Diana Cooper’s January 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
For me personally it has been a wonderful start to the New Year. I took my 13 year old granddaughter Isabel to Paris for three days. We went with a friend of mine and her daughter who lives in Paris. We flew out with a girl and back with a princess. It was magic to watch and enjoy the city with her from climbing the Eiffel Tower (she ice skated half way up it), to floating down the river Seine, the Mona Lisa and the Galerie Lafayette and a million other things.
And maybe this is an analogy of what the whole world can go through if we set our mind to it, a transition with fun and joy. I know some people are going through a horrible time and it is awful to see but if we all focus on everyone leaving the caterpillar stage and emerging as butterflies we will accelerate the process for all. And 2016 can and will be a magical year for those who do this.
So start to spread your wings and fly above the challenges.

NEW YEAR NEW YOU. Why not try my ANGEL CORRESPONDENCE COURSE? Meet the angels and archangels and have a personal tutor to guide your way. Our very experienced Angel Tutors Mildred Ryan and Margaret Merrison have written a little for this newsletter about the course and the feedback they have received. It could just transform your life. Click HERE for further details of the course.

** For each course ordered in January you will receive a personalised FREE GIFT from Diana to help and guide you.

With love and angel blessings

Diana x


The Angel Correspondence Course
By Margaret Merrison, Angel Tutor


It is a great privilege and pleasure to be a tutor for Diana’s Angel Correspondence Course. I love helping people connect with their angels and never cease to be amazed to read about the different ways angels help course participants gently raise their energy vibrations, which changes their lives.

I have been a tutor for the angel course for 10 years and, in that time, have been corresponding with many people throughout the world. Angels, the course material and myself have helped students sense the love and joy of the angels, bring people together, send healing to those that need it, connect with nature, overcome countless varied situations and so much more. One thing that regularly occurs is that most course participants find a sense of calmness and peace in their lives.

I am really looking forward to being an angel correspondence course tutor for another 10 years of wonderful continued service.

To find out more information on the course, click HERE

** For each course ordered in January you will receive a personalised FREE GIFT from Diana to help and guide you.

With love and angel blessings
Margaret Merrison
Author of: ‘True Being: A Beginner’s Guide to Finding, Walking and Enjoying Your Spiritual Path’, ‘What Are Unicorns?’ and ‘How To Be A Brilliant Spiritual Teacher’.

Comments from students who have finished the angel correspondence course:
“I have learned a lot while doing this course. I have gained many tools for my spiritual progress which I will continue to use from now on.” VS

“It has been a delight to do this course and I must thank you for the inspiring remarks to my exercises. Knowing that you would be there for me really helped.” AS

“Thank you for your feedback, inspiration, gentleness and encouragement. You have guided me when I have not got things quite right and thank you for the knowledge and wisdom your course has given me, yes it has, ‘Lit up my life’.” AW

“Thank you very much for helping me during this lovely course. The timing of everything I have done has been perfect for me, even though I didn’t realise it.” WR


The importance of clearing your space
By Penny Wing, Master Teacher at The Diana Cooper Foundation

Have you ever walked into a place which didn’t feel “right” or made you feel uncomfortable? Some places are full of “stuck” energy and this can be as a result of 3 main things – physical dirt, existing energy and clutter

Physical dirt – low level energy always accumulates around dirt therefore it is very important to keep your house as clean as possible (within reason)

Existing energy – everything that happens in a building is recorded in the walls, floors, furniture and objects. This energy is like physical dirt and even though we cannot see it many of us can sense it.

Clutter – any kind of clutter stops the smooth flow of energy around a space.

What is clutter?

The dictionary says clutter is “a crowded and untidy collection of things”. Many space clearing experts categorise clutter as a) things you don’t use or even like, b) things which are untidy or disorganised, c) having too many items in a small space or d) anything that is unfinished

Things you don’t use or even like – Items that are used and loved have vibrant energy around them. However, items which are neglected, unused or unwanted are surrounded by stagnant energy and this can cause the energy in your home to also stagnate. Because we are all connected to everything we own by fine strands of energy, when our home is filled with items we love the energy is positive. Clutter, on the other hand, drags your energy down and the longer you keep it, the more it will have an effect on you. When you get rid of things which have no real meaning for you, you will feel lighter physically and mentally.

