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Dear Friends,

Summer is here and June promises to be a more gentle and peaceful month.  We have a Strawberry Full Moon on June 17th, which heralds abundance and sweetness.  It feels like time to call in those qualities after the turbulence of the year so far, even if it is for a short while.

On Friday June 21st is the Summer Solstice and I talk about the importance of this in my newsletter, especially how the Sun, in alignment with the Great Central Sun, is connected to our Navel Chakra of Oneness and Manifestation.

And do look at the Zooms and Facebook Lives I am doing this month.  I am especially excited about the Sunday Zoom to connect with Archangel Metatron on June  9th and the Wednesday  Zoom on 19th June to prepare for the solstice by connecting with Lord Voosloo at Stonehenge.

With love

Friday 21st June. The Importance of the Summer Solstice

This is the day when the sun is highest in the sky, marking mid summer.

Just as we all have chakras in our body, the stars and planets are the spiritual energy centres of the universe and the Sun is an incredibly powerful ascended chakra.  Source light shines directly through the Stargate of Helios, the Great Central Sun of this universe, which steps it down through our Sun.  As Earth starts to ascend, the light that we receive, containing spiritual information, knowledge and wisdom, becomes more intense.  Everything is aligned on this date to the Great Central Sun, so we receive a download of higher cosmic light.

The Sun is connected directly to our navel chakras.  Here much of the spiritual light of the Sun is assimilated.  Your Navel Chakra is one of your ascended chakras that was closed down at the fall of Atlantis because its power was misused.  As we move into the fifth dimension, this chakra is awakening and its powers are being returned.  This is why the energy coming through the Summer Solstice Sun is so important.  The Navel is the bright Orange centre, looked after by Archangel Gabriel.

As with all chakras, the chambers within it take you on a journey.  That of the Navel takes you from a feeling of isolation and inability to relate to others, to a feeling of warm friendliness and mutual respect to welcoming community to Oneness.  When this chakra becomes fifth dimensional it becomes a beautiful glowing orange and you can express your creative and artistic ability.

The Navel is also a powerful chakra for creation and manifestation.  The Atlanteans would create their vision here, then take it up to the Soul Star, where they would radiate it at a very high frequency, so that it quickly attracted the energies needed to bring it into physicality.

The Sacral chakra has sixteen chambers or lessons, the Navel also has sixteen.  They are encompassed in a huge chamber, the 33rd, which offers pure clairsentience.

The messages of this day are celebration and gratitude.  The Summer Solstice is a time for ritual or ceremony.  The Sun is Fire, so when you meditate with a candle or share stories round a fire you receive added energy.  If you do an exercise to focus on something with high and pure intention, the Sun adds its power.  It is a good time to energise your dreams!

If you cannot do this on 21st June, ask Archangel Metatron to co-ordinate your time to the energy of the Solstice.

Visualisation for the Summer Solstice

Before you start, light a candle or sit round a fire if possible.

Decide on your intention.  It may be for yourself or the planet or both.

It does not matter if the sun has gone down, the energy is available.

  1. Look into the flame and breathe gently.
  2. Imagine the big silver ball of your Earth Star chakra below your feet magnetically pulling you down so that you are firmly grounded.
  3. Then energise all your chakras in turn by focussing on them as you breathe into them. Your base, sacral, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat.

If you would like to know more about the chambers within each of the chakras, I detail them in Ascension Through Orbs.    Also in my powerful Zoom of  28th May – DNA re-patterning to prepare for New Golden Age – Receive your Divine Master Blueprint I take you in meditation through the chambers of the chakra to assist your ascension. I did this with a direct connection to Archangel Metatron, using his Metatron Cube and Rosemary Stephenson sings in the the angelic beings who assist.

Canada Trip with wales and bears and even a porcupine

Canada is breathtakingly beautiful.  I met Rosemary Stephenson at Heathrow and we set off on our adventure to Archangel Michael’s retreat in Banff.  All the pictures I had seen of Banff were of a bright blue lake.  However it was frozen over despite the lateness of the season and the mountains were covered in snow.  It was different from expectation but also amazing and magnificent.

