Diana Cooper’s March 2024 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

Spring is on its way.  I love to see the mass of white snowdrops, golden daffodils, purple crocuses and many other blooms heralding the promise of blue skies ahead.  This year it really feels time to welcome Spring with its promise of renewal and hope for the future.

And speaking of renewal… are you ready to receive Full Body Cellular Upgrade and Activation?  Well you can.  Here’s what happened to me. At the beginning of the year Kumeka told me that we are now able to access silver platinum light codes from Pluto.  These light codes open the channels to higher frequencies.  I started to access the silver platinum light codes during my morning meditation.  After a week, I woke with the most incredibly vivid image of surgeon, dressed in operating gear, in front of me.  I asked if he had done psychic surgery on me. My guide Kumeka told me that the surgeon was a 10D Medical Master and he had done a full body cellular upgrade and activation on me! Wow.  He had also worked on my 5D health blueprint, activating it to a higher frequency.

A few days later as I sat down for a moment in the middle of the day I was suddenly  propelled through the portal of Pluto into the most amazing brilliant light I have ever experienced.  I was given much information about Pluto and what happens there…more wow!

Then I was told that for my next Youtube live on Monday March 11, I am to take those who register into Pluto, where a team of 10D psychic surgeons will give you a full body cellular upgrade and activation, and work on your 5D health blueprint and activate more of your 12 strands of DNA.  We are also to go to other healing places to reinforce the upgrades! I am beyond excited.  (CLICK FOR INFO)

On 16/17 March I am in Hamburg live and am being allowed to do a rejuvenation and regeneration activation for the first time.

On Saturday 27th April I am delighted to do a live presentation at the Hamworthy Club, Poole with Robert Holden on the Golden Future!

Having said all that March should be a quiet month until Easter has passed.

Here is what Easter means for you.

In ancient times a celebration took place at the end of winter to symbolise, the arrival of Spring, which is a time of renewal and rebirth.  The goddess of fertility was Ostara (or Eastre or Eostre).   Eostrogen and Easter come from the same root, symbolising fertility.  Hence Easter eggs and bunnies, both symbols of fertility and renewal.

The energy of spring has always symbolised a sacred time when the world comes to life again after closing down for winter.  So when the Intergalactic Council was planning the huge project of Jesus coming to Earth to bring the Christ light of unconditional love into the planet, it was considered that Easter would be the most symbolic time for him to come to life again, after he had overcome the great challenge of crucifixion. He went through a mighty initiation in order to resume his life.  In fact, as I understand it, he did not die when he was crucified.  He was a great master of the Great White Brotherhood, who had undergone years of esoteric training to master his physical body among other things.  He mastered his breathing, heart beat and other vital energies so that when he was on the cross it was assumed he was dead and he was taken to a cave for burial.  However, before he could be buried, he returned to normal waking consciousness and was rescued, then given much healing.  He had fulfilled his destiny of bringing in the Christ light for humanity.  He attained the title Jesus the Christ at the age of 33.  As we know 33 is the number that carried the unconditional love of Christ light. 

When he passed his initiation he was free to live the life he wanted.  He married Mary Magdelene and she gave birth to Sarah.  They travelled to Glastonbury amongst other places.

SO What does Easter mean for you.   Easter holds the energy that enables you to master an aspect of your life and bring the Master plan for your life to fruition.

Exciting News

The Golden Future Oracle Cards are finally here, launching on March 19th! Dive into a journey of inspiration and growth with these transformative cards. Within each card lies a wealth of wisdom and insight, offering guidance tailored to your unique path towards happiness and growth. With each draw, you are met with a comforting embrace of encouragement and anticipation, guiding you ever closer to your divine destiny.

Order yours now and receive a special invitation to join me for a free live Q&A session on April 16th. Simply visit my website for more details. Let’s embrace the golden future together!

Interview with Patti Stanger

I had a very interesting interview with Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker fame during February about relationships.  The aim and intention was to help her find true love.  Before the interview I asked my guide Kumeka for the 6 best exercises for Patti to find true love.  He told me in order of importance and we did the exercises during the interview.  If you are seeking true love, you may find the interview really helpful.

