Diana Cooper’s April 2015 Newsletter

Hallo Friends,

This has been a remarkable time for all of us.  The eclipse coinciding with the new moon and the spring solstice has turned the tide for all of us enabling us to set sail into the new.  And the energies in the following week filled our sails with a brisk wind.  So expect opportunities to arise in your life though you may not be going in the direction you anticipate.

The Archangel Guide to Ascension has been flying out of the door and was no 1 on Amazon.com as well as Amazon.co.uk spiritual section for some time.  It is filled with 7D energy and is really shifting people.  Archangel Metatron has said it has already constructed a web of light round the planet.

Tim Whild and I will be talking together about it at Glastonbury Town Hall on Wednesday 22nd April and presenting some powerful meditations.  And I am at MBS in their new venue at Olympia on Sunday 3rd May.  I hope to see you at one of these venues.

YOU CAN HELP THE CHILDREN of the world. VISIT THE INTERGALACTIC COUNCIL AND PETITION with us for help for the children. This information was given to us for The Archangel Guide to Ascension and Tim Whild and I have created this download so that we can all work together to make changes. Please watch and pass on to your mailing lists. The more people who make this petition the more quickly change will happen. Thank you lightworker friends. Click HERE to make a change.
With angel blessings



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The Gold Ray and Physical Gold

The angels of the seventh heaven work on the gold ray. At a ninth dimensional level the gold ray carries the Christ light of unconditional love. Gold is the physical manifestation of this energy and this is why it is so prized and holds its value.

In my spiritual novel The Silent Stones the hero Marcus is shown a vision of the way humanity is chained to banks and investment houses that charge hefty interest on illusory money. Throughout the novel he fights to bring forward the light to set people free.

And for Birthing a New Civilization my guidance was, ‘Within twenty years the concept of lending non-existent money and charging interest on it will be considered breathtakingly arrogant and corrupt. The principle of rich and poor will be unimaginable. There will be no banks or financial institutions.
The way that the banks, financial institutions and many businesses work is not aligned to the highest good and must adapt to accommodate the new paradigm.

The economies are collapsing because the frequency of the planet has moved up a gear spiritually and the cogs of old and new are no longer in synch. In order for them to synchronize, the world economy must move at a faster frequency, in other words with more honour, openness, honesty and fairness.
The system will continue to collapse and evolve until an economic structure based on fairness and integrity is in place. Then this too will dissolve as money ceases to have relevance after 2032.’

So I was fascinated to talk to Barry Davies who has thoroughly researched the subject of gold in the economy. In the article below, he explains how money is created out of thin air and how this enables those in control to manipulate the markets. He explains how holding gold and silver can protect your wealth and enable us to take back control.

I was also interested that a wealthy Roman could buy a quality toga and a pair of sandals for a single gold coin. That same gold coin now would also purchase a tailor made suit and a good pair of shoes. No inflation! To read this article, click here: http://tinyurl.com/nauec67
I was even more hooked when he showed me a small but magnificent gold coin with a dragon embossed on it!



How money is created from thin air. (Sounds great, but it’s not!)
Well it works like this. Let’s say the American government needs $100 trillion dollars for roads, welfare and other social improvements. It goes to the Federal Reserve who buys $100 trillion worth of government bonds. The government sends these treasuries, which are bits of paper (it’s probably digital these days, but you get the picture!) to the Federal Reserve, who in turn issue dollars. (So that’s $100 trillion dollars out of thin air!)

These dollars are then deposited in a commercial bank by the US government. This makes them part of the country’s money supply. Under the fractional reserve scheme the bank is required to keep 10% of the $100 trillion back in reserve. (Let’s hope there is not a run on the banks!) They are then free to lend the remaining 90% i.e. $90 trillion. At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking that the $90 trillion which was deposited in the commercial bank is what is used to lend out for loans. But you’d be wrong! When the bank loans money and accepts promissory notes, they simply credit the customer’s account with the loan amount. This ‘money’ isn’t taken from money supplies they hold. It is created out of ‘thin air’. This fraudulent monetary expansion, allows the banks to rake in billions of dollars on interest from loans they created from nothing, and remember this money is backed by nothing.