Things which are untidy or disorganised – Even if you just have items that you love and use, if they are scattered all over the place and you can’t find them when you need them, your home will still be cluttered. Everyone’s life goes more smoothly when they know where things are. I am not saying that everything should be perfect but your home is an outward representation of what is going on inside you – if you are messy on the outside the chances are you will be messy on the inside!

Too many things in too small a space – sometimes we simply don’t have enough space for what we have accumulated over time! We therefore need to be very careful that we are not cramming in too many things into our home and consequently feeling constricted in our own space. A good idea to keep on top of this is that when you buy something new you give something old away!

Anything unfinished – this form of clutter is harder to see and easier to ignore than the other types but the effects can be far reaching. Things not dealt with in you home reflect issues not dealt with in your life and they can be a constant drain on your energy. From small jobs such as repairing the dripping tap to bigger jobs such as redecorating the house all have an effect on your life outside the home. If you complete all your unfinished business you will be amazed at how your energy levels will increase.

How clutter affects you

Makes you feel tired and lethargic
Most people who hoard things say they can’t find the energy to start clearing them away or throwing them out. The stagnant energy which accumulates around clutter causes this tiredness and lethargy. Clearing it frees up the energy in your home and gives you more vitality.

Can keep you stuck in the past
When all your available space is filled up with clutter how can you allow anything new to come into your life? Your thoughts tend to dwell in the past and you look back rather than look forward. Clearing it helps you to release the past and move on.

Keeps you confused
When you are surrounded by mess, it is impossible to have clarity about what you are doing in your life. When you clear it, you can think more clearly and making decisions becomes easier.

Affects the way people treat you
People treat you the way you treat yourself! If you value yourself others will value you. If you live in a mess you may attract people who disrespect you.

Can make you procrastinate
If you have a lot of clutter around, you will tend to put off doing things. The clutter drains your energy and you just can’t be bothered! Many people, once they have started to clear their surroundings, feel motivated to go on and do things they have been putting off for a long time.

Can cause disharmony
Clutter can be a major cause of arguments in families and between partners. If you live with someone who hoards things their lifestyle can stop your progress.

Can make you feel ashamed
Have you reached the stage where your home is such a mess you are ashamed to invite people over? You can choose to live alone surrounded by your belongings or you can choose to have a good clear out, increase your self esteem and start to have a social life! The choice is yours!

Can make you feel depressed
Many people that suffer from depression are surrounded by clutter. If you are so depressed that you can’t even begin to think about having a clear out, try to least remove the items from the ground level. It can help to lift your spirits and your energy. Ask for help if necessary.

Takes longer to clean your house
It takes at least twice as long to clean a place full of objects and also the objects need cleaning! Just think of what you could do with the extra time you would have if you didn’t have to spend so much time cleaning!

Can make you disorganised
How often do you lose things? How many times have you searched for something, given up and then found it weeks or months later? Being disorganised wastes time.

So why do people keep clutter?

Our possessions reflect parts of ourselves and times in our life which we don’t want to forget. Think about how many women keep their wedding dress stored away in a box which then never gets looked at!
Keeping things “just in case”
This is a popular reason why people hold onto things that they don’t need. We know that “your thoughts create your reality” so if you worry that you will need something after you have thrown it away, your subconscious mind will create a situation where you need that thing!! Then you say “I knew it would come in useful one day” but what has actually happened is that you have created that need yourself! If you have lots of clutter that you are keeping for the above reason the message you are sending out to the universe is that you don’t trust it to provide for you.

