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Dear Friends,

What a start to the year.  It seems to have been up and down for everyone.  I have had both highs and lows and tell myself we are in the choppy period while the tide is beginning to turn and soon we will be swept along in the new one.  Look out particularly for 20th February.  It is 20.02.2020 and this is from my next book The Magic of Unicorns due out this year in a chapter explaining what happens when you call in your unicorns to work with numbers!

22 is the powerful master builder.  When your unicorn adds light to number 22 it helps you manifest your dreams, especially those that will benefit humanity.

22.Start working towards your vision and build it on a solid foundation.

22.22 It is time to take action now.

When you receive this newsletter it is a particularly good time to tell the universe your vision for the year 2020.  Maybe create a vision board.  The cosmic tide was not running at the beginning of January but now it is, so set your dream and then start to activate it on 20th February.

Amazing Unicorn Aura for Documentary

We had an astonishing two days doing more filming for the documentary promo.   On the first day we worked with a volunteer, called Diane, who was really lovely.  The aim was to have her aura photograph taken.  Then Kerstin, one of the Diana Cooper School teachers who is also a doctor, did a unicorn healing with her, after which Diane’s aura photograph was taken again.  Neither Kerstin nor I had met Diane and we did not want to connect with her before the photo was taken because we all affect each other’s auras!  I did not want the unicorn energy to jump into her aura before we started!!

She has Irritable Bowel Syndrome and that area is connected to the mind so it was no surprise when her aura was yellow.  Yellow is the mental colour and she agreed she was a worrier as so many of us are.  Worry had made a dark hole in her aura which clearly showed on the photograph.  Kerstin did a fabulous unicorn connection and healing with Diane while I held the energy.  And WOW!!!  The unicorns entered her aura.  It became pure white and the hole was totally sealed.  And a beautiful rose pink colour of unconditional love appeared above and below her.  Also there was a huge change in her chakras.  I was so excited.  The unicorns really touched her and I can’t wait to show you when the documentary comes out.

In case you are wondering why I didn’t do the unicorn healing and connection.  It was because we wanted to show that anyone who is attuned to unicorns can do this.  We did not want anyone saying, ‘Oh Diana did it but I couldn’t.’  You can!

On the first day of filming there was bright blue sky and sunshine.  Dylan the director of the documentary wanted it to be the same on the second day but we knew the unicorns were in charge of everything.  Indeed the morning was unicornly perfect.  There was no blazing Sun.  The world was shrouded in an ethereal white mist pierced by the hint of the Sun’s rays.

Venus and Sugar joined in the filming.  They were so good – not one bark from them and they wandered around.  It is very rare to see them without their tails erect and wagging but I think they found the number of people and the space a little overwhelming.  They were glad to get home.

It seems the unicorns touched everyone.  I had this e mail from the director.  ‘It has been one of the loveliest shoots I’ve ever worked on, such great energy and warm hearts all around.  I felt we were certainly being guided by gentle otherworldly hands, I wish all my shoots were like this.  We can’t wait to show you what we pull together, Liz.’  Thankyou wonderful spiritual realms.

And feedback from Diane, the volunteer. ‘Just wanted to say how wonderful it was to meet you both, and send you an enormous thank you.  I had the most amazing day, one I feel is life-changing, and I’m so grateful for your generosity of input, openness of spirit and warmth.   I really feel so much calmer, and am already giving myself permission to do things from feeling rather than intellectual analysis.  What have you done with the real Diane?! ?

We did the filming in Sedgwick House which is a magnificent old house full of atmosphere.

Repeat Messages

I mentioned in a previous newsletter that my tyre punctured on the motorway going to Dorset just before the documentary filming.  Luckily I was driving slowly.  I was staying in a Lodge and invited Calista to stay there too the night before we started.  The boiler broke down and we had to wash our hair in cold water before the first shoot.  Not pleasant!!

Unbelievably on the way back from the first day filming  at Sedgwick House (the second shoot) I was driving home with Kerstin who was staying at my house for two nights.  I hit a pothole and my tyre was shredded, again luckily I was going slowly.  We went through the same procedure.  The AA came and put on a spare wheel and drove behind me to a garage where I left the car and they put on a new tyre in the morning.  Then when we arrived home, the boiler had broken down and there was no hot water or heating!!!  Can you believe it?  Twice the same message.  All I can get from my guide Kumeka is that there were many complex energies affecting the situation.  Not helpful!   Obviously both cars and houses are reflections of us, so do send your thoughts in to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com.

Valentines Day

February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate love.  There are many stories about how Valentine’s Day began.  The most popular one begins in the year 268.  The Emperor Claudius 11 needed a strong team of men to fight in his armies.  His theory was that when young men are in love, it affects their fighting capabilities.  So he banned marriage for the young men of his armies.

But his soldiers still fell in love and wanted to get married.  A priest called Valentine thought the decree was unjust and bravely he broke the law by marrying couples in secret.  Inevitably news of this reached Emperor Claudius who had Valentine put to death.  It is said this happened on February 14th.

So Valentine caused a special date to be created in the name of love.  There are many spiritual beings of love who are working to bring true love to humanity.  Here are some of those who can touch your heart with love, joy and romance.

Invoke all these Beings of Love and ask them to ignite true love within you.

It is especially powerful and effective if you do this on Valentine’s Day.

Filling your Heart with Love

Sit quietly and relax.

Breathe into your heart centre until it feels warm and soft.

Call Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Love into your heart chakra and ask him to fill it with pure rose pink love.

Ask Mother Mary who is bringing caring and compassion into the hearts of humanity to enfold you in her soft blue cloak of love.

Ask Quan Yin to pour pink and white love into your heart.

Call the mighty pink dragons from Andromeda who carry the frequency of transcendent love and ask them to touch all your chakras with the various qualities of love.

