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What a challenging month February turned out to be for most people.  Now that Spring is coming life should blossom again after Mercury comes out of retrograde on March 10th.  I absolutely love it when the cherry blossom comes out.  The different shades of the pink flowers herald all kinds of love from creative to romantic to transcendent.  It reminds me to call in the dragons from Andromeda who touch our chakras with every shade of pink love if we open ourselves to receive it!

I still haven’t moved house though it feels as if things are inching towards exchanging contracts.  At least all the delays have given me time to clear out my cupboards and take loads of stuff to the charity shop.

Wishing you a beautiful Spring,

Corona Virus – how to protect yourself and send out a wave of energy to the world to alchemise the fear into love

Last Wednesday I had just finished writing a section for this newsletter about the spiritual perspective of the Coronus virus outbreak when Tim Whild phoned me.  He said he had received information from Archangel Metatron that the fear that allows the virus to spread can be totally transmuted and alchemised into love by the 432hz frequency, which is the vibration of Source love.  Archangel Metatron asked that Tim and I do a Zoom to explain the higher perspective and the lessons of the virus AND most importantly everyone was to send out the 432hz frequency out through crystals.  I thought I had a tuning fork to that frequency but I didn’t.  A search of the internet revealed that I could not get one delivered before Sunday so I quickly phoned my friend Rosemary Stephenson, who is an expert with crystal bowls and also has perfect pitch.  She not only said she would put hers into the post recorded deliver but, bless her, she immediately offered to create a CD using her fabulous azeztulite crystal bowl which is 432hz and her voice!!!  They arrived on Saturday.

On Sunday to prepare for the Zoom I played Rosemary’s beautiful CD all day and tuned over 300 crystals in my house with the tuning fork to the Source love frequency.   It seemed to fill the house and I could see the flowers in the garden soaking it in and responding.  In the Zoom Tim taught us how to programme a crystal to vibrate permanently with this frequency.

We were able to send the love vibration with our crystals through certain Archangel Orbs to animals, to draw wisdom into our hearts and to connect with the cosmic heart.

I have never experienced such an amazing energy in my body and truly felt the frequency of pure love.  No virus can touch you when your heart centre vibrates like that.  And the wave of love we sent together round the world really has made a difference.  You can still list to the Zoom recording to receive the energy and do your part to heal the world.

Here are some of the lessons that the Corona virus is bringing to us.

It is a test for individuals and the planet to dissolve fear with the frequency of love.

We can do more than dissolve the fear, we can alchemise it into higher love and use the opportunity to raise the frequency of the entire planet.

Respect the animals

The virus originated in China where animals are not treated with the honour and respect they deserve.  Like people, when animals become stressed they become open to disease.  The virus was passed from animals to people.  For a long time animals have said they are no longer going to accept the way they have been treated by humanity.  They intend to react.  Passing on the Corona virus draws attention to the cruelty they have endured.

Nations communicating and co-operating

China has released the DNA of the virus so that other countries can research a vaccination.  (Do not explode.  I agree that injecting small vulnerable babies with toxins or sub teens with cervical cancer vaccine etc is questionable.  I personally avoid the flu vaccine).  The point is that nations are communicating.

Look after your health

The virus reminds people to strengthen their immune systems by eating well, relaxing and de-stressing.  It is also a reminder to maintain proper hygiene when sneezing or blowing your nose.


For many this means being at home or working from home and some people are reporting that they are for the first time spending time with their children and getting to know them.  Wouldn’t it be amazing it this situation started to change a work focussed culture into a family orientated one. 

We know that in the future there will be much less travel, especially flying, and the virus is helping to bring this time forward.

The Name Corona

According to the New York Times it is called the coronavirus because it has crown-like spikes that protrude from its surface.   So interesting – the crown chakra has 1000 petals or spikes that reach out to connect with universal wisdom.  Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of Wisdom, is in charge of China and also of the crown chakra. The cosmic crown chakra is Uranus, part of which has ascended and is called Curonay.  It is here that we connect with higher wisdom.  So at some level the coronavirus is opening the world to higher wisdom!

