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Dear Friends,

In the UK we have had the most glorious sunny Easter, with the blossom trees in full bloom.  It is wonderful when the sun shines, how everyone chats and neighbours reconnect.

I rented a lodge in Dorset by the sea for ten days before Easter and the dogs and I had a wonderful time, walking on the cliffs or the beach.  The area teemed with rabbits so Venus had to be on a long lead!  It must have been frustrating for her but she seemed to enjoy herself.  My Somerset family came to stay so it was great to see my grandchildren in holiday mode and I still have many friends in that area so it was lovely to catch up with everyone.  Old friends are special!

It has been a month of challenges with the fire of Notre Dame and the terrorism in Sri Lanka.  I talk about the higher aspects in my newsletter for there is a spiritual reason for everything.

With angel love, dragon wisdom and unicorn blessing

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire in Paris

Paris, Par Isis, was named after Isis.  The Cathedral of Notre Dame was built over a temple to Isis, who is the same great Illumined Being as Mother Mary.  She was called Ma-Ra in Lemuria, where she was a priestess and the first being to ascend to higher realms.  In Atlantis she was Isis, who gave virgin birth to Horus.  She incarnated again two thousand years ago as Mother Mary to give virgin birth to Jesus.  It really is the cathedral of Our Lady.

Fire is a powerful transmuter of energy.

After the fire, on television, I repeatedly heard Notre Dame described as the heart of Roman Catholicism.  The catholic church has been plagued by sexual abuse scandals, cruel behaviour by nuns and adoption scandals.  So it was time that this energy was cleared.  From a spiritual perspective the fire has done a great deal to clear that dark cloud.

Before the fire the cathedral was crumbling and appeals for money to repair it went unheeded.  But the fire saw an astonishing phenomenon.  People everywhere wanted to contribute to its restoration.  Some people promised huge amounts of energy in the form of money.  The fire opened their hearts.

The eyes of the world are on Notre Dame and through this on Mother Mary/Isis.

So spiritually the fire has transmuted much dark energy.

It has touched the heart of the world and opened the hearts of many to give money to restore it.

It has brought people together in a common cause and it was really special to see crowds gathering in the streets spontaneously singing hymns.  In different countries people are examining their oak trees to see if they are suitable to use to re-build the cathedral, and generously offering them.

It offers an opportunity to create something spiritually wonderful for the future.

Fire always clears the way for new growth.

Sri Lanka Terrorism

When you were a child did you ever feel misunderstood, hurt, guilty, unfairly treated or that no one heard you?  As a human being you have almost certainly experienced some or all of these things.  What did you do with the anger you naturally felt?

If you felt helpless and hopeless, you buried it. In extreme cases this leads to depression in the future.

Or you may have had outbursts of rage, which temporarily made you feel better but did not do anything to deal with the underlying feeling.

If the adults around you condemned you and punished you, how did this feel?

If you were blessed enough to have parents that were totally fair, listened to how you felt and really tried to understand and reassure you, the underlying fear and anger would probably have been transmuted, leading to inner peace, harmony and health.  No one who feels at peace and in harmony ever wants to hurt another.

What is this to do with what happened in Sri Lanka or to any acts of terrorism?  Terrorism is always about trying to change others through fear.  Underlying the actions is great anger.  What happened in Sri Lanka was horrific and inexcusable.  It was totally sickening.  Nothing justifies taking life.

However we are all One. Whatever moves through one person touches everyone.  So every time a nation, group, sect or individual feels unheard, marginalised, unfairly treated and angry they will consciously or unconsciously harm themselves or someone else.

It is time for the world to listen without judgement to the voice of anger.  It is time to bring about equality and fairness throughout the world.  When everyone feels heard and treated fairly, respected and given equal opportunities, well fed and housed, the entire world will be at peace.

Prayers and chants for peace really help.  So does lighting candles and working with the angels of peace.

Acting peacefully for the highest good raises the frequency of the world.

And when everyone takes responsibility for their own anger and brings themselves into alignment and balance we truly will all be One.

So what about those who were injured or died in the bombings?  As I understand it you cannot be injured or die if it is not your time.  Your Guardian Angel will simply ensure you are not at that place at that time.  So what sort of soul would choose to pass over in this horrific way?  For it is not the personality who makes these higher choice but the soul.

Here are a few suggestions but there are many other reasons for this choice.

Explosions are about anger and the fire it contains is transmuting.

It is your time to pass and your soul wants to use it to draw attention to something that needs attention, so that change can come about.

Your group soul is gathering together in one part of the world so that you can all pass together, taking much negativity with you to be transmuted.  An example of this was the Boxing Day Tsunami.

While the above is simplistic the call is to act with fairness and love in our own lives and bring fairness and love about in the world.