A sense of identity
It’s easy to become attached to your belongings because you can feel that your own identity is tied up in them. For example, if you have kept a theatre ticket stub from 5 years ago you can look at it and say “I went and saw that show” I am not saying don’t keep some mementoes and gifts but not so many that they keep you rooted in the past. Have regular clear outs to keep the things that represent you for how you are now…

Getting rid of presents is difficult for some people as they feel they are throwing away their friend’s kindness. But if you have enjoyed that present for some time and no longer have a need for it pass it onto someone who will use it and appreciate it – you are then letting it go with love! Our own happiness does not depend on objects staying in our possession for ever!

A sense of security
Modern advertising is designed to play on our insecurities – “If you don’t own one of these you are not as good as other people” is one of the constant underlying messages we receive. For some people no matter how many things they have there is always something else they “need”…true security is about handling things not having things!

The belief that more is better
In the Western world most people have a selection of kitchen knives in their homes – one for chopping small things, one for chopping big things, and so on. Most households in countries from the East such as Bali or Thailand have only one knife which they use for everything! We have been brainwashed by advertising companies into believing that we need a range of knives! It is not true – keep it simple!!

Getting your money’s worth
Some people refuse to let go of their clutter until they feel that they have really got their money’s worth out of it. This applies even if the item was bought at a bargain price or picked up for nothing. Remember good things cannot come into your life easily if you block the flow of energy by persistently holding onto outdated clutter. Relax a little and see what happens.

Letting go

When something comes into your life enjoy it, use it well and when it is time to let it go. It is that simple. Just because you own something it doesn’t mean to say that you have to keep it for ever. You are just a temporary guardian of the many things as they pass through your life. The beginning of the year is an ideal time to start the clearing process so go for it!!


Penny x



Angel Correspondence Course
By Mildred Ryan, Angel Tutor

I feel blessed to be a tutor of the Angel Correspondence Course. It is wonderful to see how the Angels take each person by the hand and gently guide them on a transformational journey, helping them to heal and move forward into a positive life filled with love, peace and happiness.

A special journey with the Angels

The correspondence course is special because each person has their own personal tutor, and the course is designed to be taken at a pace that suits their lifestyle and commitments.

As people work through the course, they send me summaries of their progress, charting the healing or insights that they have received, along with questions or anything that they would like clarified. I send feedback on all their correspondence. I always meditate beforehand and ask the Angels to guide and inspire me with the words and messages that they would me to send on their behalf.

The messages from the Angels are always loving and inspirational, filled with guidance on how to heal, light up their lives, and find solutions to problems and difficulties.

Sparkling Feedback

Everyone lightens up as they realize how much their Angels love and support them.
This is what a few people have said about the course.

Working with the Angels has changed my life into a glorious, exciting journey.”

“Thank you Diana and Mildred and everybody that participated in creating this wonderful and insightful course. I have found my mission and purpose in life and have released the past. I am now working on releasing all toxic ties, thoughts, feelings and beliefs, so that I continue lighter on my path and step into the next level of my consciousness and existence.”

“Thank you so much for the positive feedback – your words and thoughts always inspire me to reach for a higher level, and to know that it is possible.”

“I just LOVE this course. It is changing my life so much. Thank you for your precise answers.

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. Your words and comments always give me an incredible boost of confidence, enthusiasm and joy, and an accelerated desire to move forward on this amazing journey.”

“At the end of this wonderful journey, I can say that it has far outreached the expectations I had for it.”

“I have had some really amazing experiences and quite often think this wouldn’t be happening for me if it wasn’t for this course.”

