Diana Cooper’s May 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
The annual Wesak full moon is on May 4th this year. This is our once a year opportunity to open our higher channels and access the Christ Buddha energy when these ineffable beings meet in the Himalayas. Our hearts go out to all those killed or injured in the Nepal earthquake but at a spiritual level, the vast illumined portal created by the Wesak Moon energy will help every one of them to accelerate their soul’s ascension.
At last people everywhere are reporting that they are out of the doldrums and the wind is in their sails. Individually and collectively we are moving again towards our destinies. This is a very exciting time.
I have taken some big decisions about my next step to form a film production company and I share all about this in my newsletter. Life is rather hectic but so fascinating. We are not just living in interesting times. We are living in amazing times.
The Archangel Guide to Ascension is still flying off the shelves and I have already written my part of the next book to be published in 2016, The Archangel Guide to Crystal Grids, that I am writing with Jacqueline Mary Piper and is a very powerful and life affirming read.
May the angels pour blessings on you.
Diana x

The Tara Films for children

For years I have held a vision of some of my books being made into films, starting with my children’s series about Tara and her Talking Kitten. The vision is to enchant, entertain and empower children. They learn through Tara’s wise grey kitten, who guides the little girl and helps her understand how to make friends, talk to adults and cope with difficult situations. Ash-ting the kitten also introduces her to angels, fairies, unicorns and dragons.

Last year I met a lady called Pat in the forest with her dog and we chatted. She was an ex BBC producer and I bumped into her for seven consecutive days. Then I did not see her again for weeks. However I knew our meeting was part of a bigger plan.

In my quest I sent off dozens of treatments for a TV series for Tara and her Talking Kitten but all landed on stony ground. Then I met Pat again and we became firm friends. She stayed in my house to look after Venus and Ash-ting while I was away and read my books. When I returned she announced that they must be made into a television series. I agreed and sent off even more treatments for a Tara series. Not a hint of response.

At the eclipse I knew I had to take action! I booked Pat and myself into the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield and commissioned a 2 minute animation, a promo of one of the Tara stories. I had great fun writing the script, though that was only the beginning. It had to be shaved and changed a dozen times to fit into 2 minutes. My life has changed! Last night I listened to voices for Tara, Ash-ting, Dad etc.! I even recorded the lines for the fairy. They may be squeaky but a window onto a new world.

I wanted a pop up visual of Tara for the conference and couldn’t get anyone to make it, so I ended up at Hobbycraft buying card and sharp paper crafting knives to have a go myself!!
And now doors are starting to open. So I’ll keep you informed and if you have any contacts who can help our vision, please let us know. Melissa@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com


We found a lost hound in the woods. Hounds really do howl! My goodness what a noise she made but she was terrified poor thing, running up and down the path and sitting down every so often to emit this horrific noise. It’s amazing her owner couldn’t hear her. Mum talked to her and calmed her down. She seemed to understand and I, Venus, the best dog in the world went up to her and touched her nose with mine. Of course, that made all the difference. Another lady came along and agreed to walk one way round the forest while we would stay with the dog. But that animal had other ideas and headed in the opposite direction. Our job was to keep her off the nearby road as she wouldn’t let us touch her collar. At last we heard shouts from the direction the lady had walked. We saw a man on a bike race down one of the paths and just knew he was racing to tell the owner that we had her. So we encouraged our hound to walk in that direction and sure enough suddenly she heard his call and raced off. Then he walked back down our path with her on a lead and stopped to thank us…. well me really as I had kept her calm!
This month has been dominated by Finn’s kitten. For years Mum’s grandson, has been promised his very own kitten for his tenth birthday, so this month the search has been on. As luck would have it, Finn and Isabel were staying with Mum and me when they saw a female kitten advertised nearby that could be collected around his birthday. And, of course, when they went to see the litter they fell in love with the only little girl kitten. I can’t imagine why there should be so much excitement about one small black cat who is to be called Beauty, short for Black Beauty.
Because they saw it near us in Dorset, Mum and I had to collect it and we drove that six week old kitten for over two hours to Finn’s. It was in a carry cage and meowed all the way, a tiny little meow. I lay on the back seat beside it and never took my eyes off Mum. What is she letting us in for? But thank goodness when we arrived Beauty seemed to know she was home and settled in immediately. She cuddled up to Sugar the Cavashon, who licked her and looked after her. I sniffed her but I wasn’t having her snuggle up to me. No way! I’ve got Ash-ting to look after. Sugar can look after Beauty.

