Diana Cooper’s December 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends
And so an amazing, yet challenging year draws to a close. I will always remember the enormous energies flowing in at the full moons, the eclipse and during the September shift. Phew! It certainly has been a lesson in holding steady and staying grounded.
I love the way the dragons have poured in, quietly helping and comforting us. There are so many around us now. And I feel the joy of the 9th dimensional unicorns with their golden horns as they pour light onto us. It has been a year of shifting energy and great change in the world.
Christmas 2015 – full moon! Every year at the winter solstice Source light starts to filter into Earth. From midnight on 24th to midnight on the 25th special cosmic energies pour into the planet. This is why Jesus’ birthday was chosen to be at this time. It is a time to relax if you can and absorb the energy.
This year the full moon falls on Christmas Day. And Uranus moves out of retrograde. Expect miracles, sudden changes for the better and a happy time. Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year.
2016 promises to be a little easier as we are given time to integrate the 2015 frequency surges. However we must remember that we are all undergoing a house move from a small third dimensional cottage to a huge fifth dimensional mansion and that there are lots of adjustments to be made. We truly are living in special and exciting times so keep your heart open and keep talking to the angels and Masters.

With love and angel blessings

P.S I am getting fantastic feedback on all my videos on Facebook, you can view all of them on my YouTube Channel…. www.youtube.com/user/dianacooper/videos Enjoy!!!!

UFO’s and Help from the Universe
Because Earth is making an unprecedented change from the third to the fifth dimension in a mere 20 years, beings from all the Universes are watching what is happening here. They watch in awe as humans transform their energies as Lady Gaia raises her frequency. This plane is unique in that we undertook to experience free will, which was considered to be an act of great courage! Earth is also the solar plexus of this universe, so we take in the fear of the universe and transmute it through our energy systems. Again this is an act of service to all. No wonder we are being observed so closely and receiving so much help from those who love us.

Space ships, especially from Commander Ashtar’s fleet are very attentive, protecting us. When they rest above us and the atmosphere is right, moisture gathers round them. When the craft move away it leaves the shape of the spacecraft that has been resting there (the same applies to angels). Here are two pictures taken over Capetown sent in by Cecile Mazewski and one of many I took in France last year. The best I have ever seen are in Mount Shasta, California, which is the retreat of Archangel Gabriel. Many UFO’s gather at the portal there.
Commander Ashtar, who is in charge of the intergalactic fleet of spaceships stationed round Earth, is the guardian of the portal of Machu Picchu. He belongs to the Hierarchy of the Great Central Sun and
his vast fleet of spaceships patrol this universe. They are particularly engaged in protecting our planet and us.
He and his fleet connect to Earth and also access Hollow Earth through Machu Picchu. This is the only portal through which he can bring his mothership, which is an enormous energy almost as large as Lady Gaia herself. He only has one mother ship and once through the portal it moves to places where its huge energy can be accepted. These are New Zealand, Avebury in the West Country of England, Uluru in Australia, Guatemala in South America, The Himalayas, Mount Shasta in the US and the Hollow Earth Portal in the US. There is more about this in The Keys to the Universe.

I once had the extraordinary blessing of seeing a glimpse of his mothership in New Zealand.


Taken by me in France

ufo1The rocket that was released over California for thousands of people to see was interesting.  It was a man-made rocket but the energy round it was angelic.  The white lights radiating from it were Angels of Love with some Archangel Gabriel energy.  Interestingly nearly all my photos of planes are surrounded with Archangel Gabriel Orbs.  Into the trail from the rocket the Angels of the Pleiades were pouring their blue healing
energy, so everyone who saw it or who received the energy was receiving heart healing.  It is wonderful how the angelic forces are using so many phenomena to pour light onto us.

Inspirational healing story
Here is a reminder that when we heal the mental and emotional the physical body follows suit…..

In 2001 I was diagnosed with vaginal cancer and I found out soon after that there were abnormal cells in my breasts, reproductive area and cervix as well (no surprise really). Immediate surgery was recommended but I wasn’t convinced that surgery was the best option for me, so I looked into the probable mental/emotional causes behind the creation of it in Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”. It’s interesting to note that although I was on a recommended ‘special diet’, the cancer continued to grow so I knew that I had to look at the metaphysical reasons behind it as well to help understand and heal. Within 6 months of using Reiki, affirmations and other spiritual healing methods, the cancerous lesion was dissolved. Once I had accessed the core incident which I believe was the main reason behind it, the lesion was gone within a week. Forgiveness of those involved in the events connected to the original childhood trauma (sexual abuse by a family member when I was 5), also played a huge part in my complete healing without the use of drugs or surgery. This certainly proved to me the power and belief in Louise’s teachings and also confirmed to me that when we ask, God/Universe/Higher Power will bring the people and tools into our lives that will be the most beneficial for what we are trying to heal or change. BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU CAN!
Anon,  Australia

……. And sometimes there is a spiritual reason for surgery!

