Diana Cooper’s October 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It feels as if the world is in limbo, holding its breath.  With rules changing constantly many are in a state of dis-stress.  As Lightworkers we are so blessed to be connected to the angelic realms.   Our guardian angels are always whispering to us of resilience and strength.  They are reminding us of the highest possible outcome for us as individuals, trying to encourage us onto the perfect pathway for our soul.  Angels and Archangels surround us eternally holding the vision of the new Golden Age, pouring strength, wisdom and new ideas into us.  Unicorns promise us hope and wonders beyond our imaginings as Earth evolves. 

As I write this I am being shown an image of humanity surging along a shady path.  Hordes of people have reached a golden gate with glorious sunshine beyond it but because they are wearing sunshades they can’t see the glory ahead.  Some are dribbling through into the sunshine but most are swarming round indecisively.  Before long the masses will throw away their shades and burst through the gates that will open wide.  You can expedite this.  The more you focus on the fifth dimensional sun filled world the more quickly the whole of humanity will move into the light.

No wonder there are so many illumined beings watching and supporting us all on Earth.  Hold the light for the world.

Maintaining your home as a portal of light

When your home is a light portal there is a dome of light all over your space. Within this you are protected.  Only higher beings can enter, for you have created a gateway for them.  Your portal can be seen by the angelic realms, the galactic beings and all other forces in the universe.  And within it you can develop yourself as a spiritual beacon.

Obviously you build your portal by developing your personal frequency, such as:

Practising kindness, love, generosity, courage and other positive qualities (forgive yourself for being human!).

Lots of laughter, positivity and happiness.

Spiritual practices, chanting, prayer, meditation, yoga etc.

Building an altar or a crystal grid as a focal point.

Calling in higher energies to flow through the space.

Lower energies can only enter your personal space if you invite them in.

Before you read this please call in the Gold Ray of Christ and let it surround and protect you.

I am embarrassed to share this story but it was a salutary and horrific lesson for me and has taught me to be very careful.  One evening I was watching TV and a programme came on about Jeffery Epstein.  I know! I know!  I only knew a little bit about him and I was curious.  Silly me!  I watched the programme in some horror and then went to bed.  Next morning I went into the sitting room and stepped back in shock for dark clouds of evil were pouring through the TV into the room.  I knew immediately what was happening so I called in the Violet Flame to transmute it.  Nothing happened.  The dark continued to pour in.  I called in all the light energies I could think of but they could not stop it.  Finally I invoked the White Flame of Atlantis and the dark cloud stopped dead and at last the hole was plugged.   Then I had to cleanse the house.

But it was a salutary lesson.  I HAD INVITED IN THE DARKNESS BY WATCHING THAT PROGRAMME.   We can spend hours making ourselves or our home pure and light … and then undo all the goodness in a few minutes by focussing on something negative. 

After reading the above please  pull a burst of Gold and Silver Violet Flame through you to wash away anything you may have attracted and hopefully learn by my stupid mistake. 

Interestingly as I started to write about that experience Venus, who is very psychic, jumped up in agitation and started to scrabble at my laptop.  She has now returned to her sofa to relax.

Unicorn Attunement

When I was on This Morning TV recently with Phil and Holly I was allowed 2.5 minutes for a unicorn attunement.  I reckoned it was better than nothing.  In fact my whole slot was supposed to be 7.5 minutes and I got 10 which gave an opportunity to spread unicorn information and magic to all those who were ready to receive it!  I was amazed when the unicorns communicated that they had been able to touch hundreds of thousands of people.  This is because one receptive person blazing with unicorn light, quickly opens others up.  

Thank you all for your responses on social media.  So many of you were aware of Holly’s unicorn actually touching her.  I know that will have illuminated her for an instant at a soul level to change her life. For most people a pure and long lasting unicorn attunement takes longer than 2.5 minutes because you really need to raise your frequency as high as possible before you even start. To do this I offered did a one hour attunement on a Zoom.  This was followed by a unicorn soul healing, where your unicorn took you right back to your planet or place of origin to heal your soul journey.  Phew powerful.  It is still available with all the original energy if you want to fine tune your unicorn connection and receive soul healing.

