Diana Cooper’s June 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends
It is almost the middle of the year already. The summer solstice is on June 21st and this year is particularly powerful as new divine feminine energies are pouring in. There will be another huge boost in the consciousness of humanity. The Spiritual Hierarchy is working very hard to open our hearts so that we become unified in love. In my Facebook video clips this month I talk about the solstice, also the power of prayer to help change the world with particular focus on the refugee crisis. When enough people pray for them the angels will step in. I also share the poem, Death is Not Judgement Day, which I write about in this newsletter.

I am delighted to report progress on the Tara and her Talking Kitten children’s animated TV series. Things seem to have been flying this month and it feels we are in a stream of angel energy taking the project forward. Many thanks to all of you who have offered to help in some way. Do you have contacts who could help? Are you a teacher of 6 – 9 year olds who could play the promo to your class and give us feedback? Do you like the signature tune?
Enjoy the summer months and know that the second wave of ascension is now happening and everyone is moving into higher consciousness even more quickly than before. Relax and let the current take you!
With angel love and blessings

Tara and her Talking Kitten Children’s Animated TV Series
To entertain, enchant and empower children

We have our first meeting with a Production Company booked in for the Conference!! We are looking for Sales Agents and Commissioners and possibly other production companies for co-production. Let us know if you can help or want to be part of this Tara project to help the children. Are you a teacher who could play the promo to the children in your class for feedback? Do you have any contacts who could help?
We are Active Angels Productions Ltd.

If you are new to this newsletter I will repeat my vision of getting the Tara and her Talking Kitten Series of books and CD’s made into a children’s animated TV series. Many of the children who are on Earth now have difficulty comprehending this low frequency. Most are sensitive, some are psychic and they are high frequency, with ability to tune into different wavelengths. We need to understand them and cater for their needs and they need help to understand life and deal with the situations they meet.

Tara is one such child, who finds life challenging. Then she is given a little grey kitten called Ash-ting for her birthday. The kitten can communicate with her and becomes her guide, helping her to make friends, deal with bullies and difficult situations and tune into the spiritual realms of fairies, angels, unicorns and dragons.

I have written a two minute promo to take to the Sheffield Children’s Media Conference. Actually it has extended to two and a half minutes. We have finally agreed the animatic, which is the step after the story board where the voices are synchronised with the pictures. It is now being turned into colour and movement!

Angelic signature tune
I happened to be talking to my friend Rosemary Stephenson about another matter when I mentioned that someone was composing a signature tune for the script. She remarked, ‘Oh I wrote something this morning. I’ll send it to you and you can see if you like it.’ Well it is fabulous. I am so pleased I keep singing it. It fits beautifully with the words
Tara Ash-ting
Under the old oak tree
Come along and join us
Be part of our family.

Inspirational story from Jacqueline Mary Piper
Angels confirm with a diamond

Angels can and do arrange things for us in our material world. The incredible beings of light not only bring through messages from the spirit world but they bestow on us wonderful healing and upliftment. As fabulous and joyful as it is to receive those things they are not the only areas of your life where angels can help.
They understand we humans need material things and can feel comforted and reassured by physical support. Bringing us third dimensional evidence as a part of their loving support is often possible if we ask. Do be prepared to follow guidance and trust the messages you receive because you may be given a journey including taking a leap of faith.

I had been working with angels spiritually for eleven years or so when I felt I wanted to ask them to give me evidence of their power to help through all levels of existence. One day I was meditating and asked the angels to show me concrete evidence in a physical sense. They drew close wafting their beautiful soft golden energy all around me. Filling my consciousness with their caring uplifting presence they asked me what I wanted. More precisely they suggested I should look deep within my heart and discover what I truly desired. At that time in my life I felt at a loss about not having found the right partner. The dream I had imagined for myself had always included being given a fabulous solitaire diamond engagement ring as a symbol of love. Sensing the angels love with me I felt inspired to ask them to bring me the perfect diamond so I could wear it and be always reminded of their love surrounding me.
I received a clear message from the angels to go and find a diamond ring I liked. Window shopping at a jewellers I opened my heart releasing all limitations and looked for what I really truly wanted. It wasn’t too long before I found the most stunningly gorgeous diamond ring. It was fabulous, nearly two carats, a sparkling example of the ‘wow’ factor. Inside the shop I tried it on and found it fitted like a dream, uncannily it was my perfect size. The drawback was the price £10,000 which I did not have. This was twenty years ago and a lot of money to me. Even using my credit cards and bank overdraft wouldn’t meet that.
‘Ok angels, where do we go from here?’
‘Get a bank loan,’ they told me.
Oh no!!! I thought. I can’t do that. What if I’m wrong and this is wishful thinking? Even as a medium I sometimes wonder if I have heard right. To me this was a big deal. The angels kept saying to me to trust. Two days later I sat there with my head in my hands asking myself do I believe these angels who are telling me to do something that defies my own logic? Do I believe in angel guidance or not? Can I trust this is the right thing to do when it seems illogical and totally mad? Ultimately yes was the answer. I do believe in them and I am prepared to take a leap of faith.