You asked for stories about self healing and I read with interest that you had a hysterectomy and the guilt the lady in your workshop felt at not being able to deal with this without surgery. I, too, have had a hysterectomy and at first felt guilt at not being able to deal with this via diet, healing etc. However, I had a premonition many years earlier at needing an operation and felt it had to be part of my life path. During the preparation and post op, I actually saw the angel with my surgeon and the manifestation of healing sent to me by many people. It was such an awesome experience that I understood why I had this surgery.

I have never been so afraid as when I was faced with a necessary operation in June 2011. I had come to the end of the line – tried the diet, the remedies, the medication, the exploratory procedure. I would never choose to have surgery unless it was a last resort.

About 35 years ago I had a premonition that I would need an operation later in life and my good female friends would be there to support me. As time passed, I learned more about healthy living, gave up smoking and changed my diet, regularly trained in martial arts, yoga and shiatsu, if I gave this operation any thought, it was that I had made a free choice and therefore changed what might have been. However, it appears that this is part of my life path.

I was very fortunate in that I could afford to pay for my treatment which meant I could choose my surgeon and have the procedure done right away. From the start, spirit was guiding me, first in looking at the cost of the operation and then helping me choose the right person from available websites. I had a wonderful evening with some friends during May when I asked spirit to give me a pain free time, dry weather and the right circumstances for a rare get together and spirit obliged but it was back to the reality of my situation a couple days later when in desperation I consulted my doctor. She was extremely sympathetic, spoke highly of the specialist I had selected and confirmed that I was in a serious state that needed urgent attention.

I only had to wait two weeks for my operation and during that time became aware of blue lights which never left me and messages coming through. I had several friends who could reassure me of what to expect but even so, I was so utterly terrified that I felt I could not go through with it, fearing the pain which would follow. I phoned the surgeon who asked me to come and see her. She went through every stage of what would happen and told me what pain relief was on offer. Sitting next to me all the time was the most beautiful pale, silver blue figure as she spoke. When I left, the figure stayed with the surgeon and was always following her all the subsequent times we met. During the wait, my Reiki master husband, Ian, gave me healing every day and I managed to do some self healing. Then we sent healing to the hospital staff and surrounded the hospital in a blue light. This was on the words of William Bloom who had recently written of a similar experience and his own fears, despite working many years with angels.

On the weekend before I was due to go into hospital, still convinced I would die in agony, I phoned a friend who I had not spoken to in a while. She was exactly the right person and went through everything. She had also had surgery some time ago and told me that the pain afterwards is very different, a healing pain not a desperate pain you try to ignore.

Oh and where was the yoga and meditation all this time? I guess it was in my awareness in talking to the right people but the breathing and focussing goes out the window when you are in blind panic. Meantime, 24/7 the blue lights came close, all shades from pale blue white to deepest midnight blue, all sizes and spirit were saying that I must experience this but they would make it as easy as possible!

On the morning of the operation, I was in a calm space. We left home early and had a walk on the Bristol Downs before going to the hospital close by. My peaceful high room had a view of the Downs; a spacious recreation area next to the Avon Gorge. I walked to the operation prep room and the fear only took over again in the last seconds as I felt the needle in my hand. Next thing I know it’s all over and I am asking to see what the surgeon removed!

The blue lights filled my room. If I was given an injection, a small light would immediately home in on the site, blue figures surrounded my bed and followed some of the nurses. There is a very big difference to spirit between medics who are purely on a career pathway and those who love what they do!! The most caring of the staff were often the ones doing the more simple tasks of helping me wash and making my bed. I liked it that many staff talked to me spontaneously about themselves, from the cleaners to the doctors, about the heat, how tired they were, their training etc. I must have looked like a listener, anyway, it made them more human.

On my second night, the staff were very busy and forgot my electric powered leg supports which meant I could get up when I wanted to – convenient to me because I did not want to wait to be disconnected for my frequent visits to the loo. I remember the nurse gently closing the door as she left the room and the intense peace I experienced, feeling the warm night air and looking out over the grass and hearing the breeze in the leaves as the trees gently swayed. This was also the night I had the most pain but I did not mind and it was bearable. Previously, I had been given my own morphine pump to use as I needed. I knew I was surrounded by angels and the healing that around one hundred people were sending in various ways. I could see the healing all of the time.

Hospital stays are very much shorter than 30 years ago and no friends came to visit, but the support came later when I was back home in the form of emails, visits, phone calls and their own stories. Fruit in season, flowers from my family and a bottle of cava I opened after my final post op check.

