Diana Cooper’s Setember 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We are currently undergoing some of the most challenging months there have been on Earth.  Mother Earth is starting to release the pent-up anger that has been stored within her.  The energy of our emotions has been passing through our feet into the ground and has been building up for ten thousand years since the fall of Atlantis.  From time to time some of it has been released through earthquakes, volcanoes, explosions and so on but now Lady Gaia herself is accelerating the cleansing in preparation for the new Golden Age.  The GOOD NEWS is that, you are one of the increasing numbers of people who are working with their fifth dimensional chakras, so you can make a massive contribution to healing the earth.  High frequency light is able to pour down through your twelve chakras into your Earth Star chakra where Archangels Sandalphon, Gersisa and others spread it through the leylines to the place it is most needed.

You can can magnify this by specifically calling in certain high frequency energies.  These can dissolve the pools of lower vibrations that have collected within the planet.  You just call in the energy to pour through you into your Earth Star chakra and trust that it is flowing to the right place.  I like to do this when I am out walking.  It is so simple.

Call in the pure shimmering white light of the unicorns.

Call in the white gold of the Mahatma energy.

Call in one of the aspects of the Violet Flame.

Call in the light from Nigellay, which is the part of Mars that has ascended.  This carries the energy of the peaceful one, the spiritual leader and is much needed now.

Call in any other angelic energy that feels right for you.

Absolutely know and trust that these energies are purifying you too as they flow through you into your Earth Star chakra and are then radiating out to transmute lower energies into love and peace and joy on Earth.

With love and angelic blessings,

Story about calling in the Violet Flame

As I was writing the above I remembered a day many years ago when I was out walking with a friend who was not really into elementals.  As we wandered through my local woods a fairy ran up to me and said she had a message for me!  What could I do?  I telepathically asked if it could wait and the fairy was very clear it could not.  So I asked my friend to pause a second as a fairy wanted to speak to me!  She looked at me oddly but stopped.  The fairy indicated a tree nearby and asked me to bring the Violet Flame down through it.  I did so and was instantly aware of the Violet Flame pouring down through the tree into its roots and spreading like a flash flood through the roots of all the trees in the wood.

My guide told me later that it had made a massive difference.  He said they had chosen that moment because my friend also needed to be cleansed by the Violet Flame which had transmuted everything in the vicinity.  And it was ignited by a simple thought!

Preparing for High Vibration Leaders

For ten thousand years we have been controlled by low vibration leaders and we will soon be ready wise, honest people of integrity to these posts.

Here are some snippets from 2012 and Beyond

People Power

The world is starting to see the rise of people power. When individuals worldwide start to accept self-responsibility, they will make their own choices. Everywhere citizens are demanding freedom, honesty, peace and fairness. The old paradigm of leaders and led, rich and poor, authority and submission, adversarial politics or dictatorship, is losing its grip. Already co-creation and co-operation are becoming possibilities.


In the pre-2012 paradigm the masses gave their power to leaders and with it responsibility for their lives. In the new every individual will be treated as an important contributing part of society.

It is said that cultures get the leaders they deserve. The Law of Attraction tells us we attract reflections of our inner being. Third-dimensional humanity votes for low quality leaders.

For centuries we have had masculine-dominated politics. On their negative side they display qualities like: controlling, logical without heart, authoritarian, divisive and short term. On the positive site they are logical, considered, numerate and they take action so that change is possible and conditions move forward.

People will look back with amazement at adversarial politics, bullying tactics and dictatorships. The idea of owning or enslaving another soul will be an anathema. Yet in some traditional patriarchal societies or those with very entrenched views, there may be resistance, which comes from fear and control and will hold everyone back. When you resist you focus on what you do not want. The way forward is to embrace what is for the highest good. Every individual who is ready for equality, fairness, justice and empowerment of all can assist by visualizing the new and calling in the Silver Flame.


Soon honourable people will emerge to inspire the world through the transition. During this period honesty, integrity, openness and the ability to empower others will be qualities that are increasingly respected.

In my September message I talk about claiming freedom so here is the link to the petition to be free from control if you decline the vaccine.  I am not saying whether taking it is right or wrong. That is a personal choice.  But I believe we should be free to make our own decision.

You do have a choice about whether you have the vaccine or not, nobody can make you take it BUT if you choose not to have the vaccine then your movements such as travel, concerts, sports events etc. can be restricted.  If you agree just click on the link below to sign the petition saying you want to keep your freedom of movement.

Babies and Birthdays

My friend Rosemary Stephenson’s first grandchild, Charlie, was born in July.  There was a last minute drama as we both strongly felt it was time for him to be born.  She sent me a text to say he would be born by caesarean at 5pm that day.  Instantly I thought, ‘That’s too late!’  I rushed to light a second candle and pray, ‘Let him be born safely at the perfect time.’  Within an hour I had a second text to say he was coming at 1pm!  That felt perfect.  Afterwards when I told Rosemary this, she said he had exactly the same feeling!!  She was guided to play her crystal bowls and sing healing in for 45 minutes from 12.30 to 1.15pm for Charlie to arrive safely at 1pm.   He was one month premature but amazingly didn’t need the prepared respirator/incubator at the hospital.  That was such a relief to everyone.