Against my logical instincts I took out a bank loan for £10,000 and bought the diamond ring. I made one payment on that loan just the one. Within two weeks at the end of a healing appointment my client told me they had been thinking about how grateful they were to me and how much I had helped them. They then went on to explain how they were very wealthy and wanted to know if I had any loans or credit cards they could pay off. The angels work in ways that give everyone a sense of well being. I was thrilled and my client was happy to do something to help me.
I still wear the precious and beautiful diamond ring every day to remind me of my angels. The diamond’s energy relates to Archangel Gabriel who helps with purification and communication. Coincidentally this archangel rules water signs and I am a Piscean. My ring is edged with little white gold hearts all the way around the mount. It makes me smile when I look at those and remember the angels saying, ‘Follow your heart.’
Jacqueline Mary Piper is an angel teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation and a gifted psychic and clairvoyant.



Believe it or not I, the most independent dog in the world, have fallen in love, well fell in love. It lasted for three days. Our next door neighbours have bought a tiny puppy, a cockerpoo, a gorgeous little brown ball of fluff. I took to sitting on the tree stump between our gardens and watching her, while our neighbours tend the garden. Sometimes she when she comes close to the fence I jump down and touch noses with her. When Mum takes me for a walk, instead of turning left to go to the forest, I pull her to the right and straight down their garden path. Then I sit on the doorstep until they open the door and I rush in to play with Pickle. She lies on her tummy and is very subservient to me. Oh bliss!


On the fourth day I went for my daily visit but found playing with a baby puppy somewhat boring. Instead I raced round their garden, especially where a fox used to live behind the bushes at the far end. When Pickle rushed after me and all over me, I growled and batted her away. She took absolutely no notice, so I had to be a little more assertive. Huh. It’s a dog’s life.

Next day. Arnie my Yorkie friend came to play. Pickle was in the garden. We rushed over to touch her nose through the fence and then Arnie became jealous and growled at her. Immediately I placed myself between him and the puppy. No one is threatening my puppy! She’s my very best friend again. Here we are playing! Pic video
And I watched a family of swans without barking…. Pic..In Venus, the Diary of a Puppy and her Angel, I tell the story of my first glimpse of a swan. I was rather young and brash at the time and I rushed to the water’s edge and barked at it. Well to my horror it hissed at me then stood up and waved the most enormous wings at me. I was so terrified that I ran all the way back to the car and hid under it. So you can see I have learnt wariness and some respect when I watch these swans with their cygnets.


And I saw an adder slithering across the path without rushing over to look at it. In fact when Mum went to peer at it, I held back. I am becoming a mature sensible four year old dog.
I realised why that Pickle puppy is so submissive. I’m big to her. I met Michael my Alsation hero and, while I adore him, I’m not taking any chances! Pic
I was really very pleased to come home to my own dear non threatening Ash-ting and lie on the sofa with her! Pic
Love Venus

The Inspiration of Death and Dying

A couple of years ago I wrote about my friend Suzan, who was a White Eagle Healer and a most gentle and beautiful soul. When she got cancer of the face and had a hideous operation I walked in the forest and sent out the question. ‘Why Suzan?’ The mighty being White Eagle himself appeared in front of me and said, ‘This will help her to ascend gloriously.’ Her last few months were crucifying but I always held onto those words in the trust that her soul was using the illness to purify her to a very high frequency.

She died the day I flew to South Africa and two days later I was on the stage giving a talk. A medium in the audience came up to me afterwards to tell me that a friend who had just died was standing by me on the platform helping me. So she was working already!!