We presented our seminar to a small but select group of wonderful lightworkers in a great room overlooking Lake Louise.  And when we went out onto the balcony at lunch time, a nocturnal porcupine had emerged from its resting place and was grazing right outside the room.  I am sure it was attracted by the energies and by Rosemary’s wonderful music.  The hotel staff were amazed to see it.

When the seminar was over we stayed in Banff and experienced a snow blizzard, maybe not by Canadian standards, but definitely by ours!   Then we took the marvellously organised Rocky Mountaineer train through the Rockies down to Vancouver.  Awesome! The highlight was the appearance of a mother Grizzly bear with two babies by the train.  We also saw a black bear leaning against a tree before it scrambled up the hill.  And I saw a baby bear up a tree!  Watch it HERE

About Bears

All bears, whether brown, black or grizzly are fifth-dimensional and originate from Orion, the constellation of enlightenment and wisdom. Creatures from here know how to use their knowledge for the highest good and by the light in their auras influence others to do the same.   Bears have come to Earth to learn and demonstrate how to use power correctly. When they are in the natural habitat for their species they have shining radiant solar plexus chakras and work directly with Archangel Uriel. Archangel Uriel’s hosts of angels of peace take light from the bears’ auras and spread it where it is needed.

Except during their brief courtship periods and when a mother is caring for her cubs, bears are solitary animals. They show us that it is possible to live alone, maintain your equilibrium and master your environment. They do not need any creature outside themselves and are happy in themselves when free.

They spend long periods in hibernation, and during this time in their dark cocoon are held in the ineffable energy of Source. The Masters of Orion also have a very strong link to them and feed them with wisdom energy, especially during these long periods of deep sleep.

Bears are not only connected to Archangel Uriel. Archangel Jophiel, the angel of wisdom, shines his light onto them. His pale crystal-yellow energy links to them and keeps them plugged into the higher love aspect of Orion. Within wisdom there is always love. Archangel Jophiel is then able to connect the hearts of the bears to the hearts of those who are pure enough to accept this love. This especially applies to children and is one reason why children love teddy bears. You only have to think of a bear (or a teddy) and this link to the higher heart of Orion is activated.

Visualization to Work with the Bear Kingdom

  1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
  2. Light a candle if you wish and dedicate it to the higher selves of the magnificent bears.
  3. Sense or see yourself in a beautiful, rugged place out in nature. There are snow-topped mountains in the distance and a wide, clear, fast-flowing stream rushes through the valley.
  4. You sit quietly on a big flat stone in the river and enjoy the bright sunshine pouring all over you, and relaxing you. All is peaceful.
  5. Archangel Uriel sits in his golden light beside you. You feel totally safe.
  6. You notice a bear in the river, quietly fishing and playing all by itself. There is a pale golden light linking it to Archangel Jophiel and beyond to the love aspect of Orion.
  7. Archangel Uriel’s angels of peace sing over the bear and you sense its inner strength and harmony.
  8. The bear looks up at you and a path of liquid gold forms between you. Golden shimmering love pours down on you. Bathe in this wondrous energetic gift and relax.
  9. Thank the bear and Archangels Uriel and Jophiel, then open your eyes.

Adapted from The Archangel Guide to the Animal World

Vancouver Island was the next delight.  When we arrived at our hotel we discovered we’d been upgraded to a penthouse suite.  I have never been in a penthouse suite before and it was truly amazing, especially at night when we could see everything lit up around us. It wasn’t ready when we arrived so we dumped our bags and ran to catch a water taxi to take us on a whale trip.  Oh my goodness, it was amazing.  The water was still as glass and the sun warm but not hot.  Our skipper took us out a long way as no whales had been sighted in the bay.  And then we saw them – three 40ft. grey whales.  Apparently they had been reported extinct ten years ago.  Then some were sighted that had seemingly hidden in Alaska.  Anyway here they were and our boat rested amongst them for an hour and a half, while they spouted and shallow dived round us.  The skipper had been doing whale trips for 16 years and in that time had only seen whales flip their tails six times– five of those times were during our trip.

Now here is the most amazing thing.  A couple had brought a very tiny baby aboard, less than six weeks old.  When the baby cried, one of the whales surged up to the boat and then dived right under it!

