Diana Cooper’s March 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As I write this the weather is Siberian with icy winds sweeping the streets!  Whenever there is ice and snow Archangel Gabriel is working through it to purify and cleanse the land.  I am taking the opportunity to send lots of Earth dragons to transmute stuck energy in the ground and Archangel Gabriel’s dragons to work with the angels.  Pure white unicorns are also attracted to pure white snow and are raising the frequency outside.  So I am snuggled by a blazing fire while angelic transformation is happening outside.

The highlights of this month have been the Facebook lives on Wednesday evenings at 7PM, which are themed but I answer as many other questions as possible too.  That hour really flies!  And the Zoom webinar that I shared with Tim Whild.  We are now planning a four-part course Guidance to Higher Ascension and I am creating a Zoom webinar on my own on Ascension with Dragons. 

With love and angel blessings



Zoom Webinars

I am offering a Zoom webinar on Ascension with Dragons on Tuesday 17 April 8-10pm DMT (daylight time in the UK).

Dragons are wise, open hearted beings of the angelic realms who are dedicated to helping us on our ascension path.  The fourth dimensional dragons can delve into deep dense energies and transmute them. Tonight you will connect with the air, earth, fire and water dragons and learn how they can help you. You will get to know your personal dragon, who has been waiting patiently for you.

You will meet the beautiful silver dragons who act as mirrors enabling you to see into your soul and even your monad.  They illuminate you and bring you prosperity. When you connect with them unexpected good fortune follows.

Quan Yin’s illumined pink dragons enabled her to live for 2000 years.  You will learn how they did this and how they can help you maintain a high frequency.  They are waiting to blow away or transmute all the lower energies that block you from really loving.  They help you understand and clear blocks in the sacral chakra so that you can truly see with eyes of love.  They illuminate situations and dissolve cords in this chakra, then melt away old pain, guilt and wounds held here.  Meeting these dragons is a life changer.

Finally, we will learn about Arcturus, a supremely evolved star system. The high frequency beings from here are demonstrating to us the beautiful, co-operative future to which we are heading.   The golden orange dragons from Arcturus will ground you, clear your energy body, align you to higher energies and help you absorb them as they attune you to Arcturus.

They say it is time for you to stand in your power for you have a destiny to fulfil.

This Zoom webinar will enable you to connect with these and possibly other incredible and powerful dragons, who are ready to assist you on the ascension path.

(Further details on how to book this will be released later this month)


Zoom with Tim Whild

I really enjoyed the zoom webinar that I did with Tim Whild last Sunday and thank you, so many of you for participating and for all the interesting questions that came in that were enlightening and expansive.  Our guidance this morning is that everyone who integrated the energy of the Zoom has made a massive leap forward and that Lords Voosloo, Kuthumi and Kumeka are continuing to work with them to ensure the process is completed. .  The visualisations were very powerful and everyone made huge energetic shifts.

There were a few technical hitches at the beginning and next time there will be a techie on board.  Also it will all be automated.  Last time Tim and his wife took all the bookings and sent out links individually.  Many people did not get their link in time as it was sent to their Paypal e-mail which may have been different from their regular working e mail so thank you all for your patience and sticking with us.

Recordings of the event are still available for £25, to order yours, please send payment to Tim via Paypal to  timwhild@timwhild.com who will then email you the recording.

Tim and I are now planning a 4-part course on Guidance for higher ascension.

4 session Zoom course is £80, you will automatically receive a recording so if you are unable to tune in live, you can still follow the course and watch at your leisure.  

(Further information and booking details will be released later this month)


Guidance for higher ascension

There are currently four paths to higher ascension.  When you merge them all you take a broad, fast track to higher ascension.  In this four part course we offer you this accelerated path to higher ascension.  It will enable you to fulfil your soul mission and you become a light who can help others on their ascension path.

  1. The Golden Path
  2. The Diamond Way
  3. The Rainbow Path
  4. The Emerald Way


Guidance for Higher Ascension

Part 1. The Golden Path  Sunday 8th April 8 – 10pm DST

For this powerful Zoom event we will be looking at the planetary ascension process from  the Harmonic Convergence to the Cosmic Moment and then beyond. Many of you will have incarnated upon the Golden Path and are now moving into a state of higher expansion.

*You will learn specifically to work with your 12 ascension chakras and the Archangels that govern their development.

*You will learn to work more deeply than ever before with your 12 ascension chakras and the Archangels that govern their development.

During this section we will work with the 4 chakras with issues that have been most hindering our ascension.

Third Eye – Karmic and situational third eye blockages.