This is why dollars have the words: ‘Federal reserve note’ on them because in essence that’s all they are, a promissory note, worthless paper. In the UK we have ‘I promise to pay the bearer the sum of X pounds’. When the world was on the gold standard, $1 dollar was always redeemable from the bank for 1/20 of a troy ounce of gold. However, this is now a broken promise as we have neither the gold standard nor the physical gold after Mr Brown’s aberration – selling 400 tonnes at $254 an ounce, which represented about half of Britain’s gold at the time! (This is known as “Brown’s bottom” by precious metal investors).

So the bank note in your pocket is nothing more than a credit note for something that doesn’t exist. The fact that no business has created this money through economic activity is absurd. It just came out of thin air. So you see, only new debt makes new money. Therefore Money = Debt. If currencies were backed by gold (gold standard) we wouldn’t have the monetary expansion that we have today in fiat currencies, because there would not be enough gold to pay for it. But with modern fiat currencies $, £ etc there are no such restrictions. In fact, the fractional reserve system relies on ever expanding debt to function. But, as we are beginning to see, you can only put so much air in a balloon!

You only have to look around to see governments burning down their currencies to zero in order to service the debt. All the talk of economic recovery is a rather ‘optimistic’ view point. Every time the Federal Reserve prints more money it debases the dollar’s value. At the same time it sets in motion rising prices and inflation. The Federal Reserve can expand and contract the money supply at will. So every boom and every bust, be it Dot-com or the Housing market can be manipulated.

In addition by controlling the interest rates (yes they set them too) and keeping them below the rate of inflation, it forces people to speculate i.e. houses, stocks, bonds etc. This drives the price of these ‘assets’ up, which would not happen if interest rates were at normal levels, and as we all know wages and savings cannot compete with this escalation.

So what can you do to protect your wealth? Well, we can begin by taking back control by buying gold and silver. Why store all your wealth in worthless paper assets controlled by politicians? Once you have bought gold / silver you’ll realise just how portable an asset it is. It is easier to sell than property and has none of the running/maintenance costs! It can lose value, but it will never be worthless, unlike fiat currencies and paper derivatives, ISA’s etc. Remember all investments come and go, but gold and silver are constant. Despite what governments and central banks publicly say about holding gold, they are buying it up. Gold is the best liquid asset as it has no party risk i.e. no government or central bank has control and it can’t be counterfeited. So by buying gold and silver you are not only protecting your personal wealth and purchasing power, but equally important, you’re taking back control.

I will leave you with the words of Alan Greenspan, reminding us of what happens when a fiat currency reaches the end of the road.

“Germany in 1944 could buy materials during the war ONLY with gold. Fiat money paper, in extremis, is accepted by NOBODY. Gold is always accepted.”
Alan Greenspan, 1999
Article by Barry Davies, Cavendish Coins
If this has been of any interest or help please share. As always your comments are most welcome!

Animal Prayer

When I did an Animal Connection workshop in Bern last month Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals, gave me a prayer to help the elephants and rhinos. Everyone loved it so much that they asked for a copy. I thought you might like it too. Remember you can adapt it to help any or all animals. Here it is.

Prayer to help the Elephants and Rhino
Beloved Source, Archangels Fhelyai, Sandalphon, Mary and Raphael,
I open my fifth dimensional heart to you and pray with the fire of my soul for protection of the elephants and rhinos in the world.
I ask that you open the hearts of humanity to them, so that we treat them with love, honour and respect, and learn from them.
I also ask that you touch the collective mind of humanity and impress us all with a deep understanding of the importance and worth of the elephant kingdom and the rhinoceros kingdom a desire to help them.
I ask that the energy of those who have harmed these animals is channelled into worthwhile pursuits and that a cloak of true abundance and love is placed over them for their highest good.
I ask that the elephant and rhino kingdom receives this energy of love.
So be it. It is done.