How to Find True Love

In my interview with Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker about relationships.  My guide Kumeka gave me the 6 best exercises for most people to find true love and maintain it!!!  Here they are in order of importance!!!  

 1.Uncording all past relationships, especially sexual relationships.  Archangel Michael helps with this.When you send thoughts to somebody, especially if those thoughts are very emotionally charged, they create an energetic cord. When they are sexually charged, the cord goes into the sacral chakra and blocks it. Furthermore, if a woman has sex with a man (unless he is wearing a condom) she takes in his entire genetic history and has to deal with it through her sacral chakra.  I was about to type that this subtly affects all her relationships with men, but Kumeka said ‘NO, this massively affects all her relationships with men.’When a man has sex with a woman he absorbs any unresolved fears, angers or negative feelings she holds in her sacral chakra.  Remember only negative energies create cords.  You cannot create a cord with true love.


  • 1.     Visualise yourself, sitting in a circle.
  •  2.     see a circle attached to it.
  • 3.     Invite into this second circle all the people you have had relationships with, especially sexual relationships. 
  • 4.     sense or see all the cords that come from each of them into you, either into your solar plexus or your sacral chakra.  Take your time.
  • 5.     Invite Archangel Michael in his deep blue light to stand by you with his huge Sword of Truth.
  • 6.     Ask him to cut away all the cords with his mighty Sword….and watch him do so.
  • 7.     His Sword of Truth dissolves the energy of the cord right into the roots. 
  • 8.     See the other circle, moving away, setting everyone in it free.
  • 9.     A great violet flame comes down over the circle, transmuting any lower energies
  • 10.  Now see a pure white waterfall of light pouring over you, purifying and cleansing you to a cellular level.
  • 11.  Picture and sense wonderful soft clear pink light flowing into your sacral chakra.
  • 12.  State…’I am now ready for a happy, respectful, loving relationship.’ 

2.Build self-worth.  Archangel Uriel activates this within you. When you ask for something with genuine intention, an archangel will help you.  Once a day say, ‘Archangel Uriel please stand by me in your gold and ruby light and activate confidence, self-worth and power with wisdom in me.’

3. You attract or create what you unconsciously believe you deserve. You hold deservingness at an inner child level and need to receive this from your parents or their higher selves.Archangel Chamuel, angel of love, assists you.   If you incarnate with a belief you don’t deserve, you create your belief.  You automatically attract people who treat you badly…and you allow them to. 


  • 1.Close your eyes and see self as child of two or three
  • 2. Let your Mother or mother substitute, say to you. ‘ love you.  You are special.  You deserve to have a wonderful, rich warm and love filled relationship.’
  • 3.What do you see in her eyes?  If you really hear her and see love in her eyes, repeat this again and again.
  • 4.If you see jealousy, anger or any sort of fear, allow yourself to be an adult again.
  • 5.See your mother as a child of two or three.  Give her love and tell her she is special and deserves to have a wonderful, rich warm and love filled relationship.’
  • 6.When she accepts this and her heart is open, let her become an adult again and let your inner child receive her love.
  • 7.Repeat this with your father.
  • 8.Archangel Chamuel, angel of love, appears in front of you in beautiful pink light.
  • 9.Let him enfold you in his soft, warm feathery wings.
  • 10.He tell you that you deserve to be loved and respected.

4. Get clear about what you really want.  

This is important. 

  •  a.Make a list, focussing only on the positive.  The universe does not deal with negative statements. So if you say, ‘I don’t want a controlling partner’, the universe does not compute ‘don’t’ and looks for a controlling one. Decide what qualities you want in a partner, for example, love, respect, kindness and makes you feel good. Spiritually compatible, generous and openhearted.  Strong, responsible and fun. Someone who lets you be free.
  • b.Then develop those qualities in yourself for the vibration of those qualities will draw someone with the same frequency to you.
  • c.What kind of relationship do you want? A deeply committed monogamous true love?  A companion? A person to go on holiday with? Something else?
  • d.Connect with your Guardian Angel and ask it to bring someone with those qualities to you.  