Throat – The ability to speak your truth after many years of collective suppression.

Solar Plexus – From spiritual highly sensitive to master of all vibrations.

Sacral – Clearing the Divine Feminine template for humanity to heal all your relationships.

*Learn how and why your fifth-dimensional Merkabah is developing from a tetrahedron to a sphere.

*Connect fully with your Higher Self to download your full ascension potential and step out to become a Walking Master.

*Follow your Stellar Gateway back to your star, planet or dimension of origin to discover who you truly are (soul essence)

*Meet Thoth and Anubis to open your room in the Halls of Amenti and request your Divine Ascension Blueprint.

*Connect to the Mighty Archangel Metatron to anchor your light permanently into the core of the Great Central Sun and request that Serapis Bey also anchors your light into the Golden Pyramid in the centre of Hollow Earth to balance you perfectly between heaven and Earth.


Part 2 The Diamond Way Sunday 20th May 8 – 10pm DST

Today we enable you to absorb all the white light that you are ready to receive into your energy fields and place you firmly on the Diamond Way.

*You will connect with Archangel Gabriel’s ninth dimensional light and he will prepare you to receive the scintillating multi-facetted diamond of purity.  This will bring all your chakras into alignment at a much higher frequency.

*You will visit the retreat of the Masters of the Himalayas, the highest frequency retreat on Earth and receive higher guidance from the 12 Masters themselves.

*You will receive the Ascension Flame from Serapis Bey to access more of your light from the golden era of Atlantis.

*You will visit Lord Meitreya and the Great White Brotherhood at the mighty retreat in the Royal Tetons to be initiated (or re-welcomed) into the White Brotherhood.

*The ninth dimensional golden horned unicorns will open the diamond gate for you so that you can consciously experience the Diamond Way.


Part 3. The Rainbow Path Sunday 24th June 8 – 10pm DST

Seraphina, the magnificent Seraphim who is working with Archangel Metatron for the ascension of Earth, is in charge of this pathway of galactic mastery.

*Seraphina will give you special new keys to accelerate the building of your antakarana bridge to Source.  This is the first time enough people have raised their rainbow light sufficiently to allow her to offer this activation.

*The black dragon from Saturn will take you to its planet to meet St. Germain and learn the founding principles of magical intergalactic travel.

*You will visit Seraphina’s Intergalactic training establishments in the inner planes.

*Commander Ashtar will activate your silver shield for safe intergalactic journeys.

*You will become part of Lord Voosloo and Archangel Metatron’s team to build the 9th dimensional leyline system throughout this universe.  In doing so you will access wisdom codes from other star systems.

Your light will become infinitely brighter, rich in wisdom and majesty.


Part 4.  The Emerald Path  Sunday 15th July 8 – 10pm DST 

The Emerald Path is the advanced ascension path of wisdom and Universal knowledge. Here you will be taken by the Masters of Amenti into the archives of Cosmic Truth to learn about process beyond physical ascension. This is the path that all of the Illumined Ascended Masters took before coming to Earth on their highest missions.

*Connect to the Masters of Amenti and feel the vibration of the Twelve Libraries of Source. Here you will receive the introduction to your higher information that is stored in the 9th Dimension.

*Meet Merlin who is the Master of Third Eye Alchemy and join him in creating your perfect reality.

*Connect with Merlin and Voosloo to merge your Crown and Third Eye in an ancient Atlantean ceremony that will activate your latent psychic gifts to the highest level.

*Receive the Emerald Cloak of Higher Wisdom from the Mighty Thoth and accept his guidance.

*Bath in the Rivers of Amenti and receive the keys and codes for releasing the confines of the physical (removing the Veils of Illusion)

*Learn to create incredible Cosmic Pools of Light with manifestation from your Third Eye so that you can fully use your power.

This is not a certificated course.


Facebook Live – Decrees

In response to a question I shared this decree to remove implants and anything you may have in your energy fields or physical body.  I was asked to put it in my newsletter, so here it is.  Decrees are very powerful and should be done with focus and pure intent.

Decree to remove implants

In the name of God, under Grace, I now decree that all alien implants, negative entities, etheric mucus, negative clouds and thought forms from this Universe or any other, from this life or any other, from all levels, from my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, be released now.  (repeat three times). So be it.  It is done.


The New Children

I am constantly asked how people can help their new children, whether they are rainbows, indigo or crystal, or IVF.

Some are born with 12 strands of DNA connected but they can’t activate it because the energy around them is too low.  You can call on Lord Voosloo and the unicorns to keep the energy round them pure, light and balanced, so that they can fulfil their potential. The numbers of these children will increase rapidly as 2032 approaches.