The Golden Age of Lemuria

I have recently done a Zoom on Lemurian Healing and a Facebook Live on the Wisdom of Lemuria.  I thought I’d share a little about Lemuria and the questions I was asked.

Lemuria was the Golden Age before Atlantis.  The beings were fifth dimensional and ethereal, so they did not physically touch the Earth.  Really they were a vast harmonious, loving energy that touched the universe with healing light.  They drew the love and light of God through the Cosmic Heart and projected this pure energy into our planet.

While they worked throughout the universe they had a great love for Earth and had a desire to heal all of nature.

How do you know if you were a Lemurian?

All Lemurians love being in nature.  You may have a special bond with trees or you may have green fingers and find peace when you are gardening.

Lemurians are attuned to the elemental kingdom.  You may see elementals or sense their presence or simply know they are helping you.

You will have a strong desire for oneness.  Our world may seem strange to you as you will find it difficult to understand the different factions.

Where was Lemuria?

It was centred in the Pacific.  Lemurian energy was strongest in Australia, New Zealand the

Polynesian Islands, part Alaska and the north east of Africa.

Do animals carry Lemurian energy?

Migrating birds, who fly as one healing the leylines below them and humming birds were Lemurian.

What happened at the end of Lemuria?

The Lemurians created their powerful healing crystals and placed them within the land to help humanity during this 20 year period before the new Golden Age.  All those aeons ago, they knew we would need their help now.

Dragons withdrew into Hollow Earth to wait until we needed them again.

Lemurians petitioned Source to be allowed to experience human bodies.  They wanted to enjoy all the senses.  The physical beings that incarnated were the first Atlanteans.


Beyond Parenthood Interview

Are you ready to make impossibles possible by reclaiming YOU?

If you are a parent that is feeling stressed, overwhelmed and deep down you know there must be another way – there is and this is for you.

STOP thinking “I am a Mother or Father now. My children, my spouse, my work, the housework, my parents has to be looked after before I have time for me.” Creating YOUR joy, peace, connection and love is not only possible it is GUARANTEED.  Making this your reality will take time as it is a process but it’s not hard. Especially when you are getting the years of wisdom and practical advice and tools from 20+ other experts completely for FREE.

Check out this online show that Lorraine & Juliette hosted and find my interview!

Just click this link before it expires: http://bit.ly/Diana-BPS

Beautiful Orb

This beautiful Orb was sent in to me from Andrea, and I just had to share it with you. All the Archangels who have added their energy are being prote

cted by Michael.  Angel Mary bringing healing and compassion. Uriel and Metatron adding their light.  Archangel Gabriel is there.  In the centre they are merging their energies to help the spirits they are transporting.  At the same time they are pouring out divine feminine ascension energies into the area. 

Zoom Sessions

Zoom Session –  Sunday 19th May. 7:00 -9.00pm GMT

Make a deep connection with Archangel Raphael

Angel of healing, abundance and enlightenment

Archangel Raphael is one of the great universal angels whose influence spreads throughout this universe and into others.  He radiates a beautiful emerald green colour.

In this Zoom in a powerful visualisation, you will visit his etheric retreat above Fatima in Portugal, Europe to receive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

He is in charge of the development of your third eye chakra which is the centre of enlightenment and clairvoyance.  At its purest level it becomes a crystal ball.  We will work with Archangel Raphael to clarify and purify this chakra, to clear your lessons here and develop this psychic centre.  He will help you to experience life from a higher and happier perspective.

The third eye is connected to Jupiter, the planet of joy, expansion and abundance.  Archangel Raphael will attune you to Jupiter and its ascended aspect Jumbay to bring these higher qualities into your consciousness.  With this attunement expect more abundance and prosperity to flow into your life.

£25.00 per person

The recording of this Zoom will be automatically emailed to you the day after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure.  If you do not receive it please check your junk folder.

ZOOM  Wednesday 22nd May with Rosemary Stephenson – 7:00 – 8:30pm GMT

Merge deeply with the energy of the Archangels.

Experience an incredible, and extraordinary visualisation.   You will visit the retreats of the Archangels.  In each one, using colour, sound and prayer you will connect deeply to the Archangel of that retreat and their twin flames.   When you are in a deep meditative state they can pour their special qualities and energies into you.  Then Rosemary Stephenson, who is also attuned to the vibration of the Archangels will sing their name seven times.  This enables you to open yourself up to them even more so that they can merge their frequency into you. Expect magic and miracles to happen.

Then we will take you into the Higher Angelic Realms to the crystal Cathedral of Light to meet the wondrous Seraphim, Seraphina to receive an important message to accelerate your mission for this lifetime NOW.

We will be connecting you with Archangels Michael and Faith, Gabriel and Hope, Uriel and Aurora, Chamuel and Charity, Raphael and Mary, Jophiel and Christine, Christiel and Mallory, Zadkiel and Amethyst, Mariel and Lavender, Sandalphon, Metatron and Seraphina.

