Flame and asked each student to feel the energy of whatever it was that was not making them feel good and then place it into the flame. All they had to use was their minds to do this he explained.

Lisa felt the energy of feeling isolated and lonely and it felt heavy, it looked grey and dull. Along with all the other students she placed this into the flame and suddenly a warm feeling washed over her. Merlin explained that they had just transformed the energy in their energy field, explaining how the Gold and Silver Violet Flame is a transformational tool that instantly changes negative energy into positive energy.

Merlin then went on to explain how the Gold and Silver Violet Flame was available to everybody on each of their planets. How it can be used to transmute any heavier fear based energies. It can transmute anger, sorrow, jealousy, hate, bitterness, whatever heavier feelings are weighing down your energy field or the space you are in. The flame can lift the heavier energies in an instant, transmuting them into happiness and love. All you need to do is invoke the Gold and Silver Violet Flame for the highest good, it’s that simple.

Adam and Lisa practiced using the flame, they both called on the flame together and asked that it transmute all fear based energy in their school for the highest good. They both sat and watched as the violet flame blazed in, through and around their entire school. They then saw beautiful golden energy fill the school and could hear sounds of laughter and singing, they knew they had done a good job.

Suddenly sparkling light flashed through the forest, Merlin spoke in a powerful yet soft voice; ‘Wake up, light up, lift up’ And each student awoke from their sleep.

Lisa found herself back at home in her bed. She felt like she had slept for weeks. She immediately reached for her journal to write down everything she had experienced. The first thing she wrote was Adams name, then she wondered if that really had happened, or was it really only a dream. She guessed she would know by his reaction when she would see him in school. The next thing she wrote ‘The Gold and Silver Violet Flame’.

Lisa felt over the moon, she called on her guides, as she wanted to tell them all about Merlin’s School of Divine Alchemy and all about meeting Adam! On her first call St Germain and Pegasus appeared in her room. Lisa starting talking with such speed that her guides could hardly make out a word she was saying.

After speaking about Adam and the Flame she began talking about the amazing Merlin, how he was just magical! How he was the greatest being that ever lived!

As she was talking she glanced into St Germain’s eyes and for a second saw Merlin, she stopped speaking. She looked even closer into his eyes and thought to herself how was this possible. St Germain spoke before she had time to ask the question. Yes I am the beloved Master Merlin Lisa, as I am St Germain. I have many incarnations, as do you. You will learn about this later in the year in the school of Divine Alchemy. Lisa once again couldn’t believe it, she felt in awe that Merlin was sitting on her bed! That Merlin was her guide!! That Merlin is St Germain!

Lisa went to school feeling like she was on cloud nine. From time to time she felt a bit nervous and scared incase Adam didn’t remember what happened but when she felt the fear she just called on the Gold and Silver Violet Flame to transmute it. She reached her school and could immediately sense that the flame Adam and her sent through it worked. It seemed much lighter and happier. When she walked into her class Adam was waiting by her desk with the biggest smile on his face and a glint of a Gold and Silver Violet flame in his eye.

To be continued…

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