Here is a little from 2012 and Beyond and although this was written before 2012 the information about children is still relevant.

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children

A wave of souls has already come in from Orion, the planet of wisdom. These are the indigo, crystal and rainbow children, who are born enlightened. Unfortunately, because of the low frequencies around them, many close down to their gifts or withdraw part of their soul energy and become autistic. Some need space to exercise their energy and nature to balance and hold them. As this is denied them, they become hyperactive and often disruptive. They need to be surrounded by high vibrations, happiness, beautiful music and fifth-dimensional qualities, nurtured with pure, light food and water and truly loved.

These enlightened children have never experienced any planet other than their home on Orion. They have been prepared by their wise teachers to incarnate on Earth to help bring a wave of enlightenment to us. But nothing can truly make a being ready for such a change in vibration.

The unicorns are trying to help these children – and their parents can assist by talking to them about those mighty seventh-dimensional creatures, who are the purest of the pure. Unicorns have a special empathy with enlightened children, especially those who have difficulties with their incarnation. They help them connect with their original soul intention and to ground it.

As we on Earth raise our frequency it will be easier for those from Orion to live amongst us. So there will be more of these high frequency children coming in during the twenty years after 2012 and they will have a big, positive impact on the consciousness of the planet.

Note not all autistic or difficult children are indigo, crystal or rainbow children!

Star Children

There are many who are continuing to come to Earth from other universes, stars and planets. They bring many gifts though some are still coming simply to experience life on this plane.

Some of these have not been here before, and even some who have, will not be able to cope with the ethos of current schools. They are seeking peaceful ways of relating. Not only are cultures being mixed up but souls from many different parts of the universes are all intermingling in schools. This has never been honoured in our systems but in the future it will be. New movements will arise which teach them how to understand each other and to relate considerately. This will have a big impact on how children feel. They will have proper tools for expression.

These children need to be active and they will demand space, sport, time in nature and fun. They are very sensitive and attuned to the elemental kingdom. Many have huge compassion, which is another reason they find it so very difficult on Earth. Some are very connected to animals. They have a wealth of insight, feeling and empathy to offer us but many adults will find this hard to relate to.

When their families or teachers link into them at their right vibration then they expand, open their hearts and shine. But because they are so sensitive, if they are misunderstood they can withdraw and close down. Then you never see who they truly are.

It is really important to recognize this and we need to train teachers and light workers to tune into them.

Wise Old Souls Being Born

Many wise old souls are returning to Earth now to help with the transition between 2012 and 2032. This is a time when communities need to be built up on a fifth-dimensional basis.

Because of the planetary cleansing taking place wise, compassionate souls are needed to comfort those who have lost homes or loved ones. Most importantly they are needed to be beacons that hold the vision of the glorious future for those who are despondent or have lost hope in challenging circumstances.

Souls Born Through IVF

Children born as a result of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) come from other universes and have never been to Earth before. They come without past life connections to members of their family. They are very special not only because they are so wanted but also because they are totally innocent, brand new to Earth. Because they are so pure and in their essence, they can tune into the needs of the parents and heal them.

With conventional conception there is a surge of emotion as the sperm meets the egg, to become the foetus. This emotion is not there to affect an IVF baby. There is a wave of such souls entering who have the ability to stand back and examine things from a different perspective. Many of them are like a breath of fresh air and will change long accepted things for the better, some on a family level, others on a global one.

While they will have been prepared for their journey on this planet, they may not fully understand it and may need assistance to do so.

Souls Born After 2012

After 2012 the souls born will have a contract to serve in some capacity. Even if they only live for a few hours they will have agreed to help the planetary transition. They may bring in and anchor a special energy; or they may take some negativity from Earth with them back to the spiritual realms for cleansing; or undertake some other task.


In many parts of the world children are often considered to be chattels. Often parents expect their children to conform to their ideas and way of life and so they control them. Few truly regard their children as unique souls whose individual talents need to be nurtured. They are handed over to sometimes questionable or immature babysitters and put in schools where they may be bullied, crammed with boring and sometimes wrong information and where their souls are constricted and stultified.

This will change.

As the twenty-year period unfolds education will become more suitable for children rather than the adults who administer it. Huge schools built on the model of a business for the ego gratification of the politicians will no longer be considered suitable for the future generations as it dawns on humanity that we need to cherish our offspring. Community schools will replace the old schools and children will flower.