Recovery has taken longer than I thought it would and I have had wonderful care from Ian. The most important message I received is the importance of healing. In a previous hospital stay, I was certainly aware of healing and messages but this time I actually saw it, I saw the manifestation of the healing thoughts. Trained healers use their own particular way of healing which works best and is best for them, but I am absolutely sure that the most casual of thoughts manifests itself in a healing light. I also think that the more people involved in sending, the more powerful the healing is, the sum being much greater than the individual parts.

We can all individually heal but groups amplify the process. I think we should never refuse a request for healing, it takes no time and effort and comes back to us tenfold. If a person does not want healing, it will go to someone who does need it!

There are many different schools and healing training, all help to hone and enhance the work of the healers. Reiki is a very powerful connection to special guides at this time on the earth plane. Many people have special talents in this direction. Ian is such a person. I am absolutely sure, though, that healing is as natural to all beings as breathing and eating. Everyone can do it and it works from the simplest level.

Spending an hour actually giving healing to a specific person is boring to me and I have no interest in doing this regularly but I send healing every day to the world, for anyone who needs it, whenever I am asked and have taken part in group work during workshops.

Whenever I have started serious training in a healing discipline, spirit send me back to the pathway of mediumship and clairvoyance which would appear to be my particular area of gift. I would probably never cure anyone of cancer or heal in the incredible way of Harry Edwards or my late friends; Bill Harrison who travelled the world and had his own healing centre – and Linda from my church; who both gave their gifts freely.

So, what I think is that to give healing you do not necessarily need a book of names, special training, meditation or anything else at the basic level of healing. Healing is a thought – it can be that simple. The biggest message I have is that if you are trained in a healing therapy and like to send out, by yourself or in a group, please keep doing it, it works, it is real in all forms. If you are one given the talent and gift of powerful healing please keep training and practising, you are very special.

The next most important thing to ask for help and tell people how you feel because we are so much taught to be strong and go it alone. Whatever training we have, we are all human and all have our breaking points.

My good friend was right about the pain, it is not an issue, has at times been a bit fierce and then some people say they only have discomfort! I do believe absolutely that we are never given anything to deal with that we cannot manage in our life pathways. I am still recovering, but I do not have cancer, I am rid of a part of my body I no longer need and will no longer suffer pain I knew at times for many years.

About my busy friend who helped me the weekend before my operation and realised how scared I was, she has recently bought a field to have a smallholding – a little dream come true – that was the healing she gave me in her practical help and encouragement, coming back very quickly.

love and light

I have to start with another mouse story. This time there was a tiny little field mouse in our kitchen. Mum said it was sweet! Grr. It escaped from me and Ash-ting my cat and ran behind the kitchen units. Two days later Mum took me to Pat’s as she was going to Switzerland on a book tour. She dumped all my things in Pat’s hall and suddenly the mouse jumped out of my basket and ran right across the carpet into the toilet! What! I had been sharing my basket with a mouse. It’s unbelievable. Pat screeched that she was scared of mice. Luckily Mum found it and put a cup over it, slid a piece of paper under it and let it free in the garden. I looked for it later but couldn’t find it. Lucky mouse.
And Mum was no sooner home than she started re-packing as she was off on holiday. Humans are very odd. She flew in a noisy plane for a week of sunshine leaving me with Katrina, who has four cats, a pet mouse and a dog, Arnie, who is one of my best friends. Fancy flying away for sunshine when you can chase squirrels in the woods, jump over muddy ditches and roll in all sorts of delicious smelling things at home! One day I raced into my favourite hunting copse and vanished. Katrina and Arnie waited and waited. In the end she drove Arnie, who was wet and shivering, home and came back in the car to find me. Her story is that after an hour I appeared from the copse, ran past her, glanced as if to say, ‘Hang on I’m still hunting!’ and vanished for another fifteen minutes. When I returned to her she put me in the bicycle basket and took me to her house where I slept for the rest of the day. Apparently Katrina was worried about me! Me! I was having the time of my life.
Arnie uses the cat flap to go in and out of their house. I refused to do this. Then I heard Mum coming to collect me. I pushed Arnie aside and slithered through the cat flat to greet Mum. Oh it is good to see her.

Upcoming Workshops


Zurich 6/7th February 2016

Saturday 6th February – Archangel Ascension

Since 2012 the energy pouring into the planet has expanded and risen in frequency. Today, through the archangels, we will explore and receive some of the awesome ascension energies that are available to us now. You will all receive
Mystery teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, who hold the secrets of perfect peace and eternal life. The White Ascension Flame from Atlantis, which will be offered to you by Serapis Bey and is the light of pure ascension.
Source love through the blue Pleiadean Rose,
The cosmic diamond violet flame of Gabriel and Zadkiel
Mother Mary’s Aquamarine Cloak to bring your 12 chakras into a unified column of light.
The higher Mahatma energy for the 12 chakras, still the most powerful ascension light.

You will visit the 12 sub temples of Metatron to prepare your light for 2032 and receive his light bath. Then explore and access the new crystalline energies. Be prepared to dramatically expand your light.

