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Dear Friends,

Last month I made a recording of the forecast for the month and other information a card reading.  You overwhelmingly liked it, so here is one for October.  Please let me have your feedback.

With Love and Angel Blessings

Manifesting a Vision

We live in such turbulent times.  I guess it gives us an opportunity to practice staying steady and holding the light for the highest good!

Rosemary Stephenson and I recently did a small retreat with a group in France.  Two of the participants had really challenging problems to which there seemed to be no resolution.  For three days on the seminar we focussed on higher spiritual matters.  When we returned home after the seminar we received e mails from both of them to say the impossible had happened.  Both situations had unexpectedly resolved.

When you let go and raise your frequency above that of the problem, magic takes place.  The universe swings into place behind your vision and energises it.

Here are some steps.

1.Write down your vision or think clearly about it.

2.State it will only come about for the highest good of everyone concerned.

3.Only tell people who will positively hold your vision.

4. Let it go. Don’t think about it.

5.Do high frequency things that take your full concentration.

6.This gives the universe space to bring your vision into manifestation.

If it does not happen it is not for the highest good so you would not want it anyway!

Progress of Unicorn Documentary

Thank you, so many of you who have sent me fabulous stories for my new unicorn book or the unicorn documentary.  It has been very exciting.  I have chatted to lots of people about their stories and sent them on to Daryl, the documentary maker.

Daryl is still in the middle of watching the clips I have sent to him and is very interested!  That is so good to hear from someone who is not into the angelic world (yet!)  We are aiming to start with a 10-15 minute teaser and want to make it as wonderful as possible.

Please do send in any more stories, especially for the book.  I’ll keep you all up to date so watch this space.

Wednesday 2nd October – Living in Golden Atlantis
Wednesday 9th October – Dragon healing
Wednesday 23rd October – The Ascension Flames
Wednesday 30th October – Readings

Latest on Orbs

A few years ago many people were filming Orbs on their cameras and it was so thrilling.  Then it seemed that fewer Orbs were impressing themselves onto photographs.  Now there appears to be a new wave of them coming in.  Some of these are a very high frequency.

Orbs are the light bodies of angelic beings.  Some of them are beautiful beyond imagining and when you look at them, they bathe you in their energy and can make profound changes in you

Many of them are round.  This means that the angelic being is holding the energy and witnessing what is happening.  If they have one or more flat sides this tells you that they are actively radiating light from that section.  There are some incredible hexagonal ones in Ascension Through Orbs, that are fully active.

Archangel Orbs are portals into a high frequency energy space.  They enable you to connect closely to one or more archangels and be enfolded in their light.

I often tell the story of the night when I photographed an Orb of an angel of love with Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love, and Mary.  It was the most beautiful pink colour surrounded in magenta.  I was so excited.  Next morning before I went for a walk I imagined myself standing within the Orb.  I breathed in the energy and as I walked I knew I was radiating Archangel Chamuel and Mary’s light around me.  That walk was incredible.  A squirrel danced by my feet!  A deer lay by the path and did not move as I passed and greeted it.  An elf brought spirit children to me to help them pass into the light!  They ran to me as they saw the Archangel light in my aura.  It is a time I will never forget.

So here is an Orb photograph sent to me this month by Fran Tyrrell.  She wrote that she was weeding in her garden when she felt a huge surge of new energy coming in. You can feel the great energy from it, and see how it is spreading out around the garden, enveloping all the plants.

This Orb is a unicorn with an angel of love surrounded by the Christ light. 

The unbelievably bright light in the centre is an angel of love with unicorn energy.  It is surrounded by a ring of pale gold Christ light.  This is open at the bottom where it is actively pouring out energy.

Exercise to work with the Unicorn and Christ Orb

1.Look at the Orb and sense the light it radiates.

2.Know you are being touched by Unicorn energy and Christ Light.

3.Imagine you are standing in the middle of the Orb.

4.Breathe in the light.  Sense the Christ light round the outside.

5.Know that the Christ light is protecting you, holding your frequency very high.

6.If possible, go for a walk and feel the Orb round you touching people, animals and nature with unconditional love.

I would love you to share your experiences with me on diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com marked ORB


ARCHANGEL ASCENSION ORBS – Sunday 6th October – 7-9pm 

I will be sharing spectacular Archangel Orbs that have come to us specifically to accelerate our ascension and to raise the light in our twelve chakras to a higher level.  I will take you through exercises and visualisations with the Orbs that will transform your frequency and therefore allow you to attract in higher energies.  Do join me!  It will be exciting as well as spiritually rewarding.  And remember you will receive a recording so you can watch it again and again.