Usually sick people go into a spirit hospital when they pass over. But if someone ascends the cloud of sickness is lifted from them as they move into the seventh heaven. I knew then that Suzan had ascended gloriously.
A few days before the first anniversary of her death her spirit started to talk to me as I walked in the forest. She said she was working directly with White Eagle as one of his healers. She was called away suddenly and I walked on. A few moments later she returned and said that she had been called to join in a healing. The group link their energies together and send a shaft of pure white light to a place or person where it is needed. It only takes a moment but the effect is profound.

And then on the first anniversary of her death, which was her birthday, her sister and I went to a sacred site which was one of her favourite places. We tried to light a candle for her but it was too windy and she was with us, laughing, saying she did not need the candle. She was radiant in a pure white robe, though really it was just energy. She confirmed that she worked with White Eagle to send healing. But then celestial music started and Serapis Bey appeared. He was the mighty Priest Avatar of Golden Atlantis and Keeper of the White Ascension Flame of Atlantis. He was surrounded by pure white angels and Masters who work with him as a team and amongst them was Suzan. They were holding the vast eternal White Ascension Flame.
She bore her crucifixion with fortitude and faith and I thank her for showing me that sometimes people choose a difficult passing in order that they truly can ascend gloriously into the higher realms to do extraordinary service work on the other side.

So many people are afraid of death and dying. When I came home I wrote this

Death is not judgement day
Nor a time when God will weigh
Each time you sinned or were unkind
Or were mean or simply blind.
It is the day you see the light
Held by the angels bright
Embraced within their wings
As their choir above you sings
Of your glory and magnificence
Your wisdom and your true essence
As your loved ones come to meet you
And unicorns appear to greet you
Hosannas ring throughout the skies
And you see with enlightened eyes
That you are HOME.

Book of the Month
Birth of a New Civilization

I love this book. It shares information about the anticipated transition of the planet to the new Golden Age starting in 2032. Covering the world economy, the cleansing of the planet, nature and people power, it gives exciting information about future leadership, religion, how to live in the 5th dimension and the new Golden Cities. It also offers forecasts for the countries of the world.

There is a chapter on the children being born now and in the future, from the Indigos, Crystal and Rainbows to the star children, IVF children, wise old souls and those who have been born since the Cosmic Moment. It is time to change the way we bring them up and value them.

birthing low res

We have a limited supply of this book in the office for £10 + P&P, if you would like to purchase a signed copy from Diana, please email Melissa@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com 

Release judgements and step into your I AM ness by Penny Wing

Almost from the moment we are born we are taught judgement – I am sure some of you have heard mothers say to their children “you can’t play with that child, he is not from the same estate as us” or “we can’t go to that church because they hold different religious services to our church” that sort of thing….judgement is programmed into us from a very early age!

As we move into the energy of the New Golden Age it is so important, in fact it is vital, to be able to let go of judgement. Not always an easy thing to do especially when we are dealing with the human ego eh?

What you judge you attract, it is that simple! If you can learn to look at everything with an open heart and learn to love it all you will experience more joy and joy is one of the keys to Ascension.

Source has created the perfect universe but has also allowed humanity to have free will. In essence everything is happening as it should be when it should be but that is not always an easy concept to understand when you see what is going on in parts of the world. It is important to understand that every bad thing that happens is an opportunity for people to learn and the most painful experiences are the ones that teach us the most. Of course we may not be able to see that when we are in the middle of that energy but take a moment to look back at painful times in your life and you will always find something that you have learnt from it and that is why we are here – to learn and to grow and to ultimately ascend!

A useful technique I have learnt from Melissie Jolley, the founder of Colour Mirrors, is called going into your I AM ness and I use it a lot!!
It is very simple yet so effective, try it and email me to let me know how you get on!

So this is what I do when the going gets tough….I take a deep breath in, bring golden energy up from the earth and anchor it into my base/sacral/solar plexus chakras, I also bring down white energy from Source and feel that in the same chakras whilst affirming “I AM” – I then bring both the gold and white energy up to my heart whilst affirming “WE ARE THE I AM” – last stage is bringing both the gold and white energy up through the throat/3rd eye to the crown whilst affirming “WE ARE THE ELOHIM”

This simple technique brings me straight into alignment with who I really am – a powerful energy being in a human body (just like you!!)

If for some reason you don’t have time to visualise the energy moving, just saying the words out loud will raise your energy vibration and consequently shift the energy around how you see and deal with all situations.

Work on letting go of judgements and see how your life changes into one of pure joy!!