You can see more prayers and mantras HERE


It’s quite bizarre really how my life has changed all because of a cat flap. Who would have thought such a small things could make a difference. Mum decided to put one in for Ash-ting so that he could be more independent. The first evening when she showed him what to do, he spent the whole evening going in and out of it, feeling very pleased with himself but then, instead of staying out for the night he decided to come into bed with us. I can’t begin to tell you what a nuisance that is. He thinks he can snuggle up to Mum where I usually sleep! She even strokes us both in the morning when we wake up. I am used to getting all the attention and I don’t want to share it. Grr. We are not quite so friendly as we used to be. So when I am sitting out in the sun on the bench with Mum, he saunters along and thinks he can jump up between us. No way! I am not white lightening for nothing.

2015 Venus 2 Wayne Lawes

Even worse Mum plays more with that cat now. The other day I was having a lie in when I heard her downstairs with him. I jumped out of bed and looked down the stairs and there he was running round chasing a piece of string. What! I was down the stairs in a flash and I chased Ash-ting all round the house. Running after toys or treats on a string is my game! Definitely not for cats.
Furthermore that cat has started to follow us to the woods each morning. He hides in a hedge and waits for us on the way back so Mum has to walk along the pavement calling Ash-ting loudly, which is embarrassing. I hope people realise she is calling the cat. The other morning I saved the day for Ash-ting had come out of hiding and was being growled at by the most enormous ginger Tom. Mum let go of my lead and I chased that ginger tiger up the gravel road. Whoa that was fun and I got praise from Mum and Ash-ting snuggled against me all the way home. Well he is my little brother after all.

I have had two sleep-overs at Kathy and Buddy’s house. Buddy is my little Maltese friend. He is snow white and looks like a girl but we are friends. Mum sent me with lots of fresh chicken and my favourite treats. Kathy put our our food and when she turned round I was eating Buddy’s and Buddy was eating mine. And we swap like this all weekend. When she goes to bed I’m in my basket and Buddy is in his. She goes to the bathroom and when she comes back I’m in Buddy’s basket and he’s in mine. She thinks this is very peculiar and tells mum, who asks me why I didn’t eat my favourite food. I reply, ‘Mum that’s my favourite food at home. When I’m at Buddy’s everything is different. I eat different things.’ ‘Oh,’ replied Mum. ‘I think I see.’ I hope that doesn’t mean she’s not going to give me lots of fresh chicken now. Oh well I expect I can soon retrain her.


Inspirational Eclipse

So the tide turned at the eclipse and the current of opportunity is flowing more quickly. With the new frequencies we must watch our thoughts and words for the power has intensified. Our power of manifestation for good or bad has DOUBLED. So it is really important to focus positively on our intentions.

Here is my amazing eclipse experience:
I walked Venus during the actual time of the eclipse. It was dim, still and silent in the forest. There was nobody about. The trees all looked withdrawn, so I sent them blessings as I walked. Then we moved to a different path and I started to work on my 12 chakras, starting with my Earth Star, calling in Archangel Sandalphon, connecting to the planet Neptune and its ascended aspect Toutillay to bring back the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria and cosmic wisdom. Then I spread the energy round the planet. I wandered slowly as I opened the remaining chakras and connected them to their stars, and sent out waves of the higher frequency. When I reached my Stellar Gateway, the most enormous chalice opened and a huge ball of golden orange light came down into it. It was so bright and powerful that I staggered and almost fell and could feel the impact of it all the way home.
But the story doesn’t end there. When I took Venus for her afternoon walk the trees appeared very different, alive and shimmering. I wondered what they looked like from above and as I did so a unicorn appeared. Part of me walked on the path with the dog. Another part of me was riding the unicorn above the trees and I could see a truly astonishing sight. The trees were radiating golden green energy and at the same time shooting out coloured lights like fireworks. I watched in awe. The eclipse has evidently had a huge impact energetically on the world.

