Diana Cooper’s February 2021 Newsletter

HAllo Friends,

Welcome to February.  It always sounds a gloomy month but there are already snowdrops and daffodils and some golden crocuses in full bloom in the UK, at least where I live.  Other areas are being graced with snow, and Archangel Gabriel is always present where there is snow, purifying the land and bringing joy and hope.  And hope is the message for the Spring.  Hunker down for the rest of the winter but hold onto your vision that the new golden world will begin to show itself soon.  Remember this every time you see a glimmer of sunshine peep through the clouds.  Use this time of restriction to concentrate on what brings you soul satisfaction and happiness.

AND think of this.

1.You got a place here on Earth during this massive time of change and opportunity for ascension.  It is a tough course so focus on getting your degree!!!

2.You are placed exactly where you are meant to be, so how can you make the best of it?

3.How many spirit guides, angels, Masters, dragons, unicorns and other beings of light are helping and encouraging you right now?

With love and joy

Communicating with animals

Animals will feel the shift in energy too.  They too are being offered a leap forward in their ascension process.  For thousands of years they have been subjected to the ‘control’ of humans.  This year we will notice some species claiming their power again.  It was wonderful during lockdown to see some of them going back to their original land, oblivious to the fact that houses and flats now stand there.  Possibly it wasn’t so much fun for someone finding a puma family in the vestibule of their apartment block!

Animals will continue to fascinate and enchant us as we get to know them and understand them better.  They have so much to teach us too.  

I love the way they are attuned to the angelic realms and respond to people.  I was flicking through

When I came upon this story in True Angel Stories, 777 Messages of Hope and Inspiration, which is full of angelic stories contributed by the teachers of the Diana Cooper School.  Gillian Webster shared.   ‘I had booked a boat trip to see the dolphins on a weekend away with the Diana Cooper School, and was delighted that it would happen on my birthday. I thought to myself what a great birthday treat! As we set off the sky was overcast, the sea was choppy, and I feared that we wouldn’t see any dolphins. So I asked my angels to send dolphins to me. Suddenly the whole group started to sing loudly to the seas.  It was beautiful and the sailors were laughing and saying that had never happened before on any of their trips. But it worked! The wind calmed, blue sky started to peak through the clouds, and with a shout someone pointed out a dolphin with its baby swimming in the distance. It was a wonderful moment and I truly connected with the dolphins and thanked my Angels for their help.

My dog Sugar is a real healer dog.  When my daughter’s little black cat Beauty was quite unwell recently she wouldn’t come near anyone but was found snuggled up with Sugar.    She instantly senses if someone, especially children, is scared of dogs, and sits quietly beside them until they feel safe enough to stroke them.  She is even teaching Venus to do this by example. 

Venus and Sugar both send you love for the year ahead!

How Jesus stayed in balance

I wanted to do a Facebook live freebie to Heal The World and Yourself but Kumeka said No, it must be a Zoom.  See my special Zoom on 22 February– Heal the World and Yourself.   I asked why and He said that in the fifth dimension karma must be kept in balance and this meant that giving and receiving must be kept equal – as it was in the Golden era of Atlantis.  He said that I did more freely than I was paid for, and this must be brought back into equilibrium, so this one must be a Zoom.   Wow! I found that fascinating.

I asked about Jesus.  People are always saying, ‘ Jesus didn’t charge for healing so it should always be free’, so I was interested in what Kumeka had to say.  His response was that Jesus’ grandfather was Joachim the powerful, rich and pious High Priest of the Great Temple of Helios and his uncle was the rich trader Joseph of Aramathea.  Jesus’s father Joseph was not a poor humble carpenter but had an extensive building business.  So financially Jesus was supported through his education at Mount Carmel and his later travels, as well as through his healing ministry.   If you incarnate into a rich family and accept the rewards and support of this, you balance it by what you give freely.

Jesus also received karmic and spiritual support in many other ways from the moment of his birth. He was surrounded by great Masters.  His father Joseph was St Germain, now the Lord of Civilization and the Keeper of the Golden Scales, who oversees the balance of the Universe.  His mother Mary was Isis.  Mary was a dove in the temple and was kept totally pure, so Jesus was birthed through a pure high frequency channel.  At birth he was greeted by the three Wise Men, all great Masters.  Casper was Dwjhal Kuhl. Balthazar was Lord Kuthumi, now the World Teacher. Melchior was El Morya, who holds the blueprint of the perfected human for the sixth root race of humanity in the new Golden Age. The frequencies of these mighty beings was a huge blessing.  Jesus himself is now The Bringer of Cosmic Love.  He was called Jeshua Ben Joseph as a child, reflecting his past incarnations as Jeshua and  Joseph of Egypt. He was also Adam and Elijah, so he was a highly evolved being, who had already Mastered every lesson he had undertaken on Earth

Every step of Jesus’ life was carefully planned by the Great White Brotherhood, who supported him in many ways, which is also part of a karmic balance.

