Diana Cooper’s April 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

My heart sings at this time of year when the daffodils are a sheet of glorious yellow and pink cherry blossom is starting to flower.  And the flowers show us their beauty despite the weird weather. It is as if the spring blooms are demonstrating the constant beauty of the spiritual world, while the weather reminds us that we are in a great period of turmoil and change. We were told before 2012 that there would be an eight year period from 2017 to 2025 when stuff would come to the surface to be examined and new higher decisions taken.  After 2025 to the start of the new Golden Age in 2032 things will settle.

Sleaze and corruption, corporate greed and government ineptitude are being examined.  People power is surfacing as explanations and accountability are being demanded.  In the US children are marching for gun control. There are talks of nuclear disarmament.  People are asking how to turn national sickness services into health and well-being services.  There is mention of a simpler tax system.  Things are definitely changing and this is inevitable as more and more high frequency energies are flowing in from the universe.

With angel love, unicorn blessings and dragon wisdom




I have said very little about Orbs for the last couple of years.   But since I have been doing Facebook lives where I can hold pictures of Orbs up for you to see and receive downloads from, I am looking at them again. Carol de Vasconcelas, the Principal Teacher of the Diana Cooper Foundation in South Africa has kindly agreed to look at some again for you.  Here is a gorgeous one of Orbs with two children and Carol’s interpretation she sent to the photographer.

Dear Chenelle,

This is truly  a beautiful picture of  your two children – I feel this is the energy of their Guardian Angels as well as an angel of love in each of their auras.  The one angel is really protecting your son and working on his heart chakra assisting him to feel her love and closeness . The other one is just watching and making sure your son is safe and also giving a message of loving him and always being very close to him – in fact both of them are loved and protected and never alone.  They are receiving an information download  in this picture and they will use it when they are older. Truly very special star children. Carol

And here is another special Orb picture with Carol’s interpretation

This is a lovely picture of Archangel Sandalphon and Uriel both Archangels have merged their energy in this picture – Archangel Sandalphon is the angel of music and of your earth star chakra.  He is assisting you as well as the band with your beautiful production and awakening your earth star and that of the people who are there if they are ready for this. Archangel Uriel is assisting with the fear  and assisting everyone to connect with the wisdom they have gained. He is absorbing the negativity in this area and transmuting it in the light. When you look at this picture breath in the energy of the beautiful golden yellow orbs and let it strengthen your solar plexus as well as ground you with the energy of Archangel Sandalphon. Namaste Carol

Send your Orb pictures to Orbs@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com and Carol will choose those she is drawn to and interpret them.



Water will be the world’s biggest problem in the future.  Capetown in South Africa may be the first major town to nearly run out of water. But it will become a recurring pattern and we must learn to honour it.  Water is not only essential for life.  It carries the Christ light round the universe, so it is the glue to the universe.  Water symbolizes the life force of the planet and all on it. Because it is infused with God and the Christ Light it is pure, innocent and life giving,

cleansing and carries cosmic love. It conducts electricity, sound and vibrations.

In the Golden Age of Petranium, the second Golden Age of Africa on this planet, the beings worked with the water and understood how to bring its qualities to everyone. In those times water did not lie randomly. The etheric seventh dimensional Beings of Petranium worked very closely with cosmic angels and dragons.  Working together they could direct clouds so that rain fell when and where it was needed.  When we reconnect with the ancient knowledge and wisdom held within the core of Africa – and learn to connect again with the energy of the Elemental Masters humans will be able to work with them again to alter the weather for the greater good of nature, animals and humanity.

The beings who work with Water

There are four mighty spiritual beings who work with water and if you ask them to bless it they will raise its frequency to the fifth dimension right into the cells of your body.  When you are in a shower, bath, swimming pool or ocean;

Call in Archangel Metatron to bless your ascension pathway.

Call the Unicorns to shower blessings on your life.

Call on the Angel Mary to fill you with divine feminine.

