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Dear Friends,

After the Summer solstice last month we have a Solar Eclipse this month on July 2nd and a Lunar Eclipse on July 16th.  So, expect unexpected opportunities, endings and new beginnings.  You must have endings before the new comes in, so stay very positive and optimistic.  Call in abundance and be open to receiving it.   Trust yourself and the universe.  Things are getting better. Remember this won’t just affect you.  This cosmic influence is shutting doors that needed to be shut world-wide to allow another shift to take place on the planet. With love

Mother Mary

Mother Mary is one of the most highly evolved beings to incarnate in a position of great power and influence on our planet.  I was recently at a conference where I was stunned, appalled, even aghast to hear an Angel Teacher describe Mother Mary as a simple village girl who fell in love with Joseph and an angel happened to come to her and ask her to give birth to Jesus.  Nothing could be further from the truth. It was 8000 years after the fall of Atlantis and the planet was becoming increasingly dense.  The Intergalactic Council decided that something had to be done to raise the light on Earth.  Something had to penetrate the gloom.  They formulated a plan to bring Christ Light, the unconditional love of Source, back to Earth.

Since the planet was created the Christ light, which has nothing to do with religion, has been held over the Middle East. The hunt was on for a highly evolved being who had the light, power and wisdom to incarnate and be able to carry the Christ light energy and bring it back for humanity. Just as important was the team who would support him.  A powerful and highly evolved mother was vital.  Who better than Isis?  This amazing soul had been tried and tested.  She had been instrumental in the ascension of Lemuria, a High Priestess in Atlantis, given Virgin Birth to Horus in Egypt and was now ready to undertake the new cosmic service as Mary, Mother of Jesus.

During her incarnations she was overlit by the great Angel Mary who spreads love and healing throughout the entire universe.  Angel Mary held her in her wondrous aquamarine light. The surrounding team of father, grandfather, grandmother, the Wise Men and teachers were all great souls who are now leading our planet forward. Mary was the daughter of Joachim, the High Priest of the Essene Temple of Helios, also known as the Temple of the Sun.  When she was a baby she was dedicated as a dove in the holy Temple.  Even as a very small child Mary was spiritually aware and attuned.  Miracles happened round her. The members of the sect, both men and women, spent several hours each day in mystical practices and the development of spiritual power.  It was this that made possible the miracles and healings which they performed.  They received the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and passed them on to those who were ready to hear. When the Angel came to Mary, she was prepared for she knew she had a great mission.  She understood Virgin Birth.   And the baby was born in an Essene grotto or ‘hospice’. She is now a great Illumined Master.

At the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 the Aquamarine Ray embraced Earth again flooding it with the energies of love and feminine compassion.  Angel Mary, Mother Mary and Isis are holding this luminous healing ray. The higher aspect of the divine feminine is held in the Moon.  These three mighty ones, with teams of unicorns are spreading this light where people are ready to receive it.  This is hugely important and making a massive difference to the ascension of the planet. There is so much more I could write about Mother Mary and the Great Universal Angel Mary and I will share more information about them during my Mary Zoom on Sunday 14th July, including about virgin birth.  At the same time we will receive healing from them.  Mother Mary originates from Venus, the Cosmic Heart and she will take you there in a magnificent visualisation to download into your heart special keys and codes of love from Source.  (Life changing).  She will also take you to the Cherubim who can help you to connect to your planet of origin.

Finding your Planet of Origin

In the Golden Age of Atlantis new parents took their baby to the priest, who would examine their aura to see what past lives they had and what gifts and talents they brought with them.  This was to help the child by developing the things that they were naturally good at, so that they would have a sense of satisfaction and confidence.  The priest also looked to see where they had originated.  At that time a crystal would automatically appear for the baby.  This crystal came from their home planet.  Now, although the baby had gone through the Veil of Amnesia and could not consciously remember their home, holding the crystal would immediately give them a sense of comfort and belonging.  It is rather as if you have emigrated to the other end of the world but you can still phone home and keep I touch with your loved ones.