So it is important to look at your life overall and check that you are in balance.  It is not as simple as it sounds, but you can ask your Guardian Angel to help you keep your life in karmic balance and to impress on you when to give and when to receive.

More about 2021

Last year was a time of change for the whole world and this year the change will continue but in a less destructive way.  So this year we are called on to bring communities together.  As more people are becoming fifth dimensional, there will automatically be more focus on supporting local businesses and helping the disadvantaged.  Once again there will be protests for equality.  It is also the start of the spiritual technology of the future as people want to use technology for the highest good and to help the planet rather than control it.   Digital technology has taken over our lives as we socialise and work on line.   People are becoming more and more disillusioned with that way of life and the huge companies that control it, so there will be shake ups here.

Travel will not return to the pre-Covid levels until we have found ecologically clean ways to power it.  There will be some years of reduced movement of goods and people until this happens.

Business on line will continue and this will considerably reduce travel as more people work from home as a new way of life.  Because more people will be at home, there will be more support for local businesses and many will make a conscious choice to buy local.

Politicians will start to recognise that we live in one world and must support each other and nature.  It is a step in the right direction.

NEW – Archangel Oracle Deck

I am so excited to share about my new Archangel Oracle Deck coming out in March.  44 mighty angels stepped forward to be presented on the cards.  Each one is beautifully illustrated by Jane Delaford Taylor.  The accompanying booklet offers information about each angelic being followed by special guidance from them.   They are so amazing, simple yet deep.  Of all the decks I have created, this one has affected me the most.  As I created it I have attuned more deeply to angels I knew already and connected with less familiar ones.  Producing these was an amazing experience and opportunity for spiritual growth. 

Attunement to the Archangels Course

When I started to channel these cards I thought that it would be a fabulous way for people to learn about and know the Archangels and to connect with them as they read the cards.

However the Archangels had something much more important in mind.  They asked me to create a course to accompany the cards.  They suggested I started by explaining the energy and symbols in each card.  When I had written that they asked me to create a 5-10 minute attunement to each one!  This was amazing.  I wrote the attunements as requested.  Then I was asked to invoke and fully feel the vibration of each angel with me before I recorded them.  As I recorded the attunements the energy and frequency of the Archangels came through my voice, so that when you listen to it, the angels can connect more deeply to you.  The podcasts took many days to make but when I had finished I was buzzing with angel energy and felt as if I too had gone through a deep attunement to each angel.  The more often you listen to these podcasts the more deeply connected you are to the Archangels.

This course of 44 lessons will be available in March.

Lemurian Influence

Many old Lemurians have incarnated and there are millions of Lemurian children leading the world forward. It was called Lemuria after the lemurs! It was the fifth dimensional civilization in the Pacific that predated Atlantis.  The original Lemurians were etheric, not fully in a body and androgynous.  They were part of a huge healing force that swept round the universe.

However they loved Earth and a great desire to heal it.  They drew down the light and love of God through the cosmic heart and focussed it into the Earth. They all had the deepest love for nature. They originally connected to Earth in order to create and place their wonderful healing crystals within the planet.  One of the ways of knowing you were a Lemurian is that you love nature and crystals.

They created their crystals in an amazing way.  They gathered the divine qualities from the energy fields of Earth and the auras of many planes of existence, stars, planets and constellations and added this to pure Source energy.

With the assistance of the dragons they focused this incredible light onto the planet, where it solidified and created the Lemurian crystals.  The light from them poured into the ley lines, so that the Earth was lit up from inside. The Lemurians also placed their crystals in other stars and planets throughout the universe, so that we can all connect.

When they started to incarnate they were androgynous and built 9ft tall bodies and had a blue green tinge to their skins, long faces and large lids.  These Lemurians lived for more than a hundred years and practiced telepathy, astral travel and teleportation.  They understood the power of mind over matter and Polynesian fire walking is a legacy of their energies.  They learnt about the Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

Mother Mary, Isis, was one of the cosmic beings who oversaw the Lemurian

influence on Earth.

Later many left Lemuria in the Pacific and moved to Tibet to form the Great White Brotherhood.  The Modoc tribe went to Mount Shasta, where some are still said to live.

Ancient Maori, Hindu, Polynesian, tribal African and Hawaian cultures also link to Lemuria.   

However it was the Australian aborigines who fully brought the Lemurian energy down to Earth.  They understood and honoured the land and followed the Sacred Laws of Lemuria, to bring about community, peaceful co-existence and oneness.

The cosmic portal in Hawaii, which is activating the great crystal of Lemuria and returning the wisdom it holds, is almost fully open.

Lemurian Walk (from The Keys to the Universe)

The energy of Lemuria is white-gold. The Lemurians loved the Earth and all of nature and this walk will help you attune to that.

