Diana Cooper’s January 2022 Newsletter

DEAR Friends,

2022 is numerologically a 6 year.  In your personal life it brings forward your caring, protective, compassionate energies and influences you to be family and community minded.  It also encourages your creative, artistic, healing, teaching side. 

Remember you are important and keep your light bright.

The year ahead should be the final year of purification.  This means that any place in the world not fully cleansed will receive attention now.  There will be floods and to a lesser extent clearing by fire, earthquake and wind.  The good news is that the more light we pour into the planet, the less the elements have to cleanse.

Number 6 influences humanity to take action about poor working conditions, injustice and unfairness.  It positively brings in more community mindedness and co-operation.  This year people will protest massively about the old and start to support each other again.

2022 is also affected by 22, the master number. 22 is the powerful master builder.  This is interesting as this year marks the final collapse of the old 3D institutions.  In the journey of the Tarot, the tower has been cracking for some time and this year it falls.  At one level this brings adjustment as everything we have known for ten thousand years is rubble.  The good news is that we can glimpse the next stage for humanity.  Soon we will start the building process and the more powerfully we dream of the new Golden Age the more quickly and surely it will manifest, so that by 2032 the world will be ready to switch into 5D.

In the chaos and confusion of this year many individuals and countries will be in survival mode, especially as those governments who wish to maintain control are spreading fear.  Archangels Gabriel and Hope are in charge of the base chakras of all.  When the base chakra is 3D and red, you feel tense, fearful, insecure, unsafe or unsupported.  When it is out of balance, you feel anxiety or depression.  When your base is 5D and calm it transforms to platinum. You feel safe, secure, relaxed and totally trust that the universe will look after you.  Archangels Gabriel and Hope constantly beam light and peace into this chakra.  It is up to lightworkers to accept this energy to ensure that their personal base chakras are 5D.  Then you step into Mastery.  You may be interested in my Zoom on Sunday, 17th January to bring your base chakra fully into 5D and merge it with your HS and Monad.

Interestingly the base chakra of the planet is in China and this is going to be an exceptionally challenging year for that country.  The more lightworkers who spread safety from their 5D base chakras, the easier it will be for the whole world.

Most important of all, whatever is going on in the world, remember you create your own individual reality.

With love and beautiful blessings


People often ask me what I did for Christmas.  This year like many people’s our plans were changed at the last minute.  We were intending a full family Christmas with my three children, five children and three dogs.  Alas Dawn and her partner and children went down with Omicron on Christmas Eve, so our family numbers were depleted to seven, plus Venus, Sugar and Benji, the sprocker.

On Christmas Day we joined the local community gathering on the beach, drinking mulled wine to raise money for charity. The alternative was a sea swim to raise money for charity – and it did not appeal!!!  Then a two and a half hour walk on the beach and through the woods.

This year we decided on a Middle Eastern lunch on Christmas Day to which we all contributed dishes.  We saved our traditional nut roast for Boxing Day.

By the time we had opened presents, taken the dogs for a quick afternoon walk round the block and played some games, the day was over and we felt well blessed by the Christ light pouring in.


As I’ve mentioned before the Delta variant at a spiritual level was about clearing the heart chakra.  Omicron is different.  Each time it is spoken, you start with Om, calling in Source or the Universe.  Then I or self..followed by cron.  Cron is derived from the old word for the crown, the divine feminine wisdom, which comes from the crown.  So each time Omicron is thought or verbalised you call Source energy into yourself to enhance your wisdom.  And it is often accompanied by splitting headaches that are clearing your mental body (in a very painful and uncomfortable way).  But it may help some people to know the higher purpose of it!  Several people have also pointed out that it is an anagram of moronic.

Message from Paul the Venetian about the Flame of Freedom

While I was in my local woods at the new year I stood in my favourite place where I connect to the spiritual realms.  Paul the Venetian walked in with his hands opened out to me.  I opened my hands to him and asked, ‘Did the work we all did at the Solstice make a difference?’

He responded, ‘More than you can possibly have any concept of.’  And he sent us all thanks.

2.2.2022 – Receive Powerful Healing from the Pleiades

Every star and planet vibrates with a cosmic number.  The Pleiades vibrates with number 2 and the healing energy from the Pleiades is particularly powerful on 2.2.2022. 

