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Dear Friends

Over the past 10,000 yrs since fall At, humanity become disconnected with nature.

Yet nature provides for us, heals and soothes us.  Without it we do not survive.

Now at last, as many people have stayed at home, nature has been reenergised.

Waters cleaner, more fish. Air cleaner, more birds.  Animals reclaiming former territory.  A wave of consciousness has spread across the world encouraging us to grow our own vegetables.  People are even watching more nature programmes on television.  One of the huge benefits of the lockdown is the reconnect with the natural world and hopefully this will continue.  In fact it is imperative for our future.

There is so much talk of a second wave of Corona.  Will it happen?  This entirely depends on us.  If we learn the lessons of the first wave, then we do not need a second wave.  Currently we are on track for more lessons either through a second wave or something else.  We really are seeing the predicted world changes happening in front of our very eyes.

Huge amounts of anger that have been repressed for aeons are now surfacing.  All this time the powers in charge have controlled and squashed the feelings of injustice etc.  But this can no longer be crushed and people power will be heard.  Before long we are going to look back and say, ‘Did we really give people so much power? How come we allowed ourselves to be treated like that?

With unicorn love and blessings

Black Lives Matter – of course they do

We are all One. 

In the heart of God there is no separation whatever the colour, race or religion your soul has chosen for this incarnation.

When Atlantis fell ten thousand years ago, the world became third dimensional.  This new experiment on Earth was set up to learn what would happen if  masculine energy dominated. Quickly people’s heart chakras partially closed and they became self-centred.

These factors allowed the atrocities and injustices of history to take place. It soon became apparent that in a masculine paradigm without the mitigating wisdom and compassion of the feminine,  social structure becomes power based and hierarchical with resulting wars, conflicts and inequality.

When the feminine qualities of concern, compassion, loyalty, responsibility to family, intuition and peace are accepted, then the masculine characteristics like order and structure are balanced and choices can be made for the highest good of everyone.

In the masculine dominated world colonialism flourished, empires rose and fell, women became tools, sensitive, peaceful or minority races were crushed and used or worse still enslaved,  creativity and caring professions were devalued or even scorned.

We are now seeing all the imbalanced masculine structures collapsing.  Banks, economic institutions, high street shops, dictatorships, out of touch governments are holding on but only just.  Police forces and armies will be forced to change.  Family structures that are based on masculine dominance are coming to an end.

Countries that dominate, abuse or cheat less economically advantaged countries will have to transform their ways.

As the divine feminine sweeps in to bring balance, such abominations as racial prejudice, religious bigotry etc will fade away.  People’s thinking and feelings will accept all are ONE.

Throughout this battle between masculine and feminine another thing has always flowed, and that is Spiritual Law.  The Law is, we create what we believe.  We receive whatever we believe we deserve.  We literally manifest our beliefs.  Over the thousands of years a belief grew in the collective consciousness that women were inferior until many women believed they deserved to be treated as inferior.  This meant that we women allowed ourselves to be treated unfairly.  Brave suffragettes fought for the rights of women until females started to believe in their equality.  Under spiritual law, if all the women in the world worked on themselves until they believed they were equal, equality would come about without struggle.

It is the same with cultures, races, creeds and individuals who believe they are in any way lesser.  People treat you as you believe you deserve to be treated.  So if you are being unfairly treated change your beliefs.

When the frequency rises and people everywhere become fifth dimensional and all accepting and all inclusive, there will be no you and us, no black and white.  We will be ONE.

The Codes of Power

Some years ago I spent a few months travelling round Australia.  My quest was to meet Aborigine elders, which I eventually did.  One of the elders was an incredibly wise and generous old man.  I spent hours in his kitchen listening in rapt horror to his stories of cruelty inflicted on his clan by white people, and marveled at his sagacity, his forbearance, humility and ability to forgive.  I also listened in fascination as he talked of the aborigine culture and wisdom.  When I returned to the UK I enfolded his story and the information he shared into The Codes of Power, the second in my trilogy of spiritual novels.  The Aborigine culture is feminine based, which is why they did not stand a chance when the masculine dominated Westerners swept through their land.

The new Golden Age will be based on balanced masculine and feminine, when both are honoured and respected, as will be all cultures, colours and creeds.

One thing I learnt from the Aborigines is that in many clans it is only when a man has obtained the highest degree of male initiation that he becomes eligible for initiation into women’s law.  Divine feminine wisdom is highly revered.

New Book – The Magic of Unicorns

The Magic of Unicorns is being published on 11th August.  I am so excited as I had some really profound unicorn experiences while I was writing it and I am sure it will touch you in the same way.  If you pre-order a copy you will be able to watch my free Zoom on The Magic of Unicorns (numbers limited to 1000) with a magical visualization and lots of information, including a reading from the book.  You will also receive three of my favourite unicorn exercises AND the opportunity to be the first to watch a teaser from the Unicorn documentary pilot.  I am asking you please then to support the Unicorns by watching the pilot on my YouTube channel – and then sending it to everyone you know that loves Unicorns and asking them to send it to everyone they know that loves Unicorns!!

Pre Order your copy HERE

The Pilot for the Unicorn Documentary

Join a free Magic of Unicorns Zoom and my YouTube channel

We are getting there.  It is very exciting.  I know I said this last month but we have had six planets in retrograde plus I have moved house, so all has been slow.  Also the angelic realms are making sure the timing is right because the pilot episode for the Unicorn documentary is very important.  The aim is that we have so many people watch, like and comment on the pilot episode on YouTube so that we can present it to TV production companies and say ‘LOOK there is this much interest – people love it!!!!!’