To find out more information on the course, click HERE

** For each course ordered in January you will receive a personalised FREE GIFT from Diana to help and guide you.

With Angel Love,

Mildred Ryan
Angel Correspondence Course Tutor



Here’s an extraordinary thing for winter which is meant to be cold so all snakes are asleep. Mum and I are walking through the forest when a lady tells us there is a 2ft adder lying on the path ahead. She describes exactly where it is and says, ‘Be careful.’ Mum puts me on my lead and walks carefully along the path. She nearly treads on it! It is exactly the same colour as the gravel path. She tells me to sit and leaves me on the other side of the path. Well I’m not interested in a funny stick on the ground so I sit. Then she says she’ll have to move it in case a child or a dog accidentally trips over it. So she finds a long stick and tries to pick it up. Ooh! Suddenly the inert stick turns and hisses. What! a stick is attacking Mum! I race across the path and try to attack it. Mum screams, ‘No Venus!’ and grabs my trailing lead to haul me away. The snake is now sitting up looking at us. This time Mum grasps her stick and gently taps the ground behind it until it slowly slithers away! Here it is!
Well it was one of those days. We walk back via the open grassy glade and there is a photographer taking a picture of something lying on the grass. We approach and it is a man dressed as a soldier with curly pink hair lying face down in the grass. No! This is clearly weird and dangerous. I circle very slowly round him. Then I circle faster. I let out a volley of barks to warn Mum not to approach. I bark and bark so much that the photographer starts to laugh, the man with the pink wig sits up and laughs and Mum laughs. Well how was I to know it was a stage set? These things are a big shock for a little dog.

About a year ago I told the story of visiting my friend Arnie, the Yorkie’s house for the first time. And Katrina’s cats did not accept me. The huge black and white one called Whisky trapped me in the toilet and I squealed so loudly that Mum ran from the sitting room to rescue me. Well I valiant Venus decided that if I was going to be friends with Arnie, I’d have to win over the cats. I tried a charm offensive and last weekend when Mum left me for a sleep-over there, Katrina found me in the morning on a chair snuggled up to that huge black and white Whisky.

I am an animal saviour dog! A bird came down our chimney but it didn’t fall into the grate. Mum kept opening the door and we could hear it scrabbling about but it was stuck in the chimney. . I sat by the wood burning stove and refused to move. In the end she phoned her friend Katrina (Arnie’s Mum) and she came round looking very smart in dangly earrings and bright red top with matching lipstick. She loves all animals and plunged into the fire, removing the plate so the bird flew out. Katrina was covered in soot! She stroked me so I was black with soot too! And now they can’t get the plate back into the fire again. Oh well, at least the bird is free.
And then our kitchen mouse is back again. It hid from Ash-ting and me in Mum’s walking boot. She picked the boot up, opened the back door and tipped it out! Well I’m not stupid. The following evening I wanted to go out to bark at the fox but Mum wouldn’t let me. She was watching television in the sitting room. I knew how to get her to open the door. I picked up her boots and threw them around making a horrible clattering noise. She rushed into the kitchen and opened the door with one hand while she tipped the boot out with the other. I nipped out in a flash…. And I barked at that pesky fox!


Because I am moving house shortly we are having a super sale of books and CD’s. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase that book or CD you have always wanted. In some cases we only have one or two of the item in stock so be quick! The sale only lasts while we have stock.

Venus Book / CD
One of my favourite books, the book of my heart. This is the story of Venus the puppy and her adventures as she grows up. If you love animals or want to connect with them more this is the book for you. And the CD’s are the book read by me. Great to listen to in the car or to speed the day when you have chores to do.
£6.00 + P&P

The Wonder of Unicorns Game
The purpose of the game is to help you to be guided and supported by the unicorns and your fellow players to reach a goal. Clearly you must be willing and open to heal your physical, mental and emotional wounds and traumas by connecting to the unicorns. It is also important to be honest with yourself and the players who are supporting you.
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True Angel Stories Book
This is a collection of over 700 inspirational angel stories. I have heard people say they keep it by their bedside and read a story every night. It helps you strengthen your faith, to remember to work with the angelic forces and inspires you to expect miracles. Great for yourself or for a gift!
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Discover Atlantis Book
The great civilisation of Atlantis, when people had awesome gifts and capabilities, was the foundation for the new Golden Age we are approaching. Unfolding like a story this book explains how it was set up, all about the priesthood, daily living, their technology and much more. It is the only book I know of that brings the Golden Age of Atlantis to life.
£6.00 + P&P