Visualisation to ask your Guardian Angel to bring the perfect partner to you

  • 1.Breathe gold light around you until you are in a golden cocoon.   
  • 2.Ask your Guardian Angel to stand in front of you.
  • 3.Tell it you would like a perfect partner with the following qualities.  Share the qualities you wish for.
  • 4.Explain the kind of relationship you are looking for.
  • 5.Ask your Guardian Angel to bring you this person for your highest good.

5.Throughout your soul journey you have had many good relationships.  Ask Archangel Mariel, the magenta angel in charge of your Soul Star chakra, to heal and clear your soul pathways and bring forward the energy of your good relationship experiences.

6.Raise the frequency of your sacral chakra to attract true love. The frequency of the entire planet is rising and it is time for partnerships to become less sacral centred, ie based on sex and more heart centred, based on love.  Archangel Gabriel is in charge of the sacral and he will help you bring pure love into your sacral chakra, so that all relationships are based on soul connections and much, much happier.  When the sacral is truly loving it glows a beautiful pale pink.

Exercise to raise the frequency of your sacral chakra

  • Ask Archangel Gabriel to fill your sacral chakra with pink love. Then breathe pure love into the sacral for a few minutes.
  • Affirm that you are only interested in a relationship that empowers and enriches you, that enhances your positive qualities and is based on true love.

During this seminar I have been asked to take participants to Pluto and into this sacred space. Here, held in the light of the Christ and Archangels, Mary, Raphael and Crystal, a team of Medical Masters will be waiting to work with you.

Amma, the Hugging Mother, has 10D Healing Chamber in the etheric above her hospital in Kerala. A team of MAP psychic surgeons work here and they can give you healing and build your fifth dimensional health blueprint. The energy is different from the Pluto healing.

We will also receive healing and a cellular health upgrade from the Pleiadeans and the Arcturians.

We will start by connecting with Archangel Zadkiel to transmute blocks in the time lines of our soul and Archangel Mariel to bring forward health wisdom from our lives on Earth.

During this workshop we will:

  • Receive a full body frequency upgrade at a cellular level.
  • Build up your 5D health blueprint.
  • Enter a high frequency sacred space to work with a team of Medical Masters.
  • Visit Amma’s 10D healing chamber.
  • Receive healing from the Pleiadeans and the Arcturians.
  • Transmute health blocks in the time lines of your soul.
  • Bring forward health wisdom from past lives.

This health frequency upgrade will help to activate your 12 strands of DNA and build your crystalline light body for the Golden Future. It is very important.


Q&A: What phases does the spirit go through?

I was sent the question What phases does spirit go through after departing from the physical body? I spent a few hours with Kumeka receiving an in depth answer to this question and it proved to be fascinating. 

Firstly it depends on the consciousness of the person. If the person is third dimensional, self-centred but light (in other words he has not actively done any harm) or fourth dimensional.

1. He will be collected by Archangel Azriel, Angel of Birth, Death and Transitions and taken to the Seventh Heaven (the seventh dimension). 

2. If the person is healthy he will be taken immediately for a life review.

3. If the person was ill before passing or in shock at passing, he will be conducted to spirit hospital for healing, before his life review.

4.His Guardian Angel and his overlighting Archangel attend his life review and assessment meeting.

5.Together they take a decision about the next step of the journey.

6.He may receive training or help to see things from a higher perspective before moving on to that step.

If the person is third or fourth dimensional and dark, in other words he has actively taken action to harm others.

  • 1.He will be collected by Archangel Azriel.
  • 2.As he passes over he will receive training and purification and allowed to see things from a higher perspective.
  • 3.If ill or in shock he will be taken to a spirit hospital for healing.
  • 4.Then he will be taken to a vast globe in the fifth dimension, that is almost like a planet in itself and is gold internally. 
  • 5.Here he will undergo a programme of adjustment and instruction.
  • 6.He then incarnates again.
  • 7.After 2032 he will move to another 3D planet.