Sunday 7 February 2016

Angels, Animals and Nature

Nature is ascending more quickly than humans! Today we will connect through the animals to some of the amazing energies they can access, for example through rabbits to the song of the Earth, through pandas to Angel Mary’s universal love. Every type of tree offers us a different quality and every forest stores cosmic wisdom. We will access this and work with the tree kingdom. We will explore the eye opening missions of animals, birds and insects and connect and communicate with them and the elementals that work with them. You will meet the angels and masters who work with all aspects of the nature kingdom. Feel one with Gaia and ascend.

Contact Berhard Schaer for tickets and further information:  parabola_forum@hotmail.com

Sunday 21st February 2016
Hallmark Hotel, Bournemouth, Dorset
10:00- 5:00 pm (doors open 9:15 am)

‘Ascension with Dragons, Unicorns & Metatron with Tim Whild’

Unicorns help bring about the desires of your soul.
Today Diana Cooper and Tim Whild will attune you to them to heal karmic wounds so they can energise your soul mission. Once you have connected with your unicorn they will pour blessings onto you to light up your way.

Dragons are coming forward now to assist our ascension.
You will meet your personal dragon as well as the 5D golden dragons who can help you physically manifest your visions.

In the high frequency energy of this workshop you will activate your 5D crystalline light body and your twelve strands of DNA in preparation for the new Golden Age.
In a glorious journey to Archangel Metatron’s retreat he will offer you a light bath to accelerate your entire ascension process. Through him you will experience the energy of the Great Central Sun to light up the keys and codes of your highest potential. This will prepare you to bathe in some of the wondrous new high frequency energies now available. With the help of the dragons, unicorns and Archangel Metatron expect to walk as an Ascended Master.

This is the highest frequency seminar that Diana Cooper and Tim Whild have ever taught.
Archangel Metatron has asked them to work together as they offer a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy, which will enable you to absorb the frequencies more easily.
Expect transformation!

*Note to attendees – Please feel free to bring your own lunch, alternatively you may eat in the hotel restaurant or in one of the restaurants close by.

Tea and coffee will be served during the morning break, with fresh water for the afternoon break.

Take advantage of the early bird offer – £40 pp for all tickets booked before 30th November

All tickets £55

or £65 on the door

Click HERE to book your ticket


Going with the Flow by Tim Whild
Going with the flow. Sounds like a bit of a cliché in the present energies doesn’t it? The actual resonance of the words are now more important than ever.

As time collapses yet further we find that our attention is either drawn to two spaces, ‘surviving’ the energy of change or taking positive constructive action. Since the Blood Moon on the 28th September awesome energies have flooded the planet bringing opportunities to step into new gateways and vibrations. The dissolving of the ego is relentless as the fifth dimensional energies reveal all that is hidden and needs attention. Sometimes it is good to stand back and take stock of ones achievements.

You will find there are many.
This perspective allows grace to enter any current scenario and fill it with positivity. Our positivity is needed now more than ever. The societal constructions that have established themselves in the third dimension are being forced to change. On the outside this may appear to be chaos but the higher motives are clean, clear and very obvious.
As Masters we must take responsibility for ourselves and the planet we live on. We have not acknowledged this responsibility as a whole since the golden years of Atlantis and have allowed others to guide and lead us down pathways of diminished power. These days are now over…all that remains is for us to stand up and use what we have learned to bring light to where it is needed.

Every awakened and unawakened soul here has a specific task and role. All of these roles are of equal importance and merge harmoniously with the skills and knowledge of our soul families. Our job is to now start recognising this and unifying our energies to complete the job in hand. We are here to ascend and to keep step with Earth as she rises in vibration. Our planet sets the pace, as she rises so do we.

One of the fastest ways to achieve this is to step back from any distractions or challenges and move the energies into the heart centre. Here there is flow.
The fifth dimensional heart does not recognise stress or division, it only flows with love. Love is the key to every little thing, or big thing, that is occurring right now. And it is the most powerful force in the Universe.
So go with the flow of your heart. Approach the next phase, change or incident with your heart in charge and see where the energy takes you. The vibrations that we have at our fingertips respond instantly to our thought processes, so fill your thoughts words and deeds with love. And be the change that you wish to see in your world.



Book of the Month
I took The Web of Light to read on holiday. It is one of my spiritual novels and it is so long since I wrote it that I couldn’t remember what happened. I was riveted. I was also intrigued by all the information included about Jesus’ life, the real story of his birth, his childhood and education as well as his travels before he brought in the Christ energy. It really is an extraordinary story and is woven into the mystery of the sacred White Lion who is about to be born in Africa to bring the light to the world. It is a perfect book for Christmas as a gift or for yourself. I do hope you enjoy it.

Web of light

To order your copy, please click HERE

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