Diana Cooper’s May 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

I want to send out a message of hope for the future.  We have moved forward so much in recent years.  For 10,000 years since the fall of Atlantis the world was third dimensional and we now are appalled that people were put to death for saying the world was round or deported for stealing a loaf of bread.

In 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence the Violet Flame and the Mahatma energy were returned for the benefit of humanity and the great mystical Stargate of Lyra opened a crack allowing some 7D unicorns to slip through to connect with those who were ready.

In 2012 at the Cosmic Moment the cosmic pyramids and cosmic portals opened, and Source energy touched the heart of every sentient being throughout the universes, creating a massive shift.

In 2015 the twelfth dimensional Stargate of Lyra opened fully and 9th dimensional unicorns flooded through it.  Archangel Christiel sent out a finger of energy to touch the Causal Chakras of all humanity allowing them to anchor, so that they are ready to activate when individuals are ready.  This is the chakra through which we connect to angels, unicorns and higher spiritual beings.  It is possible for everyone now.

In 2016 9th dimensional portals awakened throughout the world and the frequency everywhere rose accordingly. Archangel Gabriel’s 9th dimensional diamond became available for our use.

In 2017 the portal of the heart opened and the world took a healing step onto the rainbow path of hope and joy

Everything starts in the spiritual and descends through the mental and emotional to the physical.  Right now a great tide of light has gathered in the spiritual, waiting to pour down through the mental, which will shift our attitudes, then down through the emotional, which will dissolve the old energies, then into the physical.  This will enable the world to transform for the new Golden Age starting in 2032.

So hold the light of hope!

Love Diana



My new book, The Archangel Guide to the Animal World, will be published in time for the Hay House World Summit in the Friend’s meeting house.  I’d love to see you there.  Be prepared for an amazing Angel experience.  You will visit the retreats of some of the Archangels and receive their special light as we connect and communicate with some of the beautiful animals that we share our planet with.

Did you know that rabbits work with Archangel Gabriel to bring people into harmony through the Song of the Earth?  Or that pandas connect you to the Cosmic Heart?  Or certain insects are more evolved than humans? Or sharks come from the ascended aspect of Mars?

I will share fascinating information about the animal kingdom, their soul missions, their service work, their stellar connections and the Archangels they link with.  Our ascension and the ascension of the planet depend on the way we open our hearts to the animal, bird, fish, insect and reptile kingdom.  We will even go on a powerful journey to petition the Intergalactic Council for help for all animals.  Through visualisations, prayer and exercises we will make a difference.  Today will accelerate your ascension path and help you truly understand the animal world.

Book your ticket HERE



It was Venus’s sixth birthday this week and this is what I wrote about her when she was a tiny puppy.


Venus the puppy

I look in the mirror and what do I see?

The most beautiful puppy is staring at me.

One ear is brown the other one white

A patch over one eye and two eyes shining bright.

I’m really gorgeous I’m sure you’ll agree

But oh is the world quite ready for me.

A lady comes in and I sit at her feet

‘Hallo beautiful Venus,’ she smiles as we meet.

We fall in love and our angels rejoice

Mum thinks she chose me but she’s really my choice.

I told her my name and she listened.  I’m glad.

If she’d called me Patch I’d have been really sad.


When I wag my tail Mum laughs with delight

And we play in the garden from morning till night.

There’s only one cloud over our sunny days

Brutus the cat and his mean nasty ways.


I try to be friendly and offer to play

But he snarls and he hisses then bats me away.

I run back to Mum and sit safe on her knee

‘Wait till I’m bigger.  You’ll be sorry you’ll see!’


Mum strokes me gently and tells me his tale

How her friend Liz was out in a gale

Over the wind she heard a commotion

Whatever it was she hadn’t a notion.


Quick as a flash she ran over to see

And a tiny wee kitten was stuck in a tree

While round the base six big dogs were prowling

And barking and baying and horribly howling.


Lizzy by nature is gentle and caring

But the plight of the kitten filled her with daring.

She picked up a branch and chased off every hound.

Then she shinned up the tree and brought kit to the ground.


Poor Brutus! My heart is full of compassion

Then I look round and he’s eating my ration

Of chicken.  It’s mine! How dare he the beast

When I’m not looking tuck into my feast.


My terrier instinct comes to the fore

He sees my intention and runs for the door.

I may be small but my spirit is strong

When I am right and that cat he is wrong.


So I look in the mirror and what do I see

A warrior puppy stares back at me

One ear is brown and the other one white

I’m feisty Venus defending what’s right.