They will be taught less of other people’s ideas and their innate gifts will be drawn out more. Education will be right- and left-brain-balanced, with more creative expression and honest communication encouraged. These smaller local schools will allow contented, balanced and evolved children to emerge, ready for the Golden Age.


Harmonious sounds bring individuals into harmony. In schools, music will be played to heal and soothe children so that they can learn more easily.


Venus, Sugar and Mollie, the Chihuahua puppy

Tim Whild came to stay to do something called a Zoom with Mum.  It just means we have to be quiet, while they sit at the table and talk.  He brought Molly with him.  Now Molly is a Chihuahua puppy.  Mum told us all about her before she arrived and that we had to be nice to her.  When she arrived I got very excited and told Mum and Tim telepathically that I would look after her and they both picked it up.  Tim said, ‘It’s OK Venus has said she’ll look after her.’  At the same time Mum said, ‘It’s OK Venus has said she will mother her.’  I suppose that’s how telepathy works.  You receive the essence but not the words.

Anyway I went to make friends with the cute little puppy.  That upset Sugar who was very jealous and ran grumpily between us!

BUT no one really prepared us for that little teasing whirlwind.  Molly grabbed Sugar’s precious ball and ran off with it, with Sugar in hot growling pursuit.  Molly simply ran under a chair where Sugar couldn’t reach her.  Then after a few moments, with the ball in her mouth, she emerged and ran round the dining room.  Again Sugar raced after her, growling darkly.  Molly didn’t care, even when Sugar nipped her.  While this rampage was going on I grabbed Molly’s teething bone and quietly chewed it.  This continued until Tim put her to bed.  Phew.  Please Mum never think of getting a puppy!  Pics

It’s freezing outside. For the first time ever we allowed Mum to put coats on us.

Venus and Sugar accept Molly but hope she is leaving soon!!

Gun control

When I asked the angels when the school shootings in America would stop, the answer was, when enough people are ready to let go of guns.  Until then they will continue and get worse.  The change is already starting in the hearts of the children, for it is they who will lead us into the new Golden Age of peace and harmony.

Guns are about ego, power and control.  Underlying it all is fear.  Maintaining power offers control.  To third dimensional people it is more important than the lives of the innocents.  In the UK much of our wealth is still coming from the sale of arms, so we are complicit.  Why do we do it?  Wealth = power, again with the underlying fear of losing control and our place in the pecking order.

A higher perspective

We are in the 8-year period of great turmoil when all things that need to change are being brought to the surface to be scrutinised.  Regarding changing the consciousness in America or in a conflict zone like Syria, beautiful souls are asking how they can serve.  Whether their life plan is to be on Earth for two years or seven or fifteen, they are asking how they can make a difference.  We all choose at a soul level our method of exiting this planet. They volunteer to return to the light during a mass shooting or war to try to instigate change.  They are trying to open humanity up with compassion.

A few things you can do.

Make a picture of the entire world living in peace, harmony and oneness and ask the blue air dragons to blow this vision into the minds of politicians and those in power world-wide.

Ask the earth dragons to delve deep into the land where there has been conflict and shootings to purify and transmute the negative energy stuck there.

Ask the angels to touch the heart of everyone in the world and to sing a song of peace over us all.

Ask the unicorns to shower the entire world with pure white light to raise the frequency everywhere.

Use a bank that does not finance the arms trade.



Saturday March 24th 2018


Serve the planet and receive from the Angelic Realms

Today we will invite the Dusty Pink Dragons from Andromeda to place their transcendent love into our chakras so that we become a flame of love.  We will use this to light up certain politicians so that they start to take decisions with love.  The Aquamarine Dragons will bring forward your psychic abilities and deep wisdom held in your soul.

You will connect with some of the high frequency dragons like the Golden Christed Dragon and others, who can clear past life energy so that your spiritual progress advances, while

Archangel Raphael and his Emerald Dragons will bring you healing and abundance.

We will also learn about and connect with the souls of various animals, then create a vast portal for animals to assist the animal kingdom.

For our personal happiness and to serve the planet we will practice some powerful spiritual manifestation techniques that they used in the golden era of Atlantis.

£95 per person (£50 deposit to secure place & balance to be paid in full on 24th Feb)

Please email Caroline.fht@btinternet.com or  call Caroline on 07801988856 to make your booking.


Mind Body Spirit, Olympia, London

Sunday 27th May  4.30-6.30


Meet the Dragons

Today you will connect with the wise open hearted dragons including your personal dragon as well as the Dusty Pink Dragons from Andromeda who will activate you with higher love and the dragons from Lyra who will help you connect with golden horned unicorns. And many more!

Book your tickets here: www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk



With love Diana

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