If the person is ascending at a fifth dimensional frequency.

 Archangel Azriel will appear to transport the person’s spirit to the ninth dimension.   (If the person is at the upper levels of the fifth dimension many archangels will collect him.)   These spirits will be greeted with celebration from many archangels.  If the person was ill before passing, he will be conducted to spirit hospital for healing, before his life review.  The same beings attend the life review, that were at the original meeting where decisions were taken for this life.  After the life review there is a separate assessment meeting! 

This is attended by the Guardian angel, the over lighting, Archangel, the main spirit guide, or guides, and, of course, the higher self and monad. 

Final Step…Together, they take a decision about the next step on the journey, which may be anywhere in the universe, including return to Earth.

If the person is ready to pass and is ascending at a seventh dimensional frequency?

As the frequency is rising, more people are ascending into a seventh dimensional frequency and they will be conducted to the 11th dimension.  The phases the spirit goes through after death are exactly the same until the final step.

At this level, the Monad alone takes a decision about the next step on the journey.

If the person is almost ready to ascend when he passes over what happens?

When ascension is so close, the Guardian Angel tries to help the person ascend while he is being taken over by the Archangel.  In 92% of cases this is achieved.

What if you are a Being of the Universe?

Note that Commander Ashtar meets all Beings of the Universe, in other words those who are in service to the universe, when they pass over.

What about those who do not pass into the light?

Those who do not pass over properly and remain attached to Earth are given an elemental, known as a Wuryl, to look after them.  Wuryl’s are 3D-5D so that stuck souls can connect with them more easily.  Guardian Angels remain with them but stuck souls can no longer connect with them.

There are many reasons why people don’t pass over properly.

  • 1.They may be attached to alcohol, a house, a person or anything that they don’t want to let go of.
  • 2.They may be in such shock that they do not see Archangel Azriel when he comes to collect them.
  • 3.Emotions, such as anger or fear blind them to the light.
  • 4.Feeling that they are not good enough, usually a result of religious dogma, makes them feel that they can’t pass and holds them back.
  •  5.Some believe there is nothing out there, so they don’t look for the light.

These stuck souls often hide in woods or caves.  Those who were alcoholic haunt pubs.  The Christ light or the pure White Flame of Atlantis is a good protection in these places.

Stuck souls are clogging the lower astral realms, the planes of lower emotions.  It is time they were cleared for the Golden Future.  Individual and generic prayers can really help many to find the light and propel them to the other side.  No prayer is ever wasted. 

What choices do souls have when they are ready to move on?

If they are 3D or 4D

Many will return to their home planets.

They can learn more about what they loved to do on Earth.  For example if a soul loved nursing or caring for children, they could nurse in the inner planes hospitals or care for children.  If they loved teaching, they could teach those who are ready to learn.  If they loved science they could work with science. 

They could open up to creative expression, or for example work with colour or gardening.

If they loved competitive sport while in a body, they might play competitive sport but their focus would be more on personal excellence.

At the same time all souls would learn about personal and spiritual growth.

Some re-incarnate immediately.

If they have ascended at a 5D frequency

Some will return to their home planets. Most will remain in the inner planes to serve in some way.

They could train to be a spirit guide to someone in incarnation.

They could be in charge of a project on Earth, for example they might help to lighten the energy in a school.  Of if they had been a solicitor they might want to dedicate themselves to opening the minds of solicitors.

They could train to become a psychic surgeon or a healer in spirit.

And many other choices.

At the same time all these souls would learn about spiritual growth at a higher frequency.

If they have ascended at a 7D frequency

They will serve in a greater capacity in this universe.  Some from other universes may decide to return there but many will remain.  Many of these have very high frequency souls and will take positions of great responsibility in the inner planes.

