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Dear Friends,

Throughout history pandemics have occurred when populations are stressed, so that people’s immune systems are weak.  Because humanity is stressed by toxic food, water and air, harmful wi-fi waves etc. we are ripe for this pandemic.  If the world spent as much on growing healthy food, providing clean water and air and making life simpler and happier for everyone, as we do on developing vaccines, we may not need them.  Even growing a few of your own organic vegetables would help. I have been heartened by chatting to so many people recently who have started to plant vegetables.  Fabulous!  Even if it is only a few lettuces on the window ledge, it is part of the trend towards our new future.

Right now every single individual on this planet is in exactly the place they need to be to experience their lessons or to radiate out higher frequencies.

With love and angelic blessings,

Higher purpose of this pandemic

  1. Slow down and relax

A few decades ago the Intergalactic Council started to introduce technology to the world with the express purpose of making our lives easier and to give us more free time.  The intention was that we use these extra hours to relax, to spend more time with our families, to have fun and play sport, to enjoy leisure and to do what we really love doing!!  Unfortunately most people chose to drive themselves harder, to spend more time on computers, to seek and strive for more money.  We used technology to make life infinitely more complicated and therefore stressful.

The pandemic has forced many people to stop or slow down.  Some are having to sit with themselves in isolation, others are getting to know their children or are transferring their businesses on line.  There are many lessons offered in this situation.

Nurses, doctors, front line staff, supermarket workers and many others are constantly being told by politicians and the media what a dangerous position they are in.  They are having to work through their own and communal fear.  Their lesson is to raise their frequency above that of the virus.

You will only die if it is the time your soul has agreed to pass over.

2. Spirit is taking this opportunity to recalibrate individuals and humanity so that our original divine blueprints can come forward. 

Humanity, animals and all sentient beings are rising in frequency in preparation for the new Golden Age.  In order to be the people we are to become we are transforming right down to our DNA.  In the era of Golden Atlantis the people had their full 12 strands of DNA connected.  The 44 codons that were switched off contained the amazing gifts and talents that the people had then.  Right now there is a window of opportunity during lockdown for people to relax and allow this reprogramming to begin.

3. Fifth Dimensional Community.  Living locally.

All over the world community groups are starting up.  They are sharing local information. People are looking out for their neighbours, are shopping locally and starting to eat local produce.  This will be the way in the new Golden Age and it has started.

We have been told for a long time that the moving of goods round the world must stop and this is now being forced on us by the Corona.

4. Gratitude and looking at our priorities

One of the ways they kept the frequency high in Golden Atlantis was constantly to give thanks to Source and also to the High Priests and Priestesses who brought teachings and information through to the people.

For a long time heart centred work, service work and creative or artistic efforts have not been valued.  At last we are showing our gratitude to nurses and care workers by clapping.  I wonder if we will value them financially too. 

5. Rampant materialism is being curtailed

People are starting to realise that lots of ‘things’ are no substitute for friendship or soul satisfaction.  Those who spent time shopping are going for walks in the countryside instead.

6. Less pollution both sound and toxic

Fewer cars and planes is having a dramatic effect on pollution levels.  People are hearing and rejoicing in the song of the birds that can now be heard, the smell of fresh air, the news of rivers water becoming cleaner, of birds, animals, fish responding to the purer planet.  We had to change the way we treated the planet and Corona has forced it on us.

What about the conspiracy theories, the dark energies and the difficult time some people are having?

Conspiracy theories and lower frequencies are like the mud in a pool.

If you poke about in a muddy pool or even jump into it to pull out half hidden rubbish you will get covered in mud.  You may even get sucked in and submerged and you cannot really see what you are trying to clear out.  However it can be fun, exciting and even dangerous.  On the other hand if you pour clean water into the pool, at first the mud will be stirred up (which is what has been happening in recent years), then the water will start to become clearer and the hidden stuff will be visible.  (this is beginning to occur though there are still many very muddy pools).  Then stuff can safely be removed.

People often tell me it is their job to reveal what is hidden.  However we can’t really see what it is in the mud.  I have received many communications from people about the lower energies and theories flying about.  They usually ask what is my take on it or what am I doing about it!  One person almost shouted from her e mail, ‘Do you REALISE what we are UP AGAINST?’  The answer is ‘Yes and I am consciously and deliberately focussing only on the light.’