Penny Wing
Celestial Light Academy

Upcoming Workshops

Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th June, Monday 15th June

Angel Kongress, Hamburg, Germany

Saturday 13th

Archangel Ascension

Since 2012 the energy pouring into the planet has expanded and risen in frequency. Today, through the archangels, we will receive some of the awesome ascension energies that are available to us now. You will all receive Source love through the blue Pleiadean Rose, the cosmic diamond violet flame of Gabriel and Zadkiel and the White Ascension Flame to bring your 12 chakras into a unified column of light. You will also receive a light bath from Archangel Metatron. Be prepared to dramatically expand your light.

Meditation for Angels, Animals and Nature

We will connect through the animals to some of the amazing energies they can access, e.g. through pandas to Mary’s universal love and meet the angels and masters who work with the nature kingdom. Feel one with Gaia and ascend.

Monday 15th June 2015
Day Seminar: The Healing Power of the Angels
Times: Mon 10am to 5pm
Venue: Logenhaus, Moorweidenstrasse 36, 20146 Hamburg

Contact: seminarservice@wrage.de

Saturday September 5|6

The Light, Friends House, Euston Road, London

The Archangel Guide to Ascension
5.00pm – 6.00pm
Diana Cooper the much beloved expert on Angels and Ascension will show you how you can raise your vibrational frequency to the fifth dimension where you can find soul satisfaction and true happiness. In this inspiring talk Diana will connect you to 10 mighty Archangels, who will help you to enter, open and activate your 12 chakras. This will bring you confidence, hope, wisdom and higher love. Diana will enable you to open your heart to embrace fully the higher love energies available in these times and offer you 10 simple steps to Ascension that you can practice daily.

You can book your tickets HERE

Saturday July 4

Hay House Angel World Summit

Tuke Hall, Regents Park, London

Archangel Ascension

2:45 – 5:00 pm (please note change of time)

Since 2012 the energy pouring into the planet has expanded and risen in frequency. Today, through the archangels, we will explore and receive some of the awesome ascension energies that are available to us now. You will all receive Source love through the blue Pleiadean Rose, the cosmic diamond violet flame of Gabriel and Zadkiel and Mother Mary’s Aquamarine Cloak to bring your 12 chakras into a unified column of light. You will visit the 12 sub temples of Metatron to prepare your energy for 2032 and receive his light bath. Then explore and access the new crystalline energies. Be prepared to dramatically expand your light.

Please click HERE to book tickets and for further information.

Fabulous Organic – Natural and Healthy Living TipFabulous F
The importance of chewing

Eating slowly and chewing your food properly is really important for your digestion. (If you have digestive issues, you may want to sign up for next week’s tip on stomach acid and how to tell whether you have enough). Chewing well also gives your body more time to register that it has had sufficient food, so you are less likely to overeat.

Saliva contains digestive enzymes, but they can only work if your food is liquidy. If you don’t chew properly, larger pieces of food pass into your stomach and intestines. This makes them harder to digest. Undigested food particles in your large intestine are fermented by your gut bacteria. This can produce gas, causing discomfort, bloating and flatulence.

So, whether you want to eat less or improve your digestion, taking your time over your food and chewing well can make a real difference.

For weekly Natural and Healthy Living Tips click here or go to www.fabulousorganic.co.uk

Next week we have a tip on stomach acid:
why its important
a simple home test to find out whether you have enough (symptoms of low and high stomach acid can be similar)
what to do if you don’t have enough stomach acid

Here’s to Your Health and Happiness

Fabulous Organic
We only put fabulous stuff in our products. All our body care products are made with natural and organic ingredients

Energies of Acceptance, Judgement and Faith by Janet Lawson

In this month’s article I have written about the energy of acceptance in relation to the solar plexus and throat chakras, a little about the heart chakra, the energies of judgment, and faith and also about aligning with our higher self.

So let’s begin within the solar plexus chakra which is under the care of Archangel Uriel, the Archangel for peace. This means that when we are resonating with the aspects of the solar plexus chakra at a 5th dimensional frequency, we are at peace with ourselves and the world. There are 33 different aspects to the solar plexus chakra and the first 16 aspects are all about living and thinking in a 3rd dimensional way e.g. allowing the energy of the ego to take precedence over the heart, lack of self worth, fear, anxiety, imagining that the worst possible scenario will take place etc. What’s interesting is that the person who is a bully and the person who is the victim of bullying are both tuning into the energy of the lower aspects of the solar plexus chakra.