Ready to be a Spiritual Warrior? By Penny Wing

So the Cosmic Moment in 2012 came and went peacefully; we all expected a big energy shift overnight and yet we find ourselves now in 2015 surrounded by negative events and some chaos, natural disasters, maybe even personal challenging events! So what has gone wrong?

The answer is NOTHING has gone wrong, this is all part of what we signed up for; the master plan, our sacred contract. This is exactly why we are here now on this planet at this time – we chose to visit Earth so we could be here holding the light at this important time. You may ask “who me? I am not a healer, I don’t do spiritual teaching, I don’t read Angel cards” – you don’t have to carry out that type of spiritual work to raise the vibration, it is more than enough that you are just PRESENT in a physical body NOW!

You are a Spiritual Warrior even though you may not even be aware of it! How wonderful is that? Sure, we all get days when the last thing we feel like is a powerful spiritual being but there are tools you can use to keep you in your authentic power; here are 5 things that work for me…….I am sure some of you do them already but for those of you who don’t please try them and see how great it is to step into who you really are!

1. Let go of judgement – we are taught judgement from the moment we are born. This creates issues to do with fear, separation and so on. Whenever you feel yourself going into judgement just remember that what you judge you attract, instead send love and compassion to whatever it is and remember NOT to judge yourself. Your Angels and Guides don’t do it so why should you?
2. Learn to forgive – before we incarnate we decide the life lessons we need to learn and people who have hurt us allow us to do exactly that! Remember when you forgive someone you set yourself free and focus on what you learnt from the experience.
3. Love – love your partners, friends, family, animals, the planet but don’t forget you need to love YOURSELF. When you are in that energy of self love, a life full of joy, abundance and bliss will gravitate towards you
4. Claim your authentic power – don’t give your power away to other people or addictive behaviour. Respect your ego but align yourself with your higher self and respond to events with love and grace. Remember you are a powerful light being in a human body – a spiritual warrior!!
5. See the perfection in everything – if you frequently try to control things you are saying to the universe that everything is not perfect. In the big scheme of things everything is happening exactly as it should and when it should – everything IS perfect!! This is a powerful mantra to repeat…..

Penny Wing has been a Master Teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation since 2010 and teaches most of Diana’s courses. Originally from London she now runs the Celestial Light Academy in the Costa Blanca region of Spain teaching various spiritual workshops and teacher training courses. She regularly answers questions on behalf of Diana on Diana’s web site and has shown a wise yet grounded energy.

Penny is very passionate about her work and as the new Golden Age approached she knew people needed a safe, sacred space in which they could grow and develop spiritually and, therefore, in 2011, she set up the Celestial Light Academy.

Penny was guided to take her work outside of Spain and various workshops, courses, card readings and spiritual counselling are now available on skype

For further information about Penny please visit her web site www.pennywing.com


Wednesday April 22 – Evening

Positive Living talk Glastonbury Town Hall 7.30 – 9.30
The Archangel Guide to Ascension
Based on their new book The Archangel Guide to Ascension, Diana Cooper and Tim Whild will share fascinating information about the new ascension energies that have been pouring into the planet at a much higher frequency since the Cosmic Moment in 2012. In a powerful meditation journey they will open your twelve chakras and anchor the Christed Mahatma and the healing blue Pleiadean Rose within your 5D Merkabah. They will also take you to Archangel Metatron’s Ascension retreat for a Four Body Ascension Boost and Light Bath. This will start to build your Crystalline Light Body in preparation for the new Golden Age.

The cost is £5.00 per person with concessions at £4.00.