Call on Archangel Butyalil to help you flow with the currents of your life and to see your magnificence.

Water and the camels

Apollo who was a High Priest in Atlantis led his tribe to Mesopotamia after the Fall of Atlantis. He particularly understood about water, its cosmic properties, and the art of irrigation.  This knowledge and wisdom was encoded into the camels and dromedaries who remember the time when the deserts were green and fertile and how this was maintained. When people are ready to receive this information these animals will pass it to them.


The future

As we move towards the new Golden Age in 2032, two things will happen.  First, the climate will become more extreme, so that information about water conservation and irrigation will be more needed and secondly humanity will raise its frequency to the fifth dimension, so we will be receptive to the knowledge and wisdom the camels and dromedaries offer.

They are waiting patiently for us to be ready.


Venus and Sugar

I Venus am as naughty as ever.  I love my Mum and want to please her but I love my freedom and chasing rabbits more.  Luckily for me she understands and opens her arms to greet me when I come racing back to her after an adventure.  Mind you she was not quite so pleased when she had to climb over a gate to rescue me (twice).  Sugar on the other hand is a little angel, skipping round Mum’s feet and never trying to run away.  All she wants to do is chase balls, which I think is mad.  Fair enough she thinks I’m crazy to chase rabbits.

But I am training her.  We had two glorious days trying to dig under the summer house when a rather foolish rat decided to hide under it.  It was exhausting but great fun.  I just lay on my back with my paws in the air when I came in from my hunting sessions.  Mum said it reminded her of when we were on holiday in France and the grasshoppers all hatched at once.  I spent an hour racing round like a lunatic gobbling them up and then I lay on my back with my paws in the air and my stomach bloated like a balloon.  I remind her it was worth it.  Life is full of happy memories.


Service work

When we work together to focus our energies on change, we can have a huge impact for the benefit of all.  In my seminars and on Facebook Live we often send out a group energy that allows a shift to take place.  When we collectively send peace or love to a person or area they unconsciously feel the effect. My guide Kumeka has often told me we have shortened a conflict or caused someone to take a wiser decision.  Remember when we collectively brought the Great Crystal of Atlantis into alignment and melted the ice on Neptune so that the wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis could start to come back to us?

Judgemental thoughts towards a person, religion, sect or country, cause them to put up invisible defensive walls.  Love and acceptance mean it is safe to take walls down. At a recent seminar we all sent golden Christ Light to Vladimir Putin and at the same time sang his name with love.  What happened was rather extraordinary because everyone sensed that he was rejecting the love.  Then unexpectedly the loudspeaker made a loud thunderous noise and at that instant several people saw him open up to it for an instant. Then he thought of his image and the people surrounding him and closed again. But we were left with a feeling of hope.  Christ energy is pure love for the highest good without personal or political agenda.

Just think of someone influential and sing or whisper their name with love.  At the same time ask the Golden Christed dragons to touch their hearts for the highest good of all.  You may be

The one who brings light into someone’s heart and helps the planet ascend!

Service work on my facebook page

I am now planning to put up a short video posting once a week with a piece of service work that you can add your energy to if you would like to.  As I have said, together we can make a difference.  So it would be wonderful if you would join us.


Pastel Rainbow breath

Archangel Metatron asked me to prepare a Zoom webinar to start the process of re-patterning our DNA and the installing of our Master Divine Blueprints in preparation for the New Golden Age.  Over the next few days he downloaded instructions to me and I became more and more excited!

28th May. DNA re-patterning to prepare for New Golden Age- Receive your Divine Master Blueprint  8-10 dst (daylight saving time) £5.50. Details on how to book onto this course will be released later this month.

He also gave me his pastel rainbow breath for deep relaxation to prepare for the webinar and asked me to share it. I love doing it and have practised the breath almost every day since.  It is wonderfully relaxing and I know it is doing more than I realise.  Here is the link….. https://youtu.be/fwSFaTLX1kA

 7 May start.  21 day programme to prepare

The better you prepare, the more you will receive from the webinar.  But if you do not have time to do all the preparation or you join us at the last minute, relax and know that you will absorb all that is right for you at that moment.

