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So the long awaited year of 2020 has started.  This is a huge year of new beginnings for everyone on a personal level.  There is also a big shift for the planet.  It really is a re-birth.  The power structures on Earth, including governments are due to change in a positive way.  Banking and political systems and big corporations will be forced to take collective responsibility.  Directors of big companies will be found accountable.  There will be global changes in heavy industry and many advances in technology and acceptable sources of energy.

The new children are here to change the world and are starting to make their presence felt.  Adults will begin to listen. People power will have an impact this year more than ever before and will force Governments to modify their attitudes.

I was reading my book 2012 and Beyond where it talks about International Co-operation and there will be another shift in working conditions. ‘Soon rich people will no longer feel able to sit back and allow children or adults to work in sweatshops or for slave wages to provide them with material goods. Led by the people there will be a huge move by richer countries to help those that are less fortunate, and this will help to balance the enormous divides worldwide.

By 2022 there will be massive international co-operation on many fronts and terrible working conditions will no longer be tolerated’.

More people everywhere will be tuning into the spiritual realms and there will be steps forward in creating spiritual community.

Australia Fires

It breaks my heart to see what is happening in Australia.  The poor people and animals living through the nightmare fires.  But that is on an emotional level.  At a spiritual level it is a soul choice.  As they did in the Queensland flooding the animals are suffering terribly and are sacrificing themselves in service to Australia.

Fire transmutes, not just on the surface but deep into the Earth.  Fire occurs where there is deep anger and when this is dissolve it allows the divine feminine to enter and bring balance.  At this time of endings so that the new can enter the land is being cleared and purified of all the abuse of Aborigines and of the early settlers, especially of the children.

The land in Australia has a very delicate sub-structure, suitable for kangaroos and other local animals but destroyed by imported cattle and the vegetation has been eaten by rabbits.  It needs to be cared for and healed.

Fire is terrifying and powerful but it prepares for regeneration.

In the near future parts of Australia will become much hotter and parts will be flooded, though never again like the Queensland flooding. There will be huge areas that are uninhabitable – more than there are at present but this will all change after 2027. A huge programme of reforestation will eventually bring ecological balance and abundance to this continent.

Uluru is a massive and powerful portal looked after by Archangel Roquiel.  It will become a welcome portal for space ships from other parts of the universe.  The openness of the Australians to the wisdom of star beings will allow them to make Australia a wonderful place to live.

Many people are praying for rain to put out the fires and this is great.  It means that the disaster has touched the hearts of humanity, which is one of the reasons the Intergalactic Council decided to use the elements for cleansing.  They intended that communities would reach out and help each other.

However, as the fire is transmuting the old energies to prepare the land for the future please ask that for rain that carries great light to go deep into the earth to purify the old.

The more light we send to places the less transmutation or purification by fire, water, hurricane or earthquake will be needed.

Also the more people that send light and peace to the fire elementals, the more quickly the fires will subside and the sooner the glorious future will start to come into being.

Prayer for the Animals of Australia

Beloved Source,

We ask with love and compassion from the depths of our souls for help and healing for all the animals in Australia who have been affected by the fires.  Please bring them relief, peace and hope.

We send thanks to all the animals who have sacrificed themselves in the fire and ask for their souls to receive blessings.

So Be It.


Happy New Year from me and dogs everywhere.  Mum says it is time for everyone to bring their gifts forward and to express their individuality.  Well I am a healer dog and was trained in the

Temples of Egypt.  Recently I heard Mum tell someone about the time they had a healing circle in her house. I was in the room, lying outside the circle.  There were two big crystals in the circle and a boy of about 12 was to receive healing.  His head touched one of the crystals but his feet didn’t reach the other one.  I knew that the energy couldn’t flow properly unless he was connected to both crystals so quick as a flash I ran into the circle and stretched myself out so that my front paws touched his feet and my back paws connected with the second crystal.  Everyone gasped!  But it seemed perfectly natural and normal to me.

Mum says she is not very keen on the way I am expressing my individuality at the moment.  I am a free spirit.  I like to run across fields and hunt in hedges.  I don’t know what she complains about.  I always know where she is and I run back to her from time to time but often I just run straight past her to my next adventure, especially if she is holding out my lead.  I return to her to let her know I am OK but I’m not always ready to go home.  I think she should treat the times when she is waiting for me as Zen opportunities.  If she sets off  for home without me I always follow after fifteen minutes or half an hour which would be perfect time for her to meditate in all weathers.  Humans!

