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Hallo Lightworker Friends,

Amazing April

Well this is a strange and testing time but Spring really is here.  The clocks have sprung forward and we have an extra hour of daylight.  The full Moon on April 8th (08.04.2020) is another Supermoon.  It is a very practical moon, suggesting it is a good time to ground your ideas and visions and put them into action in a very down to earth way.  This moon doesn’t wave a magic wand for victory.  It says, dig for victory.  So start to plan during this period of world shut down.  Remember if your plan is in alignment with the good of people, animals, nature and the planet, the universe will support you.

You chose to incarnate at this time of massive change and your light and your faith are really needed now.   There is a collective cloud of grey fear hovering like a pall over the planet.  I was even shown Lady Gaia releasing some of the ancient fear held within the Earth.  It rose up to join the collective cloud.   Our job as light workers is to be the sunshine that dissolves the cloud.  You have a choice of whether you succumb to the collective fear or stay positive.  You can be fearful and gloomy or keep your heart open and radiating love.  Love transmutes the fear.  It alchemises it to become unconditional love.  The more of us who radiate love the more quickly the spiritual sun will shine through.

The universe is closely watching your energy.  You are important.  However bad your situation, if you focus on the good, the universe will reward you.

In 2012 and Beyond, which was written ten years ago,  I talk about all the things that are happening now.  That people would no longer be travelling in the way they expect to now, that flying would become very expensive.  Something major had to happen to bring this about and it has now started.

And in support I am offering several new facilities this month.

FREE..To help the children…. SLEEP WITH THE ANGELS 3 x 15 Minute downloads.  JOIN HERE

FREE.  DAILY Spiritual exercise for calm and spiritual growth. VIEW HERE

Podcast… GO TO SLEEP WITH ARCHANGEL MICHAEL  99p (Approximately 1 Euro)…ORDER HERE

Podcast… GO TO SLEEP WITH ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL  99p (Approximately 1 Euro)……ORDER HERE

£11 with Tim Whild ZOOM  Invoking Energies for Health and Wellbeing……. ORDER HERE

Much love and peace to you all


Thank you for the incredible feedback so many of you have taken the trouble to give me for the free downloads I recorded to help the children (and adults too) go to sleep, then relax and build calm, confidence and the ability to deal with everything while they slept.  As a result I decided to offer 99p (about 1 euro) podcasts to help you connect to Archangels Michael and Raphael as you fall asleep, so that the archangels can work with you as you sleep.  Again I have received such beautiful feedback.

Relax and Connect with Archangel Michael

15 minutes Download – Relax and connect to Archangel Michael

The aim of this fifteen minute relaxation is to enable you to connect with Archangel Michael, preferably before you go to sleep, so that you remain within his energy during the night.  This enables him to download his qualities into you so that you feel stronger, calmer, more confident and courageous, empowered and able to speak your truth.  He also works on your throat chakra to light up the innermost chamber of Trust in God and open you up to who you truly are.

First I take you into a deep relaxation while you are protected by Archangel Michael’s deep blue energy.  Then I guide you to his etheric retreat where you meet him and he passes his qualities of light into you.

When the download ends you can drift into sleep or relaxation enfolded in Archangel Michael’s wings or you can return to your day refreshed and stronger.

The more often you listen to this download the deeper your connection with Archangel Michael and the more you will embody his qualities.

This audio download is available now for 99p ORDER HERE

Relax and Connect with Archangel Raphael

15 minutes Download – Relax and connect to Archangel Raphael

This fifteen minute relaxation takes you into a deep relaxation so that you connect with Archangel Raphael, preferably before you go to sleep, so that you remain within his energy during the night.

As you listen to this download Archangel Raphael will enfold you in his emerald green healing light and fill your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with healing energy.

He also works on your third eye chakra, cleansing it and soothing your mind, filling it with positive thoughts, enlightenment and abundance.  You connect to the cosmic third eye, Jupiter and its ascended aspect Jumbay and from here you draw down keys of abundance and prosperity, happiness, health, success and wellbeing.

When the download ends you can drift into sleep or relaxation enfolded in Archangel Raphael’s light or you can return to your day refreshed and stronger.

The more often you listen to this download the deeper your connection with Archangel Raphael and the more you will accept health, abundance consciousness and your heart’s desire.

This audio download is available now for 99p ORDER HERE

FREE – Sleep with the Angels Download

Children become anxious in challenging times so these downloads may be helpful and I’d love to receive any feedback.

