Diana Cooper’s July Newsletter

Dear Friends,
This has been an exciting month with the summer solstice at the full moon, a sign of prosperity, bounty and good fortune. Relax and expect good things!! What a lovely portent for the month. I know that I am buzzing with ideas and projects.

The Archangel Guide Mastery and Enlightenment written with Tim Whild and with a CD pack containing 3 CD’s of very high frequency meditations is now published. The feedback we received from the previous book, Archangel Guide to Ascension, was that it was the most awesome vibration. It was all fifth and seventh dimensional. Well this one is fifth, seventh and ninth dimensional. It is absolutely life changing! And on a personal level if you raise your frequency, your low frequency problems can’t touch you any more.

Mastery Mastery CD

You can order your signed copy HERE

The dragon on-line course is exceeding all my hopes. You all seem to love it. I’m so delighted.

The VENUS IN FRANCE e book is ready. I have read it again twice remembering with wonder the amazing spiritual things that happened to us in France and laughed yet again at
that dog’s energies!

A wonderful book to read on holiday and full of spiritual information from UFO’s, to helping spirits to pass, to full moon energy, to working with the portal and a million other things. Most of all about Venus! Please email Melissa@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com to order your copy.

venus ebook

It’s supposed to be June, the month of sunshine and long walks but something has gone wrong this year. I still get long walks but Mum and I are plodding through mud again and quite often wet rain! It makes me think of our lovely long sabbatical in the South of France last year when I had a wonderful time hunting for lizards in hot sunshine. That was the life. Why won’t someone persuade Mum to take another long holiday – with me!
We have really settled into our new home. I walk down the road and know lots of the dogs and people. It’s a real relief to meet familiar dogs these days instead of strange smelling animals. I even recognise some dogs from a distance and run towards them. They are my new friends.
It is really good to have Sugar (Isabel’s dog) with me two or three times a week. She is very friendly and treats all dogs as mates and they are nice back to her. That makes me realise that it is okay to go up to those dogs and be friendly too. Mum says she is good for me.
Mum took me to my favourite place, the pet shop. I love it there. The gerbils scatter when they see me. But this time there was a beautiful, soft, fluffy rabbit in one cage. I put my nose to the glass and it put its nose up to the glass on the other side. Then I put my bottom in the air and wagged my tail, inviting it to play. What joy! Pity about the glass.
There is only one thing I don’t like about our new home. There are no squirrels in the garden. I used to love chasing them and barking at them. In fact there don’t seem to be many squirrels round here at all which is a pity. My dream is to have a garden full of squirrels and lizards. One day maybe.

Inspirational story about Warburtons – 5 D elementals

A few weeks ago my housemate, apropos of nothing, came home with a tree he’d rescued that had been cut down and tossed in a skip. I was astonished. We planted it in our garden and he cared for it tenderly. I had just read your book so I named our tree Warburton. A few weeks later it has heaps of new green shoots. But the next morning, we went outside and a plant that has NEVER flowered erupted with blossoms! And birds are sitting on Warburton. Thank you 💖🙏🏻

Warburton has gone from strength to strength. The garden is just pulsing and flourishing – I am also now doing the wonderful prayers and blessing rituals you kindly provided.


(Referring to Keys to the Universe)

Upcoming Workshops

Isbourne Centre Cheltenham – Saturday 17th September

Ascend with Archangels

It is time for you to experience joy and bliss. Diana will transport you to the dragon, angel and unicorn kingdoms for enlightenment and transformation. This will enable you to release the old and attract love, respect, good fortune and happiness.

Belfast – Saturday 1st October

Enlightenment and Mastery with dragons, Archangels, Unicorns and Ascended Masters
Based on Diana Cooper’s latest book, The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery, you will connect with the wisdom of the dragons and illumination of the pure white unicorns, then enter their kingdoms for expanded enlightenment.
Lord Kuthumi is now the World Teacher and he will take you to his amazing 12 Halls of Learning to undergo the steps to Mastery. You will connect with many of the great Ascended Masters and Archangels who will light up the keys and codes of your divine potential in your aura and bring in awesome, life changing 9th dimensional energies.