The Unicorn Documentary Promo

In my last newsletter I told you how on the morning that the director Dylan wrote the contract for the promo for the documentary he took his dog for a walk.  When he put the dog bag in the bin there was a toy unicorn in it!  When I spoke to him on the phone I told him that I had put the story in my newsletter he laughed and said that the unicorn signs did not end there.  He told me that  he went out to post the contract that evening.  On the corner there were two young men and a woman, wearing fancy dress, obviously ready to go to a party.   As he passed them the young lady said to her friends, ‘I can’t wait to wear my unicorn horn tonight!’  Unbelievable!

This month we are intending to film the last part of the promo.  It is very exciting and I will let you know how it goes.

Zoom – Healing under Grace

I want to thank everyone who booked into this Zoom which was originally scheduled for December 1st and postponed twice because I had a ‘little operation’ on my head.  I was expecting to be fine and do a Facebook live that evening but that too was cancelled and I slept solidly for six days and nights after the op!  I am sure the angels were working very hard on me during that time so it always has to be a good thing.  I am so grateful, in fact more than grateful, overwhelmed with love, for not one of you cancelled your booking even though I offered.  That Zoom will now take place on Sunday January 19 and I feel it has waited for the right time.


Inspirational Story- Focus on your vision

A friend of mine’s daughter, Lisa, was separating from her partner. She held a vision very positively of buying a three bed house for herself and the children and a separate house for her partner. She constantly lit candles to this vision. The only problem was they didn’t have enough money.

She did their house up and sold it at the top of the market even though they both had to move into rental property. Even with her share of the house as a deposit she could not get a mortgage, nor could her partner. She continued to hold the vision for both of them, knowing that the universe would make it happen if it was for the highest good.

Unexpectedly a relation lent her the mortgage money and she bought a comfortable, safe house for herself and the children where they all felt at home.

There still seemed no way for her partner to get out of a rented apartment but they held the vision of him in his own house. All of a sudden he managed to get a mortgage but it would not only buy him a two bedroomed apartment, not so good for their children. They held the vision. A few weeks later a three bedroomed property appeared on the internet at a low price because the bedrooms and bathroom were so small. His friends told him not to bother going to see it. However, something prompted him to look and he felt it was big enough. He made an offer which was accepted because no one was interested in seeing the house. On his second visit he took a tape and measured the bedrooms and bathroom. The estate agent had measured them wrongly. The upstairs rooms were 13” (33cms) bigger in both directions than advertised. He felt the angels had ensured he received a house big enough for himself and the children.

So hold your vision.

Extract from Dawn and Bay, Your Holistic Diet


2020 is going to be a year when we can start to shift stuck energy and build the foundations of a new and healthy future. Start 2020 differently. Leave all the judgements behind and do not tell yourself off for having put on weight over the xmas period. Instead start the year differently by making loving but realistic changes.

  1. Take up an exercise you enjoy and that you can sustain for at least 6 months. It is better to do less and sustain the change than to throw yourself in and give up after a month. Join a park run or start swimming. Go for a daily walk.
  2. Start back towards eating well by swapping your food treats for non food emotionally nourishing ones. New year can be a time when we feel low. To combat this be loving to yourself, light candles as we are still in the dark months and take time to read, journal and plan your desires for the year.
  3. Get some really healthy, yummy, colourful food in. When we have lovely healthy food around us it is easier to drop the sugary and refined carb treats from the xmas period. Make a fab looking fruit bowl and snack on this to start to transition from the indulgence of the festive season.

This year we are bringing out our new books and quizzes to help you focus on yourself as an individual. Watch out for our email in the next couple of weeks.

Signup to Your Holistic Diet’s Monthly Newsletter to get tips and advice on how a holistic approach to weight loss can help you: https://forms.aweber.com/form/08/1489609308.htm

From Dawn – to all women who would like more energy

Did you find 2019 intense? With its 6 Supermoons, we were all being called on to transform ourselves; to look at our inner patterns and processes. It is time to let go of what no longer serves us and to connect to who we really are and how we want to be in the world.

Astrologically, 2020 marks the beginning of a new era. Our vibration is rising and the world is changing. Societal structures that benefit the few at the expense of the many are slowly falling apart and with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all in Capricorn, 2020 is set to be a time of restructuring. This is true both externally and internally. We are living in a time of great change.

But it is hard to make changes when you feel depleted and low in energy. 2019 was a complicated year for many people internally. Do you feel depleted after dealing with everything that came up for you? If you are going to be the change you want to see in the world, you need to look after yourself; you need to eat well; you need to nourish yourself. When you are low in energy, everything feels like an effort, and it can be hard to connect to the joy in life. When you feel vibrant and full of energy, anything is possible. Your cells have an internal energy engine, but they need certain nutrients to be able to generate abundant energy.