My granddaughter, Kailani, who is almost eleven has always had a problem with getting to sleep and then she wakes in the night at least once.  I offered to record a download for her to help her sleep with the angels!  First I asked which angel she would like to be with and she replied instantly, ‘Mary!’  Then I asked why she couldn’t get to sleep and she said all the usual things that everyone, whatever their age, worries about – not doing well enough etc.  So I took her on a journey to be enfolded by Mary and to relax into lots of suggestions to relax well, feel confident, do well, feel liked, know that everything was going to be alright and so on, then go to sleep.  I sent it to her and could hardly believe it.  She has slept easily and deeply without waking every night except one since she started to listen.  So I offer it to you if you need help with sleeping.  While it is written for a child, it can also help adults.  I had a friend with me before I sent it and asked her if she would listen to it..  She fell asleep!!!  It is only fifteen minutes.

So I then recorded a second one where you meet your unicorn and are enfolded in its loving light, then travel with it to a magical crystal cave to receive qualities.  Again it is full of suggestions of confidence, wellbeing and sleep.  And again Kailani has slept really well and loves it.

She then asked for a download with Venus, my dog, who many of you know.  The Angel of Animals in his sunshine yellow light comes in to protect you.   So I have recorded that for her today and she loves it too!   My daughter, her Mum, says that they have tried everything in the past to help her sleep but at last this seems to be working.

I hope you enjoy them and they really help you relax, feel calm and relax. JOIN HERE

New Zoom

The Lilac Fire of Source and Healing with the Universal Christed Healing Pool –  Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild.

10th April 19.00 – 20.00 GMT

This workshop is a one-hour intensive brought to you by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild using some of the powerful frequencies currently available to us in human form!

During the previous two workshops we have worked with sound frequencies to dissolve fear and the Higher Rays to bolster and support the immune system.

We are currently moving through the most extraordinary times on our planet and this workshop will give you extra tools, motivation and support that you need to navigate them.

Easter is a special time.  Good Friday commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus, who brought the Christ light into the world for humanity and is a day when huge light is released to help our planet.  We are guided that it will be a perfect time to use this light with other powerful universal energies to heal ourselves and the planet.

The Lilac Fire of Source

The Lilac Fire of Source is created by Archangels Zadkiel, Amethyst and Gabriel, and love from the Cosmic Heart is added to it.  It is such a high frequency that it transmutes everything with compassion and grace, replacing all with hope and anticipation of something better.  It is known as the Flame of Freedom.  During this Zoom we will facilitate you accessing this glorious light for your own transformation and to heal the planet.

Universal Christed Healing Pool

While we are together during this Zoom in this special Easter energy, we will all help to create a Universal Christed Healing Pool. This will be a higher frequency and therefore more powerful than any collective energy pool yet formed for Earth.  The Mahatma will be incorporated into it as will many stellar energies and those of great Illumined Ones who wish to step forward to contribute.  Crucially you are asked to recognise who you are and add part of your own ascended light.  The light from this Christed Healing Pool will be used to heal you, your loved ones and the planet.

You will give to this pool and receive from it in perfect balance.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It is helpful if you have a crystal with you for this workshop…any crystal will do as long as it is attuned to your energy (i.e. you use it on a regular basis or have it in your house).

As with all Zoom workshops this event will be LIVE, and the recording sent out to all participants the following day. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so don’t worry if you miss it!

Registration is via timwhild.com only and please be careful to fill out all of your details correctly (check and double check your email spelling). Links can only be sent to the full/correct email address.

Book your place HERE

Prosperity – Keep Giving and Receiving in Balance

I have received two e-mails asking why the first Zoom I did with Tim about alchemising fear into love to protect yourself against the Corona Virus was not free.  One was a genuine question, graciously asked.  The other was full of underlying neediness, fear and anger!

Both these e mails came from people who were trying to help others by doing light work and yet they were not prosperous.  I understand it must be very frustrating to feel you are constantly giving but not receiving.

As you know I spread much of my spiritual knowledge free in facebook lives etc.  Spiritual law states that we must keep our giving and receiving in balance.  My guide Kumeka told me I was giving out too much and reminded me that in the Golden era of Atlantis the people maintained their high frequency by receiving and giving in exact balance.  They were careful to receive exactly what they gave.

And here is a quote from Discover Atlantis about the effect of the Law of Balance on their daily life and how they shared.  Panic buying everywhere comes from a lack of trust that there is enough.  We no longer trust our leaders or big business to serve us, so the old paradigm of controlling government and self-serving business is all starting to change.

‘Until the decline, there was no money, as no one needed it.  Produce of every description: food, cloth, furniture, paintings or tools were placed in a central complex and people helped themselves to whatever they needed.  As there was plenty for all, no one ever took more than their immediate requirements.  Why should they?  Open hearts do not fear lack, they embrace abundance.  And, responding to the spiritual law of balance, people always gave back in some way for anything they received.  Because everyone felt happy and valued, they gave freely and a sense of satisfaction was their reward.  Feeling fulfilled, they had no room for envy or jealousy.  When the whole community is co-operating towards a vision greater than themselves, no one cheats or betrays.  There was no rapacious tax system and therefore no place for creative accountancy.  Every single individual joyfully supported and generously contributed to the whole.’