Currently there are 20,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel but of course we need many more to get TV channels interested.  If you subscribe to my channel you get notifications each time a new video us uploaded. It is a library of all my videos, exercises and meditations. Fresh content is uploaded regularly and there are loads of videos to connect you to the angelic realms, assist your ascension or enlightenment and inspire you.

I have watched the pilot episode a good few times now and enjoy it more and more each time.  There is a wonderful energy.  The stories and inspiration are amazing and the Unicorn healing and resultant aura photographs beyond belief.  So here is the plan.

PLEASE WILL YOU HELP THE UNICORNS and help us by watching the pilot episode when it comes out, by liking and commenting on it – and sending it to everyone you know to watch and like it too…

Moving House in Lockdown and the Angel of my home

As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter moving house during lockdown presents some challenges – but it has all been done and so many people have helped me.  Thanks all those who have done so, both physically and in spirit.  I really love my new home and so do the dogs.  Sugar loves the sea which is ten minutes’ walk away, while Venus loves the open country and woods which are even nearer.  I have ordered cupboards, a shed, some furniture, curtains and despite lockdown delays, all should soon be fabulous.

The angel of my new home sometimes presents as light blue, at other times as pink and often a beautiful lilac.  I feel she is delighted we are here and is really helping things to run smoothly.

I said goodbye to the Angel of my last house and told her I would be pleased if she would welcome the new owners and help them to be happy in that house.  It is very easy to leave a part of yourself in an old home and the energy keeps you psychically attached and can impact on the new owners.  So it is a good idea to do a little ceremony or just light a candle and state that you are now leaving the old place and taking all your energy with you.

Extract from Dawn and Bay, Your Holistic Diet

With lockdown restrictions continuing to be eased, this is a time of change for all of us. Last month we looked at finding your new normal. A normal that supports your mental and physical wellbeing, that boosts your immunity, protects your health and helps your weight. Making lasting changes can be difficult, but it has never been more important, especially as two prominent risk factors for severe COVID-19 are obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The good news is that many changes you make to support your health and weight also boost your immunity supporting your ability to defend against viruses. Eating healthily also reduces your risk of long term complications if you do get COVID-19.

So now is the time to start making sustainable changes towards eating more healthily. But it is not just about what you eat. Many people are chronically stressed. Stress impacts on all areas of our life from our mental wellbeing to our health and immunity. Our bodies are well set up to cope with short term stresses and acute stress increases your resistance to infection. The problem is that if you are chronically stressed, this impairs your immune response.

Psychological stress symptoms have a lasting effect on our mental health. At this current time many people are under a lot more stress than normal. We have to learn new ways of doing things from going to the supermarket to getting something mended. Learning to live with COVID-19 is deeply affecting our mental health and many of us are struggling to maintain a healthy weight amid all the difficulties.

Psychological distress can lead to weight gain because it can cause you to turn to food to regulate and manage your emotions. Your nervous system is affected by your emotional states. Thus stress is both psychological and physical. Symptoms of stress, such as worries, anger, anxiety or panic attacks, can arise if an emotional situation triggers them. If you suffer from stress, you may find it affects your ability to calm yourself and find balance. It will also impact on your stress hormones. Both the effect on your body and the fact you reach for food more makes stress a big contributor to weight gain.

The best way to do something about your stress is to learn to deeply relax. If you are able to deeply relax a few times a week and get out and exercise it can help you lose and sustain your weight loss.

We are providing simple practical help twice a week during this pandemic to help you boost your immunity, reduce your stress, improve your overall wellbeing and lose weight.Click on this link to find an immune-boosting recipe that can also help your weight loss. You can also sign up here to receive our biweekly help: https://yourholisticdiet.co.uk/recipe-this-delicious-immune-boosting-soup-may-also-help-your-weight-loss/

New Zoom – Light up with the Power of the Ascension Flames

This powerful event is the third in our series of quick ways to align your frequencies with ascension, and we will truly be working with the highest light!

Diana, Tim and a host of Ascended Masters, Archangels and many other illumined souls will take you through a visualisation to connect to the great Ascension Flames that exist as the primary essence of the energies that we invoke on a daily basis.

We will be joined by Serapis Bey, Voosloo, Lanto, St Germain, Lady Venus, Lady Nada, Lady Gaia, Hilarion, Athena and the mighty Jesus himself to bath you in frequencies that will immediately align you with Source and the highest version of you that exists at this time!

Each of the ten masters will be presenting their flame to you to integrate and shine to others!

The brighter we are the faster we will move into the fifth-dimensional era that we are creating at this all-important phase of Earth’s evolution.

As with all Zoom workshops this event will be LIVE, and the recording sent out to all participants the following day. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so don’t worry if you miss it!

Book your place HERE

Inspire Magazine Article

I was featured in a wonderful Swedish magazine ‘Inspire’ recently – here is what Lovisa the journalist had to share… “

During the interview, Diana also says that the most important task each of us has here and now is to keep our own energy as high and clean as possible. The energy we ourselves have is spreading to others around us. There are many tools we can use to achieve this, such as meditation, yoga, staying in nature or simply doing things that make us feel good. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it’s important to hold on to your intention and have spiritual discipline, says Diana. She recommends her and Tim Whild’s 12 chakra meditation as a good starting point for this. I have translated it into Swedish for a previous article about Tim in Inspire and now I have also recorded the Swedish version and posted it on Youtube. You can find that video here: https://youtu.be/vLfFpYcCPoc

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