Please click HERE for further information or to book tickets


Sunday May 3rd

Mind Body Spirit Exhibition Olympia, London

11 – 3pm

Archangel Guide to Ascension
This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in Archangel Metatron’s light. Experience an Archangel Metatron Four Body System Ascension Boost and Light Bath to run his light current through your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Raise your frequency to contain 81% or more of light in your cells so that you activate your twelve strands of DNA and ascend. You will visit Metatron’s Etheric Retreat which is the hub of the wheel of intergalactic light to receive his blessing and instructions about your ascension path, guidance about your role in the process and how you may distribute your light. You will enter the twelve sub temples to be lit up by the awesome energies they hold. Visiting Archangel Metatron’s retreat in the inner planes is one of the most powerful methods of boosting your spiritual growth. When you have done so you will experience the light of the Great Central Sun.
In order to ascend you must love and understand the world of nature.
Today you will
Connect through animals to amazing energies they can access, e.g. through pandas to Angel Mary’s universal love.
Access tree wisdom.
Explore the extraordinary missions of animals, birds, insects and elementals.
Meet angels and masters who work with the nature kingdom.
Meet the 5D golden dragons as well as the elemental dragons.
Attune to the unicorns to heal karmic wounds and energise your soul mission.
Build your Crystalline Light Body in preparation for the new Golden Age.
Feel one with Gaia and ascend.

At Olympia contact

Mind Body Spirit Ltd Tel: 0207 371 91 91


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Natural and Healthy Living Tip: Have you taken antibiotics?
Whilst antibiotics are sometimes necessary, they kill bacteria indiscriminately. They don’t distinguish between those that are causing us problems and the ‘good’ bacteria that we need. The ‘good’ bacteria play an important role in our immune and digestive systems.

Many people take probiotic supplements after a course of antibiotics. Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria. You also get probiotics in fermented foods such as: live natural yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir (a fermented milk drink), sauerkraut, miso, tempeh and natto (fermented soy). Some soy sauces are also fermented.

Next week we have a tip on prebiotics. These are foods that feed the good bacteria, helping increase their numbers.

For more natural and healthy living tips click here: http://www.fabulousorganic.co.uk/signup-to-weekly-tips.html
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Diana’s daughter Dawn Cuckow and her close friend Bay Deane have joined forces to create a revolutionary mind-body-spirit approach to weight loss. Dawn is a nutritional therapist and Bay is a psychotherapist and spiritual and shamanic healer. Their online course is coming out later this year and will be packed full of information, activities, meditations and emotional support. It will help you shift your weight in a totally new and lasting way. In the meantime they want to share their FREE 2 page report with you. It explains why many people gain weight when stressed and provides 3 steps, 1 for each of mind, body and spirit to help you manage your stress and shift that weight.

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Orb of the Month


Sent in by Terry,

As there are so many Archangel energies, I will interpret your image in sections.

Around the Sun : Archangels Gabriel (purity), Mother Mary, Uriel (peace – however, Uriel is transmuting energies in this image), Zadkiel (transmutation) and Lady Amethyst (Zadkiel’s twin flame).

The area to the lower right of the Sun: Archangels Raphael (healing), Purlimiek (nature & elementals), Mother Mary, Michael (protection & truth), Chamuel (love), Zadkiel (transmutation) and Metatron (wisdom & ascension).

There is also energy from Archangel Zadkiel at the bottom right corner.

The powerful energies from the Archangels are awakening the elementals to their new 5th dimensional roles. These extended roles help the elementals to utilise the high-frequency energies that are entering the planet at this time, so that they in turn can help the people to integrate these powerful energies in a way that helps them with their own ascension process. Truth is being spread to this area, helping to transmute the energies of illusion, in whatever form that illusion has taken.

Kind regards
The Diana cooper Orb Team
Janet Lawson

Connecting to our Higher Selves and Connecting To The Energy Within An Image by Janet Lawson

janetThe topics I’ve chosen to write about for this month’s newsletter are: Connecting to our Higher Selves and Connecting To The Energy Within An Image. As a member of the Diana Cooper Orb Team this is something I’m used to doing on a regular basis, but many people don’t realise that this exercise is something that everybody has the ability to do and it can help you to forge a closer connection to the many aspects of the higher frequency realms, including the Angelic Realm. But first I will remind you of the magnificent Souls that we all are. Each and every one of us has lived many lifetimes on Earth and we have all been ‘Somebody’ during these past lifetimes, taking the experiences of these various lifetimes back to our Soul Group and ultimately to God. We all have a Higher Self that resonates with a high frequency vibration and we can connect to this powerful energy when we raise our thoughts and feelings to that level of vibration.