When we resonate with the higher aspects of this chakra, we allow our life to change for the better. We begin to express the positive qualities of trust rather than being suspicious all the time. We become independent rather than feeling we have to depend on others for our happiness. We have a need to spread peace and to empower others. We don’t allow others to influence us in a negative way and we stop feeling that other people are better than us, for we recognise our own self worth.

The turning point to allowing these positive feelings to take place is when we begin to resonate with the energy of accepting ourselves, rather than judging ourselves or expecting to be judged. We have to accept ourselves and the different ways we have dealt with the many challenges that have appeared in our life. Accepting self enables us to have faith that there is a divine purpose to everyone’s journey.

I’m sure you will have heard the expression many times that we have all been somebody important in a past life, and that we are all aspects of Ascended Masters, High Priests/Priestesses etc. This can be difficult for some people to grasp and they may wonder how an Ascended Master could live a life where they are now struggling financially or are experiencing problems and issues that are so far removed from what you would expect an Ascended Master to be experiencing. Well, this can happen for many reasons, including that it gives us the opportunity to experience the polarity of life on Earth. An example of this polarity can be seen when we look at a couple of the past lives of Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi who lived a life as St Francis of Assisi, giving him the opportunity to experience a life without wealth and riches. Lord Kuthumi also lived a life as the Indian Emperor Shah Jahan. This was a very wealthy life when Lord Kuthumi was able to organise the building of the Taj Mahal as an offering of love to his wife. There are always lessons we can learn, regardless of the kind of life we are living

Sometimes an Ascended Soul will choose to live a difficult and painful life and this could be for a few reasons e.g. to allow them to experience living in that polarity, to allow Light to be introduced to that situation, to help clear family karma or even karma from a large group or area. Sometimes they want to experience the act of true forgiveness. This can be a difficult challenge for anybody, even an Ascended Master, as he/ she would need to be exposed to a difficult and perhaps very painful situation so that they could have the opportunity to feel and express true forgiveness. As the Ascended Master may choose to live a life on Earth with total amnesia of their previous status, they can sometimes end up creating their own karma which will then have to be addressed. However, every challenge we face in life is a means to help us on our ascension path, for the way we react to, and deal with the challenges that are placed in our path, determines whether we have learned the hidden lessons, or whether we will have to face these lessons hidden within another challenge. By feeling forgiveness towards others and towards ourselves, we automatically raise the energy vibration to a higher frequency, helping us to understand and accept the lessons we are meant to learn.

Some people think that the person living a difficult life will be unable to re-connect with the ascended aspect of themselves in this lifetime, but this is only an illusion for our connection with our higher self and the many times we have achieved Ascension, is an eternal part of our spiritual energy and can be fully re-ignited once we have worked through the different levels of our chakras.

There is another scenario that I call ‘the pedestal effect’ that I will briefly touch upon. This is when we know of a person or people who we feel are more important than we are and we put them on a huge pedestal, looking up to them like they were some kind of Gurus. Perhaps this is because of the knowledge that they have. We allow ourselves to be influenced by them, even when we feel their suggestions don’t feel right to us. Or perhaps our own spiritual gifts are fully developed and we are personally able to have a clear communication with the ‘Beings of Light’ in the higher realms. This privilege can make us feel overly important compared to the people who are still working through the many aspects of their chakras and it is very easy to put ourselves above other people. Both these scenarios are examples of us tuning into the vibration of the lower aspects of the solar plexus chakra. When we accept ourselves and others in a 5th dimensional way, we step onto our own metaphorical pedestal and allow and encourage everybody else to step onto their own pedestal, knowing that each of us has the same height of pedestal to stand on.

