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Dear Friends,

​We live in a world of pictures.  They have taken the place of reading!  So in a brave effort to keep up with youth and technology I have created a ten minute video to accompany this newsletter.  It has forecasts for September and how to take advantage of the energy of this month.  And a short dragon card reading as well as an animal one and a unicorn one.  Perhaps I got a little carried away but they are brief!  I hope you enjoy this and do let me have feedback please.

Love and angel blessings


Probably one of the questions I am asked most often is about money, how can I earn more of it, get the job I want (with better pay), afford to have a holiday etc.  I frequently write about the Law of Attraction, raising your frequency to that of the thing you want, creating prosperity consciousness etc.  Well my friend Sue Stone has followed all the Spiritual Laws of abundance and transformed her life from misery and poverty to joy and abundance.  I have known her for over fifteen years and watched her put the laws into action with her thoughts, words and actions.  She now lives in a beautiful home with a swimming pool and paddocks for her horses.  What I admire most is her welcoming and generous attitude to everyone.  She literally attracts good in return.

Sue has just published her second book, The Power Within You Now.  If you want to be inspired and find out how you can create more abundance too read what she writes below and read her book.

Sue Stone – The Power within you now

Years ago I had forgotten what it felt like to be happy!  The thought of living a life I loved was totally out of the question.

In 1999 I was single (ish!), a soon to be divorced mother of 3 young children left with huge debt following my marriage breakdown 2 years previously. I had the bank about to repossess my home, a collection of credit cards and loans, the odd bailiff turning up, a flashy car on high finance with negative equity and an on/off love at first sight relationship with a new man!  I truly had forgotten what it felt like to be happy and I thought happiness had gone forever. I was consumed with desperation, negativity and fear.

Having been robbing Peter to pay Paul for some time, the turning point came when one day I realised I had maxed out on every single bank account I had…the credit cards, overdrafts, loans etc and I couldn’t get my hands on a single penny!  I desperately grabbed my handbag and realised I had just £10 left in my purse and no idea where the next penny or few pounds would come from.

I was so embarrassed how bad everything had got and I cried and I cried.  How on earth had my life come to this! I knew I had to take some practical steps, which I did but it took a lot of courage at the time.  I also came “clean” to a few close people who helped me out, giving me some cash or bringing boxes of food and wine around!

I remember thinking “Sue Stone if you don’t do something to help yourself, no-one is going to do it for you!”  It came to me that I must start reading and researching ways to change my life and that’s exactly what I did.

Diana Cooper’s book “A Little Light on Spiritual Laws” was one of the first books I read and I began to understand that there is a much bigger picture to life than the everyday challenges that we all face. I learnt about the power of our thoughts and feelings and about our conscious and subconscious minds and the universal laws that exist.

As I started to live more consciously I realised that I was doing it all ‘wrong’, as I spent my time thinking about and visualising everything I was fearing……. I’m going to be homeless with my 3 children and not be able to feed them!

So I made it my mission to ‘work’ on myself and change my thinking and vibration.   I deliberately chose to focus on all the good things I had to be grateful for, however small it felt at the time.  I had to get back to basics and be grateful for the air I was breathing and the abundance of nature all around.   I visualised where I did want to get to, not where I didn’t!  Quite simply I visualised myself and my 3 children happy, laughing together and living in our sanctuary of a home, wherever that may be.

I also started meditating, taking inspired action and asking the beautiful angelic realms for assistance. I discovered the incredible power that is within every single one of us, however I have realised as time has gone by that so few people tap into this limitless potential and infinite wisdom.

Looking back I am now grateful for my ‘wake-up call’.  It took me a while to realise that creating a dream life is an inside job.  Once we create an inner world of peace, love, harmony and joy, our outer world reflects; in turn we are so much more empowered and equipped to help others around us, each of us in our own unique way.  I am passionate about doing my ‘bit’ to make a difference and in 2011 established the Sue Stone Foundation to collaborate with like minded people and help others from all walks of life across the world.


I am absolutely delighted to be nominated again in this year’s Soul & Spirit Awards ‘Best Animal Healer’ category.

Voting closes on 18th September 2019 and theres some really exciting prizes available.

Voters could win:
1st prize: a 5* holiday to Dubai, worth £2.3k
2nd prize: a luscious beauty oil, together worth over £400
3rd prize: a natural beauty gift bag, worth more tan £150

PLUS every voter will receive a free affirmation card download (this is sent to them via email within 7 days of voting)

You can vote for me HERE: http://soulandspiritmagazine.com/awards/


Thank you all you nice people who said you wanted to hear more from me.  I bet you are the ones who stop to stroke me and tell me I’m beautiful.  I like you.  Of course, there are lots of people who say Sugar is the most gorgeous dog they have seen (grr).  There is no accounting for taste.  And to be honest she does look at everyone with big black eyes and if they are sitting, she jumps on their knee.  If someone is with a child, she goes and sits quietly right by the child and they love to stroke her.  If she was a cat she would purr.  She treats everyone as if they are her best friend whether she knows them or not.  Isn’t that bizarre?

I Venus am quite different.  I am a one person dog and that person is my Mum.  This doesn’t mean that I do everything she says.  Quite the reverse sometimes.  If I have a whiff of squirrel or even better fox, she can call until she is blue in the face and I simply do not hear her.

Sugar and I do make a good team though.  The other morning we were sitting on our favourite bench at the top of the hill with Mum.  Two big dogs came together towards us.  Well, we weren’t having that.  We looked at each other and then as one, jumped from the bench and ran towards them.  They turned tail and fled while we gave chase.  Everyone on the hill laughed!!  We strutted back to Mum, rather pleased with ourselves.