Because Mum only got the text to say we could collect her on the morning Finn’s didn’t know his kitten would be waiting when he came home from school.

Isabel came home first and played non stop with Beauty instead of playing with ME! What’s going on? Anyway as they saw Finn coming in Isabel popped the kitten into a box and told Finn a surprise parcel had arrived. He looked at it very suspiciously and opened it incredibly slowly while Isabel, his Mum, Granny, Sugar and I looked on. And when he opened the box, he dropped to his knees saying, ‘Oh Hallo Beauty.’ And gently picked her up.
She may snuggle up to Sugar, but she looks up to me. See pic!


Inspirational story
Travelling Angel Class from Jacqueline Mary Piper.
Since learning of the spiritual help and assistance available from the angels I have always taken five minutes before travelling to ask. All I do is tune in to my quiet centre of peace in the centre of my heart and attune my thoughts to the angelic realms. I ask them before travelling to hold my journey in the highest possible stream of positive energy and light from beginning to end. I ask them to make sure the roads are clear and there is no congestion. When flying I ask for everything to go smoothly and to be seated near people with the highest vibrational energy. Automatically now I ask for all vehicles and luggage to be protected as well as ourselves.
I love calling the angels in for all the passengers on aeroplanes and watch the energy changes. Then I do a karmic release exercise for everyone. There’s been some great shifts!

Angel Upgrades
Angels will always work for the highest good of all and never do anything to step away from the divine plan but what they will do is work that divine plan for an even better outcome than expected by you if it is allowable. If something is available and not being used and the angels see it will bring happiness and cause no harm they will work their magic to help.

I always ask for any possible upgrades to be included in my journeys. To date since this has been part of my angel requesting system I have been gifted seven free hotel upgrades to suites when booking a basic room.
Visiting Rio de Janeiro we were booked to stay at the famous Copacabana Hotel on the sea front. On arrival and being shown to our basic room the noise from down below was too loud to be relaxing. Asking my angels what to do they gently suggested I complain to reception. Ringing down I expected to be told either the hotel was full or be moved to a similar standard room. When the porter arrived to move our luggage we followed him across the hotel. We were taken to a luxury suite with many rooms including an office for the same price as a basic room. I knew for sure the angels were involved when I spotted a fabulous bronze statue of an angel smiling at me which we would never have passed ordinarily. On this same journey I invoked Archangel Michael to protect my suitcase and for some reason forgot my partners. Mine was safe and guess what? My partners was broken into. That made me remember to do things thoroughly in future!

In Santorini recently we were upgraded two classes to a lovely suite with a complimentary car to and from the airport. Thank you angels. In Disneyland Paris at the Disney hotel we were upgraded to a most beautiful suite with hand carved furniture and a balcony overlooking the best views. Copenhagen was another example and so was Mauritius where very unexpectedly we were given the honeymoon suite!
There are no coincidences and I know the angels are working to smooth my journeys to make them even more pleasurable. In return I always invoke the angels to bless each hotel and anchor their light in the fabric of the building to permanently lift the vibrations for everyone. I also ask them to help all the members of staff working there and open a channel of light so spirit can help those who respond to this touch from the beings of light.
I make sure I give the staff some excellent tips to spread the magic around and also activate the angel of the hotel building.

Orb of the Month

Sent in by Donna,gml

This beautiful photograph shows the Violet Flame with Archangels Michael and Purlimiek who are transmuting any negative energies within the Nature Kingdom and are bringing Blessings as they move further along their spiritual path.








The Return of the Christed Dragons by Tim Whild

Our fascination with the Dragon realm has been recorded in stories and poetry throughout modern history. This association and focus has been amplified massively since the Cosmic Moment. As the planetary vibration rises rapidly, this is allowing us to tangibly perceive the beings that we share our multi-dimensional realm with.