Rosemary Stephenson is producing the grace-filled music for 432hz Source love as a CD and hopefully a download which will be available soon.  She is calling it Healing with the Frequency of Source Love.  Contact Rosemary at  www.celestiallighthealers.com.

Tim sells beautiful crystals on www.timwhild.com

You can still purchase the recording of Alchemising Fear with Love Zoom, this will have the same frequency as the original and you can receive the energy into your heart to transmute the fear of the current virus as well as add your light to the world activation of love to heal the fear for as many people as possible. I do hope you will be part of this. Order your session here: https://www.timwhild.com/events/alchemising-fear-with-the-vibration-of-love/ 

Repeat Messages of punctures and boiler breakdown

Thank you everyone for engaging in this.  I was delighted that so many of you responded and intrigued by many of your responses.  I believe we live in a universe of cause and effect so I found all your replies very helpful.  It’s given me more food for thought and I have chosen a few to share.

I had been working hard for months, so this email from Zelda Meyerhoff really rang a bell.  With no air, the tyre is useless and cannot perform its function to support the vehicle on the road to keep it moving forward in its journey. Is your mind tired and needing rest?.’  She adds that the elements that make a boiler work are fire, the creative force, and water, the emotions.  Steam powers things to move forward.  So she asks, ‘What would happen if you tap into your creative fire and allow your emotions to expand to a much deeper level?’  Hmm an interesting suggestion that I need to take seriously!.

Several people thought it was lower energies trying to distract my work and I think there may be an element of truth in this.

Bren Campbell suggests ‘I believe it is something you may have been bottling up that needed to be let out!’  She refers to Http://www.healthynewage.com/carselec/ which I looked at and agree with completely.  In fact I say so many of these things in my earlier books.

And I want to thank Cindra Rainbow for generously doing me a four card reading which was so positive and welcome.

Present Situation: In the Near Future/Soon ~ brought you into the present moment and task on hand instead of racing forward, and since that was not entirely noticed/heeded, it needed to be repeated and made obvious

Your Expectations: Within the Next Few Weeks/This Month ~ this documentary is a long project, caution jumping ahead a bit too much to what’s next ahead

Hidden Influence: Wait ~ a need to slow down and wait, let things flow in on Divine wings; you were helped/watched over and only inconvenienced

Advice: Big, Happy Changes ~ see the big happy changes coming from all of this, perhaps more Blessings than you can imagine shall unfold

Cindra also added the reminder that cold water energizes your aura and cleanses it. She says, ‘I found that cold water showers awaken the internal Flame and fire within. I have found a balance by taking a toasty warm shower and ending it with 33 seconds of cold water.’  It reminded me that I used to do that and maybe need to start doing it again!!!

I found Fiona Michie’s comments really helpful.  ‘Generally when central heating fails, it means a person is “Love cut-off”, and they are having problems letting love in. As a broad rangingly, perceptive and compassionately comprehending understander of people, (note from me…wow I had to leave that in because it sounds so good! Than you Fiona.) You are being told it is time to re-open your heart. You are seeking heart centred maturity!

Another perception on it is “Low vitality”, it seems that you are having difficulty gathering or generating the energy you need to keep functioning at full capacity. That is hardly surprising given all that you are doing, coupled with house move etc. House moves are stressful enough, but two in a relatively short period of time is taxing.

As far as the punctures go, it may be a case is ‘self-sabotage’, have you been shooting yourself in the foot recently? You may well be experiencing a resurgence or return of a pattern that was programmed by a rejecting/dysfunctional family (who isn’t as product of one?). With that in mind, you are being told you need to clear this propensity from your system. I feel that this is all part of ‘stuff’ from the past that is coming to the surface that needs to be released with love, so that it can be transmuted back to Source.

Thanks everyone!!!

Absent Healing

While she was responding to my question about the punctures and central healing Elisabeth van Rijn shared this story.  It is so heartening to know we can make such a difference when we work with the angelic realms.