Nowadays many people feel that ‘I don’t quite belong here’ feeling.  When you find your place of origin, you can programme that information and the belonging feeling energetically into a quartz crystal.  Then when you hold it you have a sense of alignment and safety. So how do you do it?  First a little about the angelic realms and especially the Cherubim, who can help you make this connection. The Angelic Realms  What Angels do on the different frequency bands – condensed from Keys to the Universe The Seraphim These angels vibrate at a 12th dimensional frequency and 144 of these awesome golden-white beings surround the Godhead.  They hold the frequency of Creation at that twelfth-dimensional level and sing the thoughts of Source into creation.

The Cherubim

Cherubim vibrate at the 11th dimensional frequency. There are 1008 and they hold the energy of pure love between and around the planets, stars and galaxies. They also help with the growth of the entire stellar world and help to develop the qualities of the different planets.

The Powers

The Powers vibrate at the 10th dimensional frequency. There are 7056 of them.  The Powers are Lords of Karma as well as angels of birth and death for the entire universe. They work with the timings of birth and death so that the soul can catch the cosmic currents they need to set them on their destiny.  This is why the moment of birth is so carefully chosen by the incoming soul and is very important.  The Powers also oversee the healing of the soul and keep the Akashic Records of all that happens.  These records are stored in the Great Pyramid of Hollow Earth. The karmic records for all individual beings that live in or visit this universe are held in the Golden Globe within the Seventh Heaven, which is looked after by Sanat Kumara. The universal computer for all the universes is held within a mutable Golden Globe within Source.

The Thrones

Thrones vibrate at the 9th dimensional frequency. They hold the blueprint from Source of the star or planet in their charge and their heart becomes the centre of it. When a universe is ready to move into the fifth dimension the Thrones sing the harmonies for this to happen. They continuously sing the note of ascension and this is the sound of the cosmic heart, which is like an orchestra of harps. Lady Gaia is the Throne of Earth.

The Principalities

Principalities are 7th – 9th dimensional angels. They are in charge of huge projects such as big schools and businesses and are overseeing the end story of dinosaur businesses and financial institutions of this age. They are facilitating the concept of the new business paradigm, fifth-dimensional communities and Golden Cities for the forthcoming Golden Age.

Universal angels and archangels

These are 7th to 9th dimensional angels but they have different roles. They look after the seasons and continents. The archangels direct the angels and hold the higher qualities for them.

The angels

Angels vibrate at the 7th dimension, normally beyond our range of vision and hearing. They have many tasks, including looking after humans. There are angels of love, angels of mercy, angels of peace amongst others, all doing their work and all helping to smooth our lives. And, of course, there are the guardian angels who vibrate at the slowest frequency of the seventh dimension and are appointed as guardians because they can most closely match our level and so connect more easily with us. Your guardian angel is with you throughout your incarnations on Earth and loves you with deep commitment.

How Angel Mary and the Cherubim help you find your planet of origin

Mother Mary takes you to the Cosmic Heart to access part of you that is 7th dimensional.  This in itself is a beautiful and amazing process as she downloads codes of higher love into you.  Then she links you to the Cherubim.  You can ask them to reveal your planet of origin to you and help you make the connection. We will go through a process to discover this during the Zoom about Mary on 14th July.  You may like to have a small quartz crystal with you.  Even a pebble would do.

I AM prayer to align with Mary Energy

Remember an I AM prayer declares that your Monad or I AM Presence aligns with the energy of Mary and enables her energy to come into your aura.

I AM Mary

I AM love and compassion

I AM the Cosmic Heart

I AM the Rose of Higher Love

I AM Mary

Beating Stress and Living in Peace

Many people are finding that the high frequency light coming in is creating a stress reaction.  It is bringing up and highlighting sometimes deeply buried beliefs or fears.

The old paradigm is breaking up very quickly as the world prepares for the new to come in and change is stressful.  In addition we are all bombarded with negativity by the media.  We are too busy.  Technology is frustrating.  Modern life is a faster pace than ever before.

As a result you breathe more shallowly.  You withhold energy from parts of your body and this may cause pain or illness.  Your heart palpitates. You use up energy in stress and may feel exhausted, even depressed or have memory loss.   And many more things.

So here are some ways of reversing the process.