When we are able to accept our magnificence in a non-ego way we activate the higher aspects of the 22 chambers of the throat chakra and this helps us to live within the energy of truth. We realise that everyone else is also a magnificent Soul and we allow them to live their life without judging them, for we understand that we all have our own specific challenges to deal with in life. When we feel the need to stand in judgement of another person, we automatically change the energy vibration that we are connecting to, for judgement is a vibration that resonates with the lower aspects of the heart chakra. To enable our heart chakra to vibrate at its highest and purest frequency we have to tune into the qualities of the upper aspects of the heart chakra that connects us to the Christ energy, unconditional love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, love for animals, to name a few.
Here is a little reminder of the Spiritual Law that is called ‘As Within, So Without.’ If/when the urge to judge someone may arise, we should take a few moments to ask ourselves which part of our own body or our own life that we are still judging or have perhaps judged in the past? If we weren’t still connecting to the energy of judgment within our own life, we wouldn’t feel the need to stand in judgement of anybody else, for the energy of judgement has to be present first within ourselves. Have we judged our looks, our body, or our intelligence? Have we compared ourselves to another person who we feel is more successful than us? By doing this we are ultimately judging ourselves and we will keep resonating within the energy of judgement, either by judging other people or by attracting judgment from other people towards us, until we change our thoughts to that of acceptance. When we totally love ourselves we accept ourselves and when this happens, we let go of the need to judge ourselves or anybody else. We are able to accept the journey of others as it is. We remember and accept that we are all connected to each other by God’s divine energy, which continually flows through everybody and everything and is filled with Love.

When we reach the point of totally accepting ourselves, we align with the higher vibration aspects of the throat chakra, accepting ourselves and honouring our magnificence. We recognise and accept that we are an Ascended Soul in our own right and we begin to live and think like one. This takes us back to the scenario of ‘As Within, So Without’ for when we align ourselves with the vibration of our higher selves we also recognise that same aspect in every other person, regardless of whether they recognise this quality within themselves, or even if they are living a life that’s in alignment with the vibration of an Ascended Soul.

I would like to bring my article to a close by mentioning the Spiritual Law of Faith, for when we have total acceptance of ourselves, we find that we are also aligning ourselves with the energy of Faith:
• FAITH that God and the Universe will look after our every need.
• FAITH that everything and everyone is perfect. This can be a tricky one to grasp, for example if we think and do things within the vibration of the lower aspects of our chakras, then we will attract that energy into our life. When millions of people around the world connect with the vibration of the lower aspects of their chakras, this results in hatred, anger and fear-based energies being actively generated, causing wars or individual attacks to take place around the world. Although these wars and attacks are taking place, everything is still in perfect alignment according to the energy vibration that people are connecting with. When millions of people around the world choose to align their thoughts, words and actions with the higher vibration aspects of their chakras i.e. keeping their thoughts, words and actions positive and connecting to the energy of peace and love, then world peace will be the outcome.
• FAITH in our own ability to once more raise our vibration to the vibration of our Ascended Self and therefore be A WALKING MASTER OF LIGHT.

For more information on the various chambers of the different chakras:
Ascension Through Orbs by Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell

For more information on Ascension:
A New Light on Ascension by Diana Cooper
The Archangel Guide to Ascension (55 Steps to the Light) by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

For more information on the Spiritual Laws:
A Little Light on The Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper

Love and Light
Janet Lawson
Teacher of Angels, Ascension & Lemurian Planetary Healing with the Diana Cooper Foundation

Secret Alchemy – Ascended Master Hilarion

Let the energies and support of the Ascended Master Hilarion be by your side! The energy of Master Hilarion can be of great help especially in times when we feel that we are in the depths of despair or overwhelmed and stressed. In fact his energy can be of great help in this period of turmoil and global change. By using Secret Alchemy we have made a choice – setting in motion the waves of transformation. It is a call for change, now!

Master Hilarion is here to open new pathways and guides us firmly towards our soul and mission. Assisting us in keep holding the Light and following our Divine Self no matter what the outer situations may look like. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, disoriented or feeling “trapped”, then is time to ask for Hilarion’s help!

Feel free to call this beloved Master in your prayers and meditation, asking for his assistance and his protection for you and your loved ones, to support your steps towards the Light, to give you strength to move on with an open heart. As you work with this Master energy you will feel renewed and refreshed, coming out of the current situation with a stronger heart, more energy and deeper wisdom!

Alchemically yours,
Frixos Christodoulou and Paschalis Kazakopoulos


Master Hilarion Spray Characteristics

General Effect: Pure heart. New direction and new space. Helps when there is little time, in choosing direction and decision making. To give ourself the time, space and direction we need and also to respect the time, space and direction of others. Clears mental confusion. Brings a feeling of cleanness. Breath free from stress, anxiety and panic. Firmness to the truth and values of the heart. Moves the energy and opens the path.

Correspondence: Third Eye Chakra.

Qualities: Stability, New Direction, Purpose, Prayer.

Affirmation: I let go of the old and make space for the new and better!

Get your Secret Alchemy Spray: www.angelshouse.eu | E-mail: info@angelshouse.eu

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