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Dear Friend,

I have been watching the full moon lunar eclipse, which symbolises beginnings and endings and sending out positive visions for the world.  The energies have certainly been all over the place recently and all sensitives have been affected.  Underlying emotions have been surfacing so this entire year offers a great opportunity to look within and heal the inner child as well as those beliefs that do not serve you that are held in your soul.  There is masses of spiritual help available.  Ask Mother Mary to help you heal your inner child.  Archangel Mariel and the unicorns work with you at a soul level.  Remember the magic word, ASK. August is a time for rest and relaxation, so I have a quiet month at home, enjoying the garden.  I hope you have a wonderful August too. Lots of love and angel blessings

I am absolutely delighted to be nominated again in this year’s Soul & Spirit Awards ‘Best Animal Healer’ category.

Voting closes on 18th September 2019 and theres some really exciting prizes available.

Voters could win:
1st prize: a 5* holiday to Dubai, worth £2.3k
2nd prize: a luscious beauty oil, together worth over £400
3rd prize: a natural beauty gift bag, worth more tan £150

PLUS every voter will receive a free affirmation card download (this is sent to them via email within 7 days of voting)

You can vote for me HERE: http://soulandspiritmagazine.com/awards/

Can a Human become an Angel?

Did Enoch become Archangel Metatron?  Did Mother Mary become Angel Mary? Did Elijah become Archangel Sandalphon?

NO! We are constantly told that humans cannot become angels. So why do some people think there are exceptions?  When I asked this question I was told that the great Initiate Isis, known as Mother Mary, had such an enormous, wide open heart centre that the wondrous Universal Angel Mary shone her aquamarine light right through Mary’s heart.  People were so awed by this light that they thought she had become an angel.  In fact she ascended in the Angel’s light.

It was just the same with Enoch.  His energy centres were so open and alight that Archangel Metatron’s golden orange light shone right through him as he ascended.  Those who saw this believed he had translated into Archangel Metatron.  In fact he remained an Ascended Master in the inner planes.

And Elijah was a great Master who carried such a high frequency of light that Archangel Sandalphon blazed his silver light through him as he ascended.  This created the myth that he had become Archangel Sandalphon. In fact there are two separate evolutionary threads.  One comes from the heart of God and is the angelic line.  This starts with the elemental kingdom. (Fairies evolve to become angels and many ascended to that role at the Cosmic Moment in 2012).

They then evolve through the different frequencies of Angels (Guardian Angels are the least evolved), Archangels, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphim before they eventually merge with the Godhead. The second evolutionary thread is from mineral (rocks), plants, animals and humans.  Humans span the dimensions from the third to the fifth dimension, where the pinnacle is to become an Ascended Master.  All the great Illumined Ones who serve this universe, including Mary/Isis, Enoch, Elijah, Jesus, Lord Kuthumi, St Germain and others, have evolved along this thread.  After death you continue to evolve and experience through the higher dimensions until you are ready to return to the Godhead.


I Venus, the best dog in the world, am so excited that lots of you have asked to hear about me!  As you may remember I am a Papillon, which is a very pretty French butterfly dog, mixed with Jack Russell.  I am white and pretty with one brown ear and a brown Egyptian marking over one eye – but my heart and soul is terrier.

I love to explore and chase anything that moves, especially squirrels, though rabbits are cool too. Recently Mum has started putting me on a long lead because she has to wait rather too long for me to finish exploring.  That’s a bit mean I think.  The other day we were walking across a local wildflower meadow with a wonderful copse at the far end, the home to a family of foxes.  I tricked her by walking along in a docile manner and then when she was lulled into a false sense of security, I ran so fast that the lead jerked from her hands.  I was off like a torpedo, across the meadow into the woods with the long lead trailing behind. Of course I had my ear muffs on so I couldn’t hear her calling.  I got deep into the ancient woodland before the extended lead wound itself round branches, tree trunks and brambles sorts so I just had to sit down and wait!  It took her half an hour to hack her way through to me.  I suppose it was a bit difficult for a human to climb under and over branches and through thickets – but I waited patiently until she unwound me.

My sister Sugar is a good dog, supposed to be a Cavashon but I have my doubts.  Lots of people think she is Shih tzu.  She never strays or runs away.  All she wants is to be cuddled and have a ball thrown for her.  Anyway on this occasion she came up trumps.  She forged a way ahead of Mum and found me tangled up in the woods, then waited beside me!  That’s a proper sister.