So if you feel you give, give, give and do not get it back, stop.  Take time to re-evaluate your life.  It may be time to bring your life into balance and open yourself up to receive from people and the universe.  Start to bring back the golden energy again.

By the way that amazing Zoom about alchemising fear into love is still available.  Both Tim and I received a huge response about the incredible positive impact of the energy on the lives of those who watched it.  And the recording maintains the original frequency.

Order HERE

Travel and Trade in the future

Here is a quote from 2012 and beyond which was written ten years ago.

‘During the twenty-year transition the challenges of travel in the new conditions will mean it is no longer be economically viable or sustainable to export food or goods around the world. Farmers will grow crops for local consumption, so that the vast acreage of mono- crops will be a thing of the past.

Some of those economies, which rely totally on exports, will need to be flexible and seek their inner strength.

Based on the current forecasts, by 2032 the world as we know it will have changed beyond recognition. There will no longer be international trade.

The new energies available will offer enormous opportunities for spiritual growth; so many more of those countries whose finances are currently based on exports will find their citizens are seeking spiritual enrichment instead. Because of this they will automatically attract to their higher frequencies all the abundance they need.

Because the majority in the world will be living in the fifth dimension, communities will be co-operating and sharing for the highest good, so there will be no need for money. Instead goods will be exchanged locally.

Big Businesses

These are the dinosaurs of our time. As the ethos of finance and business change, the huge businesses will continue to collapse. The companies that were household names will be memories by 2032. All companies that exploit people, animals or the land will disappear. Big supermarkets will be a thing of the past.

Only those companies that accommodate the changing frequency of the planet and operate for the highest good of all will survive, although in a very different form from that of their current modus operandi.’

In another part of the book I explain that the change will be difficult for those who cling to the old paradigm but for those who look for the spiritual values, for the first time since Atlantis, people will be able to experience true soul satisfaction.

Invoking Energies for Health and Wellbeing – Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild.


We are entering a period of intense change on our planet and currently the focus of this change is our health and ability to rise above fear.

We are now being called to master our divine selves.  Using our innate powers and the higher energies that are available to us we can protect, nurture and heal ourselves.

This workshop will be a one-hour intensive session with Diana and Tim to heal ourselves by invoking and integrating some of the most powerful vibrations that we have seen since the era of Golden Era of Atlantis. The angelic realms will be working with us and we will also use crystals, intention and positive manifestation for ourselves and our planet.

We are all experiencing turbulent and uncertain circumstances and we will be rising above these with mastery and Grace.

During this Zoom event you will –

**Invoke the energies of the Higher Mahatma specifically focussed on boosting your immune system, rejuvenating and healing you at every level.**

**Petition the Intergalactic Council and the Board of Karma to ensure we all learn the lessons currently offered by the Corona virus and move through it with grace to a higher level.**

**Bring a vast increase in the number of angels attending our planet especially those of Archangels Raphael for healing, Fhelyay to help us help the animals, Purlimiek to spread the healing power of nature and Jophiel so that we act with wisdom.  **

As with all Zoom workshops The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so if you missed it here is the link: https://www.timwhild.com/events/invoking-energies-for-health-and-wellbeing-with-diana-cooper-and-tim-whild/

£11.00 per person


I don’t know what is happening in the world.  There is this funny energy everywhere and people are standing miles apart, talking loudly to each other.  Has everyone gone mad?

Mum goes round the house every morning pinging all the crystals with her 432hz tuning fork.  She says that is the frequency of nature, the Source frequency and the Cosmic Heart and it keeps your vibration high so lower energies can’t touch you.  She zings it round the house plants and they love it.  Then she does Sugar and me!!!  And she is sending it down the phone to lots of people!  Actually I quite like it.

She says we can only go for one walk a day.  Why?  I like two walks.  But she has bought some agility equipment for Sugar and me to do instead.  It sounds like hard work.  The first one came yesterday….a see-saw!!  What!  She spent ages putting it together, then I put my paw on it and it moved….Whoa!  Mum wedged it so that it wouldn’t move and kept putting chicken treats on it.  I was very brave and ran up it as long as it didn’t move.  Sugar is a whoos.  She refused even to put a paw on it for ages.  Mum says she is looking forward to us having fun on it….I don’t think so Mum.  That would cost you an awful lot of treats.  And there is more agility equipment on order.  Help!!

Vision Prayer

I have a vision where all people are at peace, fed and housed.

Every child is love and educated to develop their talents.

Where the heart is more important than the head,

and wisdom is revered over riches.

In this world justice, equality and fairness rule

Nature is honored, so the waters flow pure and clear and the air is fresh and clean.

Plants ans trees are nurtured and all animals are respected and treated with kindness.

Happiness and laughter prevail.

All humans walk hand in hand with Angels.

Thank you for the love, understanding, wisdom, courage and humility to do my part to spread the light.

May all the world ascend.

So be it.

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