£11.00 per person

The recording of this Zoom will be automatically emailed to you the day after the live event for you to listen to at your leisure.  If you do not receive it please check your junk folder.

Wrage Conference in Salzburg on 25/26 May

Once again I am honoured to be invited to be the keynote speaker at the Wrage Angel Conference on 25th May.  This year it will be in Salzburg, which is such a beautiful city.

My talk will be on Working with your Angelic Guardians.

If you have not yet met your Guardian Angel and personal unicorn and dragon, today you will do so.  Many of you already know your Guardians and you will have an opportunity to connect more closely to them.

You will learn what your Angelic Guardians can do for you and how you can work together. I will explain how you can ask these beautiful protective Beings of Light to communicate with other people and look after your loved ones.

I will take you into a powerful visualization with your angel, dragon and unicorn that will enable you to transform personal relationships or situations and offer you soul healing that affects you at every level.  Today you will find the peace, love and safety of connecting with your celestial helpers.

On the Sunday I am talking on the stage with one of my favourite people, Radleigh Valentine about Archangels.

Venue: Salzburg Congress, Auerspergstraße 6, A-5020 Salzburg
For further Information: Wrage Events, wrage.de, events@wrage.de, +49(0)40-41 32 97 – 15
To book your tickets, click here: http://events.wrage.de/index.php?id=214&uid=1212&L=&lp=1

Weekend retreat in France With Rosemary Stephenson

FRANCE RETREAT Thursday 5th to Monday 9th September 2019

Diana Cooper and Rosemary Stephenson

Everyone has so enjoyed our past retreats that Rosemary Stephenson and I are offering a four day one in France in September.  We will be doing powerful visualisations and exercises in each place.  Wherever possible we will do crystal bowl ceremonies in location to heal the old and awaken the new.

We start at Mont St. Michel, which is a high frequency portal. During our visit here we will experience deep meditations to connect with Archangel Michael and Mother Mary.  You will receive personal blessings from these great angelic beings. We will also bring higher light through the portal to send it along the Mary Michael lines and the Apollo Athena lines to light them up and rekindle their power.  At the same time we will help to build the 9D cosmic web of light connecting the universe.

We will experience the beauty of Rennes Cathedral followed by a visit to the mysterious and magical Carnac Stones.  Here with meditation and a crystal bowl ceremony (weather permitting) we will do our part to activate the ancient wisdom contained in the stones and help the reconnection to the stars of this powerful and significant portal.  Rosemary will use her crystal bowls and voice to sing in the higher energies wherever we are.

This is an opportunity for spiritual transformation, service, fun and to make new like-minded friends.

Costs are based on the 4 star hotels in Mont St Michael and 3 star in Carnac…

The cost for this exciting retreat for 4 nights …..

Twin share rooms £925 per person

Single room £1099 per person (10 only available)

For booking please contact: Rosemary@celestiallighthealers.com

There is more information on


Your Holistic Diet

May can be a time of panic or upset if you struggle with your weight or have a negative body image. The summer months are coming and soon it will be too warm to cover yourself up. In this extract from Your Holistic Diet, we look at how to change your internal negative messages about your body. With the summer weather on its way, we also take a look at how to liven up your salads. If you think of salad as dull and boring, try our five tips to turn them into a meal you’ll love. A meal that is  healthy, nourishing and satisfying.

How to change internal negative messages about your body

What messages did you receive about your body when you were growing up? The messages and tone of those messages can affect your body image today. If they were negative it may have left you feeling bad about your body. One way to change the power of these negative messages internally, is to write them down on pieces of paper whenever they pop into your head. When you are ready have a small fire and burn the messages. Watch the smoke go up into the air and allow the negative feelings associated with these messages to dissolve away as they turn to ash. Take the ash and bury it in the earth. Pledge to yourself not to repeat these negative messages to yourself any more.

Salads don’t have to be boring

Do you think of salads as boring? If so, it’s time for a salad makeover. Here are five simple tips to make them interesting and delicious, as well as healthy:

  1. Make it colourful – Use a variety of salad leaves, vegetables and colourful fruit such as  pomegranate or blueberries.
  2. Make it zing – Add finely chopped spring onion, peppery rocket leaves or herbs and spices such as mint, basil or coriander.
  3. Add crunch and flavour – Top with toasted nuts or seeds
  4. Dress with a little olive oil with lemon or lime juice or cider vinegar. You could also add garlic, ginger, mustard or spices.
  5. Add protein to balance your blood sugar levels and help you feel full for longer. Marinate fish, chicken or tofu for extra flavour.

Be careful of shop bought salad dressings. They are often high in saturated fats, sugar and calories and are not going to help your health or your weight.


Sign up to our closed Facebook group to get weekly weight loss video tips and answers to your weight loss questions:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/YHDCommunity/

With lots of love

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