I am having so many questions and pleas for help regarding stress recently.  Back to basics!!!  Stress is fear and anxiety.  These fears may or may not be realistic but if you are worrying or thinking about negative possibilities and outcomes, your body reacts physically.  We are all bombarded with negativity by the media.  We are too busy.  Technology is frustrating.  Modern life is stressful. As a result you breathe more shallowly.  You withhold energy from parts of your body and this may cause pain or illness.  Your heart palpitates. You use up energy in stress and may feel exhausted, even depressed or have memory loss.   And many more things. So reverse the process.


1. Use your imagination to help you.  Anxious and depressed people have good imaginations.  Are you picturing your boss firing you, your child getting hurt, failing, no one turning up at your event, having an accident, not doing well enough, no one liking you or a million other things?  A possibility does not have to be real.  If you picture a challenging outcome your body will create a stress reaction.

ACTION Actively picture your boss giving you a raise, your child happy and safe, success, everyone liking you.  Consciously give yourself new messages and tell the Universe this is what you now wish to create.  To make this message stronger make a success picture.  Get some pentel pens and draw the positive outcome, then put a pink or gold ring round it, which are the angel colours.  As you draw, mentally ask the angels to activate this.

2. Breath is your connection to Source God wants you to be happy, healthy, abundant and successful.  Every time you breathe in you are taking in divine energy that helps you bring about divine outcomes.  Shallow breathing denies and blocks your connection to Source.

ACTION Consciously strengthen your connection to Source by becoming very aware of your breathing and every fifteen minutes or so take a few deep breaths.  Set a timer until you have got a new habit.  In between try to breathe more deeply.

3. Communicate  Avoiding people or burying your head in the sand adds to stress.  Remember that your Guardian Angel can talk to the other person’s Guardian Angel and this aids communication between you.

ACTION Sit quietly and consider the conflicting person or situation.  Then think some nice thoughts about that person (there has to be something good) or situation.  What is the outcome you want for the highest good?  Tell your Guardian Angel what you want to happen that is best for everyone.  Wait a day or two, then when you feel it is right, speak to the person or address the situation.  Be sure your angel is right beside you.

4.Take Decisions Putting things off only makes things worse.  Procrastination steals more than time.  It causes stress.  If you are having a problem deciding what to do, ask Archangel Gabriel to help you.

ACTION Write down the choices. Light a candle to raise the energy, close your eyes and calm your mind.  Then ask Archangel Gabriel to help you to make the right decision.  You may need to do this several times but he will drop the right choice into your mind when you are ready.

5. Get Grounded When you are not connected to Earth, you lack balance and stability.  This is being physically grounded and you need emotional grounding too.

ACTION Walk as much as you can, preferably in nature.  Every day picture your Earth Star Chakra as a big magnetic silver ball beneath your feet that is drawing you down into your body.  Mentally ask Archangel Sandalphon to help you with this. For emotional grounding build a support network of family, friends, community and hobbies.  Ask Archangel Chamuel to help you open your heart and reach out to others.

Upcoming Zooms

I am so pleased that you all loved my last Zoom for Lord Voosloo.  He is indeed a might Master and came through very strongly to us.  Many of you missed it and have been asking if the energy is still valid.  Absolutely, yes it is and you can still purchase it HERE.

Here’s what others had to say about the session:

‘That was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had. Just amazing! Thank you so much Diana and Lord Voosloo’ – Jennifer

‘WOW!!!!!!! This was OUT OF THIS WORLD connection!!!!!!!! It  all felt soooooo real!!!!!!! Thank you Diana, I will watch this again and again ‘ – Ashleen, UK

‘Deepest gratitude to you again for helping us in our evolution. Having not heard of Lord Voosloo before, this was a life changing workshop for me. Thank you Diana.’ – Anita USA

‘Dear Diana, the words can not express the gratitude I feel for your work and for doing these webinars to help us remember and truly connect to what we truly are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!’ – Esther

It is just as powerful to listen to a recording after the live event.  All the energy and light as well as the information is still there.  I have had such fabulous feedback for all the Zooms so you can access or buy any of them after the initial release.   They are still available on my website HERE

Spiritual Retreat in France

Mont St Michel, Rennes and Carnac

I have just been discussing our September retreat in France with Rosemary Stephenson.  It is very exciting.