Although there is still anger and other forms of lower-frequency energy and expressions taking place on Earth, things are very different in the Higher Realms, for all the energy there resonates within the high frequency vibration of Pure Love. Therefore, the easiest way to connect with our Higher Self and ultimately all the other Universal Light Beings that are around us, is to bring our own energy vibration up to the level of the pure vibration of Love. All feelings of anger, hatred, revenge, judgement (regardless of how justified you feel you are to stand in judgement of that person or situation), vibrate at a frequency that is much lower than the Pure Love frequency of the Higher Realms. Judgement also includes judging ourselves, for when we judge ourselves we are not loving ourselves. Therefore, if we can’t love ourselves then how can we expect to tune into the beings of Light from the Higher Realms who are resonating within the energy of Pure Love? Another thing to ponder over, is that if we are judging ourselves then we are also distancing ourselves from the divine energy of our I AM vibration, for remember that the ascended aspect of ourselves also resonates within the energy of Pure Love.

Up until recently this lower frequency energy could be transmuted by sending a thought to Archangel Zadkiel and asking him to transmute any lower-vibrational thoughts with the powerful energy of the Violet Flame of Transmutation. However, thanks to the channelled information from the Archangels that Diana Cooper and Tim Whild have given us, we now know that we have been given divine permission to use the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame. This is a more potent aspect of Source energy (all the Flames and Energies are a powerful aspect of God that we have been given permission to use). The Cosmic Diamaond Violet Flame can be invoked through Archangels Zadkiel and Gabriel. A more in-depth explanation of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame and other forms of divine energies and how to use them, can be found in the book called The Archangel Guide to Ascension, 55 Steps to the Light, by Diana Cooper & Tim Whild.

Although all Light-Workers have their own way of preparing themselves prior to attempting to connect to the Light Beings in the ascended realms, I am aware that this article may be read by people who have never worked with the high frequency energies before, so I am going to include my example of a beginners step-by-step guide that can also be used by everybody. An important thing to remember is that we will NEVER be given any negative or harmful information or advice from the higher realms, for all energy in these realms is vibrating on the frequency of Pure Love. Therefore, if you ever feel tense or feel the energy of fear rising up within you, STOP! This isn’t communication from the higher realms. Ask Archangel Michael to cut all cords connecting to you and to point his Sword of Truth at all energy that has been released, for if you have followed my step-by-step guide, then any lower-frequency feelings that appear are only a mirror image of the aspects of your own vibration that are requiring to be brought into the frequency of Love. These feelings may even be energy that you have brought with you from a past lifetime to be cleared, but always remember that the Light always works within the energy of Truth. Another important point to remember is that the energy in the higher realms is different from our physical energy and can be manifested very easily with our thoughts. This means that answers can often come to us in the form of images and feelings, rather than words that you hear with your physical ears.

An example of how to prepare to connect to the higher frequency energies:
1) Light a candle and dedicate it to God, your Higher Self and to the Beings of Light that you are going to work with.
2) Imagine that your feet are filled and glowing with a white or golden light.
3) Imagine that roots of light are stretching from you feet and connecting to a massive crystal in the high frequency realm at the center of our planet. You can either imagine your roots of light moving slowly through all the layers of our planet, or you can imagine that this connection happens in an instant. This visualisation ensures that your physical body remains connected to the high frequency crystal energy of Gaia and will help to avoid you getting a ‘spaced-out’ feeling.
4) Ask for a beam of light to come from the highest and purest realm and for this beam of light to flow through your chakras, physical body, your Earth Star chakra under your feet, and to then connect with the great crystal energy at the center of our planet. You are now connected to the higher realms.
5) Ask Archangel Michael to step forward and place his blue cloak of protection around you and to remain beside you during and after your visualisation.
6) You are now ready to connect with your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides, the Ascended Masters, Archangels, the Light Beings from the various star systems and planets and even to connect to the energy within a photograph. When I am connecting to an ‘Orb’ image, I visualise myself going inside that energy, but if you are a beginner then I suggest asking your Guardian Angel to help you connect with the high frequency energies within the image.