The Dragons, in their many forms, are a part of the beautiful Elemental Kingdom….beings of a specific vibration who have incarnated here to keep watch over Mother Earth, and tend to the essential facets of her energy.
The Dragons, or the Dragon Forces as they introduced themselves to me, have been integrated with Gaia since Mu and Lemuria, preceding physical existence on Earth.

Once the Atlantis Experiment was instigated by the Intergalactic Council 260,000 years ago, their job became a much more physical one.The Dragons tend to the energy structures here. In the fourth dimension, they represent the main elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light….but have adopted many other forms to add a consciously working spectrum to energies such as the Violet Flame and the Gem Rays.

At the final Fall of Atlantis, the Dragons of this world made an incredible sacrifice.
They, after extensive discussions with the Elemental Masters of Earth, agreed to give up their ascended vibration structure and adopt fourth dimensional bodies.
This, with pure intention, was to allow them to be able to continue working at the closest level with Earth and Humanity. A fourth dimensional structure, the vibration we all now occupy, enabled them to provide an eye level service to this planet.

The Fall of Atlantis, over 10,000 years ago, created the densest vibration that this planet has ever experienced, and this continued until the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

Once this huge inflow of light had occurred, Earth stepped into the ascension process, bringing us to this point in time. We are less than 20 years away from living within an entirely fifth dimension matrix of energies. Over the last three years, since 21/12/12, an amazing transformation has been occurring within the dragon realm.

These beautiful beings of light have been appearing around our planet in droves, and not so long ago, I was told that there are almost three dragons for every human on Earth.
We share every square inch of our planet with them.

The largest integration occurred in 2011 when the sacred Lemurian portal in Honolulu opened, allowing a massive flow of dragon energy to return.
As I have said before, the dragons are as essential to the ascension process as Light itself.

Just recently, there have been many Cosmic gifts. Planetary, Lunar and Solar alignments that have brought the fruition of our rapidly rising vibration. One particular date, the March Equinox was of particular significance. The Spring energies were massively boosted by a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. These heavenly happenings are always fully orchestrated, and in this instance, a gateway to the higher dimensions was permanently opened here on Earth.

This day marked massive significance for the Dragons too. Due to the jump in Earth Matrix energies, they chose this moment to take back what is truly theirs. Their ascended bodies.
From this point, the dragon beings of this planet reclaimed their Christed Light, and rejoined the frequency that they handed over 10,000 years ago.

I am writing this to say a massive heartfelt, and humble, thankyou to these amazing beings of Light. They have been alongside us for every step of our journey to this point, and will continue to do so as we create our new paradigm around us.

Thankyou Dragons! Each and every single one of you.
Tim Whild

Angel Kongress, Hamburg, Germany

Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th June, Monday 15th June

It is time again for the annual Angel Conference in Hamburg, Germany. This is the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of this amazing conference that draws people from all over the world.

Sunday June 14 Angel Kongress, Hamburg
1.5 hour meditation
I will share my story and you will connect with your Guardian Angel and other angels who work with you. This will enable you to receive messages, guidance and support from them. She will also take you on a journey to connect with Archangels. Archangel Raphael will fill you with healing light and Archangel Metatron will bathe you in his golden orange energy. Then the Archangels will create an Archangel Ball around you. This transfusion of angel energy will enable you to transform your life.

I will be offering the following one day workshop on
Monday June 15
How the Angels and Archangels can help you
Today you will learn how to work with the angels, archangels and unicorns to assist the world and yourself. I will explain how the angels and unicorns can help you:
find satisfying work
heal relationships
bring families together
Fully open your heart
I will transfer to those who are ready three awesome energies, the Gold and Silver Cloak of perfect balance that makes you totally magnetic to good things, Mother Mary’s cloak of compassion and healing and Archangel Metatron’s golden orange cloak that opens you to higher dimensions.
I will discuss the archangels in charge of your twelve fifth dimensional chakras and will help you anchor their light into your energy system, so that you can remain fifth dimensional and rise above your challenges. In addition the unicorns will open your crown chakra so that you can bring through higher light and connect to universal knowledge and wisdom.
I will anchor your chakras to the glowing centres of the stars so you can access cosmic wisdom and enable a special portal to open that spreads pure Source love. We will sing in all these luminous connections so that lower energies flow away while peace, harmony and abundance spread into your life and the world.