‘The Unicorns have healed a little young girl who was bullied at school. Since she lived to far away from my practice I ask the unicorns to heal her in a distant healing. And I see the unicorns embrace her and throw a rainbow blanket over her aura as a protection. And make her feel warm and loved. By doing this for over a month her mum replied that the little girl was doing fine. She made a few new friends. And as a result had less pain in her belly (irritable bowel syndrome).’

I receive lots of requests for healing from lots of sources. I light a candle and ask the angelic realms to help that person or animal under grace.  If I don’t have a candle I visualise one in the inner planes.  It only takes a second but it creates a bridge through which the angelic beings can connect with them.   Here is a response I received this week from Natasha.  ‘I wrote to you last August, asking for help from you as I had depression. The depression has gone 100% and the consultant psychiatrist has stopped my prescription for Prozac.  I was discharged from hospital last Friday.  I seriously cannot thank you enough’.

Mother Mary Dream

I was looking through some old dreams I had recorded and came across this one which really touched my heart. It really demonstrated the power of love.

I saw three youths untying a powerful motorboat from its moorings and pushing it into the river, where it was drifting with the current, an accident waiting to happen.  I was very angry with the kids and ran to the edge of the water and used the power from my third eye to command the boat to the bank.  As I was getting into it a man ran up and said he was the owner.  I shouted, ‘Get in.  We’re going to catch the boys.’  He leapt in beside me and I started the engine.  We roared back up the river and could see that the youths had jumped from the jetty onto an island and were running away.  They could only go in a circle round the island.  The man started to chase them.  Soon they had run round the circuit and were heading for me.  I was going to grab them.  I was so angry.

Suddenly Mother Mary appeared above me in her radiant blue cloak.  She merged her energy into mine until I became one with the divine mother.  My heart blazed with wonderful love and light and I opened my arms.  They boys saw the light and ran for sanctuary and healing in my arms, where I enveloped them in love.  There was only love.

When the man arrived he asked them to clean the boat to balance their karma.  This they willingly did.  Then we took them for a trip down the river.

When I woke I felt awed by the sensation of becoming one with Mary and with the overwhelming feeling of love, as well as the sheer power of an open heart.

Make a connection with Archangel Michael Online Zoom  – Sunday 8th March

I am very excited to offer this Zoom about Archangel Michael, who is the Warrior Archangel and the best known of all the angels.  He is in charge of your throat chakra, which has 22 chambers and he has shown me a way of passing his strength, courage, leadership qualities and power of integrity into your energy fields through your throat chakra!!! This is incredible and powerful.  We will do special exercises in the five innermost chambers so that his light will spread out and heal the outer ones, allowing him to anchor his wonderful qualities in you.

He will seal these qualities into your aura when he places his royal blue cloak lined with gold over it.  This will also heal any breaks in your aura.

During this session we will visit his Temple in the inner planes, where he will give you a thorough emotional uncording as well as a burden release to enable you to let go of your troubles.  This is very needed now as we move through 2020, the year of the Master Builder.

When you live and speak with integrity, honesty and honour you receive Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth  If you have already received it, he will give you his highly charged electric blue and gold Sword, so that you can use it to cut cords for others in his name.  We will also serve Gaia and humanity by cutting away mental and emotional ‘baggage’ for millions of people who have given permission at an unconscious level.

Raising the frequency of your throat chakra will enable you to connect to Telephony, the ascended aspect of Mercury, which is the cosmic throat chakra of the universe.  This will permit you to receive guidance and messages from the angels on the Golden Ray as well as keys and codes of higher communication.

I do hope you will join me on Sunday 8th March from 7- 9 UK time for this will hugely raise your frequency and anchor your protection.  At the same time it will offer massive service work to the planet.

The price for this workshop is £25.

Book you place here

Extract from Dawn and Bay, Your Holistic Diet

We are coming into the spring, a time to re-emerge into the world. A time to celebrate the regeneration of nature, the flowers pushing through the earth and the new buds unfurling.  This is a great time to reconnect to nature, to revitalise your body and health, to make sustainable changes that will benefit your weight and your general wellbeing.