14th – 17th October

At the Anemos Luxury Grand Resort 5* Hotel in Crete

Crete is the etheric retreat of Lord Hilarion, who is a member of the Intergalactic Council and is overseeing the return of the crystal technology of Atlantis. We will use this opportunity to connect with his essence both to accelerate our ascension and to serve the planet. He was the sacred sound master of Atlantis and Rosemary can remember working with him then.


Amazing Annual Reunion in Austria
The Diana Cooper Foundation had its annual reunion in Austria this year and it was organised by teachers from the German speaking countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland…. And a wonderful, efficient and love filled job they did too. Here is the centre piece for the meeting room


They epic5ven offered us traditional cakes and gateaux from their countries. Here are teachers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and also Denmark!!




Salt crystal healing chamber
We visited the sacred, healing salt mines, where our guide told us that being in the salt mine was found to be very healing. It helped all sorts of problems from hay fever, depression, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, allergies and sleeplessness. We all relaxed deeply and I certainly found I could breathe much more deeply while we rested there. Our guide told us we would really be going on an inner healing journey. He said it was such a pleasure to take us because he had looked at my website and knew that we were all aware of that.
We zipped on a train into the bowels of the earth and found ourselves in a vast salt crystal healing chamber, gently lit by orange salt lamps. Here we lay on soft comfy beds while the magical Rosemary Stephenson played her alchemical and glorious crystal bowls and sang, while the angels touched us. The acoustics were wonderful and it was a truly heavenly experience and one of the highlights of the reunion.


Our annual reunions take place in a different country each year and are centred round power points or sacred places where we can absorb the energy but also add light. We visited the Eagle’s nest where Hitler planned his strategies. It was totally fascinating and we were also able to add light.
We went up in cable cars into the beautiful mountains, met old friends, made new ones and had a marvellous time. Teachers came from the UK, Japan, India, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark to gather and meet.
I presented Fumi from Japan with a well-deserved Principal Teacher certificate. She has done awesome work, translating my books, cards and newsletters and training teachers in Japan. She is the first Principal Teacher we have trained and can now train Master Teachers.


Fumi from Japan with Coomi from India. Dr. Coomi Vevaine has just published a book called What Children Really Want. Full of information and help, the title says it all.

Salt mine

I love the huge Orb in the middle, right over Rosemary playing her singing bowls, of Archangel Gabriel with Angel Mary’s aquamarine light, carrying a Master. I believe it is Lord Hilarion who is working with Rosemary.
This is a wonderful portal where angels are bringing their charges for healing. Others are the Guardian Angels of the teachers in the room. There are wurels, elementals who are bringing souls to find the light. And to the left of the man in the red jacket lots of fairies.
1300 In the second picture there are still several angels bringing Masters who work with the teachers and loved ones. But there is more emphais on angels bringing souls for healing or to help them pass over. You can see them swirling in the middle towards the music, creating a vortex to pass. Very interesting. I don’t think I’ve seen it so clearly before. Round the edges are hundreds of souls waiting to go to the light. And there are still fairies, no longer clustered but guiding the angels. There is also dragon energy in this picture.

If you would love to do what I do (Possibly the best job in the world!) and teach about spiritual matters or work in some way for spirit, why not look at our Foundation website. www.dianacooperfoundation.com

A Sign from the Angels by Susan Rudd 

As a child I had been aware of angels and fairies, but like so many children of my era, I was told not to be silly, they didn’t exist and my angel and fairy friends retreated to the back of my mind. That could have been the end of my story! However, the angels never left me and in my thirties and forties, my curiosity was aroused as I started to explore complementary health and healing methods. My childhood memories started to return as the angels whispered in my ear, and I started to ask every holistic therapy teacher that I met about angels.  Most of them did not have answers for me. I started to read books by Diana Cooper and whenever I visited a MBS event, I would head straight for any stall or workshop that had anything to do with angels.  I could not believe my luck when I heard that Diana Cooper was going to be at one of the MBS shows that I went to and that she was giving a talk.  I eagerly told everyone I knew that she would be there and forgot to book my ticket! At the last minute I rang the organisers and was told that all the tickets were sold except for a few that were kept for the day of the event.  Well, I was first in the queue that day, arriving at the crack of dawn before the venue was open. I am not sure what all the stall holders and event organisers thought as they went past me, when they arrived hours later, but I got my ticket to hear Diana talk.

