Diana Cooper’s June 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This is one of my favourite times of year when the birds are so busy feeding their young and defending them.  I love to sit in my conservatory and watch.  I have just seen the thrush that spends most of her time collecting worms on my lawn, vigorously chasing a huge jay away from her nest.  She shows such courage and selflessness.  In line with everything on the planet ascending the frequency of the birds’ songs has risen.  The other day I was entranced by a skylark fluttering above me as I walked the dogs and joyously singing its heart out over the world.  Watching nature reminds me to count my blessings.


One Love Concert Manchester

Fabulous, wonderful, amazing is all I can say.  To hear ‘There is only love.’  ‘Meet evil with good.’   ‘We are all one.’   ‘love always wins in the end.’ And many other loving statements from the stars and greeted with cheers by 50,000 people raised a huge light.  I feel it has lifted the frequency of the whole planet.  So heartening.  There are some beautiful souls waiting to lead the planet forward into the new Golden Age.

You can donate to this incridible cause HERE


Important Light Work

I was asked to initiate some important light work while I was at the Angel Congress in Salzburg.  Indeed the light went out with great force and felt as if it had a powerful impact.  After we had sent it out Rosemary Stephenson divided the room into four and each section sang a note, A, C sharp, E or A an octave higher.  These notes together create a six pointed star of harmony.  At the same time Rosemary sang notes guided by the angels to place a golden ring of protection round the planet.

The big cats are the protectors and watchers of our planet and they prevent lower energies from entering our aura.  Because their numbers have been decimated our protection has been broken.

A dark force has infiltrated our planet and is entering the minds of certain people. It is intent on spreading control and fear by influencing its victims to commit acts of terrorism.

We are told Earth has reached a pivotal point.  It is now time for the light to respond. A huge army of warrior angels with shields of light, joined by dragons and Pegasus has been forming in the inner planes for this purpose.  They are a special angelic task force, who cannot act unless we ask them to.  Our part is to send this Army of Light out into the world.  When we do so a warrior angel and a dragon will stand with each individual who has been touched by the dark tentacles, shielding them with light from the malign influence.  Unicorns and Pegasus will pour in light from above.

Also everyone who participates in this service work has a warrior angel and dragon with them putting light round them and giving them 100 percent protection.

Wherever you are please add your energy to start to reclaim our beautiful planet so that we can all ascend.  Do this as often as possible over the next two weeks and I will report back on the progress.

When you do light work you receive a reward, so remember to accept yours.


Visualisation to reclaim Earth for the light

  1. Sit quietly where you can be undisturbed for a few moments.
  2. Breathe a golden cocoon around yourself.
  3. Invite your huge warrior angel and fiery dragon to stand by you shielding you in light.
  4. Visualise legions of warrior angels and dragons waiting for your command.
  5. Mentally say, ‘I now send thousands of warrior angels and dragons out to illuminate every single person who has been touched by the dark entity.’
  6. See millions of angels and dragons spreading round the world and shielding all terrorists from the tentacles trying to reach them.
  7. See glorious shimmering white Unicorns with blazing horns of light and Pegasus with shining wings flying over them and showering each one with light.
  8. Strongly picture the dark invader withdrawing from Earth.
  9. See its energy being transmuted by Archangel Zadkiel’s angels and the Violet Flame Dragons into golden light.
  10. Sense or feel gifts of light being showered on you by the unicorns.
  11. Open your eyes.



Message from Tim Whild

When the atmosphere clears itself after periods of intense weather, so do we.

According to the Mayans the 24th May was a date with incredible energetic potential, opening doors within our consciousness that have been unavailable until now.

The raising of the planetary vibration is not a random event. It is a carefully planned and coordinated operation that was been planned long before we incarnated into physical bodies. Everything has a cause and effect and there is always a reason behind every occurrence.

Many of you may be looking at the media (false news)  and wondering how on Earth we are going to retrieve a planet so far gone.

Everything in our reality is a result of our focus and intention. As Within So Without.

Choosing a positive perspective is an ideology that comes under scrutiny as it can be regarded as ‘fluffy’ and ‘unrealistic’. Considering that Collective Reality maintains the biosphere of our existence it would therefore be logical to collectively focus upon a happy, loving and balanced world.

The confusion and disruption that is prevalent around us seems to be increasing. There is a ‘last stand’ being made by energies that would prefer to see souls living in limited form and despite their best efforts our planet will ascend precisely as it has always been destined to.

We as Earth residents are all playing incredibly powerful roles with each of us holding individual keys to a unified lock. When a certain quantity of keys have been used the door swings open.

The door swung open on the 24th May.

There is now a unified Collective mass of fully open hearts on Earth. This unity has completely altered the structure of the resonant field of energy both surrounding and woven into the Gaia Matrix.

Whatever is presented to you keep your eyes on the prize, your target. We are incredible creators of a new reality and all of us are required to step up now, no job too large or small.

Just as lightning illuminates the night we are now treading the paths walked only by Ascended Masters.

Love and blessings, Tim



Crystal Malas

I often wear a mala or carry one with me.  They have 108 beads and are traditionally used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or repeating a mantra.  And so I often use mine when walking in the fields with the dogs and quietly chanting a mantra, or at night before I go to sleep.  The crystals hold the energy of the sacred words as well as their own special light and radiate this out.  I find it such a wonderful spiritual practice.

To my delight Rosemary Stephenson and her friend Caroline have recently started to make two kinds of high frequency malas.  One is rose quartz that resonates with the heart chakra and Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love.  The other is azeztulite, also known as satyaloka.  This is a rare crystal found in parts of the US and also in India, in the Satyaloka area of south India.  The monks of the Satya Loka monastery have collected it as it is a holy stone that vibrates with the frequency of pure white light. They believe it is a powerful enabler of spiritual awakening and to receive light and knowledge from the higher planes. I feel that my satyloka mala is attuned to Seraphina, the wondrous Angel who connects us to the cosmos.