The Silent Stones Book
• The first of a trilogy of spiritual adventure books where Marcus, Joanna and Helen are on a quest to reveal the mysteries of the sacred Atlantean Scroll before the dark forces can discover them. Full of information as well as excitement.
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The Codes of Power Book 
Set in Australia, this is the second of the gripping spiritual adventure stories where Marcus, Joanna and Helen must discover the Codes of Power which holds secrets of Lemuria. Again full of spiritual information as you join their quest.
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The Web of Light Book
• The third of the trilogy of stories where Marcus, Joanna and Helen fight to save the life of a sacred white lion cub and unleash huge forces for the light. Set in South Africa and Egypt, this is a treasure trove of information enfolded into a gripping adventure.
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A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws Book
When you travel on the road of life it is very helpful to know the rules of the road. This book sets out the Laws of Life, making our daily lives and challenges understandable and giving you the information you need to master your life. £6.00 + P&P

Transform your Life Book
This workbook is one of my favorite books. It enables you to understand your life and change your beliefs in a fun way. You can do the exercises yourself or with friends to heal your inner child, create wise parents, heal your heart and many other exercises.
£6.00 + P&P

The Power of Inner Peace Book
A clairvoyant recently told me that her guides are constantly channeling through her to recommend this book. It is back to the basics of opening your heart with tools to live in happiness and peace.
£6.00 + P&P


A Time for Transformation Book
This is one of my early books full of stories and tools for changing your life so that you can be happy and successful.
£6.00 + P&P

The Wonder of Unicorns Book
• The unicorns were with me all the time as I wrote this book at their request. It enables you to learn about them and to connect more deeply to their pure white energy. It is a life changer.
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A New Light on Angels Book
• This book continues to be my best seller. The angels wrote it through me very quickly and it is full of their energy which touches you as you read it. Filled with stories, inspiration and information, it enables you to connect with the angels and work with them.
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The Keys to the Universe Book
• If you are really committed to enlightenment and ascension, this book offers the keys you need. It also gives you musical notes and tunes on an accompanying CD so that you can absorb the information more easily to accelerate your progress.
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Birthing a New Civilization Book
• What does the future hold? What is happening world wide? How can we prepare for the awesome new Golden Age expected in 2032? Some of the predictions have already come to pass. Others we can change by sending love into our planet. A fascinating read.
£8.00 + P&P

Enlightenment Through Orbs Book
• This book explains what Orbs are, how you can translate them, how you can use them to help your life and connection with the angelic forces. It includes a glossary of the angelic beings who help us.
£6.00 + P&P

Ascension through Orbs
• Orbs are the 6th dimensional light bodies of angels caught on camera. The Orbs chosen for this book accelerate your ascension and this book enables you to fast track your journey. It includes powerful information about your journey through each chakra.
£6.00 + P&P

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** Remember its first come first serve, your order is not guaranteed until payment has been received. 

Secret Alchemy

2016: New Energies & Change by Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou

Beloved human angels, it is so beautiful that we beginning anew together, making a fresh start in 2016. When we walk together everything is possible. There is nothing to hold us back. We have to awaken individually and collectively to the fact that we are one humanity, one family, one community and we walk together side by side. We are here, now, you for me, and me for you, and together we create something truly wonderful. We become the miracle and the joy of being!

The year 2016 carries the vibration of number 9 (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9) and this new year brings many blessings while many past cycles are coming gradually to completion. However we are still in a transitional phase which pushes humanity and ourselves as individuals to grow up. So the vibration of 2016 impels us to understand the deep connection among people. It is a humanitarian year, a period of awakening where we begin to realize more that there is no essential difference between the people next door and the one who lives in a different culture and environment at the other side of the world.

The vibration of number 9 prompts us to let go of judgment, to be more tolerant and conscious. Some of the key words for 2016 are: solidarity, service, balance, healing, daily alignment with spirit and the heart, awareness.