I sat on the boat in a trance, both during the whale watching and after it as we sped across the shimmering waters, back to land.  I felt as if the great evolved creatures had been downloading energy to me by harmonic transference.  It felt as if I had received a great blessing.

About Whales

The awesome whales originate from an asteroid in the tenth-dimensional universe of Shekinah. This is a plane of high-frequency light and the whales carry within their energy fields the light keys and codes of pure love and joy that is beyond our understanding.   It is a huge undertaking for their souls to step down through the dimensions into a physical body in a much lower frequency universe like ours. However, whales have done so for millions of years. Their soul mission has always been to try to maintain the vibration of our planet and to hold the divine blueprint for our oceans.   For their part whales wanted to understand the close love that can only be experienced by carrying a living, breathing baby in the womb and giving birth to it. A new model was designed for them and other creatures followed.         From the start whales were bathed in the light of the wondrous Angel Mary, who is a universal angel and spreads her divine feminine love throughout the universes. Mary’s name is derived from mare, meaning water, and she has a symbiotic relationship with that element. She pours her aquamarine light into the seas, oceans and all waters. When you ask the Angel Mary to bless water, whether it is a glassful you are to drink or a bath or the sea, her blessing raises the frequency to the fifth dimension and it profoundly affects you, mentally, emotionally and at a cellular level. Because of their connection with the Angel Mary, the whales constantly call in her blessings and spread divine feminine wisdom into the waters wherever they swim. When you think about whales, swim with them or listen to their sounds the Angel Mary can take you up to ineffable heights that enables your heart to be touched by Source.

The sonar of the whales is more than a communication and incredible echolocation device. It also spreads the light, containing codes of higher enlightenment, and hope they bring from Shekinah into the waters.

Like all marine creatures, whales are very connected with Archangel Joules, who is in charge of the oceans.

Another part of the service mission of the whales is to be part of the army protecting the dolphins and the sacred wisdom they hold.

Adapted from The Archangel Guide to the Animal World


While we are talking about the animal world, my friend Kathy came to stay as soon as I returned from Canada.  We walked on my local hilltop and to my intense excitement saw a rare bright lime coloured green hairstreak butterfly.  This beautiful butterfly fluttered in front of us and landed at our feet.  We struggled to get out our phones to film it, while Sugar plodded towards it.  I tried every way I knew to stop her but nothing worked.  Like a bulldozer that dog moved on until it flew away.  I didn’t get a picture but Kathy quickly managed to capture one.  It isn’t very good but it holds the energy of that special butterfly.  It made my day.

Butterflies and the Green Hairstreak Butterfly in particular

Everyone loves butterflies, who originate from Orion as do moths. They both come from the planet of wisdom and carry this light in their energy fields. This is the ability to know how to use information or to do something for the highest good of all.

These special fifth-dimensional insects are emissaries of the angels. Whenever you see one fluttering in the gardens or meadows they are

bringing you a message. It may be a general one to remind you that you are a beloved child of the universe. It may be prompting you to look at the marvels of the world around you or to open your eyes to see something particular. It may be helping you to keep up your spirits or whispering to you of joy and bliss.

The auras of butterflies contain archangel codes and these can help us to connect to the Illumined angels.

Their service work is to pollinate. They may not be as efficient as bees but they glide and flutter from flower to flower, filling us with delight as we watch them. To bring joy and delight is part of their soul mission.

Butterflies go through the most extraordinary metamorphosis to transform from egg to caterpillar to cocoon and finally to emerge as a glorious winged creature. They are demonstrating to us that transformation is possible.

Many insects are teaching us lessons of adaptability.

The beautiful vibrant lime green colour of this green hairstreak seemed to me to bring a message of new life and new beginnings.  It was exactly the colour of a fresh new leaf in the spring.

Adapted from The Archangel Guide to the Animal World 

Italy Diana Cooper School Reunion

In June I am off to Assissi for the annual Diana Cooper School Reunion.  It is such an honour and privilege to meet so many of our wonderful and dedicated teachers.  We have time to chat and make plans.  It is always a time of great inspiration and most important of all it is a time to connect.