Venue: Logenhaus, Moorweidenstrasse 36, 20146 Hamburg
Contact: seminarservice@wrage.de

Exercise for the month
Spiritual Labyrinth from Discover Atlantis
Then, as now, a labyrinth was a powerful and symbolic shape. As you walk into and out of one that is marked on the ground, or trace it with your finger, you are symbolically travelling the sacred journey of your life: going into the heart of your being, then returning out into the world again. The labyrinth itself has a cross in its centre, surrounded by a spiral. Many people think that it is the same as a maze. However a maze is a puzzle, which engages the left brain to solve, whereas the labyrinth is a right-brain meditative journey, which opens you up spiritually.


To Draw a Labyrinth

In order to draw your own labyrinth, follow the instructions below in conjunction with the series of illustrations.


Step 1. Draw the initial, grid as illustrated above.
Step 2. Draw a line from position 2 to 1.
Step 3. Draw a line from position 3 to 16.
Step 4. Draw a line from position 4 to 15. Now continue drawing lines, as follows:
Step 5. From 5 to 14.
Step 6. From 6 to 13.
Step 7. From 7 to 12.
Step 8. From 8 to 11.
Step 9. From 9 to 10

In the Golden Era of Atlantis the priests would walk the labyrinth. So would the people as part of a sacred ceremony.
(Discover Atlantis)

Fabulous FFabulous Organic – Tips on Natural and Healthy Living
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Problems sleeping? Look at what you eat and drink
What you eat and drink throughout the day can affect your sleep. If you eat a varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water you are more likely to sleep better. Eating regularly is important as irregular meal patterns disrupt your sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep you may be more prone to overeating in the evening. This could be a bit of a vicious circle as over-eating, especially late in the day, can overload your digestive system and reduce your sleep time. If you are having problems sleeping, try having a cup of chamomile or valerian tea before bed.

Foods and drink that can disrupt your sleep:
Caffeine in coffee, tea, energy drinks, cola and chocolate. The amount of caffeine in 1 cup of coffee from a coffee shop can disturb your sleep if consumed up to 6 hours before going to bed.
More than ¼ alcoholic drink
Saturated fat in meat and dairy

Here’s to Your Health and Happiness

Fabulous Organic
We only put fabulous stuff in our products. All our body care products are made with natural and organic ingredients

Secret Alchemy – Slow down and choose again!

The last period has been challenging and still is for many people. As we journey through this new energy we are supported in releasing old patterns – anything that doesn’t serve us. In fact many people now feel overwhelmed because of all the issues coming up. Reading the pulse of this period, there is a change regarding time, changes in our perception of time or having no time to do things you want. You may find yourself struggling to get things done and not being able to complete them, or having too many options available where you get lost. Also you may be worrying because of things not moving on. We are in the middle of deep and radical transformation!

The Lord Buddha – Secret Alchemy Spray can be of help in this period, preparing us also for the Wesak full moon in May! Let the Buddha in you surface, slow down and rest in the calm seat of the heart. From that point of stillness we are able to see more clearly, bringing more awareness on what needs to be released now and what makes our heart sing. As you breathe in Lord Buddha fragrance let these energies shower your being, calm your mind and attune you to the song of your heartt! Happy new beginning!

Alchemyically yours,
Frixos Christodoulou and Paschalis Kazakopoulos


Lord Buddha Spray Characteristics

General Effect: Encourages deep gratitude and appreciation within. Increases kindness and care towards others. It could be the essence of gratefulness. Reclamation of wisdom from the depths of self. Deepawareness. Be still and know who you are! To appreciate the spirit of kindness and love in others. Helps us recognize the unity with all beings and life. Brings harmony to the mind, opens the heart to unity. Also useful in our relationship with animals and especially horses.

Correspondence: All the Chakras.

Qualities: Awareness, No – Mind, Kindness, Equanimity.

Affirmation: I look within with quietness and I discover the light that I am!

Get your Secret Alchemy Spray: www.angelshouse.eu | E-mail: info@angelshouse.eu

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