Diana Cooper’s June Newsletter

Dear Friends,
What a busy month. I’m glad most of the retrogrades have turned and delighted that the builders have finished working inside my house, though not in the garage. Soon I’ll be able to get in and unpack the boxes in the garage! I’m getting quotes to get the garden sorted but in the meantime an ornamental wall fell down and I turned my hand to concreting the bricks back again. I have to admit it was rather hard work and is not very straight but I’m sure a few plants will soon disguise that!

And now I’m ready to go to Salzburg for the Annual Diana Cooper Foundation Teachers Re-union. This year it is being hosted by our really superb German teachers. I love going to the reunion and meeting all the wonderful teachers who fly in from all over the world. It is a perfect opportunity to see old friends, meet newly qualified teachers and be inspired and enthralled by everything the teachers do worldwide.


My on line video course MEET THE DRAGONS is now available.  It is a fabulous way to connect deeply with the amazing, wise and open hearted dragons.  You will meet the air, earth, fire and water dragons and work with them for your own benefit and that of the planet.  And you will bond with some of the higher frequency dragons who can really transform your life and speed your ascension process.  Dragons are coming forward now en masse for the first time since Atlantis and would love to meet you.  The feedback we have is that people really love these courses.  After the success of my two previous on line video courses, How Angels Can Help You and Meet the Archangels I know you will love Meet the Dragons.

Meet the Dragons

Order your course HERE

One of the other projects I have been re-energising this month is TARA AND HER TALKING KITTEN. My friend Pat Greenland, who was a TV and film producer, and I are reworking the scripts for a younger age group 4 – 7 and have had Tara’s family and friends redrawn to present to TV Commissioners. Do you like them?


Tara is often difficult and has difficulty making friends. Her granny gives her Ash-ting a grey kitten who talks telepathically to Tara and guides her. Each episode has a fun story but also an important message. We deal with serious issues of our time, bullying, making friends, communicating with adults, family break up, loneliness, single parents, obesity in children, the challenges and advantages of living in a multi-cultural society, dangers of fire and water, how to look after animals, cooking, looking after the environment, taking part in community life, family dynamics etc.

Tara also learns about the realms of angels, fairies, elves, pixies, imps, unicorns, dragons and mermaids.
If you have any contacts or can help in any way please let us know!

June 23rd The European Referendum
I have always regarded the full moon as a time of service, a time to meditate for peace or joy or good in the world. The divine feminine light from the moon is at its strongest and since Archangel Christiel opened the Stargate of Lyra and poured his extraordinary energy through the moon, the light of the full moon has affected individuals and the planet enormously and raised the frequency of all. The full moon falls on 20th June so we will be on the cusp of its benign influence. This should mean that people will vote with wisdom for the highest good. Let us hope so.
The summer solstice also falls on 20th June. This is a time of enlightenment, oneness and balance. Again its energy will be casting an influence on people everywhere and open hearts to the highest good.
So everyone will be open and receptive. Let’s all ask the angels to whisper to people to vote for whatever is for the highest good for the UK, for Europe and for the world.

It’s been a funny month and Mum says a lot of people have had a difficult time because of the energies coming in. Of course these affect animals as well as people. Some dogs seem to sail through it but others get a bit snappy. Often they are just picking up their owners’ energies.
I am really glad that we no longer have an endless procession of builders, carpenters, painters, floor layers etc. working in the house, though some of them are really nice. The floor layer has five dogs of his own and makes a big fuss of me. He even gave me bacon out of his sandwich! Cool.
Mum has been filming little clips from the book she wrote about me, Venus, when we all went to France on holiday with Rosemary Stephenson. She called it Venus on Holiday and it is going to be an e book, coming out soon. She has been reading bits out to me and we remember the extraordinary things that kept happening to us. I wouldn’t mind another ten week holiday in France with all those lizards to chase and my friend Gabi, the Labrador and all the quirky people we met in the village. You’ll have to read it for yourself.
I play a lot with Sugar who is Isabel’s dog. Isabel is Mum’s granddaughter and I sometimes think she and Sugar live here. But we do have fun when we go for our morning walk. Have a look at the clip. I’d really like to be able to run faster than Sugar but she’s always that little bit quicker. Mum says it’s because she’s bigger but one day I’ll beat her.
My best part of this month was when we went back to Dorset for a few days and stayed with all my favourite friends. When Mum is going to leave me for an hour or two she says, ‘Shopping Venus,’ and my tail goes down. But when we were at Kathy’s she said, Shopping Venus, and I wagged my tail to show I was perfectly happy! And we had lovely long walks with other friends by the beach and it was just like old times. Even dogs can get nostalgic.
But now I’m back in my new house and I sniff round the garden and bark at strange dogs who walk past. This is my home!

