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Dear Friends,

2019 has been a year to prepare yourself for the big one – 2020!  A huge wave of ascension energy will flow in heralding big opportunities for spiritual growth.  There will be challenges and trials but the higher light will enable you to rise above them.

2020 is a 4 year, ie 2+2.  4 is the vibration of stability, practicality, and dependability so we will be building a solid foundation for ascension.  2020 also resonates with the master number 22 which is the powerful master builder.

Quoting from the Magic of Unicorns which will be published in 2020, ‘When your unicorn adds light to number 22 it helps you manifest your dreams, especially those that will benefit humanity’.  The time is now.

Full moon on 12 December.  It is a 12.12.  This suggests you discipline yourself in a spiritual lifestyle because life is opening up and expanding.  New ideas are coming in and so to take these forward on an ascension wave, you will need to have a solid spiritual foundation.

New Moon on Boxing Day 26 December is when new doors really open and flood you with hope and enthusiasm.  This has a very powerful and exciting energy.

Wishing you a wonderful and joyful Christmas.  Do take a little time to rest and relax if this is possible for the new energies will be seeding themselves in your consciousness.  The new coming in at the same time as the influx of Christ Light make this a promising and exciting time of opportunity.  Enjoy the ride!

With love and Christmas blessings

The Unicorn Documentary Promo – Exciting Progress

Dylan is the director of our documentary and not surprisingly unicorns were not exactly a part of his life until he met me and started hearing about them.  Nevertheless he was fascinated and read my book The Wonder of Unicorns.  On the morning that Dylan sent me the contract for the promo for the documentary he took his dog for a walk.  When he put the dog bag in the bin there was a toy unicorn peeping out of it!  He ran into his house saying, ‘It’s a sign!  It’s got to be a sign!’

And I am sure it was.

I mentioned last month that we would start filming the promo on 21st November.  For me it started the day before when Calista arrived to stay at the lodge where I was staying.  We spent a wonderful evening discussing unicorns and all things spiritual.  We were filming in a friend Sue Stone’s house.  She is the  author of The Power Within You now.  I had no idea it would be such a huge production.  On the day before the team arrived for a very long session of outside photographs including drone pictures.

I had the pleasure and delight of interviewing Calista, Truda Clarke and Tim Whild.  All three of them have amazing experiences with the unicorns to share.  My instructions were to ask questions, draw their stories and wisdom out, while only nodding my head and making no comments.  My throat was aching at the end.  I think it was my ego dying to jump in and say things!  But I will have plenty of chance to have my say in the next filming session.

Anyway it was great fun and fascinating.  They had a wonderful way of creating atmospherics!

I’ll keep you updated in my next newsletter.


Remember that from 24th to 26th December the Christ light pours into the planet and is available to you.  I know it is a busy time but please allow yourself a little time to relax and enjoy the benefit of this high frequency light.  It will help prepare you for the opportunities ahead.  In my Zoom on Jesus, I explain much about the power and special qualities of this season and the real story of his birth, childhood, travels etc. which were planned by the Intergalactic Council to bring in the Christ light to raise the frequency of the entire world.

The Zoom on Jesus is on special offer this month with those on Mary and St. Germain.  All are full of information as well as visualisations to enable you to access their energy and light.

Helping Animals at Christmas

As we have often been told only those companies who honour, respect and nurture the animals in line with the higher vibration will survive the economic upheaval.  When you go to sleep ask your spirit to meet the spirits of the directors of Macdonalds and other food chains and explain that birds and animals have souls and are on their own ascension pathway.  At Christmas when people are open to love, it seems a good time to remind everyone that we can also talk to farmers, politicians and anyone who works with the animal kingdom in the inner planes, during sleep or meditation, to remind them of the higher purpose of animals.  We can make a difference.  We can touch souls in this way.

Helping your Relationships this Christmas – Uncording

If your relationships feel stifling, tangled or difficult, try uncording.  This simple and very powerful exercise removes the psychic cords that pull and push people around, cause friction or bind them together in an unhealthy way.  Love does not form cords, so only difficult attachments are removed and this improves most relationships, sometimes dramatically – or you may find yourself set free.  Please do not do this with young children as they may need to access your energy.