I know you want to have the energy to be the change you want to see in the world, so I have put together a quiz, so you can see if you are low in this vital energy nutrient. Take the quiz: https://tinyurl.com/tvw6f3q

A Social Media Angel Self-Care Guide by Katie Brockhurst

There are many ways we can handle our individual and collective social media self- care from a more conscious standpoint. What follows are some of my favourite methods. Let me know what resonates with you or if you have any ideas to add to this list.

Having a Strategy of Love, Love, Love.

Loving your platforms, loving your content, loving what you have to share, loving the people you have to share it with, bundled up with a big fat dose of love for yourself.

If you are not feeling the love, listen to this as a sign to take a break or get some help, or both, depending on where you are in your social media journey.

Check in with yourself and listen to your heart to tell you what you need to have a healthy and vibrant digital experience.

Take Your Own Sweet Time About It.

Trusting in divine timing
And higher timelines
For your social media journey.
Taking breaks when you need to.
Hours, days, weeks, months as required.

Releasing the need for more numbers, for more followers, for doing what everyone else is doing.

Taking time to connect and communicate more effectively with who is already there, listening to or talking with you.

Communicating More Consciously.

Creating committed time and space for connection, contact, comments and DMs rather than being so ad hoc and reactive is something I would like to be better at. I plan to do this by:

Making communication more proactive and meaningful.

Creating opportunities to speak and connect more deeply and personally.

Sending more voice notes so people can hear and feel rather than just read. I love receiving voice notes. (They can often be quicker to do too.)

Being Aware

We must become more aware of the information we consume.

Practising due diligence to find out if what we are reading or seeing is real, authentic and genuine- or if instead if it could be fake, manipulative or persuasive- this would serve us really well as we move through this next decade.

We can start by being more discerning when looking at articles and posts online, getting better at asking where the information is coming from, questioning its authority and intention both when reading it and when sharing it.

Also by listening to what our body tells us about what content feels good, we can identify who feels legit, inspiring, informative and kind, rather than just basing our opinions on the sales or Likes trail.

Cleaning Up our Timelines

I have started to look at cleaning up my timelines in the same way I look at cleaning my kitchen: the more I use my kitchen, the more it needs cleaning.

If I am cooking up content and connections, I need to keep my counter and utensils clean otherwise I might get some bacteria or bugs or the mess will pile up and it will stress me out.

Keeping an eye on our digital counter tops is essential to maintaining a healthy digital diet.

Checking to see what is lurking at the back of our digital cupboards and throwing stuff out when it gets old and before it gets mouldy.

Unsubscribing from groups, accounts, emails and people that we no longer have interest in or digital time or resonance for if they are creating distraction or dissidence in your field.

Frequency of our Posts

It is not just the content itself that holds our frequency, through our words, images, videos, podcasts and voice notes.

If we are being 30% nicer and kinder, this upgrades the energy and frequency of our social media vibration and output into the digital world. When our content impacts another human somewhere across the planet or down the road, this extra 30% can filter back into our embodied world, and into the planet.

Frequencies weaving through cyber space into physical space and into each other.

We can use social media to upgrade the frequency of the planet when we choose to use it to upgrade the frequency of each other.

So watch your frequency each time you post.

Remember that the timeline frequency- how often we postcan also have an impact on our digital wellbeing.

It can overwhelm our audience, our energetic receivers; if we post too much, those dialled into our frequency can feel overwhelmed if we post too often.

We should aim for quality, not quantity.

This works the other way round too; if I post a lot, I check and pick up my phone more. Balancing and adapting a slower frequency, how often I post doesn’t feed my addictive tendencies.

If we collectively slowed down the pace of how much we post, the algorithms will have to adapt to us, not us to them.

It is symbiotic. We are more in control than we know.

Like it or Lump it.

Likes provide a little dopamine hit.

Start noticing how much Likes affect you.

How it feels in your body when you are looking for and receiving Likes and comments.

Detoxing your Digital Time.

A digital detox could be a day, a week or a month or more. You have to listen to what feels best for you. The social media vortex of doom is what I call that feeling when you know that social media is affecting your wellbeing.

Being OK with Being Bored.

Creating space to be bored. Embracing it.
Allowing it.
Being it.

Embody at Any Given Opportunity

Encourage each other to take time away from the computers and devices to relax and socialise together in embodied spaces.

Creating more opportunities to gather offline.

Create meet-ups, lunches, workshops, talks and walks.

Arranging to meet up for a coffee or a chat.

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