The Angels will play an important role this year in the healing of humanity since the need for healing will be increased. The Angelic Kingdom infuses the womb of the earth and the energy grids with the new codes of the awakened heart or the Christ Consciousness. These Light codes are activated like seeds inside the crystalline matrix of the heart, in order to connect humanity in a deeper way with the Light, with truth, balance and to clear the resistances towards the recognition of unity. So as workers of light and love we will be called to sustain and nourish these seeds which accelerate the awakening of every heart and which create a powerful field and grid of unity and congruence based on the open heart, on understanding, solidarity, humanism and compassion. On a more practical level we will witness a greater movement in the creation of Communities of Light and actions which ground the higher values in tangible ways.

In conclusion the year 2016 is “challenging us to prove” if we finally got our lesson and are ready to be human angels in a grounded way, free from fears, free from prejudice and indifference. 2016 can be a wonderful year with countless blessings not only for ourselves but for all around us. The choice is in our hands and to our side we have all the support of the celestial kingdoms. While you take your first steps in the new year, remember that you are not alone. Look next to you, we walk together and together we create something wonderful. May all your steps be blessed.

Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou


Upcoming Workshops

Saturday 6th February – Zurich – Archangel Ascension

Sunday 7th February – Zurich – Angels, Animals and Nature

Sunday 21st February – Bournemouth – Ascension with Dragons, Unicorns & Metatron with Tim Whild

Sunday 13th March – Dublin – Ascend with the Archangels

Saturday 9th April – Glasgow – Up Close and Personal with Diana Cooper and Angel Cards

Sunday 10th April – Glasgow – Archangels and Ascension with Diana Cooper

Sunday 1st May – Mind Body Spirit, London – The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery

For further details and to book tickets, please click HERE


Exciting News from The Orb Team

The Diana Cooper Orb Team took a temporary break last year and has recently had a reshuffle, they are now back up and running and eagerly waiting to view and translate all your beautiful Orb Pictures. You can email your best pictures to Orbs@dianacooper.com. The most interesting ones will be featured in the Monthly Newsletter and on Facebook.

There are also hundreds of pictures with interpretations on the Orb Gallery: www.dianacooper.com/exercises-and-meditation/orb-gallery/ so please take a browse while you wait to take your own pictures.


Sent in by Josie,

Thanks for the orb, this is the reflective light of the sun here activating and energizing the orbs close to your left ear. The almost see thru white orb on your right ear is your guardian angel and you are being reminded that you are not alone and are given guidance all the time you just need to take the time to listen . The pink orb is the energy of Archangel Chamuel the angel of love and he also works with the heart and heart felt issues. Also encouraging your to listen to your inner wisdom that you receive and reminding you that you need to nurture yourself and embrace your divine femininity. Be open to change and embrace it with an open heart. This orb reminds us that we are never alone and when our heart is open you are able to receive many blessings from the Universe.
Namaste Carol
Diana Cooper Orb team



Sent in by Ashley,

Thank you for your photographs which show as follows :

1/ Many Archangels are actively working with your solar plexus chakra to calm your fears and bring clarity, healing and love to you.

2/ Angels are here with you bringing love and healing energies to you all.

3/ Archangel Fhelyai (the Archangel looking after the animals) is actively working with your beautiful dog Sterling helping him and bringing him Blessings together with Archangel Purlimiek who is looking after the Nature Kingdom and Elementals in the area.

Wishing you Love, Light and Angel Blessings
Barbara, Orb Team for Diana


Sent in by Jordan,

This feels like Archangel Raphael and the angel of love, beaming healing and love onto you as well as telling you that you need to be in nature more it will assist you with your healing , I sense a lot of angelic energy around you and the green orb on your back is an indication of having to heal issues in the past and forgiving and letting go this will also assist with your healing as when we let go of issues we set ourselves free. The orb closest to the ground I feel the energy of Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Metatron and Angels. This orb is very active and for me that is an indication that all of them are with you at this moment. Michael because you are feeling vulnerable and need protection and it is time also to assist you to cut any negative cords that are not allowing you to move forward . Then Mother Mary who is telling you to embrace your Divine Feminine and she is assisting you to open up your heart. Metatron is assisting your to connect with the ascension energies and grounding this all with the angelic energy.

Namaste Carol Diana Cooper Orb team.

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