The presentation that Diana gave that day changed my life.  I cannot honestly say that it was the content of the talk, some meditation or angelic technique that Diana shared that day, which caused the change. It was the moment that she spoke about her school, now called the Diana Cooper Foundation.  When she explained how the Master Teachers of the school ran a training course about angels, it felt like she was talking to ME personally, even though there were several hundred people in the room.

I went to meet Diana on her stand after the talk and found that I had seen her Master Teachers at several MBS shows in the past.  I took the information that they gave me about the training courses, my mind buzzing with questions.  Could I do this? Would I be brave enough to stand infront of people and say “I believe in Angels?” Would I really be able to get messages from the angels and teach other people about angels? Was I the right kind of person to do this course?

As I drove home that evening, a thought popped into my mind that the angels will use anything they can to get a message to us. I  realised that I was being given a message from the angels, in the form of the registration plate of the vehicle in front of me.  My journey home took over an hour and was mostly via narrow country lanes. I was travelling behind a van with the registration plate USU.

As I looked at this number plate, I heard the angels saying to me,“yes we were talking to you, Sue” “This course is for you Sue” “we want to work with you Sue” As the road was so narrow, I had to stay behind the van for most of the journey home, so the angels had plenty of time to get the message across to me, constantly repeating their guidance to attend the course as I continued to see the number plate USU in front of me.

That meeting with Diana Cooper and the message from the angels took place several years ago now.  I took the Angel and Ascension Teacher Training course and found that I did indeed feel empowered to stand in front of a group of people and talk about angels, lead them in visualisations and guide them in activities and exercises to feel the energy of the angels.

I ran many workshops including information on how the angels can send us signs via feathers, shapes in clouds~ and number plates!

Over time I became a Master Teacher myself.  I am now amazed and honoured to find myself a part of the Principal team, running the Diana Cooper Foundation.  As I said, that day was life changing!

If you are getting the feeling that this story is speaking to YOU, please look at the Diana Cooper Foundation website and you will see that there are now many Master Teachers offering courses around the world.  There is a great need for teachers to spread the light and guide others.

I myself will be running a series of  courses in Manchester UK this autumn, co teaching with fellow Principal Teacher, Carol De Vasconcelos. We are running the Angel Teacher Training, Golden Atlantis Teacher Training and Lemurian Planetary Healing Teacher Training on the following dates.

Angel Teacher Training course 1-9 October inclusive

Golden Atlantis Teacher Training  1-3 October, 14-16 October, 21-23 October

Lemurian Planetary Healing Teacher Training, 1-3 October, 18-19 October

Please contact myself by email at spiritandsole@hotmail.com

Tel: 00357 97648218 or UK mobile 07807384303

You can also contact Carol on email: carol@angelawareness.co.za

Tel: 002711-682-2606

Or visit www.dianacooperfoundation.com

We will be thrilled to send you the prospectus and application form for your chosen course.

Early booking is suggested as places are limited.

It would be an absolute joy and pleasure to share the start of an amazing journey with you. Who knows, it could be in the Divine Plan that you become part of the Principal Team one day, or maybe the Angelic Heirarchy have other plans for you that will start by attending one of the Diana Cooper Foundation courses. Carol and myself look forward to hearing from you.

The Referendum

What an interesting and unexpected outcome.  Like many spiritual people I had my views – I definitely felt it was better to remain and work from within for change.  But I was constantly asking for the outcome for the highest good.  Well!   The storm the night before the referendum was extraordinary.  What incredible rain, thunder and lightning.  London and the areas around it were definitely being cleansed.