New Website

Last month was incredibly busy with the publication of my new book Unicorn Magic and the release of the Unicorn documentary pilot on the same day, followed by the new website a week later – to say nothing of my 80th birthday at the beginning of September.

Do look at my new website – dianacooperstg.wpenginepowered.com  I am absolutely delighted with it.  It is very clear and easy to follow.  I have had many websites over the years and they have all been a headache until this one which flowed easily and on time.  It was built by David Essery who many of you will know as my techie on my Zooms –www.newmoon.agency  but he is much more.  He is not only a marketing expert and superb, highly skilled and knowledgeable web designer and producer but he has recently created his own awesome sacred geometric designs to connect you to angelic energies including 12 new fifth dimensional chakra cards, or prints of his artwork available in a range of sizes. These are impregnated with sacred keys and symbols and are high frequency and absolutely mesmerising.  See www.newmoonart.co.uk or follow him on facebook at www.facebook.com/newmoonart

Birthday Thanks

Thank you for all the birthday wishes you sent.  I was so touched especially as so many messages were so personal and brought back lovely memories.

I had a wonderful birthday week with my family.  My children took me away for a week to Corfe Castle village with its exquisite old fashioned grey stone houses, all perfectly maintained, overlooked by the ruined castle and surrounded by fabulous walks.  We had to have two houses because of covid regulations but it turned out beautifully as they were joined round a courtyard. 

The angels were certainly looking after us because the holiday was booked over a year ago, before covid was heard of.  Most of the family, especially grandchildren, voted to fly to Turkey and that would have been cancelled.  But I wanted to be a complete family including Venus and Sugar, which meant UK.  And we had the bonus of perfect weather.

I was not allowed to lift a finger – nice – but a little alien to me! 

We went for amazing hikes over the countryside……e.g. ‘Let’s walk to that village.  It’ll take an hour and a half uphill.  We can have a drink in the pub and then walk back downhill.  That’s fine for you isn’t it Mum?’  I nod and because they march at a hundred miles an hour, mentally asked the angels for help… and they sent my 15 year old grandson Finn, who was magically beside me every time we climbed a style, quietly heaving me over or lifting the dogs. 

Even the birthday cake was the most delicious I have ever tasted, even though it looked somewhat lurid. 

Homeopathy and CoVid-19

Many people are fearful of Covid.  Most people have mild symptoms but the fear is of something worse developing.  I personally find homeopathy wonderful and it is a great relief to know what homeopathic remedies to take if someone should catch it, to prevent it from getting worse.  So here is a list created by a wonderful homeopath friend of mine.…..

Of course, as with any natural remedy, it is not intended to replace medical attention, though apparently it is the second most used medicine in the world!

Many of you may already know Homeopathy is a very different approach to health management than pharmaceutical medicine. So often a Homeopath is asked “what can I take for this condition or that disease?” and the most common reply to this question will be the phrase “it all depends…”

This response is based on one of the most fundamental principles of Homeopathy, because treating specific named conditions or diseases in isolation is not how it works. Every aspect of the body is connected therefore the key to accurate treatment is to assess what is individual about the symptoms of each person as a whole.

So, what does this mean in reality? Well, a homeopath will not have a homeopathic ‘replacement’ for a pharmaceutical. Instead, as stated above, he/she will look at what is individual about the patient’s symptoms, and what makes this different from the patient’s normal healthy self. It is this information that is used to differentiate between which remedy to take. If a homeopath sees five patients within one week, all suffering from chronic headaches, it is most likely each of them will receive an entirely different remedy.

Dealing with chronic illness requires a solid level of homeopathic education to understand how to prescribe. However anyone can treat themselves for ‘basic first aid and mild acute symptoms’.

Acute diseases (as opposed to chronic conditions) are rapid onset, the symptoms appear suddenly, often getting stronger over a short period of time.

Let’s take CoVid-19 as an example. All epidemics are acute conditions, and indicated remedies which match the emerging list of symptoms are often identified as the epidemic develops, and are observed in the population affected. This is how the homeopathic term ‘Genus Epidemicus (G.E.)’ was born, i.e. the most common remedy indicated for a particular epidemic. However treatment is only successful when it is understood that there is not just one Genus Epidemicus remedy i.e. one size fits all. There will always be a small group of remedies and the best remedy is the one most indicated for each individual, and for each stage of the condition. 