To help you practice your channeling techniques, I have decided to include a wonderful image that was sent to the Diana Cooper Orb team by a lady called Claire, and I was given the pleasure of interpreting this image for her. Claire mentioned in her cover letter that she had been actively connecting with the Arcturian energy prior to this photograph being taken. Although a person often describes their orb photo as capturing the energy of a certain Archangel, Ascended Master etc I like to keep an open mind as this isn’t always the energy that I connect to when I’m tuning into that image. However, in this case I did feel the Acrturian energy that Claire said had been captured in her photograph.
janet 2Here is the short interpretation that I gave to Claire as my reply:
Dear Claire,
There is a beautiful angelic-looking being in front of the church door and I feel this is indeed the energy of a Light being from Arcturus, being embraced by the energy of Archangels Michael (protection), Chamuel (love), Zadkiel (transmutation) and Lord Kumeka. When I visualised myself stepping into this energy I felt a deep happiness and a little bit giggly! This image is carrying a powerful, happy energy filled with love. A feeling, that the image is a kind of portal or gateway to enable the viewer to connect to the Arcturian energy.

What do you feel when you connect to this image? Perhaps you will be able to connect to other Light Beings, Archangels and Ascended Masters who were also connecting to this image and that I haven’t mentioned in my interpretation.

Love and Light
Janet Lawson
Teacher of Angels, Ascension & Lemurian Planetary Healing with the Diana Cooper Foundation
A member of the Diana Cooper Orb Team
Usui Reiki II

Books of the Month
The Silent Stones
The first of a trilogy of spiritual novels. Marcus, Joanna and Helen are given an ancient Atlantean Scroll and face great challenges and danger as they struggle to fulfil their mission to bring forward fascinating secrets and use the power to open the grids and portals of the planet.

silent stones low res

To find out more about this book or to purchase a copy, please click HERE

We also have signed copies available in the office – please email melissa@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com for details


Birthing a New Civilization

This book shares information about the transition to the new Golden Age starting in 2032. It covers the world economy, power supplies, cleansing, weather changes, fifth dimensional communities, forecasts for countries and what will happen after 2032 and is an eye opening read.

birthing low res

To find out more about this book or to purchase a copy, please click HERE

We also have signed copies available in the office – please email melissa@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com for details

Secret Alchemy – El Morya

Making space and welcoming the new 


Are you in a transitional period? The last weeks have been life changing for so many people all over the world. In fact a great cycle has closed and at this end (and new beginning) lots of things have changed; relationships, friendships, practical challenges, situations related to the old energy… This is a perfect moment to close the door of the past cycle, throw away anything unwanted, release old situations, let go of the past drama, even clean your house and… make space for the new energy!

In whatever situation you were or going through now, ask the ascended Master El Morya for help. Call him to clear your vision and align you with the new energy comes for you now. This Master helps us find our strength and attunement with the Divine Will, tuning as back to our path with clarity and helps us release our inner Light. Here is a dynamic invocation to start working with El Morya. Know that you are perfectly guided; and this new beginning is bright and blessed.

“I invoke the Master El Morya to find and heal all patterns that block the flow of my personal power now! I ask that you align me with the divine power. Please clear all the times where I misused my power; and infuse courage, will for life and raise within me the energy of strength, freedom and truth! Thank you for this healing and I ask that guide me throughout this transition.”

With love and truth,
Frixos Christodoulou and Paschalis Kazakopoulos

El Morya Spray Characteristics

General Effect: Trust, freedom and alignment with the Divine Will. Balances perfectly power and love in order to bring freedom by enhancing self-knowledge. Useful when there is need for guidance, strength and focus. Increases our inner strength to face oppressive people and difficulties and helps us overcome every problem. For expressional difficulties. Empowers personal will and prompts us to make it. Strength to set boundaries when there is trespassing.