1. Find somewhere outside, in your garden, a park, the hills, the woods or by the sea.

2. For a while focus on breathing in love from the cosmic heart.

3. Then reach further into Source energy and bring white-gold light down through you.

4. Sense you are leaving white-golden footsteps on the Earth. Then visualize them being lit up by the love of the Earth, so you are leaving a trail of love and light.

zooms for february

The Children of the New Golden Era – Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild.

8th February, 2021 at 19.00 – 20.00 U.K. Time. Price £11.

From 2010 onwards a completely new and unique group of souls began to incarnate on Earth to assist with the transition that we are all experiencing.

These new children have been born free from the Wheel of Karma and most of them have been born with their twelve chakras fully activated. They have an array of gifts and talents that will enable them to be the Masters of the future.

Many of us on the ascension pathway are now parents or grandparents to these incredible souls, but in many cases, we have been ‘caught out’ by the different needs and demands that are essential for their growth and development.

This powerful and informative workshop with Diana and Tim will cover some essential points on how to honour the needs of these children, what they are requiring from us as parents and what their future roles will entail!

High frequency children require fifth-dimensional parenting as they are (quite literally) the foundations of our golden future.

During this workshop –

*Children and Atlantis – How did they fit into society during that incredible era*

*Learn about the new children and why they began to incarnate from 2010 onwards*

*Discover what they require of us and what their primary roles are on this planet*

*Meet the dedicated teams of Angelics, Dragons, Unicorns and Ascended Masters who work with the new children*

*Take a powerful journey to work with the Higher Realms and create a beautiful world for these children to step into*

Please bring your favourite crystal to this event.

As with all Zoom workshops this event will be LIVE, and the recording sent out to all participants the following day. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so don’t worry if you miss it!

Registration is via timwhild.com only and please be careful to fill out all of your details correctly (check and double check your email spelling). Links can only be sent to the full/correct email address.

Heal the world and yourself

Monday 22 February 7-8pm UK time £11.

Healing happens when the frequency is raised above that of the problem.  So to heal the world we have a huge opportunity to make a difference and heal ourselves at the same time. 

A few days ago, as I was wandering through the woods with my dogs, I was doing a walking meditation, opening my twelve chakras and sending the light out to the world.  Suddenly Kumeka came in and guided me in the most awesome visualisation, expanding what I was doing by bringing illumined energy through my chakras into the 5D chakras of the planet and igniting the codes of higher light held within them.  There were so many angelic beings, great Masters and rays working with this light force.  Then he asked me to call in certain 9th dimensional energies to run through me into the world.  When we finished I felt as if my aura radiated out for kilometres.  It was awesome.  Kumeka told me he wanted me to facilitate this meditation on a Zoom as it would considerably raise the frequency of the planet and bring about healing where it was most needed.  It would also profoundly  affect those who participated by raising their frequency and healing them at the same time. 

During this Zoom you will

*Connect deeply with the Archangels in charge of the chakras.

*Ignite the specific codes held in each chakra.

*send higher healing to the planetary chakras and light up the flames within them.

*become a 10 kilometre wide column of light.

*raise the consciousness of the entire planet and yourself.

*Bring through 9th dimensional energies.

*understand karmic balance.

As with all Zoom workshops this event will be LIVE, and the recording sent out to all participants the following day. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so don’t worry if you miss it!

Valentines day

February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate love.  There are many stories about how Valentine’s Day began.  The most popular one begins in the year 268.  The Emperor Claudius 11 needed a strong team of men to fight in his armies.  His theory was that when young men are in love, it affects their fighting capabilities.  So he banned marriage for the young men of his armies.

But his soldiers still fell in love and wanted to get married.  A priest called Valentine thought the decree was unjust and bravely he broke the law by marrying couples in secret.  Inevitably news of this reached Emperor Claudius who had Valentine put to death.  It is said this happened on February 14th.

So Valentine caused a special date to be created in the name of love.  There are many spiritual beings of love who are working to bring true love to humanity.  Here are some of those who can touch your heart with love, joy and romance.

Invoke all these Beings of Love and ask them to ignite true love within you.

It is especially powerful and effective if you do this on Valentine’s Day.

Filling your Heart with Love

Sit quietly and relax.

Breathe into your heart centre until it feels warm and soft.

Call Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Love into your heart chakra and ask him to fill it with pure rose pink love.

Ask Mother Mary who is bringing caring and compassion into the hearts of humanity to enfold you in her soft blue cloak of love.

Ask Quan Yin to pour pink and white love into your heart.

Call the mighty pink dragons from Andromeda who carry the frequency of transcendent love and ask them to touch all your chakras with the various qualities of love.

Open up to soul healing from Archangel Mariel who is in charge of your soul star chakra.

Sit quietly for as long as you can and let the magic flow in your heart.

With love, joy and angelic Blessings,


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