Whenever I have asked my guide Lord Kumeka about conspiracy theories he has responded that I should not give them any energy and he refuses to comment.

I also have people contacting me to say what a terrible time people are having and how awful it is for them.  And indeed this is true.  Now if you get emotionally involved you are jumping into their pit of misery with them.  This does not help them or you.  So what can you do?  Be understanding, contribute, set up a charity, volunteer, assist in some way but do not get emotionally involved for you may take on their karma and also add to the treacly energy on the planet.

The task of a lightworker is to focus on the light. 

Focus on the vision of a glorious golden future and start to draw it into manifestation.

I AM affirmations to chant to keep your frequency high

These are the most powerful form of affirmation.  I AM affirms that your Monad is in total alignment with that being or energy.  If you repeat these, or any one that particularly appeals to you, a few times it will keep your frequency high and align you with the forces of light.

The Gold Ray of Christ

I AM the Gold Ray of Christ

I AM unconditional love

I AM the Cosmic Heart

I AM Lord Meitreya

I AM the Christ

Lord Kumeka for enlightenment

I AM Kumeka, Lord of Light

I AM the topaz ray so bright

I AM serene content

I AM pure enlightenment

I AM my inner Sun



I AM unicorn diamond white

I AM the truest inner sight

I AM the purest of the pure

I AM transcendent love so sure

I AM enlightenment

I AM Heaven sent.

The Lilac Fire of Source

I AM the Lilac Fire of Source

I AM the Flame of Love

I AM the Wings of Freedom

I AM the Song of Joy

I AM the heart of the new Golden Age

I AM ready.  Bathe me in your light.

The Lilac Fire of Source was written by Tim Whild for The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery.

Venus and Sugar

It was my birthday in April.  I am 9 years old and lots of people sent birthday wishes to me so I was very pleased.  Even better it was really hot outside so Mum did agility with us inside in the conservatory.  Link Of course I am much better than Sugar!  I can manage the see-saw whether it is being used outside as a see-saw or a plank to the sofa.  Actually it is not very fair because Sugar takes for ever to walk up it with Mum giving her treats every few steps while I just run up it and get one treat.  She had to do it a hundred times to get as good as she is in this clip.  Sometimes if Sugar is a bit slow I, Lightening Venus, nip in like a shark and grab her treat.  Luckily Mum thinks it is funny.  To get these clips she had to shut one of us at a time out of the room.  When we do agility together it is chaos!

I still prefer it outside because I love running along the tunnel and through the hoop.  Sugar and I try to race each other and sometimes we leap together like dolphins.  It is fun.  I’m really quite enjoying lockdown with all this extra play.

After Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals, talked to Mum about a new way to communicate with animals, she has been communicating with us much better.  I get the feeling she understands us more.  Instead of saying, ‘Venus why are you giving me that Paddington stare,’ she listens to what I have to say.


How to make prosperity flow after lockdown

Many people are living with changing and challenging circumstances due to the global lockdown that we are experiencing. Jobs and businesses that were once secure have become areas of uncertainty.

You were programmed to be abundant.  The only things that stop you from being prosperous are the beliefs you have assimilated from your ancestors and the collective unconscious. Lightworkers are now being called to clear their blocks to prosperity in order to provide for themselves and their families.

Tim and I have will be doing a zoom on this, because we have both worked through the fears and blockages on the pathway to self-mastery, we will provide a clear channel as well as tools and information to enable you do the same!

This workshop will focus on clearing your old belief systems. You will receive a powerful jet-stream of energy from us as well as the angelic realms for this clearance. This will allow your true prosperity blueprint to be re-established. When this is reinstated it will automatically attract to you the finance to live plentifully.

This will also enable you to master your fifth-dimensional manifestation skills and put them to good use immediately.

During this workshop you will –

**Learn about money and the Spiritual Laws that govern it**

**Work with the Archangels, Dragons and Unicorns to clear and tune your chakras so that they attract prosperity!**

**Receive a direct transmission from Diana and Tim to re-print your beliefs in abundance and self-worth**

**Help to establish the new prosperity paradigm on Earth.**

**Find out what the future holds for us as humans providing for ourselves in the Golden Age**

**Bring your favourite crystal! Everything is more powerful with crystals ?**

As with all Zoom workshops this event will be LIVE, and the recording sent out to all participants the following day. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so don’t worry if you miss it!