Daily 20 minute Archangel Metatron’s pastel rainbow breath for deep relaxation

Breath is your connection to Source.  The more deeply you breathe the more Source energy you take in. In the Golden Era of Atlantis the people learnt to relax to a cellular level and this was their key to perfect health and eternal life. When you connect with the unicorns they enable every cell in body to relax.

1.Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed

2.Breathe comfortably for a little while.

3.Then breathe into your toes and sense them relaxing.  Continue to do this through your body.  If you lose concentration just bring your attention back to your body and breath, then continue.

Food. Eat lightly so that your body is as pure as possible.  Cut down sugar and alcohol.

Water. Drink plenty of pure, water and bless it.

Please tell everyone you know about this webinar.  Archangel Metatron wants to touch as many people as possible. He also asked me to do this in the energy of the Wesak full moon, for each year at that time the Christ and Buddha energies meet in the Himalayas, attended by angels, Illumined Masters and the spirits of lightworkers. A huge flame of light engulfs the planet at that time allowing for magical possibilities.

Details on how to book onto this course will be released later this month.


Forthcoming seminars, courses, Facebook Lives and Zooms


There are currently four paths to higher ascension.  When you merge them all you take a broad, fast track to higher ascension.  In this four part series we offer you this accelerated path to higher ascension.  It will enable you to fulfil your soul mission.

Part 1. The Golden Path  Sunday 8th April 8 – 10pm DST

Part 2 The Diamond Way Sunday 20th May 8 – 10pm DST

Part 3. The Rainbow Path Sunday 24th June 8 – 10pm DST

Part 4.  The Emerald Path  Sunday 15th July 8 – 10pm DST 

£80.00 for the complete series.  This is not a certificated course.

 Click HERE to book your place



Sunday 27th May DRAGONS AND UNICORNS 4.30-6.30

Meet the Dragons

Today you will connect with the wise open hearted dragons including your personal dragon as well as the Dusty Pink Dragons from Andromeda who will activate you with higher love and the dragons from Lyra who will help you connect with golden horned unicorns. And many more!

For more information or to book your place, click here: www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk/london



Stuttgart. Wrage Angel Congress.  

Saturday, June 2nd, Keynote:  Angels Ignite the Flame of Hope
Diana will ignite a flame of hope as she shares just how far the world has progressed spiritually over the last few years – and how the angelic realms are helping you personally and the world to move into the new Golden Age. Today the Angels and Archangels will heal your stuck energy and open the doors to your happiness. Diana will take you on a beautiful visualization into the angelic kingdom for inspiration, healing and spiritual progress.

Sunday, June3rd: Conversation with Tim Whild
In this one hour conversation Diana and Tim will share their personal experiences of the way to enlightement, for example the extraordinary angel experience they had when they met. They will also talk about the golden era of Atlantis, angels and archangels, unicorns and dragons and how we, as light workers, can help the planet on the path of ascension.

Booking and more information: www.engelkongress.de (please note that there is a special package available for those booking the conference as well as the day workshop with Diana)


Facebook Live – Wednesdays at 7PM GMT

I offer ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME on FACEBOOK LIVE most Wednesday evenings from 7-8 pm.  You can also send in questions marked ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com and I try to answer as many as possible in the time!


Food for life

My daughter, Dawn is a nutritionist and her friend Bay is a psychotherapist.  I know they have a vision of helping people to be healthy and slim for life and have been working together on a programme for this for years.  I am sorry to say I was too busy to watch the videos they sent until this week.  I have just done so and was bowled over.  I learnt such a lot. Wow! They were beautifully presented, very interesting and professional.  I certainly want to watch more.  I also learnt a lot.  And I know it will make a difference!!!  You can watch them HERE    




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