This is another important point to understand, CoVid-19 has different stages. The following information focuses on the Incubation Period (level 1) and Mild Symptoms (level 2).

It is widely accepted that the vast majority of the population will fall into, and remain within, these two levels. This means little more than mild symptoms will be experienced by 8 out of 10 of those showing any symptoms, notwithstanding even more who are, and will remain, entirely asymptomatic.

Do remember a healthy immune system can easily deal with the symptoms. That said, in an epidemic it is sensible to support the immune system (nutritional advice is easily available online) and if mild symptoms start to develop, homeopathically treat the symptoms to prevent them from deepening. In other words assisting the body to strengthen and rebalance to nip symptoms in the bud at the initial stages.

Level 1 – incubation period, the time between being infected and first symptoms starting to appear.

This can vary greatly but on average is 5-7 days.

Level 2 – the mild symptoms experienced by the vast majority. This can last about one week, by which time the immune system will have fought off the virus and full recovery follows.

The following remedies are a good starting point for each level:

Level 1 – this can range from initially being exposed to the virus (i.e. a work colleague, friend or family member has tested positive and you have been in their company etc), or starting to feel fatigue with no obvious reasons and the virus is known to be active in your area.

Historically, homeopathy has also been used as a Prophylaxis (preventative) for epidemics within a population (Genus Epidemicus mentioned above). A crucial note to emphasise – do not treat a ‘ghost virus’ i.e. something that isn’t there. Actual or suspected exposure is key. Otherwise what you are actually treating is the fear or anxiety over the virus, not the actual virus. Running alongside this virus, is a second pandemic – Fear. Homeopathy is holistic and these mental / emotional sufferings can also be addressed by other remedies (consult a homeopath for this aspect).

A number of remedies have a long established tradition of usage for the respiratory flu-like symptoms observed for this epidemic, in particular:

Bryonia, Gelsemium and Oscillococcinum (also known as ‘anas barb’) have been indicated as the Genus Epidemicus (G.E. preventative) for CoVid-19. Arsenicum and Camphora are other remedies which have been discussed too. Then, which potency (or strength) is the next choice. Never take higher than a 30c potency for preventative. While not a correct theoretical explanation, useful to think of your body being alerted to be prepared to respond appropriately if needed, as opposed to a higher potency (200c etc) which is only for treating actual strong symptoms. A common G.E. practice is once daily for a few days, then once weekly for a further few weeks.

Further on from this can be the start of subtle changes, the feeling that something is working on you. Often feeling ‘out of sorts’ or uncommonly tired. If these subtle starting symptoms are treated, we have an opportunity to prevent further development.

Often Aconite is useful for this subtle feeling, when you feel something is working on you, particularly if taken within the first 24 hours. Ferr-phos is useful if slightly fatigued i.e. you are a little under the weather but no dramatic symptoms etc. Similarly Gelsemium is useful for tiredness, particularly if there is a weak, trembling feeling. And again, Oscillococcinum at the first signs of symptom development. Chose the one most indicated and repeat a few times on day one, then once daily for a few days. 30c potency is a good starting point.

Level 2 – mild symptoms will be apparent by this stage and it is useful to establish the key symptoms for each patient. Among the list of recorded CoVid-19 symptoms is the prominence of shortness of breath, cough, raised temperature etc, all of which are within the common remedies. This is why it becomes important to establish a few aspects for each symptom ‘how it feels, the sensation during a fever (chills, perspiration, flushes of heat, location of heat etc), where is the patient affected (part of body, eft/right side etc) what type of character (sharp, throbbing, dull pain etc)’. So instead of merely considering having a ‘fever, cough, fatigue and change in breath’, learn to develop a deeper awareness. This is how a homeopath differentiates between the remedies and select the one most similar to the patient’s symptoms.