We start at Mont St. Michel, where Archangel Michael energy is very strong and it is easy to connect with him here.  This place is also a powerful dragon portal.  The enormous, very ancient and wise green gold dragon from Sirius comes through here and holds the portal in his energy.  The blue Galactic dragons also use Mont St Michel as one of their entry points to Earth.  During our stay here we will work with the portal to energise it and hopefully fully waken it so that many more magnificent dragons can connect with us and use the portal for a launching pad for their work on Earth.

Sunday is a special day.  It is my birthday! And we are travelling to the Great Sacred Site of Carnac via Rennes.  Rennes Cathedral and town are built over a grid of ancient waterways originally constructed by the Druids to hold the energy of this sacred place and keep the frequency here pure.  Over thousands of years the water has become polluted and we are asked to purify it with sacred sound and healing.  Illumined Ones and angels are waiting for us to invoke them to do this purification.  In Golden Atlantis the energy was kept high and pure by running water that was blessed by Priests, Priestesses and the people.  We will be doing the same here.

And I am so thrilled to visit Carnac, for it is a very important sacred site connected to the Moon.  Here over 4000 standing stones were carefully laid out in rows, with an elliptical shape at one end.  Although many of the original stones have been removed, it is still a massively influential energy portal.

Many things on Earth are still too masculine orientated, religions, governments, businesses, trading practices, schools, organizations and more.  This portal brings in the wisdom and love of the divine feminine directly from the Moon. Earth needs this high frequency now to bring the planet fully into balance and harmony for the new Golden Age.

In addition the great site of Carnac connects to the Great Pyramid of Egypt as well as Stonehenge in a potent triangle.  Stonehenge is a two way interdimensional portal to the Great Central Sun, bringing in pure divine masculine light.  When Carnac with its Moon connection and Stonehenge with its Sun connection work in perfect harmony, they bring in an exact balance of masculine and feminine energy and pass it to the Great Pyramid in Egypt.  From here it is radiated through the leylines round the planet and out into the universe.

Neither Stonehenge nor Carnac are fully open yet.  Our aim is to facilitate a further opening of Carnac.  As a group we will bathe in the wonderful energies available before passing them round the planetary grid to Egypt as well as to many other important energy portals.

This is a retreat for giving and receiving love, healing, wisdom and light.  It is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and make life long friends.  It is also a time for fun, laughter and celebration!

Costs are based on the 4 star hotels in Mont St Michael and 3 star in Carnac…

The cost for this exciting retreat for 4 nights …..

Twin share rooms £925 per person

Single room £1099 per person (10 only available)

For booking please contact….



Here is my ZOOM and FACEBOOK LIVE programme for July.

JULY 14th Mother Mary and the Universal Angel Mary. 7 – 9 UK Time

Mother Mary is amazing.  She has stepped in to help me on several occasions and I owe her a great deal.  But who really was she?  I will discuss her past incarnations and her awesome preparation as an Essene to give birth to the man who brought back Christ light to Earth, supported by some of the greatest Ascended Masters ever to incarnate.

She carries incredible healing energy and you will experience this from her in a magical meditation and learn how she can help you in many ways. She will also take you into the Cosmic Heart to fill your personal heart with codes of pure love and compassion.  Here you will receive light from the stars and planets and access your seventh dimensional aspect.

She will enable you to connect with Cherubim who in turn help you connect to your planet of origin.  This brings you a sense of belonging.

Mother Mary is always seen with a unicorn and I will take you into the unicorn and fairy kingdoms to experience their wonderful assistance in your life.

We will also connect with Mary, the Queen of Angels, the great aquamarine Universal Angel Mary who overlit Mother Mary during her incarnations and who also looks after you.  This will attune your life to the Divine Feminine energy of the universe and take your life into a higher octave.

The price for this is £25 per person

The recording of this Zoom will be automatically emailed to you the day after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure.  If you do not receive it please check your junk folder or  email zoom@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com where we have a team on hand to assist you.