Click HERE to view Venus and Sugars Video

Decree to Activate your Soul Mission from Tim Whild

It’s a good time for decrees!
With the current Retrograde set-up everything we are sending out into the Universe is being amplified massively. Although these periods can feel very challenging, Mars in Scorpio (moving backwards) is here to help us.
The faster we leave our old skins by the shore the cleaner we leave the sea. This decree is a powerful statement of intent to shake off any patterns that we are caught up in, and these are usually the patterns that cause resistance and that feeling of ‘stuck-ness’

The ascension process is as easy or as hard as we choose to make it. There are still billions of souls who are receiving the energies but are failing to hear the call….let’s help them by helping ourselves first. We are the change we wish to see in the world.

I, (name), in the Name of the Light and Under the Law of One, command the full activation of my Soul Mission here on Earth.

I command that all distractions and lesser circumstances be removed from my life so that I may transcend and dedicate my energy to the highest of Sources.

I invoke the Cosmic Godfire to incinerate any binding contracts that have exceeded their creative potential, and ask that the Board of Karma provide swift resolution to any situations that are repeating themselves pointlessly.

This decree is a statement of my intent to work above ego in harmony with my Soul Family and other Lightworkers here on Earth. From my higher perspective I understand that there is a unique key for every soul existing here on Earth.

As Within So Without

As Above So Below

It is Done

(Repeat entire decree three times, with power, facing the East at Sunrise or Sunset)

From Tim Whild

Upcoming Workshops

Saturday 25th June – Hay House Angel Summit, London


I am really excited about the Hay House Angel Summit, where I will be talking with Kyle Gray, Radleigh Valentine and Lorna Byrne. And Rosemary Stephenson will be singing and playing her magical crystal bowls. A day to remember!

Advanced copies of my new book The Archangel Guide Mastery and Enlightenment written with Tim Whild and with a CD pack containing 3 CD’s of very high frequency meditations will be available. The feedback we received from the previous book, Archangel Guide to Ascension, was that it was the most awesome vibration. It was all fifth and seventh dimensional. Well this one is fifth, seventh and ninth dimensional. It is absolutely life changing! I’ll be introducing some of the incredible energies in my presentation.


The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery 10am – 12pm

The 20-year period we are now in offers an unprecedented opportunity for spiritual growth and, for the first time since the golden era of Atlantis, those who are ready can be bathed in ninth-dimensional frequencies. Through guided meditation Diana will help you to connect to the highest frequency dragons, unicorns, angels and great Ascended Masters from all over the universe. She will share with you their secrets and messages, and explain how they are assisting you to move into your true potential and fulfil your soul mission.

Hope to see you at The Light, Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

Book your tickets HERE


I’m enjoying a lovely break over the summer holidays which will be highlighted by my son Justin’s wedding. That will be fantastic.

Then look out for.
Saturday 17th September, Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham
Ascend with Archangels

October 1st Belfast
Enlightenment and Mastery with dragons, Archangels, Unicorns and Ascended Masters



At the Anemos Luxury Grand Resort 5* Hotel in Crete
Crete is the etheric retreat of Lord Hilarion, who is a member of the Intergalactic Council and is overseeing the return of the crystal technology of Atlantis. We will use this opportunity to connect with his essence both to accelerate our ascension and to serve the planet. He was the sacred sound master of Atlantis and Rosemary can remember working with him then.