  1. Picture or sense yourself sitting opposite the person you want to uncord from.
  2. Tell them you want to cut away all the negative attachments between you that are causing problems in your relationship.
  3. Call in the mighty Archangel Michael and ask him to cut through all these cords with his Sword of Truth. You may feel or see this happening but don’t worry if you don’t.
  4. Imagine yourself having a shower and scrub away any negative energy that lingers. (You can have a physical shower if you wish).
  5. See the other person happy and relaxed.
  6. Visualise yourself in beautiful new clothes enjoying life.
  7. Thank Archangel Michael and ask him to continue to help you.

A fun way of enjoying a tricky time

If you have to spend time with difficult people, this will lighten up the situation.

  1. Think of each of the people you are spending time with as animals, for example, that dull uncle could be a bumbling buffalo, the miserable boss an old cow, the sneaky family friend a snake or the whining child a donkey.
  2. Then enjoy watching how they interact. Don’t get involved, just observe.
  3. Try not to laugh aloud at their antics.

Sending Blessings

People only behave badly because they are hurting or don’t feel worth-while or confident.  Decide to stop judging them.  Instead start to wonder what they need to make them feel happy, then bless them with that quality.  You can do this mentally or you can ask the angels to work through you by sending the qualities they need in a golden light.

For example, if someone is sarcastic, they feel vulnerable and are trying to keep people away from hurting them.  Bless them with love and self-worth and visualise them feeling safe and loving.

If someone keeps complaining they don’t have any money, bless them with abundance – and picture them being showered with plenty.

When you do the blessing game remember that everything you send to others comes back to you.

Be a magnet for love and happiness

You attract everything to the energy you send out, so every thought and emotion you have creates a magnet to bring people and situations into your life.

If you want to have a happy, love filled Christmas, take a few minutes each day to do this exercise.

  1. Sit quietly and relax.
  2. With each in breath imagine you are breathing in a wonderful rosy golden colour. Breathe it into every part of your body.
  3. With each out breath, picture a golden rosy glow filling your aura.
  4. Then sit in your golden rosy light for a few minutes visualising your joyous, love filled aura reaching out and touching people.
  5. Breathe this round you whenever you need to.
  6. People will sense your loving, happy pink and gold energy field and respond to it.
  7. Go out and magnetise love and happiness.

Be strong and courageous

If you have difficult situations or people to face you will need extra strength and courage.  Archangel Michael will help you if you ask him to.

  1. Think or say aloud, ‘Archangel Michael, please come and help me now.’
  2. Visualise him placing a bubble of deep blue light round you to protect you totally.
  3. Imagine other people’s comments or challenges bouncing off the bubble, like arrows against a wall.
  4. Then ask Archangel Michael to stand beside you and help you when you need to be strong. Know that he is there whether you can see him or not, so stand tall, knowing you have extra, very powerful support.
  5. Thank Archangel Michael for his help before you go to bed that night.

Healing Zoom postponed to Sunday 8th December

I really want to apologise to everyone concerned that I had to postpone this Zoom which should have been on last Sunday.  I know some of you are very busy and have put the time aside and planned your time to watch.  I can only say sorry.  I went to hospital on Wednesday to have a small lump cut out (or so I thought).  It turned out that the surgeon cut out a 2.5 cm (I inch) circle from my forehead and said I would probably be fine to do Facebook Live that night!!  By the evening I was in bed in considerable pain and by the following morning I looked as if I had been in a punch up with two black swollen eyes.  I slept for 6 days, so spirit must have been working on me at some level.

Healing is amazing and fascinating.  I asked the angelic realms for healing and felt I had been placed in a gold, white and green cocoon but was still in pain.  Eventually on Saturday I asked the wonderful teachers of the Diana Cooper School to send healing and within an hour the worst of the pain had gone!  I really learnt a lot which I will share in the Zoom on Sunday.  It will be an instructive and practical session.  I hope you can join me.