Rain washes away the old.

Thunder breaks up the lower vibrations.  It shatters negativity.

Lightning works in two ways.  First we see the physical manifestation of the transmutation of lower energies into light.  Then fork lightening brings the positive transmuted energy down to the ley lines to be spread through the planet.

I had to travel up to London for the Hay House Angel Summit on the Friday when the results were announced and there was a palpable feeling of silent shock and gloom over London in the morning.  This eased as the day went on.

It is always difficult for everyone when one member of the family breaks away, especially if they have been humming and hawing about it for some time and are in doubt about whether or not to go.  That’s often the most difficult kind of divorce.  And everyone deals with separation in their own way, as we are seeing now!

The task of Lightworkers is to hold their light steady and radiate higher frequencies out, so that everyone feels it and is calmed by it.  The higher frequencies will also attract in higher vibration leadership, that we sorely need at this time.

Perhaps Europe and the world have to break up before they can come back together in a better way for the highest good.

The Hay House Angel Summit
What a special event this was. Starting the evening before with dinner with the other speakers, all of whom I’ve bumped into around the world. Kyle Gray (We are presenting together in Hamburg in November), Radleigh Valentine, Lorna Byrne, Gordon Smith… and my friend Rosemary Stephenson came down to sing and play her crystal bowls even though she had only moved house a few days beforehand. Rosemary and I are presenting a retreat in Crete in October. And it is always great to meet Michelle Pilley, Jo Burgess and their Hay House team.
It was a full house of 600 participants at the Friend’s Meeting House. The dragons, angels and unicorns were all there waiting for us and they certainly touched people throughout the day!

Book of the month
The Archangel Guide to Mastery and Enlightenment
This book has been published this month, full of fifth, seventh and ninth dimensional energies.
I love visiting Lord Kuthumi’s teaching temples. He was St Francis of Assissi, Pythagoras, Balthazar the Wise Man who divined Jesus’ birth place. Now he is the World Teacher and he takes us through his twelve etheric universities to integrate the energies of enlightenment and mastery. This culminates in the last temple where the new 9th dimensional energies are introduced and he bathes the reader in them. It is quite awesome, as is meeting the Goddess Masters and being touched by the higher energies of the Illumined Ones.
Tim Whild and myself have also recorded six visualisations in a 3CD pack. As with The Archangel Guide to Ascension Archangel Metatron reminds us that when we work or record together our masculine and feminine energies are in perfect balance and this makes it easier for the reader or listener to absorb the information and frequency.

This book and CD is on SUPER SPECIAL OFFER for only £18.00 + P&P (saving you £9.98)

I have just signed and sent the first batch of 200 books. They were marvellous at the Post Office where the deluge of parcels caused chaos and now I have a drop and go card for tomorrow!


Order your copy HERE

Online Courses

I have created several online courses and the feedback from the students has been incredible (see some of the testimonies below). Demand for them has been so high that it even crashed our website!! Thank you to all those that signed up,I am so glad that you enjoyed it.

‘Dearest Diana, thank you for this wonderful and refreshing course. I have just finished day 7 of the ‘Angels Course’ and feel instantly uplifted. I had so many questions and this course has really helped me find answers. PLEASE make some more!!’ – Sarah H, UK

Hello Diana, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for making these courses, I have just completed the MEET THE ARCHANGELS course after doing your HOW THE ANGELS CAN HELP YOU course, I feel transformed. After several low periods in my life I now can feel a connection with my Angels and feel their presence around me. i know they are here to help and guide me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Diana, you have literally saved my life.’ – Greta, Germany

Diana, WOW!! What a fabulous course! I have just finished your meet the dragons course. I woke up each morning with a spring in my step, excited for the next installment. Such good prices so we can take more than one and move forward positively with wonderful guidance. Thank you and blessings.’ Rowana, UK

Click on the images below for more details

Meet the Dragons



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