Registration is via timwhild.com only and please be careful to fill out all of your details correctly (check and double check your email spelling ). Links can only be sent to the full/correct email address.

11th May 2020  19.00 – 20.00 BST

Price £11 with unlimited access too the recording.

Book your place HERE

Extract from Your Holistic Diet

Support your wellbeing, boost your immunity, lose weight and have some fun!  

This month we are sending you peace and hope. Where ever you are in the world one thing is uniting us all – how to help each other both physically and mentally. The global situation is showing us that when we are pushed to extremes we have the ability to make big shifts and changes. If you have been feeling stuck around your weight and the way you eat, now is a perfect time to move through the stuck feelings and align your lifestyle with one that you’ve always wanted for yourself.

There are lots of small changes that you can make that have positive effects, not only for your weight, but also for your immunity and general wellbeing. Here are three to get you started:

  • Let the sun on your skin. Even during lockdown, this is important. If you can’t get out and don’t have a garden, could you sit on your doorstep or do you have a balcony? If not, could you sit by an open window? Sunshine on our skin is our main source of vitamin D, an important immune-boosting nutrient. Vitamin D is also involved in how your body regulates fat storage – if you are low in this vitamin, you are more likely to be overweight.
  • Use colour to help you relax. If you have ever been in a bluebell wood in full bloom you will know it is not just the smell or being out in nature that soothes the soul it is the abundance of the amazing blue all around you. Colours have different effects on our emotions and often we associate blue and green with calm. When you are struggling, instead of reaching for food, why not put on a colourful piece of clothing or pop on some jewellery. You can get some flowers of a lovely colour or put a throw over a chair. When we feel calmer we make better food choices and we eat in a way that is more attuned to our bodies.
  • Help prevent viruses entering your cells – include red and orange fruit and veg such as butternut squash. These contain betacarotene, which your body converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A helps maintains the integrity of your cell membranes, helping prevent viruses from entering your cells. Without a host cell, the virus cannot function. Like other vegetables, butternut squash is high in nutrients and fibre, which can make you feel less hungry. Butternut squash is also high in vitamin B5 and vitamin C which support your body through stress. Ongoing stress can cause weight gain, particularly around your belly.

Have some fun – try our QUIZ

With all the stresses of lockdown, make sure you still have some fun. Try our quiz – Would you survive in the Stone Age? The stresses Stone Age people faced may have been different from the ones we are currently living through, but, like them, we have an inbuilt drive to survive…….how well would you do? Would you survive? Try the quiz and let us know… https://yourholisticdiet.co.uk/biochemical-pillar/#quiz

Warm wishes

Dawn and Bay

Meet the Golden Christed Dragons

The Golden Christed dragons with huge golden energy fields are working very closely with humanity at the present time to touch us all with the Christ light.  They are particularly active during the period.  They help you build your crystalline body and you can ask the Golden Christed dragons to pour their light into you for it will help you to remain fifth dimensional more of the time.

So I am sharing the visualisation to meet them from my new book DRAGONS, YOUR CELESTIAL GUARDIANS and hope you enjoy it.

Visualisation with the Golden Christed Dragon

1.Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2.Close your eyes and relax.

3.Put down grounding roots and place a protection round you.

4.Breathe golden love into your aura, so that you magnetically attract a Golden Christed Dragon.

5.Feel or sense or see the dragon alighting beside you and be aware of a great golden light surrounding you.

6.See the love and wisdom in its eyes.

7.It invites you to sit on its back and you are held in its deep gold aura.

8.It is floating gently up with you through the dimensions to see the ninth dimensional golden globe of Christ light.  Note how you feel as you observe it in the distance.

9.The Golden Christed Dragon is bringing you fully into the dimensional level where you can absorb the Christ light.

10.Rest here and breathe comfortably.  You may feel golden Christ love and light flowing into you at a cellular level until your body feels as if it is sparkling and glowing.

11.The light from your body radiates out until the energy round you matches the golden aura of the Golden Christed dragon.

12. Now the keys and codes of love in your energy fields explode like fireworks of love.

13.You are building your crystalline light body.

14.The dragon returns you to were you started.  Thank it and sense how you have shifted.

With lots of love

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