Not sure where to start? Everyone is different and what you need may be different from someone else. Perhaps stress is affecting your weight or you reach for food to manage your emotions. Maybe your hormones are making it hard for you to lose weight or maybe you use food as a reward. Perhaps you struggle with cravings or frequently overeat. If you want to get right to what is most relevant to you try our Getting Started Quiz: https://yourholisticdiet.co.uk/#quiz

FREE ebook: Paradigm Shift – Weight Loss in the Modern World

We released our ebook Paradigm Shift – Weight Loss in the Modern World last month and we are so happy hundreds of people have downloaded it. – We worked on it for so many years it’s now great to see it go out in the world.

We have had great feedback. Here are some comments we’ve had:

“I love this book”

“I knew so much of what you’ve said, but now it’s fallen into place inside me”

“I felt seen and completely acknowledged” 

“Every page I found myself saying yes, yes, yes…..”

“It’s changed the way I see the whole picture of weight loss” 

“Love the lay out and the holistic approach . Pictures fab too”

You can get our e-book Paradigm Shift – Weight Loss in the modern world for FREE on our website: www.yourholisticdiet.co.uk

Guide to Building an Angel Portal

What is an angel portal?

1. An angel portal is a high energy place created with the angels.
2. Spirits can travel to it for healing or protection or to visit another Universe or when they die.
3. It often feels or looks like a vortex or column of white light.

How to build an angel portal

1. Set your intention of creating an angel portal and its intended purpose.
2. Decide where it is to be built. This may be in your home or garden or in a distant place.
3. Visualise a column of light forming.
4. Call on beings of the angelic realms to add light to it.
5. Call on dragons to protect it.
6. Ask the Earth dragons to ground it.
7. Re-affirm your intention.
8. State how long you wish it to be in place and energised. This may be for one day or for ever.

Visualisation to Build an Animal Portal

It would be wonderful if you could do this and add your light to help the animals and the planet.

1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
2. If possible light a candle to raise the energy.
3. Close your eyes and relax.
4. On each out breath gently imagine golden light flowing round your body until your aura is a golden egg.
5. Think of the sacred and beautiful mountains in the north of China.
6. Mentally build a shining column of pure white light from the very top of the highest mountain right up to the Seventh Heaven.
7. Invoke Archangel Fhelyai, Angel of Animals, and see him entering in his shimmering sunshine yellow light.
8. Watch him adding his glorious light to the column of light.
9. Hundreds of his sunshine yellow angels spiral round the column of white light, filling it with hope, encouragement and love for the animals.
10. The great Universal Angel Mary with her vast aquamarine wings floats in, then pours higher love, compassion and healing into the portal.
11. Hundreds of her aquamarine angels spiral round the portal singing in love.
12. Quan Yin, in her cerise pink and diamond white light, pours healing and transcendent love into the portal.
13. Lord Buddha radiates peace, calm and serenity into it.
14. An army of fire dragons arrives to build a wall of protective etheric fire round the column.
15. And finally the wondrous pure white unicorns pour golden Christ light of unconditional love into the portal.
16. It is ready. Be aware of it radiating light and magnetically attracting animals in need.
17. See animals arriving from all over the world.
18. They are relaxing, feeling safe, healing and receiving love and light. You may receive an impression of which animals arrive and what they receive.
19. Finally see a queue of humans forming, who need to be educated about the true spiritual nature and evolved status of the animal world.
20. They are being brought by their angels and entering the portal, to receive higher light into their minds and hearts. 21.See Archangel Fhelyai and Lord Buddha touching their minds and healing their attitudes. You may receive an impression of what they receive and how they change.
22. Lord Kuthumi, World Teacher, and St Francis are teaching these people.
23. Earth dragons now ground the portal into the open heart of Lady Gaia, so that it is anchored and remains for as long as it is needed.
24. Thank the angels and dragons for the opportunity to serve the planet and the animas by building this portal of light.
25. When you are ready, open your eyes and know you have done something important.

With love and angelic blessings,

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