Common remedies currently being prescribed for mild symptoms:

Aconite, Ant-tart, Arsenicum, Baptisia, Belladonna, Bryonia, Camphor, Carbo-veg, China, Drosera,

Eupatorium perf, Ferr-phos, Gelsemium, Kali-carb, Phosphorus, Pyrogen, Rhus tox, Sulphur, Verat

The following list details some of the relevant keynotes for each of the common remedies (understandably not all, due to brevity of information):

ACONITE – fever with hot burning face, dry & sometimes painful cough. Often a sudden chill then anxiety about recovery, At times a look of fear in eyes, & symptoms often worse at night. Needs to sit up due to shortness of breath, with great anxiety. Hot feeling in lungs and sensation of pressure

ANT-TART – shortness of breath, feeling of congestion in lungs but coughing unable to bring up any mucus. Bubbling, rattling in chest. Bedridden with exhaustion, gasping compels to sit up

ARSENICUM – respiratory flu with mental restlessness & anxiety.  Alternating chills & fever. Breathing can feel wheezy. Burning raw feeling to chest & pains. Stomach can be affected. Mentally anxious and clingy so wants company as fear they will die. Feels worse late at night (midnight) & worse lying down

BAPTISIA – sudden high fever, great muscle soreness, eyeballs and brain can feel sore too. Patient have a toxic feeling & feel drunk, with inability to think, confusion. Feels worse on wakening

BELLADONNA – sudden onset, high fever. Flushed face & throbbing carotids. Dry barking tickling cough, worse in the evening. Stiches in chest from coughing. Eyes can have a shiny look with dilated pupils

BRYONIA – slow onset. Hoarseness. Dry hacking painful cough, often worse at night & must sit up. Aching pains, worse movement & deep breathing can feel painful so patient breath carefully. Everything feels dry so very thirsty. Mentally can become very irritable, wants to be quiet and alone

CAMPHOR – very sensitive to cold & cold air, and touch. Feels icy cold with intermittent internal burning heat, and sudden weakness

CARBO-VEG – very chilly and thirsty. Often anxious and distressed due to weakness and fatigue in chest. Cough worse in evening. Craves fresh air and feels breathing is almost panting as they want oxygen

CHINA – fever & chills, weakness, fatigue, night sweats are debilitating (dehydration) Better warmth

DROSERA – shortness of breath, cold sweat on forehead, spasmodic dry choking cough (likened to sound of machine gun), worse late at night. Feeling of weight on chest

EUPATORIUM PERF – high fever, chilly and aching bones, restlessness due to feeling uncomfortable in bed, often worse in the morning, hoarseness, chest feels sore, eyeballs feel sore, thirsty

FERR PHOS – hard dry cough with sore chest, at times with retching. Cough eases late at night. Lungs feel congested early on. Patient can be very quiet and indifferent to things they usually like

GELSEMIUM – dry cough, sore chest, no thirst. Often feels weak, trembling or dizzy and cannot sleep. Heaviness of eyelids and eyes are dull due to lack of energy

KALI CARB – choking dry painful cough, feeling of mucus in chest, particularly right side. Leaning forward relieves so must sit up to breath as worse in the middle of the night. Intolerance of cold. Disconnected and demanding, they deny they are sick

PHOSPHORUS – cold symptoms that always go straight to the chest. Tightness in chest, feeling of inflammation of chest and difficult breathing.  Often thirsty for cold drinks. Better for company

PYROGEN – high fever and restlessness. Much perspiration, bed is soaked. Discharges are very offensive. Body feels bruised & chilly. Arms and legs feel numb. Anxious and talkative

RHUS TOX – slow onset. Limbs feel sore and stiff. Swollen glands. Alternating chilly and heat. Coughing when feeling cold. Hoarseness with lose of voice. Restlessness, has to keep moving.

SULPHUR – frequent flushes of heat, great thirst, night sweats (kicks off covers). Weakness and faintness. Burning and heaviness in chest. Shortness of breath in middle of the night, better sitting up. Wants window open

VERAT VIRIDE – Burning heaviness in chest, lying down aggravates breathing. Worse on wakening, motion aggravates. High fever, faint feeling in stomach, nausea at times. Dehydrated. Argumentative

(this list is by no means exhaustive)

Additional Tips

– a good ‘potency’ to start with is 30c. Repeat every hour for a few hours, then less frequently over a few days. If already expressing symptoms, 30c is still useful but if you need to increase the potency to 200c, only take 1 or 2 doses, and stop when a level of improvement is noticed. This means the body has started to respond.