Why not join us for a relaxing holiday retreat in the glorious sunny Aegean? Meet like- minded people, accelerate your ascension and enjoy yourself. You may even want to extend your holiday.
We have arranged exciting excursions to KNOSSOS PALACE, HILARION’S ETHERIC RETREAT and SANTORINI. We will do activations, attunements, healing and meditations during the excursions and back at the hotel. Please bring some crystals!

During the retreat you will
* Enter the amazing dragon, angel and unicorn kingdoms for higher enlightenment.
*Through the archangels explore and receive some of the awesome ascension energies that are available now.
*Connect with the ninth dimensional unicorns.
*Meet the elemental dragons, the golden and the violet dragons and many more.
*Connect with Lord Voosloo, the highest frequency High Priest of Atlantis ever to incarnate and he will enable you to bring in awesome, life changing 9D energies.

THE TOTAL PACKAGE BELOW…. EACH PERSON.. for 2 persons sharing garden view deluxe room (singles occupancy extra)

Accommodation 2 persons sharing in double room Garden view 4 nights……….
For 4 nights ……half board.

EARLY BIRD COST OF PACKAGE IS £599 including workshop fee. Flights are not included.
Places are limited. deposit of £250 has to be in by latest 30th June to secure place at this price.
Later bookings £649.

Contact and booking…..rosemary@celestiallighthealers.com



An ORB from our gallery


Photograph by Brigit Schöbel

This feels like a portal that is using the wonderful light of the sun to anchor the Cosmic Diamond Violet flame.
In this photo you can see the energy of Archangel Gabriel and Zadkiel which has been United and has formed the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, this energy is cutting away all the old and with great power and bringing in the clarity and purity of the diamond energy which can be clearly seen in this orb picture and raising everything to the fifth dimension and above. There is also green in the energy of the flame which is the energy of Archangel Raphael and he is anchoring the healing energy here as well. When you look at this picture you receive a awakening of the heart that assists you with forgiveness, clarity , transformation and wisdom.
Interpretation by Carol de Vasconcelas

And Transformation, Atlantis, Lemurian Healing, Unicorns and other Spiritual Subjects?

Why not train with the Diana Cooper Foundation and be one of our Family of Light, spreading the higher frequencies round the planet? Over the years I have noticed people train to be teachers with our Foundation and watched with awe as they grow and expand and their auras radiate with higher spiritual light. It is a very fast track on the Ascension journey and offers a hugely satisfying way of earning a living. See Carol de Vasconcelos’s training courses in the UK HERE

We are offering a fantastic new service of Orb Soul Readings

Orb Soul Readings
The Soul Reading includes an interpretation of the Orb, why the angelic being came to you and their message plus information about your soul pathway and ascension progress, the angel who works with you and the next step on your pathway. It also recommends a crystal and affirmations as well as guidance from ancestors if they appear.
This is about getting you to connect with the wisdom from your soul and the multi-dimensional aspect of yourselves.
We will also be including inspiration and practical exercises that will encourage you to work on issues long after the reading is done.

Orb reading will be starting from the 1st of August and you can send your requests for Orbs readings to orbs@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com the cost will be £45.00 (pounds) of which a donation with go to support the work of the Diana Cooper Foundation.

This new Orb Reading project is spearheaded by the lovely and gifted Carol de Vasconcelos who is our Principal Teacher in South Africa. I asked her to say a little about herself and our exciting new project.

Carol will also be coming to the UK to do some comprehensive training for anyone who wants to become a teacher in the Diana Cooper Foundation for these modules: Angels, Golden Atlantis and Lemurian healing (see end).

Hello everyone I am Carol de Vasconcelos and I live in South Africa, I am a Principal Teacher for the Diana Cooper Foundation. I am qualified Teacher Trainer in Angels, Ascension, Unicorns, Transform Your Life, Lemurian Planetary Healing, Golden Atlantis and Orbs.

I am heading up the Orb Team and love working with them. I first started doing Orbs when Diana was looking for an Orb reader 6 years ago and did not have a clue what I was volunteering for. Now 6 years later I love the Orbs and use them all the time. I place people, places, animals, Politicians everything and everyone on Diana’s Orb cards, and let me assure you they work.