Read Venus, the Diary of a Puppy and her Angel

Or e book Venus in France


Sounds and what they mean

I find it fascinating the way that sounds call in energies in such a perfect way.  For example the sound m in Mummy brings forward wisdom and the y attracts angel energy.  D in Daddy is about giving so it helps fathers to open hearts.  G is about support, while r is communicating your truth.  So Granny, Grandmother, Grandma help to support the child while being true to yourself.


soul lessons

a          purity                                                   to remain pure

b          practicality                                          to be solid and grounded

c          vitality                                                 to look after your health.

There is a complete list in my book New Light on Ascension.


Upcoming Workshops

Salzburg, Friday, May 26

Dragons and Archangels

And the annual Wrage Angel Conference is in the beautiful city of Salzburg, where you can explore Mozart’s house and enjoy the Sound of Music bus tour and so many other experiences on offer.  I shall be presenting Dragons and Archangels for the very first time.  This is a great opportunity to meet your own personal dragons and angels as well as to connect closely with the high frequency dragons and Archangels.  We will connect with the pure white dragon from Lyra.  He and Archangel Christiel will bathe you in Christ light and unicorn energy.

The beautiful aquamarine dragon from Neptune, works with the Universal Angel Mary on her aquamarine ray.  They will enable you to access your deepest soul wisdom and expand your psychic abilities.  They will also help you prepare your crystalline body so that you can carry more light for the new Golden Age.

The Dusty Pink Dragon from Andromeda, carrying the vibration of transcendent love, will touch you and prepare all your chakras to embody higher love.  Archangel Mariel will work with this dragon and expand your soul light.

This is an incredibly exciting session.

You can book your place HERE


The Ankh by Tim Whild

Pre-dating Ancient Egypt/Khem, the Ankh is a symbol that is dear to the hearts of many for a number of reasons.

During the Golden Era of Atlantis which existed for 1500 years the symbol of the Ankh was used to represent the energies of the fifth-dimensional heart centre. During the last four years on Earth the energies here have begun to recreate the ascended living conditions that the Atlanteans experienced.

Many symbols have been handed down over the thousands of years since the Fall. Some were changed and altered and some disappeared altogether to be rediscovered at a later date. One of the Twelve Tribes of Atlantis travelled straight to Egypt when the final disaster struck, and with them they carried the Sphinx Godforce which was imbued into the physical structure of the Sphinx. They also carried knowledge to build the pyramids and a host of sacred information including the symbols which they used to anchor the Light. The most revered of these was the Ankh.

As the years passed the Ankhs energy was also placed into physical carvings made of gold, crystal or other local materials. These were carried by the High Priests/Priestesses and also worn over the heart to amplify the energy of this powerful chakra.

It has come to light recently that the Ankh is a symbol that originates from Venus, the Cosmic Heart. This is a portal to a much higher dimensional space that allows unconditional love to flow from Source to those that are ready to receive it.

As we move into our ascended roles here on Earth the Ankh is a powerful way to physically draw in and manifest higher flows of love energy into our everyday lives. The crystal ankhs amplify this very powerful energy and expand our aura and fields to three times their normal size, with the added benefit of holding crystalline knowledge within the carvings themselves.

The perfect tool for these special and changing times.

By Tim Whild – Author for Hay House Publishing.



Kindred Spirit

I have been nominated for the Personality of the Year award for Kindred Spirit.  After so much of the last year out of everything in hospital I am absolutely delighted and want to thank everyone who votes for me….please?!

It really is an honour even to be nominated for this award as so many lightworkers are stepping forward now to bring the new energies forward.  If you are reading this you are one of them and we are truly sharing this nomination.

If you would like to vote for me – or someone else – go to kindredspirit.co.uk/ksawards.


Visualisation to help places in need

The fire dragons are fourth dimensional elementals who dive into denser energy than the angels can reach.  They devour the lower energy.  You can then call in the unicorns to pour in inspiration.  If everyone did this it would help to bring peace to the world.

  1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
  2. Light a candle if possible and dedicate it to peace on Earth.
  3. Close your eyes and relax by breathing in love and out peace.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection over your aura.
  5. Call in the fire dragons and ask them to pour into the place or situation you send them to.  Visualise their fire transmuting the old heavy stuck energy.
  6. When this is done, invoke the magnificent unicorns and ask them to pour blessings of inspiration and hope over the place or situation.
  7. Ask for a leader with integrity to step forward to move the place or situation into higher light.
  8. Picture tens of thousands of angels of peace singing over the place or situation.
  9. Visualise a huge white and pink rose of the Cosmic Heart floating over the place or situation, spreading love.
  10. Thank the angels, dragons and unicorns.
  11. Open your eyes.

Your thoughts are the building blocks of creation. When you focus on a vision for the light a powerful energy flows from you and angels surround you, helping you to make a difference. So the following visualisation enables you to work with the higher beings of light to co-create a better world. When several people hold a vision together the results are even more effective. It is important to picture the highest possible outcome at all times. Together we can change the world.

Wishing you joy!

Diana x


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