Ash-ting the huge grey cat is still around.  He sits on the door mat of Justin’s house and doesn’t budge an inch when we go up to him.  In fact, he lies there while we sniff him, then stands up and graciously allows us into the house.  Some cats scratch and spit.  Others run away. Why aren’t all cats like Ash-ting?

Unicorn Documentary

I am making a documentary on unicorns!!!  It is such an exciting project and something I have never done before.  I have connected with a great guy called Dylan who makes documentaries.  Although the angelic world is not his normal field, he is fascinated by the spiritual realms.  I have asked on Facebook and Zooms for any stories you may have about unicorns either for the new book on them that I am writing or for the documentary and I have received some fascinating ones.  I have been having preliminary chats with some of you about your unicorn experiences.  Thank you so much if you are one of those people!

Have you seen or talked to a unicorn?

What did you experience and how has this experience changed your life?

Are you willing to share?

These illumined beings are coming closer and closer to us.  They want everyone to know that they are real so that they can help us even more as we move towards the new Golden Age.

Do send your experiences to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com please either for the new unicorn book or the documentary.  Tell your friends about it and share any ideas or suggestions.

Your Holistic Diet – Simple ways to improve wellbeing and eat more healthily

We hope you have had a lovely summer and managed to fit in some fun and relaxation. If your eating went off track over the summer, now is a good time to start making small changes that can make a big difference. In this extract we look at how long you need to spend in nature to improve your wellbeing. We also look at simple ways to increase your fruit and veg and how this can help your weight loss.

Getting out in nature helps your wellbeing

A recent survey has found that spending just two hours a week in green spaces such as parks, woodlands and fields has been linked with feeling healthier and happier. It doesn’t seem to make a difference if you spread the time across the week or do it all in one go. Either way, it improves your physical and mental health.

Why not make it a priority this Autumn to get out in nature? When you improve your wellbeing, it is easier to eat in a  way that nourishes and supports your body. You will then find it so much easier to lose weight.

Three ways fruit and veg help your weight loss

Increasing your fruit and veg is a good start towards eating more healthily. Fruit and veg are naturally high in fibre and nutrients and can be really helpful when it comes to losing weight:

  1. They help you feel less hungry
  2. They support your hormones. (Hormone imbalances can encourage weight gain)
  3. They support your liver and gut helping eliminate substances that cause you to put on weight

Having a healthy breakfast can help set you up to eat more healthily throughout the day. Here are three simple ways to include fruit or veg with your breakfast:

  1. Top toast with sliced avocado
  2. Grill tomatoes or mushrooms to have with eggs
  3. Add chopped fruit to your cereal

Signup to Your Holistic Diet’s Monthly Newsletter to get tips and advice on how a holistic approach to weight loss can help you: https://forms.aweber.com/form/08/1489609308.htm


Because I am taking the France retreat with Rosemary at the beginning of September there is only one Zoom this month but it is really special!

Sunday 22 September. Jesus and His Mission

I am sharing who Jesus truly was, his childhood, education and life after the cross.  I also want to share why He is known as the Son of God and how He came to be chosen to bring the Christ light into the planet at a dark time in our history.  He had undertaken many initiations in his past lives and these enabled Him to accept the rigorous spiritual discipline and training planned for Him by the Intergalactic Council so that He was ready to accept the Christ light into His body at the age of 33.

His incredible life as Jesus, overlit by Lord Maitreya, enabled `him to evolve to be the Bringer of Cosmic Love for this Universe.  As you connect with Him, He can plant the Flame of Cosmic Love into your heart to accelerate your journey of love.  The Christ Light is pure love from Source and it is held for this Universe at a ninth dimensional frequency in Lakumay, the part of Sirius that has ascended.  When it flows through Jesus directly to you, it contains all the frequencies of Source love, beyond anything usually experienced on Earth.  During this fascinating Zoom I will take you through high frequency meditations to connect with His healing and receive the Cosmic Flame of Love.

You can still book your place here….

Sunday 6th October  – Accelerate your ascension through Orbs

The Orbs that appear in photographs are the sixth dimensional light bodies of angelic beings.  We will be looking at special Archangel Orbs that have appeared in recent years to accelerate your ascension.  These Orbs are portals and messengers and enable you to connect to the Archangels in charge of the development of the higher chakras.  They are both fascinating and awesome. We will do visualisations and exercises with them so that you can access their powerful energies.  Be prepared to raise your frequency rapidly.

The price for this workshop is £25

Book your place HERE

Facebook Live on Wednesdays

As many of you know I do Angel Inspiration Time on Facebook Live on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 UK time (as long as I am available).  We have covered so many themes from dragons to making your home into a portal to living in Golden Atlantis to connecting with Masters and Angels.  I spontaneously mix up spiritual information, readings, healings, visualisations and service work and I answer your questions.  I absolutely love doing them and so enjoy connecting with like-minded lightworkers.

Wednesday 18th September –  How can trees heal you? 

Trees are sentient beings who hold the knowledge about their local area.  But they are much more.  Every tree carries specific energies that affect you.  Some can help you heal.  Others help you find forgiveness.  Learn about them today.

Wednesday 25th September – Unicorns 

These wondrous beings of pure light will bring you help and soul healing today.

Do send your questions, comments and stories into diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com marked ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME.

With lots of angel, unicorn and dragon love

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