I was brought up with Ash-ting, the grey cat and we have always been good friends, even now that he lives nearby with Mum’s son Justin.  And though Sugar wasn’t brought up with Ash-ting she adores him too.  Sometimes when we walk to Justin’s house, that cat lies under a car or behind a wall to ambush us.  He leaps out on top of us and passers-by are always astonished at a cat jumping onto two dogs.  They are even more amazed when we greet him with enthusiasm.  Then he runs along between us two dogs with his tail held high.  If Sugar and I stay at their house all three of us sleep in a pile together on the sofa. We love it. The other thing I really love is the full moon.  I lie out in the garden watching it and try to be as quiet as possible so that Mum doesn’t send me in.

At the July eclipse we sat out, surrounded by lots of crystals and moon-bathed most of the night.  Sugar is not a sensitive like I am.  She spoils it by asking for her ball to be thrown and even, I can hardly believe this, she ran through the crystals.  What sort of dog does that?  She clearly didn’t work in the ancient healing temples like I did!

Love and licks


My ex son in law decided to shear Sugar but he may need to go to SpecSavers

The Night of the Bats

I woke up one morning to find droppings all over the patio and garden furniture.  I thought there had been a mouse party in the night.  But that evening as I sat in the garden with a friend, dozens of bats circled round and over us. They were amazing to watch and I realised that they were trying to get into the eves of the house.  It felt as if they were assessing my home as a possible roost for their colony.  Fascinating as they are I must confess I did not want them roosting in my attic, so I called in Archangel Dorenka, the angel of the bats and suggested that an uninhabited house in the countryside nearby would be a much more suitable location.  Then as suddenly as they arrived, they left.  

But at 2am I got up in the dark to visit the loo.  As I walked down the hall a black form zoomed past me and for a moment I wondered if I had imagined it.  I decided I hadn’t and switched the light on.  A bat was flying round the house trying to get out.  Although I opened the doors and windows it ignored them and seemed to be engaged in a systematic search of each room in widening circles, including upstairs I discovered later from the droppings.  I managed to shut some internal doors but it still nipped into my bedroom, where I quickly took these photos.  For a while it sat on the curtain rail, peeping out at me.  Interestingly the dogs lay completely still and silent as they stared at it.  If it had been a bird they would have been super excited.  Eventually it was confined to the conservatory and flew out of the double doors.  I hope it found its colony. I received e mails from people saying they had screamed when a bat came near them!

I am not a screamer but I did let out a small squeaky scream when I was locked in the toilet with a snake, see the story below!

So why are bats so special and what is their message.  In the Archangel Guide to the Animal World I talk about them. This is the message they gave me:

We have much to teach you and we co-exist with you in peace. Please accept us and know that when you develop the sonar and echolocation techniques that we use, your world will be a much more evolved and a happier place. Then you will communicate as we do through open heart and throat chakras and there will only be truth.

Because they come from another universe they are often feared and little understood. They are experts on sonar and echolocation as I witnessed when that bat flew past me again and again.  I absolutely knew it would not touch me and it didn’t.  And they are here to demonstrate this to us. They are also learning about giving birth to and caring for live young and have strong family ties.  They are very nurturing and sensitive to those in their community.

One thing I love about them is that they are the only mammals to fly properly rather than glide and they are reminding us that we will be able to do this too. They have developed their throat chakras with the help of Archangel Michael and this enabled them to create high frequency sonics.  The sonics attract the angels to sing over them and this creates a path of light around them The Native Americans consider the bat to be a symbol of intuition, dreaming and vision. It suggests the ability to see through illusion into truth.