It reminded me of the time my grandson was born and I had the same gut reaction that he should come urgently so we chanted for him to arrive and lo and behold my daughter almost immediately went into labour and he was born very quickly.  Apparently his soul had heard the call and he had raced in just in time.  My guide Kumeka told me that if he had been late, he would have been OK but would have missed his destiny.

Anyway Charlie, Rosemary’s grandson, is a gorgeous and happy baby.  He is infinitely blessed to have Rosemary with her angelic voice as his grandmother.  When she sings to him he quietens.  When she sings his name with love, he listens and falls asleep!  

It is a natural thing to sing a baby’s name to them with love.  When you sing their name you are calling in their soul energy and letting them know they are wanted and loved on Earth.  It also helps their unique soul gifts to be activated.

On our local beach there is a corner dedicated to thanking the nurses and the NHS.  Visitors and locals have painted pebbles and piled them up to form an altar or cairn.  There are always new ones and I really love to stop and look at the brightly coloured stones when I pass.  The corner radiates love and gratitude.  It is a reminder that things are changing and the divine feminine qualities of caring, nurturing and healing are starting to be acknowledged and appreciated.  Perhaps we will soon start to acknowledge financially those in service.

Singing or Saying a name with love

The vibration of a name calls a person’s soul lessons, gifts and possibilities to them, so, whenever you say or sing someone’s name with love they receive the message that their soul mission is beautiful and they can accomplish it harmoniously with the total support of the universe.

Ask the angels and unicorns to bring your energy through your voice as you sing and the baby or adult will be cocooned by the magic of the universe.

Dogs and Children

In the Golden Era of Atlantis dogs and children were always seen together, see the extract below from Discover Atlantis.

I was reminded of this recently on the hottest day of the year when Venus had been racing round in the woods and emerged hot and exhausted.  Immediately my youngest grandchild, Taliya who is just 9, whipped off her sunhat and fanned her as we walked home.  Such compassion.   See video clip.  Pl attach clip

And on the beach she had the greatest fun swimming with Sugar and running in and out of the sea with her.  Please attach clip  No wonder that in Golden Atlantis dogs were considered to be so important for the development of children.

Extract from Discover Atlantis

Dogs were all the same breed, just different colours; the nearest equivalent we have now are lurchers.  Their main role was to be with children, who learnt to understand about responsibility for others, as they considered the needs of their pet, and how to care for and empathise with other creatures.  In turn the dog would experience life with humans.  Its purpose was to learn to nurture children and to keep them safe from accidents.  When a child was born, a dog would be attracted to the child’s energy and would turn up at the house.  Parents would expect a dog to arrive for their child and one day they would open the door and find it there.  Every child had a dog and the average family was three children, so there would be at least three dogs in each household.

Children and their dogs experienced companionship and it was a symbiotic relationship on every level.  The dog even went to school with the child.

The natural life span of a dog was thirteen to sixteen years, equivalent to the childhood of its human companion.  At the end of this time, the human either took a partner or moved to a single person’s accommodation to train to become a priest or for another vocation.  When this happened, both dog and human knew they had served each other and that their purpose together was done.  Their energies would then separate, the dog would pass over and its spirit would return to its home planet of Canis Major.

Unicorn Documentary – Can you help?

Wonderful news!  The pilot for the unicorn documentary is now on my YouTube channel.  We need your help…. The unicorns want everyone to know about them so that they can touch us with their light.  Please watch the video below, like it and comment, we currently have 14,000 views but we need many more, so if you haven’t watched it yet, please do.

If you enjoy it, share the link (top right of the video below)  with all your friends, so that they can do so too.  We need to demonstrate to TV companies that there is enough interest that they commission a full series about the angelic realms.


I was delighted to be asked onto Hannah Wallace podcast, in this episode:

  • I share what finding grace means to me, and my story of how my life changed in my 40s after angel encounter and what lead me to the work I do today.
  • We talk about the unicorns and my new book “The magic of unicorns” and how it came to be written.
  • I share how to connect with the unicorns, and how to start working with them.
  • We talk about what the golden age and what this means.
  • We discuss ascension and how to navigate this.
  • I share about the archangels and how we can work with them.
  • We talk about manifestation, and how to approach it.
  • I share all about creating an angelic healing cocoon and what this means.
  • We talk about balancing our energy centres and why this was important and so much more.

Click HERE to access the podcast, I do hope you enjoy it.

Extract from Dawn and Bay, Your Holistic Diet

Remember the film Back To The Future? Apparently there’s a FB post going around with an image of Doc saying to Marty “You can go back to any year, just don’t go back to 2020!”

This has been a very strange and complicated year and many people are struggling with stress and anxiety. This can have a huge impact on your health and general wellbeing. 

Stress, overeating and poor diet are at the root of weight gain for many people.  

When you are stressed your body stores more fat and you are more likely to eat weight gaining foods and more likely to overeat due to the psychological feelings of stress, which then causes your body to store even more fat. It’s a cycle. This is why stress is such a big contributor to long term weight gain. The more you can reduce your stress, by finding ways to relax the more this helps your weight loss long term. 

So this month Bay is running a series of videos every few days helping you build a relaxing environment and helping you to relax within – this will help with your emotional eating. The more you can deal with the stress of these times the less likely you are over time to keep putting on weight.

Click here to signup to our relaxation for weight loss series:  https://forms.aweber.com/form/46/1875067546.htm

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