If you are interested in our School or would like to become a teacher check out www.dianacooperfoundation.com

Jeremy Kyle

About ten years ago I was sitting in a garage waiting for my car to be serviced.  The television was blaring and for the first time I watched part of a Jeremy Kyle show.  I did not know such TV existed and I was horrified.  Then I learnt it was a popular TV show.  Bear baiting and cock fighting were banned years ago, so how could this be allowed to continue?  It is quite rightly said that if no one watched these programmes they would not be filmed, so at one level it is a reflection of our consciousness.  However it is like food.  If we are fed junk food it is all we know and we crave it.  As soon as we eat good nutritious food our entire outlook and health changes.  It is also true that if we are fed lower frequencies that becomes our expectation.  It is so interesting that in this time of turbulence and change, the Jeremy Kyle show has been taken off air and is being examined, along with other similar programmes.  I believe it is part of the shift to higher vibrations that everyone is now experiencing.  Everything we choose to watch or listen to affects not only our vibration but also the entire planet.  So how can the angelic realms help?  Call on the DEEP BLUE AND GOLD DRAGONS FROM MERCURY to pour high frequency light along the lines of all the TV networks to raise the vibrations that come into our minds and homes.

Here is my ZOOM and FACEBOOK LIVE programme for June

FB LIVE Wednesday 5th June The Ocean Kingdom.  7 – 8pm Learn about the soul missions and life purpose of the ocean creatures.  And receive downloads and messages from those, like whales, who are highly evolved.  FREE

ZOOM Sunday 9th June. 7 – 9pm UK time  Make a deep connection with Archangel Metatron

Connecting to Archangel Metatron is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to accelerate your personal ascension path.  During this Zoom you will visit his etheric retreat above Luxor where you will receive a light bath and a four body ascension boost.

You will receive your Metatron Cloak and if you already have one, you will be assessed and given a new one according to your new frequency.

In an incredible journey to the Great Central Sun your cells will be infused with the higher light available here.

When you ask Archangel Metatron to guide your path it opens incredible opportunities for planetary and intergalactic service.  This is an important Zoom if you really wish to raise your light levels.


FB LIVE Wednesday 12th June 7 – 8pm Part 2 of Archangel and Master Rays. (You can watch the first part HERE) The first part was so popular when we connected with the Angels and Masters of some of the new rays and bathed in the ray energy, that you have asked to do more of them.  This promises to be very special.  FREE

ZOOM Wednesday 19th June.  7 – 8.30. Connect with Lord Voosloo and the great interdimensional portal of Stonehenge. Lord Voosloo was the highest frequency High Priest to incarnate in the Golden Era of Atlantis.  He has connected with Earth at particular times to provide the energy to create a jump shift in consciousness.  He did so in the Golden Era of Mu, which propelled that civilization into ascension.  It was his presence in Atlantis that allowed it to become the extraordinary and legendary Golden Age.  This is a special Zoom to prepare for the Summer Solstice.  £5.50

The recording of this Zoom will be automatically emailed to you the day after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure.  If you do not receive it please check your junk folder.

Exercise for the Zoom on Lord Voosloo Wednesday 19th June 7- 8.30

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day and the day we can take most light into our personal heart.  It is on Friday 21st June, so I am offering a Zoom on Wednesday 19th June to prepare us by connecting us to Lord Voosloo.  He was the High Priest who enabled Atlantis to jump shift into its legendary greatness.  He comes from Helios, the Great Central Sun and enters our planet through the portal of Stonehenge.  At the summer solstice each year, Stonehenge receives its greatest download of high frequency light from Helios.

Here is a simple 21 day I AM Affirmation to prepare you to receive keys and codes for the new Golden Age directly into your heart from Helios.  Remember that when you make an I AM Affirmation you affirm that your Monad or I AM Presence is in total alignment with these beings.

I AM Lord Voosloo

I AM the Sun beyond the Sun

I AM Helios

I AM the Bringer of Harmony

I AM the Blazing Heart of Humanity.

Weekend retreat in France With Rosemary Stephenson

FRANCE RETREAT Thursday 5th to Monday 9th September 2019

Diana Cooper and Rosemary Stephenson

Click here for more information

Have a wonderful Solstice everyone.

With lots of love

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