Special offer to Illuminate your Christmas

Jesus Zoom.  The energy on Earth was very low and the Intergalactic Council made a plan to light it up with Christ light.  I share why they chose Jesus, the true story of his life and his mission with wonderful visualisations to tune you into the energies.  I have had so many e mails saying that at last so many things have fallen into place.  It expands your energy fields.

Mary Zoom.  I share the stories of Mary/Isis and the vast universal Angel Mary and how they can help and heal you.  There are also beautiful and powerful heart healing visualisations.

St Germain and Merlin Zoom.  Who are these great beings and how can they transform your life?  Learn about their powers as incredible magicians and alchemists and tune into their energies.


Order yours HERE

 * Can be ordered as a gift – please email zoom@dianacooper,com if you wish to gift this to a loved one.

Extract from Dawn and Bay – Your Holistic Diet

During the holiday season, it’s easy to overeat festive foods. Whether it’s gatherings with friends, the office party or even doing the food shop, there are many temptations that your taste buds might find tantalising, but that don’t nourish your body.

If this is part of your festive celebrations that you look forward to, that’s fine. But it can be helpful to only have these foods in moderation. If you end up overeating or even binging on sugary, fatty foods, chances are that you feel bad about yourself, which doesn’t help you get back on track.

Nourishment is much more than just food

Emotional nourishment is important in the festive season because it will help you to not put on lots of extra weight. When you are out and want a treat try some of these ideas:

  • Swap an alcoholic drink or a hot chocolate with whipped cream for a festive mulled non-alcoholic one. Often cafes offer a festive alternative
  • Treat yourself to breakfast out rather than coffee and cake. Chose something healthy. It’s more likely you will eat less all day if you have a nutritious healthy breakfast
  • Buy lovely creams and special bath products to nourish and love your body. Massaging them into your skin benefits your health emotionally and physically
  • Prevent some feelings of deprivation by swapping calorie ridden food with healthy alternatives. If you want the heavy calorie food have a small portion and really enjoy it, but don’t fill up on it

Update on our new website

We’re still working hard to get our new website out – it should be live by the New Year.  There will be quizzes to help you work out the best place for you to start and books on the different elements that may be contributing to your weight.

When you change your relationship with food, you change your relationship with yourself

Signup to Your Holistic Diet’s Monthly Newsletter to get tips and advice on how a holistic approach to weight loss can help you: https://forms.aweber.com/form/08/1489609308.htm

Women’s Health Survey – Thanks from Dawn

Thanks to everyone who participated in my survey on Women’s health. I learned so much about your biggest challenges and how it affects your lives. 104 women filled it in and the results are really interesting. Whether they have other health issues or not, 54% said general tiredness, feeling rundown and lack of energy was a big issue for them. This affects their lives in a number of different ways, from general tiredness and having less energy than they would like, to struggling to get through the day, not wanting to participate in activities and feeling they are missing out on their life.

The surprise result…was the biggest challenge when it comes to improving health: 48% said they know what to do, but actually making changes is difficult. This is so helpful to know, to help people get the results they want as quickly and easily as possible.

Based on the survey results, I’ve put together my top 3 tips  – simple practical changes you can easily incorporate into your life to improve your health and energy. Click here to get these tips: https://tinyurl.com/rrr5gpn

Thanks to everyone who participated! I really appreciate it.

Warm wishes


Wisdom World Summit


I am talking about The Wonder of Unicorns at the Wisdom World Summit.  I will describe who they are and how they can help you.

During this programme you will

*learn to invoke the unicorns for yourself and send them to others.

*attune to their energy with a special exercise and invocation.

* receive and practise giving unicorn healing.  They can touch you with their horns of light to heal you at a deep soul level.

*practise a special Unicorn Healing Rainbow exercise during which they help you transform even the most challenging relationships.

*light up your light and accelerate your ascension with the blessings of unicorns.

I do hope you will join us and open yourself up to these wonderful beings.

Ian Shelley runs Wisdom of the Ancients summit and I really admire the work he does to spread the light.
I am excited about being a featured guest on Ian’s programme and would love it if you could link in.

Click HERE to book your place for this wonderful event.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.

With lots of love

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