You can also use your own Orb pictures to assist you. When I do Orb readings it is like going into a different world. They speak to me and tell me their story, we become my friends and I absorb all the wonderful light that they radiate until I am finished with the reading. Another wonderful thing about Orbs and Orb reading is that you absorb the light and don’t need so much sleep. The more light you carry Diana says the less sleep you need. And that is the truth for me! I took a little sabbatical from Orbs and now that I am back I can see how true it is. I don’t get tired so quickly either.

I recommend that everyone takes a look at the Orb gallery because Orbs are changing all the time as our vibrations changes so the pictures sent into the Foundation have also changed.

Orbs are very in tune with humanity and the Divine. We are always reminded that we are not alone, that we are protected and above all loved. All places have energy and this is seen in the Orb pictures we are sent. You can see the spirit of the place in the Orb picture, and this reminds us that we are vibration and that the Divine is everywhere and in everything. You can see this all the time by just looking at the Orb pictures. When you are looking in the Gallery you will be drawn to exactly the right Orb picture that you need at that moment.

Exercise : Look in the Orb gallery with the intention of being drawn to the Orb picture that you need for that day, and see which picture you are drawn to. Copy and paste it, then print it. When you have time sit quietly and go into your body and notice how you are feeling at that moment. Take the picture that you have printed and sit on it for about 10min.

While you are sitting on the picture ask if there is anything that the Orb wishes to share with you or heal at this time. Just sit and absorb the energy. You will feel it.

When you have finished write what happened in your journal and thank the Orb and put it away for a next time. You can do this often, but use One orb per week or two weeks see how you intuitively feel.

I am passionate about my work as Spiritual Teacher Trainer I am indeed very blessed to be part of this wonderful Orb Team. I feel that when I am doing a Orb reading for someone I am being of service to them and assisting them in a way that can and will change their life in some way.

Many, many Orb and Angel Blessings
Namaste Carol

Susan Rudd and Carol De Vasconcelos Principal Teachers of the Foundation will be running the following Teacher Training Programmes in Manchester – United Kingdom:
Courses will be run from 9am – 4.30pm Daily

  • Teacher Training Module – 1-3 October 2016
  • Angel Module – 4-9 October 2016
  • Golden Atlantis Module – 14-16 October, 21-23 October 2016
  • Lemurian Planetary Healing – 18 & 19 October 2016

For Prospectus, Application forms and any other information contact
Susanne ~ Tel 00357 97648218 or 07807384303
email: spiritandsole@hotmail.com
Carol: 002711-682-2606
email: carol@angelawareness.co.za
Or see www.dianacooperfoundation.com

Spaces are limited so booking is advised as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
Booking form with a deposit to secure your place as soon as possible please.
All the Course participants who meet the criteria will receive a Teacher Certificate from the Diana Cooper Foundation in the different Modalities.

Book of the Month – Birth of a New Civilization

The decisions we make in our personal lives and communal decisions are very important now. I picked up Birth of a New Civilization and this is what I read. If it touches you, this book is for you!

The Sixth Golden Age
In 2032 the entire universe will move into the fifth dimension.
Those who wish to live in harmony, sharing, caring, co-operating and working with nature, creativity and love will form spiritual communities and a different civilization.
The souls of those who no longer wish to participate at this frequency will chose either to return to the inner planes for instruction, go back to their home planets in other universes or continue with a third dimensional experience in a third dimensional universe. All will be perfect for them.
When the light truly begins to shine on Earth again there will be no boundaries or passports. Everyone will feel welcome wherever they go and people will see the divine in each other.
We will bring forward spiritual technology to surpass all that they developed in Golden Atlantis.
We will no longer have carbon based bodies which depend on duality. As we carry higher frequencies of light we will develop crystalline bodies.
Because we will be living in harmlessness and will honour the Creator, after 2050 we will be able to explore the universes.

We are truly blessed to live now and have the opportunity to found this new way of being.