– it is not necessary that a person is experiencing every single aspect of the remedy description. It is more crucial to ensure that the patient’s entire symptoms are within the detailed list of remedy symptoms.

– give the body time to respond to a remedy. A common mistake is to give too many remedies due to expectations of immediate cessation of symptoms. Remedies will not mask the symptoms or suppress them. Remember a raised temperature is the immune systems attempt to kill an infection. If closely monitored and within safe limits, the body may merely need a supporting strengthening remedy and a little time to finish what it is trying to do, in other words, heal itself.

– One of the best homeopathic teachers has produced a useful checklist for describing the symptoms:

BreathingAnxious, hard, difficult, gasping, irregular, laboured, loud, painful, panting, shortness, wheezing
CoughDeep, dry, hacking, hard, hoarse, loud, painful, rattling, spasmodic, tickling, violent, wet, whistling
GeneralsOnset, body position, energy level, thirst, appetite, digestion, appearance, weakness
MindAnxiety, Cognition, Company, Fears, Irritable, Depression, Discontent, Nervousness, Obstinate, Restless
Better/worseCompany, exertion, motion, position, pressure, rest, temperature, time
PainsAching, bruised, burning, cold feeling, constant, hot feeling, piercing, radiating, sharp, sore, stitching, tingling, tightness, weakness, weight
TemperatureFever types – high, low, times, chills, perspiration
Reference – Robin Murphy

-There are numerous kits available to purchase from reputable homeopathic pharmacies.

Here in the UK, Ainsworth, Helios, Nelsons are all excellent high quality pharmacies. They post to most countries worldwide too. Of course there will most likely be similar reputable sources within each country. It is important to be aware pharmacies sell remedies on request, so do remember they do not prescribe remedies for conditions therefore if unsure, consult a homeopath.

Nothing compares to attending a homeopathic consultation. Indeed, once you have attended a comprehensive initial consultation (often at least one hour long), Homeopaths are able to prescribe for all your acutes etc as they will understand you as an individual.

Do bear in mind that with CoVid-19 symptoms (whether positive or negative result testing), some practitioners may prescribe remotely, not in person. Search for a reputable Homeopath in your area from recognised registered bodies (here in the UK – Society of Homeopaths, Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, Faculty of Homeopaths etc). No matter which country, there will be a Society etc.

Contact these Societies and sign up for their newsletters or social media posts.

Final words – common sense approach is of the utmost important with this information.

Occasional shortness of breath is a mild to medium symptom. This is very different than breathing difficulties which in the very small minority has developed after 4/5 days of symptoms appearing. Medical attention must always be sought. Never attempt to self-treat worsening symptoms.

However do stay grounded, it is widely accepted that the vast majority are either asymptomatic or experience symptoms similar to a mild to medium-strength cold.

Certainly follow the hygiene advice (it really should be common sense for cold and flu epidemics every year) but above all, remain grounded and do not let fear weaken your immune system. 

Angel Signs

Recently the most beautiful white feathers keep appearing in front of me at welcome moments, reminding me that the angels are so very close during these difficult times.  Even when things seem very challenging, they send messages to remind us to take heart. 

My son in law fell and broke a finger and toe.  The following day he sent me this message, ‘Hi Mum, There was only one person I could really send this to. Just put down my coffee and saw an angel in a heart, life never ceases to whisper to us!’ with this picture.