Zoom Wednesday July 24. Commander Ashtar and the Intergalactic Fleet  7-8.30

Who is Commander Ashtar? What does his fleet of spacecraft do in the universe and for Earth?  How is he connected with Machu Picchu? What does his mothership do and where can it go on Earth?  How does he work with the Arcturians?  We will do a fabulous meditation journey to connect with Commander Ashtar, visit his mothership and the Arcturian lightships and bring back wisdom and guidance from the stars.  We will also connect with Seraphina in her Intergalactic training schools.

The price for this is £5.50 per person

The recording of this Zoom will be automatically emailed to you the day after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure.  If you do not receive it please check your junk folder or  email zoom@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com where we have a team on hand to assist you.

FB Live MONDAY July 1st  – Dolphins and other ocean creatures  7 – 8pm FREE

FB LIVE Wednesday July 10th – Kumeka Master of Enlightenment. 7 – 8pm FREE

FB LIVE Wednesday July 17th  – Orbs….7 – 8pm FREE

My Ascension Journey with the Angels, Unicorns and Dragons

When the angels first came to me my life was a disaster zone!  Their presence and support over the years has brought me comfort, happiness and inner peace.  They have literally transformed my life, my relationships, my happiness and propelled me onto to my ascension path.  I know they have done the same for millions of people.

Right now there is the greatest opportunity for ascension that there has ever been.  The chaos, confusion and challenges in the world are an important, though uncomfortable part of the journey.  It is not what is presented to us that matters but how we deal with it and the more light we carry in our energy fields the more wisdom, understanding and tools we have to flow through life easily.

My Guardian Angel is a wonderful being of light who supports me all the time.  I could feel her wings round me, holding me steady as I filmed this on-line course and over the years since the angels first came to me I have learnt to trust her totally.

Since then I have connected with and come to rely on the amazing Archangels who all help in different ways.  Their love, wisdom, healing, guidance and protection gives me strength and courage every day.  Archangel Metatron is an awesome golden orange being of light in charge of the ascension of the entire universe and I am very connected with him, so you may well be too.  Like many of the other Archangels he drops guidance into my mind.  I have received help from Archangel Gabriel, healing from Raphael, extraordinary love energy from Chamuel, direct protection from Michael and more from other Archangels.

I share many of these experiences in the course but more than anything I really want you to be able to access them so that you can make your connection and receive their help too.  I transmit angel energy as I teach and this will enable you to do so.

I love the unicorns, who are truly awesome, with their shimmering purity and light.  They are coming to Earth en masse now and want to meet you, to enlighten and bless you.  They will raise your frequency, grant the wishes of your soul and open your heart.  It is a life changer when they touch your life.   Remember they love you and only see your inner beauty and magnificence.

Dragons have come into my life relatively recently but they are incredibly powerful and have great open loving hearts.  My personal dragon, Douglas who is a fire dragon is very protective and a golden Christed dragon, who carries the Christ light is always round me.  It makes me feel very safe and loved.

The angels, dragons and unicorns all have different roles and can help you and the planet in their own unique ways.

I’d love to share what I have received with you.  This free video series will not be available for much longer so I hope you will watch this free introduction to your Guardian Angel, Archangels, Dragons and Unicorns.  It may just transform your life.

You can sign up to the FREE four part course HERE

Extract from Your Holistic Diet

When it comes to losing weight, it can really help to focus on being healthy. When you focus on your physical and emotional wellbeing you create the conditions to lose weight sustainably.

It is very important we all look at how to live sustainable lives at this point in time. The energies on the planet are shifting and a lot of heavy energy is coming up to be resolved. This can be difficult at times and our bodies may mirror the general energy.

To help this, firstly it is important to change your stories around your weight. To stop identifying with the part of you that cannot shift the weight and identify with the part of you that can empower yourself to change.

One way of changing is to focus on your gut bacteria, as this can help your health and your weight If you have dysbiosis (an imbalance between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in your gut), you are more likely to be overweight. Certain bacteria may cause you to extract more calories from your food. They may slow your metabolism or make you resistant to leptin, a hormone that regulates your appetite.

So, to improve your digestion, your immune system and your weight, it can help to increase the ‘good’ bacteria in your gut.

Discover more about this and other aspects of holistic weight loss / win a FREE 30 minute one-to-one with us, for yourself and for a friend:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/YHDCommunity/

With lots of love

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