1.Stand, in bare feet if possible, on the earth.
2.Visualise golden light going from your feet into the ground.
3.Take your time to let it spread round you in all directions.
4.Imagine the grass, bushes, trees, flowers and all of nature as far as you can see being lit with golden energy.
5.Each time you do this you are contributing to the energy that creates a Golden Age.

Click  HERE for more information

Lemurian Earth Healing – Progress Update by Karelena Mackinlay

This article shares an developmental overview of our International Lemurian group energy work via Skype.

Before I begin I would like to recap on an article which I wrote for Diana Cooper’s March 2015 newsletter.

This ancient earth healing offers an energetic opening for those who feel drawn to working with the life forms on and in Mother Earth, including our beautiful planet. You need to be or have been attuned to this ancient energy and be willing to participate in group work. Why? because Lemuiran energy unites the participating individuals energetically to become ‘one’ consciousness for the healing session. It mirrors the way Lemurians worked together as one when tending Mother Earth. It is a good example of ‘when the sum of the whole is greater than its parts’ – synergy in action!

The focus of the Lemurian healing is to bring healing for all life forms, including our planet, and to assist all with their Ascension in accordance with the Divine plan1.

Now, to the update 🙂

Since I last wrote my previous article we have gone international with participants joining from Finland, The Netherlands, Denmark, USA and Scotland. There is interest from Australia and Canada too but this yet has to come to fruition … when the time is right.

I have so much gratitude and respect for the current group, who have shown a deep commitment and dedication to working with the Lemurians, the Lemurian crystals and energy help bring positive change through earth healing. We have developed a broad set of communication protocols for our group to help us connect with each other. From my teaching perspective, it has been interesting to watch the Skype group going through the same processes of ‘Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing’ in a similar way as any new non-online group at business seminars would do. Plus the connection to the earth’s crystalline grid is increasing energetically too as the group work progresses.

The first part of our session begins with a general healing to the whole of Mother Earth, to our beautiful planet, which gives us so much support unconditionally at all times. This healing we do with love and light and are supported by many Light Beings – Angels Archangels, Unicorns and the Lemurians. These wonderful energies are expanding with the elementals and dragon energy2 coming in more as we unite in our work together.

Intent is another factor in our healing work as the power of intent is enormous and helps with bringing in positive change in many unexpected ways. When the intent is deeply held and sent from the heart space then it is connecting to that purity and love of the Divine.

This practical example may give you more insight into our work at a spiritual and physical level – the etheric and physical reality.

One member of our group is based in mid-USA, in an area known as ‘tornado alley’. One particular school there has been hit several times over the past years. While there has been devastion to the buildings there have also been fatalities. Needless to say the level of fear increases at peak tornado season. Our group member brought this situation to our attention and asked for healing to be sent. We focused and concentrated our healing on this school and its inhabitants and when we had finished we shared our experiences. I saw in my mind’s eye the school being covered by a blanket of turf so that the school and surrounding area became part of the earth, protected and hidden from view. An enormous Being of Light lifted and stretched the turf across the school like a mother pulling a blanket over a little baby. It was amazing to watch. What was even more amazing was the feedback from others in our group who had experienced seeing/feeling/sensing a shield or bubble of light being placed around the school. None of this would be possible without those Beings of Light whom we invoked and who work with us in Divine Service. To each and every one I thank-you with deep love and gratitude.

On a practical level our group member is monitoring the tornados in that area. For example, is the ferocity the same, is there impact on the school, what are the wind speeds, any damage etc. Basically a few statistics are being gathered to see if there is any change on the physical plane.

As with all things energetic there are developments coming to the fore. While we work with the ley lines and the crystalline grid, this particular school situation lends itself to asking for additional help from the elementals and Lemurians Dragons. Watch this space for further updates!

I hope that this article has been of interest to you and may inspire you to join our International Skype group. Please contact me if you require any further information on the Lemurian attunement process or working with your dragon energy..

Finally, some of our group are meeting up in Glastonbury 19th-22nd August for a spiritual get together. I am so looking forward to our meeting and sharing more experiences.

With deep love, light and gratitude


References – Books

2012 and Beyond, Diana Cooper
The Archangel Guide to Ascension, Diana Cooper and Tim Wilde

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