SPECIAL DATE 10th October 2020 – 10.10.2020

This is an auspicious date. 10 encourages you to move forward positively with a blessing. 10.10 doubles that and opens a portal of energy that pushes you to take steps in a new direction.  This gateway often opens during challenging times.  2020 is a number of stability and solidity.  So this is a powerful date for you as an individual and for the world.  Decide what you want to change and prepare for it.  Then step into a new future, knowing that your Guardian Angel is firmly behind you.  Very interesting energy in the middle of a pandemic

SPECIAL ZOOM!!!  Monday 19th October 7-8 uk time


Archangel Metatron, the vast golden orange universal angel, in charge of our ascension process, comes from Helios, the Sun beyond our Sun, the light source of our universe. Right now he is beaming light to us to illuminate and accelerate our journey.  During this challenging time on Earth he is offering an opportunity to attune ourselves clearly to his higher light.  You may already wear his golden orange Metatron Cloak which confers certain blessings.  Now he invites you to receive his Royal Metatron Cloak, that moves you into a higher illumined frequency and brings certain gifts and powers that will help you and the planet.

During this Zoom you will

  • Bathe in new cosmic energies to prepare for a Metatron attunement
  • Receive an I AM attunement with Archangel Metatron
  • Experience an awesome meditation to Metatron’s Universal Temple in Helios
  • Receive his Royal Metatron Cloak
  • Ignite your ascension gifts
  • Become a holder of the Metatron Flame

£11 (includes recording)

Dragon Zoom on Sunday 11th October at 11am UK time

Note 11 is the cosmic number that moves you from your current level to a level higher.

There are things that dragons can do that angels cannot for they can delve into deep dense matter and dissolve it. During this Zoom these beautiful heart centred beings will burn up and clear some of the deeply entrenched stuff within you. This may be ancestral karma or something that has been blocking your soul path. It may be something dense from your childhood that it is time to heal.

In this seminar you will

  • Receive Source healing from the blue healing Dragons of the Pleiades
  • Help heal the natural world with the Green Dragons
  • Connect with the Emerald Green Dragons of Archangel Raphael to protect your perfect health blueprint.
  • The dragons are powerful and can heal at a deep level. Prepare for a glorious meditation and deep shifts.

Price £11

The proceeds from the event will go towards supporting the work of the Diana Cooper School of White Light.

In the afternoon teachers of the School will present

12.45PM – 13.30PM A with talk with Franziska Siragusa and Meghaa Gupta

MBS 1st November 2020  12.30-2.00

Switch on Angelic Healing

Archangel Raphael will switch you on at a higher frequency to activate your perfect health blueprint.

The unicorns to dissolve your patterns and heal you at a soul level.  In addition you will access various pools of cosmic energy and specific ascension flames to enter a new consciousness.

Be prepared for mystery and magic.

Extract from Dawn and Bay, Your Holistic Diet

These are unprecedented times and people are facing challenges that they couldn’t have imagined a year ago. At this time in history we are all being asked to change, to adapt, to find new ways of doing things. This is a time of massive change on the planet. Old ways that no longer work for us are dropping away. 

Yet sometimes we find ourselves repeating the same old patterns. If you keep doing the same thing again and again, it is unrealistic to expect change. But this is what many of us do when it comes to our weight. Have you lost weight, only to find that, over time, it crept back on again? Most people then start the same process again. They try another diet, hoping that this time it will be different. 

Change happens when you take on a new idea; when you do something differently. And that includes your health and weight.

So why is it so hard to lose weight or to sustain your weight loss?

When your body is out of balance, this makes it hard to lose weight. Depending on the imbalance, it can cause cravings, overeating or the desire for sugary, fatty foods. It can reduce the amount of fat you burn and make you store fat around your belly. But more than this, when your body is out of balance, you are likely to have other symptoms. These could range from hormonal issues or aches and pains to frequent colds or infections. It. could include bloating, low energy, depression or anxiety. When you feel like this, it can become harder to eat healthily, which can make the imbalances in your body worse. 

How can you stop the cravings, the overeating, the desire for sugary, fatty foods? 

When you discover what imbalances in your body are causing these reactions, then you can address them with simple food and lifestyle changes. When you bring your body back into balance, you also improve your health, boost your immune system and reclaim your energy and vitality. 

Your body has lots of internal messengers. Some of them make it hard to lose weight. Try our quiz – Are you giving your body the message to store fat? https://www.tryinteract.com/share/quiz/5f58be7e547bb20014138b95

If the answer is Yes, you will get 3 steps to start to change these messages. At the end of the quiz you will also have the opportunity to explore other ways your body may be blocking your weight loss.

Warm wishes

Dawn and Bay

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