Visualization to Help Bats from The Archangel Guide to the Animal World

  • Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
  • Invoke Archangel Fhelyai, angel of animals, and see his soft yellow light approaching as he stands beside you.
  • Behind him comes Archangel Dorenka with a yellow-brown energy, carrying a tiny baby bat in his hands.
  • Archangel Dorenka offers you the bat, the size of a bee, and you hold it gently in your cupped hands. Feel how soft and furry it is.
  • Be aware of the gold light flowing from its throat as it makes squeaking sounds.
  • Feel the pure white light from its heart centre connecting with your heart.
  • Thank Archangel Dorenka and return the baby bat to him, to give back to its mother.
  • And be aware of a faint wind passing your face as a much bigger bat flies past you. You know it will never touch you.
  • See with enlightened eyes that it leaves a trail of light containing sonic keys and codes wherever it swoops or flies.
  • And then notice that the angels are singing over you and this large bat. The trails are becoming golden and sparkling and spreading. Wherever they flow they dissolve any lower frequencies.
  • Stay open to any message the bat may want to impart. Then thank it for coming to you.
  • The bat soars away and you feel a new understanding and warm heart towards the bat kingdom.

Snake in the toilet story

Something challenging often happens to me on holiday so a few years ago I chose a simple vacation with a group of 12 ladies in the jungles of Guatemala.  What could possibly happen? Strangely there was a stone built toilet block in the middle of the jungle.  As I entered a cubicle and shut the door I noticed a piece of rope caught in the jamb.  It started to move. OK I admit it, I let out a short, yelp like scream and yelled. ‘Help. There’s a snake in my toilet.  Get help.’ The snake’s head was on the other side and in its frenzied efforts to get free it threw itself over the door towards me.  I grabbed my rucksack and held it in front of my face for it was perilously close. The more frantic it became, the wider its mouth opened. At last I heard the sound of heavy boots running.  Then a chorus of female voices, ‘Don’t hurt the snake!’ Thankfully a moment later I was watching that long, thin snake undulating gracefully out of the facility back into the jungle. I didn’t even think of taking a photo!


So many people have said how much they enjoyed the Zoom on Mother Mary and Archangel Mary and felt a deep healing that I thought I would add the link here.  Remember you can order it or any other Zoom any time and it still holds the energy of the original recording.

Upcoming Zooms

Wednesday 21st August – St Germain and Merlin We will look at St German’s many lives from his incarnation as Merlin to his life as Jesus’ father to his current cosmic role as Lord of Civilization.  He is now preparing us for the new Golden Age of Aquarius.  We will connect with him in his planet of origin, Saturn to receive the codes of spiritual discipline that enabled him to claim his magical power as Merlin and fulfil his destiny.  In beautiful meditations we will experience the different Flames he has brought through to help our ascension and meet his Violet Flame dragons.

This session is £5.50 per person

** The recording of this Zoom will be automatically emailed to you the day after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure.  If you do not receive it please check your junk folder. All Zoom recordings are available to purchase after the event and have been specifically created to hold the energy of the original live event.

Sunday 22 September – Jesus and His Mission

This is a super special Zoom with the aim of sharing who Jesus truly was, why He is known as the Son of God and how He came to be chosen to bring the Christ light into the planet at a dark time in our history.  He had undertaken many initiations in his past lives and these enabled Him to accept the rigorous spiritual discipline and training planned for Him by the Intergalactic Council so that He was ready to accept the Christ light into His body at the age of 33.  His incredible life as Jesus, overlit by Lord Maitreya, enabled him to evolve to be the Bringer of Cosmic Love for this Universe.  As you connect with Him, He can plant the Flame of Cosmic Love into your heart to accelerate your journey of love.  The Christ Light is pure love from Source and it is held for this Universe at a ninth dimensional frequency in Lakumay, the part of Sirius that has ascended.  When it flows through Jesus directly to you, it contains all the frequencies of Source love, beyond anything usually experienced on Earth.  During this fascinating Zoom Diana will take you through high frequency meditations to connect with His healing and receive the Cosmic Flame of Love

This session is £25.00 per person

** The recording of this Zoom will be automatically emailed to you the day after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure.  If you do not receive it please check your junk folder. All Zoom recordings are available to purchase after the event and have been specifically created to hold the energy of the original live event.

My Zoom and Facebook Live Programme for August and September

Wednesday 7th August     –     FB Live     –     Healing the planet

Wednesday 14th August     –     FB Live     –     Making your home into a light portal

Wednesday 21st August     –     Zoom     –     St Germain and Merlin

Wednesday 28th August     –     FB Live     –     Dragon healing

Wednesday 4th September     –     Sorry I’m not available

Wednesday 11th  September     –     Sorry I’m not available

Wednesday 18th September     –     FB LIVE     –    Discover more about yourself!