Open up to soul healing from Archangel Mariel who is in charge of your soul star chakra.

Sit quietly for as long as you can and let the magic flow in your heart.


I was in Sweden with Tim Whild and Rosemary Stephenson last weekend presenting a seminar.  What great evolved souls attended.  It was such a pleasure to be there.  This country is being prepared for the new Golden Age.  It is receiving energy directly from the great Cosmic Portal in the North Pole and also from the Stellar Gateway chakra in the Arctic to purify it and raise the frequency.  The vast and beautiful forests are holding information and wisdom from other planetary systems, waiting for the people to bring it forward for the new world ahead.  The great Master Hilarion is actively working with the angels to download information to those who are ready.

Many elementals live in the forests, including fauns who help with the photosynthesis, elves who are working with the trees and dragons who are doing their part to cleanse and raise the

frequency even more.  Water also helps to keep the vibration pure and the lakes and long coastline of Sweden are is instrumental in this.  Of course snow is a great cleanser especially on the mountains, overseen by Archangel Gabriel.

Souls who have chosen to incarnate in Sweden or to move there have activated their Earth Star chakras.  This enables them to be grounded and connected to the Earth and Lady Gaia.  This is the foundation for ascension.

After 2032, a special Golden City will arise in Sweden from which much illumination and soul contentment will radiate.

The Arctic Ice and Climate Change

Before the fifth and final experiment of Atlantis there was a two thousand year ice age which deeply purified the land.  This allowed the settlers of that experiment to walk on clear, pristine earth and assisted the emergence of the Golden Age of Atlantis.

The land under the Arctic has been prepared for a very long time and we have incarnated at a time when it is melting so that a new Golden Age can arise.  Climate change is taking place as we all know and humanity has contributed to it but not caused it.  Universal and planetary influences have decreed that the world must change and, in order for the next stage to emerge, the geography will also alter.  It is these cosmic forces that are driving climate change.  Eventually wonderful new golden ‘cities’ beyond our wildest imaginings will be created on the pristine land that is now the Arctic.  Spiritual plans take thousands of years to come to fruition, while we tend to think in terms of hundreds of years.

It is never easy to live through times of change and upheaval for humans or animals.  However we have all chosen to incarnate now to be midwives to the golden energies that have started to birth.  Archangel Metatron will ensure that we are all living in the right place at the right time.  Change brings challenges but it also brings opportunities for spiritual growth.  When we stay strong we can accept these as blessings.

No New Zooms or FB Lives in February

I am so sorry.  There will be no Zooms or Facebook lives during February because I have been incredibly busy with my next book The Magic of Unicorns, a new Unicorn Card Oracle, an Archangel card Oracle, the Unicorn documentary and moving house.  Yes I am on the move again, which has entailed much house hunting!!  A few months ago I was walking the dogs when suddenly Metatron said that I had done what I needed to do in Horsham and it was time to move.  I went home and called the estate agent that afternoon.  A few days later I had dinner at my son’s house and he told me that they had put their house on the market and were moving.  Such synchronicity.  I shared that my house was up for sale too.  Sadly they are looking for a new house in an area that will be a few hours drive from me but I know they are responding to Archangel Metatron’s guidance and will be in the right place for them.   At last I have sold my house and had an offer on a new one accepted, so I will tell you more about the progress next time.   Please send blessings to my move!

Extract from Dawn and Bay, Your Holistic Diet

Our new website went live in January on the amazing new moon – the Awakening Moon. We are very pleased and excited with the weight loss resources now available to you.

There are fantastic quizzes to help you know where to start on your personal weight loss journey and which biochemical blocks you need to work with.

Try our fun quiz to see whether you would survive in the Stone Age!

There’s information about the 6 emotional eating patterns, so you can easily identify which ones are relevant to you.

Find out more about the Four Pillars to sustainable weight loss: Biochemical, Psychological, Environmental and Spiritual 

Discover groundbreaking changes that you can make to your approach to weight loss by downloading our ebook Paradigm Shift – weight loss in the modern world for FREE.

Paradigm shift empowers you to make lasting changes, so:

  • the weight you lose stays off
  • you feel healthier and more energised
  • you live more sustainably, protecting the planet and the health of future generations

Once you have read Paradigm Shift you will never look at weight loss the same way again!

You can download Paradigm Shift- weight loss in the modern world, try the quizzes and discover the emotional eating patterns on our website:  www.yourholisticdiet.co.uk

Wisdom of the Ancients

Meet your personal dragon and learn how the dragon kingdom can help you.

The dragons are wise, open hearted spiritual beings from the angelic realms.  They are here now to help us.  Today I will explain who the dragons are, how they can help you and how you can direct them to help the world.  There are earth, air, fire and water dragons, all of whom can assist you with different aspects of your life.  Your personal dragon is waiting patiently for you to meet it so during the broadcast you will meet your own dragon and discover its name.

Recently awesome galactic dragons have started to connect with those who are ready and these mighty high frequency beings can heal you and open you up to the wisdom of the universe.  I will share information about some of these too.
I offer a free gift of a download to Meet the Dragons from Andromeda.  These huge dusky pink dragons are emissaries from Andromeda who will touch you with transcendent love and prepare your twelve chakras to embody higher love.

Register HERE


The terrible fires are continuing.  It is so awful on a physical, mental and emotional level.  Spiritually it is still transmuting old stuff that needs to be released.  On flights they usually make a collection for charity.  I was recently on one where they announced a collection for those affected by the fires in Australia.  There was an instant response as everyone got out their wallets.  I have never seen that before but it showed that hearts everywhere have been touched and opened by what has happened.

There will be floods in Australia but never again as bad as the Queensland flooding.

With lots of love

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