Correspondence: Crown Chakra.el-morya

Qualities: Will, Power, Surrender, Overcome!

Fragrance: Ηoneysuckle

Affirmation: I allow the plan of God to replace mine!

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 Find Bella Inspirational Story

In January’s Newsletter we had a heart warming story sent into us from Parisa Jenkins who was on a quest to find her lost dog Bella and through a Facebook campaign with over 2000 members, Bella was located 230 miles from home and returned  safe and sound back to her worried owners. Parisa wanted to share a second miraculous story with you…..

Shortly after getting Bella back my elderly siamese cat fell ill; he stopped eating and was not drinking at all, had horrendous runny poo and was dribbling from his mouth (almost foaming). This persisted for three days and on the third day took him to the vets as an emergency (the vets aren’t open on sundays so they had to call an emergency vet for me). I was told after a quick examination which involved listening to his heart, feeling his stomach and taking his temperature he most likely had a tummy bug, she gave me some probiotic paste and told me to administer it three times a day and syringe water into his mouth. Fudge, that is his name was desperate to go back outside when we got home but we didn’t let him out. He howled all night long and the following morning we let him out. Less than 30 minutes later we had a call from the vets (he is microchipped). He had been picked up by someone who was concerned for his welfare and taken him to the vets. I went and picked him up and brought him home and carried on with the treatment. He stayed in but was very unhappy and at 3am the following morning we let him out because we could not stand the howling all night long again. At around 4pm that day we had a call from the vets, this time the RSPCA had picked him up and taken him to the vets. The vets said they were concerned for him and of course I was too and reminded them that I had already been to them for a diagnosis and was in the process of administering the paste as instructed but, had noticed he hadn’t really improved much at all. They said they were to carry out some blood tests. An hour later I got the dreaded phonecall, I was informed he had acute pancreatitis, was massively dehydrated and had possible kidney or liver failure. The vet told me there was nothing they could do and Fudge needed to be put to sleep. This was hard to swallow but I said I would come and be with him for his last moments. There was objection to this by the vet but I insisted and eventually he agreed. The drive to the vets is normally a five minute drive but the traffic was horrendous and it took 25 minutes that night to travel less than 2 miles. I decided to ask my angels whether it was Fudge’s time to go fully prepared for the answer to be yes. You see the experience losing Bella has taught me how to detach myself from my emotions, I believe I wouldn’t have been able to speak to Bella telepathically when she was lost if I hadn’t mastered detachment from my emotions. Anyway, I asked the angels and the reply was “No it’s not his time.” I was surprised by the answer so asked again, four times I asked and everytime I got the same answer. When I arrived at the vets I was ushered in and the vet had the needle ready. I bravely and strongly (I am neither of those things) said, “I would like to know what the options were and then I will make an educated decision.” The vet looked taken aback. “There are no options, he will not recover.” I had to push really hard and even ended up asking him what would the treatment be if he was human and was told there would be nothing they could do, he would suffer a little longer and then die. I said I wasn’t prepared to not try and help him, I told the vet I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t try to help our longstanding family friend of 15 years and if he wouldn’t try I would look at alternative treatment such as homeopathic methods. He reluctantly agreed to put Fudge on a drip, and that is exactly what happened. At the end of the two days he was well enough to come home. I went to my mediumship circle on the Monday and, appropriately, healing was taught that night. I immediately then started to give Fudge healing and did so for two weeks. I registered him at a new vets and took him for a health check. I told the new vet the history and she said, apart from him being underweight he was healthy and well. Fudge has made a full recovery and now sleeps beside me everynight in bed curled up by my head- he never did this before he was ill. I give him healing now and then, he doesn’t really need it but I know he loves receiving it and I love giving it to him.

All the best Parisa Jenkins


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