2 is a feminine number.  It holds soothing, loving, caring, creative and romantic energy.  Basically it is bringing peace & healing

Where does the healing energy of the Pleiades come from?  It comes directly from Source.  The Pleiades has already ascended.  It is a 7D ascension star cluster.   Between Source and the Pleiades a vast etheric blue 33 petalled rose with a white centre floats in the cosmos.  33 petals symbolises that it holds Christ light.  The rose is a cosmic transformer.  A blue heart healing ray comes straight from Source into the wide open petals.  The white centre of the blue Pleiadean rose holds Source energy.  Here the frequency is stepped down so that the Masters and Angels of the Pleiades can use it and direct it where to it is needed at a frequency that can be accepted.  In certain circumstances it can draw in 9D healing.

Pleiadean healing not only heals your heart, but also all levels of aura to bring you to divine oneness and balance.  For example, when the blue cosmic rose is lovingly placed into your third eye and spins in harmony it brings you enlightenment. 

Amongst other things it helps you to heal at every level. When the Angels of the Pleiades place the blue rose into all of your chakras, incredible possibilities become available to you as healings and connections are made.

Those animals, fish and insects that come from the Pleaides to Earth or arrive from other universes and step down through this healing plane, all carry healing energy.  They spread it into the land and water as well as to people.

The Angels of the Pleiadeas can send healing through medical equipment if you ask.  They can harmonise the energy emitted from your computer and electrical apparatus.  They can enable you to anchor your original divine health blueprint.

When I saw 2.2.2022 coming up I knew instantly how important it was to connect with the Masters and Angels of the Pleiades on that day, to bring massive healing to individuals and the planet.  I immediately asked the blue healing angels to place the blue rose in my chakras as I had not done so for some time – and it truly felt awesome.  Since then I have felt the Pleiadean light coming into me every morning when I wake.  I expect magic!!

I am offering an important Zoom about Pleiadean healing on Wednesday 2.2.2022 from 7-8pm.  Do join me if you would like to receive the healing energy.  We will also be adding energy to the Pleaidean portals round the world so that Source heart healing can pour around the planet.


Monday 17th January 7-8 UK time

Ensure your Base Chakra is 5D for Mastery, Safety & Trust

When your fifth dimensional base chakra is anchored and operational you feel safe, secure, and grounded.  You know without question that the spiritual world will support and protect you.  You step into Mastery.  Then you automatically radiate this sense of trust and safety to others around you and this is particularly important in this current time.  

During this Zoom in a powerful visualisation we will connect with Archangels Gabriel, Christiel, Raphael, Jophiel and the dragons to clear your emotional and mental bodies.  This will enable your base chakra to rise in frequency and expand until it fully merges with your Higher Self.   Then it will start the process of drawing down Monadic energies until it becomes fifth dimensional.  It will shimmer with pure platinum light.

The cosmic base chakra is Saturn and as your own base chakra becomes fifth dimensional the Masters of Saturn can communicate with you and hold you in safety.  You can connect with the wisdom of Atlantis held by the dolphins.

During this important Zoom you will

* Work with the Archangels and dragons to clear your emotional and mental bodies.

*Feel safe, secure and protected as a Master.

*Anchor your Higher Self into the Seat of Your Soul.

*Magnetise Monadic energies into your base chakra.

*Connect with the wisdom of the dolphins.

*Meet the Masters of Saturn.

*Strengthen your Antakarana bridge to your Monad.


ZOOM 02.02.2022 Healing from the Pleiades

Wednesday 2nd February 7-8 UK time

Every star or planet has a cosmic number.  The Pleiades vibrates with 2, so today 2.2.2022 is a powerful day to bring through powerful heart healing.  The Pleiades is known as the healing star because there is a vast etheric blue rose between it and Source.  This acts as a transformer for the blue healing ray that comes directly from Source.  

The Masters of the Pleiades will initiate you into Pleiadean Heart Healing.  The Angels of the Pleiades can then touch you with it, at a frequency you can accept.  During this Zoom they will place Pleiadean healing into your 12 chakras, to bring peace and healing at every level.

This is a special time to expand and strengthen the portals between Earth and the Pleiades and to connect with the animals, fish and insects, carrying Pleiadean healing energy.

During this Zoom you will

*Meet the Masters of the Pleiades to receive Source Heart Healing Codes

*Receive healing from the Angels of the Pleiades.

*Light up and balance your 12 chakras.

*Connect with the animals from the Pleiades.

*Be a permanent spreader of Pleiadean healing.

*Add light to the portals between Earth to help heal the world.


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