I love chanting the Gayatri mantra and at last Rosemary has recorded it 108 times to use with malas!  What a bonus to be able to count with the mala as she sings in the blessings of the Gayatri with her beautiful voice. www.celestiallighthealers.com


Conference in Salzburg

I love the Angel Congress in Germany each year, well Austria this year.  It is always fabulous to meet the other speakers, Kyle Gray, Radleigh Valentine, Lorna Byrne and Isabelle de Fallois.  On Friday evening I was so excited to introduce the dragons, who are part of the angelic realms and showed some pictures in advance from my Dragon Cards due out later this year.  Then we all sent out the light as I describe above and it was incredibly powerful.  Rosemary told me later that when she was helping us to sing the world into harmony at the end of the session, she was asking her crystal bowls to vibrate with and light up all the fragments of her crystal bowls that have broken and been buried or left around the world.  They all resonate with and call in different Archangels, for example her ruby bowl brings in Archangel Uriel and her emerald one Archangel Raphael.

On Saturday the format changed and Isabelle and I chatted on stage for one and a half hours.  It went in a flash!  And the wonderful audience felt totally engaged.  We were able to share many angel stories and what is more it felt such fun.

I also filmed conversations with Kyle that will be sent out later.  Many thanks to the Lipp family who organise the event so smoothly and who I have known for many years.  They are like my German family.

Here’s what some of the visitors had to say…..

”I was so pleased to be part of this, I felt I had to be a part of it. The energy was amazing. Thank you so much Diana for all of us that are aware of what you do and those that are unaware”. – Karen

”Thank you for this amazing meditation I never felt such an intense mass of angels around….!’‘ – Elke

‘my heart was beating with sheer joy after this world-healing – fulfilling my soul-purpose is a wonderful experience” – Nadine

”It was amazing…i was following in streaming..but the energies raised were really wonderful and could be felt even if i wasn’t there! Thank you so much to all!!! Blessings of Love and Light”. – Fillipo

You can view the Congress HERE

Hay House Angel Summit, London

The Angel Summit at the Friends Meeting House, Euston is on Saturday 1st July.  I can’t wait to introduce my new book The Archangel Guide to the Animal World.  It is fabulous to understand the soul journey of animals and to connect deeply with them in meditation.  I do hope you will join us.

Other speakers are Kyle Gray, Radleigh Valentine and Lorna Byrne.  Also William Roach will be there.  Rosemary Stephenson will be playing her crystal bowls.

For more information, click HERE


New Book : The Archangel Guide to the Animal World AVAILABLE NOW

In order to ascend we must understand and respect our fellow creatures.  That is part of the curriculum for moving into higher frequencies.  In the Archangel Guide to the Animal World I give you unique information that will open your heart to the entire natural world and visualisations to help you to connect to them.  I also explain the message each one brings to you.  They have so much to teach us!

Like humans, animals originate from the stars and other universes.  I share where they all come from, the energies they bring with them and how this impacts on your energy fields.

Like us every being on Earth has a soul purpose and a service mission.  For example, a giraffe comes from Orion and has a wide open crown chakra.  Its soul purpose is to bring through wisdom and higher energies from the universe and pass it down into Mother Earth.  It also has a very practical service mission which is to trim tree tops and pull out dead twigs, so that the new can grow.

Each animal has a Guardian Angel and there are Archangels in charge of animals, birds, ocean creatures and insects.  This book will enable you to connect with them.

It is never by chance that you see, read about or watch an animal, bird, fish, insect, reptile or tree. They always come to you with a purpose and now you can discover what it is.

The Archangel Guide to Animals enables you to see the world of animals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles and trees with enlightened eyes and automatically increases the light you hold.

Order your SIGNED copy here


Diana Cooper Foundation reunion

Every year the annual reunion of our Foundation takes place in a different country and I love it.  It is an opportunity to meet new teachers and old friends.  They pour in from all over the world and it is a really special and inspirational few days.  The teachers from the hosting country put so much effort into making the event unique and wonderful.  Unfortunately, this year for the first time I have decided not to attend as my health is not quite up to it yet.  The reunion is to be held at Santiago in Spain and those attending will have the opportunity to walk part of the Camino while they are there.  This is an amazing pilgrimage walk and to make it more sacred, as the teachers walk they will be singing the 12 Cosmic Chakras song written by Franziska Siragusa with music by Rosemary Stephenson – and in Finistera they will be singing a Song of the Sea specially written by Rosemary, and meditating with her crystal bowls.  I am so disappointed to miss it.  I walked the Camino some years ago it was one of the highlights of my life.



I am lying flat out on the sofa in the sunshine.  Oh this is one of the best things about being a dog.  Lots of snooze time and of course, during sleep we connect to God, the angels and our home planet just as humans do when they sleep.  It is no wonder dogs are such special creatures.  Human beings (and Sugar my friend who can chase balls all day) are always rushing about and busy.

Mum says dogs are worse than toddlers.  What can she mean!  Just because Sugar was having a hair cut and I refused to leave her there on her own.  I made it obvious I wanted to stay too. Then Mum said firmly I had to go home with her and pulled me to the door.  Sugar finally realised she was going to be left on her own and rushed after us.  The dog groomer thought it was funny and said she’d be happy for me to stay too and play with her dog, who is a friend of ours.  So I got to have a play date and stay with Sugar.  Is that being like a toddler?

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