The Mahatma Energy has been withdrawn

Many of us have used the 7D Mahatma energy, that was created in Golden Atlantis, to work on the glands and for rejuvenation.  However, this has now been withdrawn as it has served its purpose.  It has been replaced by the 11D energy of regeneration from Helios, which works in the same way but at a much higher frequency. 

We are asked to focus positively on the golden future during March to prepare for the challenges of April.

I listened to Jeffrey Archer’s prison diary on audible, and as I listened to the horror of life in our prisons, I said to Kumeka, ‘What an earth am I listening to this for? Is there a reason for it?’ He said ‘yes,’ the reason is that it is time to raise the energy of prisons. He said that, whether a prisoner is guilty or not, everyone in prison, is completing karma, from this or another life.  Yet the cruelty within them is barbaric, and often creates more karma.  This needs to be addressed. 

He asks that we send Angel Mary’s blue energy for healing, Archangel Michael’s deep blue for courage, integrity and honesty, together with Archangel Jophiel’s pale gold to enable inmates to see things from other people’s perspectives.  We then ask that this energy be taken by Paul the Venetian (who carries the Flame of Freedom) in the Christ light and placed over every single prison in the world. 

We are asked to focus positively on the golden future during March to prepare for the challenges of April.

Visualisation to Raise the Frequency of Prisons Everywhere

  • 1.Close your eyes and relax.
  • 2.Ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection over you.
  • 3.Invoke the compassionate Angel Mary.
  • 4.See or sense her standing in front of you in blue healing light.
  • 5.Invoke the mighty Archangel Michael.
  • 6.See or sense him standing in front of you in deep blue.                                  
  • 7.He is carrying the qualities of courage, integrity and honesty.
  • 8.Invoke the wise Archangel Jophiel.
  • 9.See or sense him standing in front of you in pale gold light of wisdom.
  • 10.As their energies merge, they become a glorious Archangel Flame of pale blue, deep blue and light gold.
  • 11.Paul the Venetian now appears in the pure white Flame of Freedom and Christ light.
  • 12.Ask him to place the glorious Archangel Flame over every single prison in the world.
  • 13.See or sense this being done. 
  • 14.Thank Mary, Michael, Jophiel and Paul the Venetian.
  • 15.Open your heart to receive a blessing for your service work to the world.

Orb of the Month

The story of Teddy, the husky

I was sent this gorgeous Orb, that is over Teddy, the most beautiful dog and it inspired me to go to the websiteTheasherhouse.com and read his story.  It is so special and amazing to see the Orb coming in and pausing over him for a second. 

This is an Orb of Archangel Fhlyai, angel of animals, with Archangel Gabriel. They are close to this dog, giving him love and encouragement and wisdom.
This Orb has already collected some animals.  On the left, you can see a group of animals that has been collected and they are surrounded by Archangel Mary energy (blue) holding them in love and Archangel Jophiel (yellow) giving them wisdom.  On the lower right you can see a dark mass, and this is a group of dogs who were very sick, being collected to pass over and receive healing. As you look at this Orb, it opens your heart with compassion for animals, and you are then automatically sending animals love and healing.

Teddy is in The Asher House rescue centre and when I received the orb picture I was told, ‘It’s unbelievable how much care, love and passion this man has for dogs! I watched his story how he created this rescue group. He was a very successful man but decided this wasn’t his thing. Since he was little he would go to animal shelters to play with dogs when he needed comfort. So he decided to quit his job and dedicated all his life to rescue animals. He rescues dogs that have very sad stories and they just thrive in his rescue sanctuary! He loves all his animals and if you watch him talk about his story, the love he has for them no words to describe!’ 

Do watch the video of Teddy on the website and see the way the Orb flies in and homes in on him to give him all he needs.

And here is an amazing video of an Orb of Archangel Mary with my dogs.  I visited my daughter for a weekend and Adrian kindly stayed at my house to look after the dogs.  When he took them for a walk on a popular dog walking field he took a video to send me and saw the Orb zooming in on the camera screen.  Wow! Kumeka told me that the Angel Mary came in to leave love there for all the dogs who walk there.  Love everywhere.

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