Sunday 22 September     –     Zoom     –    Jesus and His Mission

Wednesday 25th September     –     FB Live     –     Unicorns

Upcoming Workshops

Weekend retreat in France With Rosemary Stephenson

FRANCE RETREAT Thursday 5th to Monday 9th September 2019

Diana Cooper and Rosemary Stephenson Spiritual Retreat in France Mont St Michel, Rennes and Carnac

I am really delighted to be doing this retreat with my good friend Rosemary Stephenson.  As many of you know she has a golden voice and creates amazing angel sonics when she plays her crystal bowls.  In these sacred places we will be doing invocations and meditations to initate your personal healing and ascension keys and codes.  We will also work together to help activate the connections between Carnac and other great portals as well as to the stars.  Very important service work to bring our planet into alignment with the Universe.

This is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and to make life-long friends as well as to accelerate your spiritual journey.  I do hope you can join us.

Costs are based on the 4 star hotels in Mont St Michael and 3 star in Carnac…

The cost for this exciting retreat for 4 nights …..

Twin share rooms £925 per person

Single room £1099 per person (10 only available)

For booking please contact…. Rosemary@celestiallighthealers.com

SPIRITUAL KEYS FOR NEW ENERGY – Prepare for the New Golden Age

28th – 29th September – Zurich

There is a huge opportunity for enlightenment and ascension now.  During this weekend you will: This weekend we will remember how they lived in the Golden Era of Atlantis and  how we will live in the New Golden Age. In preparation for this you will

  • receive soul healing and a blessing from unicorns.
  • Experience the newest energies available for the 12 chakras.
  • Visit the 12 Temples of Atlantis to retrieve your soul gifts.
  • Visit the Halls of Amenti to retrieve your soul gifts.
  • Bring back wisdom from the Halls of Learning.
  • Meet and journey with some of the mighty galactic dragons.
  • Integrate  the Ascension Flames.
  • Receive downloads of light from the Archangels.

Seminar Costs: CHF 350.- / Euro: 330.

Seminar Place: Kirchgemeindehaus St. Jakob, Stauffacherstr. 8,  8004 Zürich

Saturday, September 28. 2019 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2 30 – 5 30 p.m.

Sunday, September 29. 2019 from 10 a.m.-12 30 p.m. and 2 – 5 p.m.

Infos and registrations: PARABOLA FORUM, MÜNSTERGASSE 9, 8001 ZÜRICH

www.parabolaforum.com Phone: 0041 (44) 261 00 90 E-Mail: bs@parabolaforum.com

Extract from Your Holistic Diet

This month we are looking at the wider picture of why sustainable weight loss is critical at this point in history.

When you look after your wellbeing, you are also looking after the planet and sustaining it for future generations. It’s not just about overconsumption, plastics and everyday chemicals. Yes, these are harmful to the planet and to our health and weight. It’s about connecting to who we are, connecting to the environment in which we live and taking responsibility for ourselves. If we don’t look after our health, who will? If we don’t look after our planet, who will?

It’s really important to look after both your physical and mental wellbeing, not just for yourself but for the bigger picture. Losing weight to improve your health has now become an environmental issue as well as a physical and mental one.

 Helping the environment helps your weight loss 

There is a deep connection between mental health and environmental health. What benefits the planet, benefits us as humans and all the plants, creatures and ecosystems.

Women in particular often do things for their children, family, friends or the environment more then they care for themselves.

Sometimes it is easier to commit to losing weight when you are also doing it for the environment or for future generations. You may chose to eat more plant based foods, use less plastics  and reduce chemicals in products you buy because it’s good for the environment and the bigger picture. At the same time, eating more plant foods and reducing your exposure to obesogens (weight-gaining chemicals) really helps your weight loss!

 Signup to Your Holistic Diet’s Monthly Newsletter to get tips and advice on how a holistic approach to weight loss can help you: https://forms.aweber.com/form/08/1489609308.htm

Celestial Dragons – eBook Offer

Are you ready to heal, expand and enhance your life? Are you ready to transform relationships, attract abundance and accelerate your ascension?

If so the dragons, those wise open hearted beings, can help you.
There is a wonderful opportunity to purchase my DRAGONS – YOUR CELESTIAL GUARDIANS e book on super special offer until September 1st for $1.99/£1.99 on Amazon.
Click HERE to order yours

With lots of love

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