£25 per person

Click HERE to book your place

Spontaneous drawing Interpretation  – Wednesday 16th October – 7-9pm

Many years ago I used to run small classes in personal and spiritual development.  Most weeks we would do a spontaneous drawing and these were often the highlight of the evening as they were so illuminating and such fun.  As you draw spontaneously, your unconscious mind reveals information for you.   Whenever I do one I learn something about myself and I can be sure that whoever I am with will see more!

I show you what to do if you do not like what your unconscious mind has revealed!  Your unconscious has given you information and you can re-programme it.

I remember a lady drawing herself floating down a river in a boat, gazing at a companion.  A low bridge lay ahead and she was clearly going to hit her head on the bridge if she did not take notice.  What a wake-up call!  She realised exactly what she was doing in her life and as we discussed it, knew what she had to do to avoid calamity.

Furthermore, when you learn the basics, spontaneous drawings are wonderful to enjoy with family or friends.  They are not only fascinating but they open up channels of communication with others.

 £5.50 per person

Please send me your drawings and I will choose some of them to interpret live!  Just take your piece of paper and draw on it these seven things, photograph the drawing and send it to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com marked ZOOM Spontaneous drawing.

The seven things to draw

A path, a house, a sun, a person, a gate, a fence and a treasure chest

You do not have to be able to draw.  Stick figures will be fine.  Use coloured pens if you can.

Whether you send a picture in advance or not, I hope you will participate by doing your own drawing during the zoom and helping to interpret the ones I choose.  You will learn a lot about yourself.

Click HERE to book your place


Life gets more and more restrictive.  Mum puts me on that long lead much more often.  But not goody-goody Sugar.  She isn’t on a lead.  Why?  Is it my fault that foxes and squirrels are so enticing?  Of course I am very smart.  I am also very small and can squeeze through almost any hole. Mum says that a dog proof fence does not mean a Venus proof fence!

Anyway on this morning I was on my long lead crossing a big meadow where I sometime run away.  I smelt a fox in the thicket!  Now I didn’t run straight away.  I slowed down and walked quietly with the lead extended.  Then when Mum’s attention was diverted I ran as fast as I could and jerked the lead from her hand.  Then I ran with the long lead trailing behind me.  She ran after me.  But of course, she didn’t stand a chance against speedy me.  She shouted that I would get tangled up in the trees and brambles again.  OK it is the second time.  Think I care?

I did get quite a long way in before the long lead got caught and tangled.  In fact I had to wait ages and ages for her to reach me.  She said it took an hour because she couldn’t find me.  She was covered in scratches and nettle stings and she was cross with me!  Why?  I’m the one that was tangled and had to wait.

It was a bit unfortunate that a few days later she called on a friend whose house backs onto a railway embankment.  It is covered in brambles and rich in all sort of creatures to hunt.  Her house is fenced with wire netting and dog proof so we often visit her.  Anyway they were all chatting in the garden and ignoring me so by the time Mum was ready to go home I had quietly slipped under the netting and was having a great time on the railway.  They called and called but I had cloths over my ears.  I was in dog heaven, hunting up and down the bank after anything that moved. Yes and three trains thundered past and yes it was the same bit of line where I got electrocuted before but I was fine.  After forty five minutes I slipped under the netting again.  Mum was too relieved to be cross.  That’s an advantage to being the best dog in the world.

Extract from Dawn and Bay, Your Holistic Diet

The Four Pillars to Sustainable Weight Loss in the Modern World

How many diets have you tried? There are so many diets and weight loss products available, yet more and more people are struggling with their weight. We need a completely new approach; an approach that takes into account this modern world in which we live; that gets to the root of your weight issues and revitalises your health; that recognises the importance of our beautiful planet that is in such crisis.

This is the basis of our Four Pillars to sustainable weight loss.

Biochemical Pillar –  Bring your body into balance

When your body is out of balance it can increase your appetite, cause cravings and increase the amount of fat you store

Psychological Pillar – Resolve your emotional eating

If you turn to food to fulfil emotional needs you can easily put on weight

Environmental Pillar – Look after the environment

Many of the pollutants that are damaging the environment are also predisposing us to obesity

Spiritual Pillar – Connect to yourself, your food and the environment

When you connect to yourself, your food and the environment, you nourish yourself and protect the planet. This helps you with all the pillars

In this extract we are looking at the Spiritual Pillar.

Many of us have lost that deep connection to the food we eat. We expect it to be there for us and no longer treat it with reverence, even though it is vital to our survival. We don’t even focus on our food when we eat. This disconnect with what we are eating makes it easy to overeat or consume foods that harm our health. We have become disconnected from the source of our survival. When we buy foods that have caused damage to the environment in their production, we have become disconnected from the Earth. We have lost sight of the interconnection and interdependence of all living things. When we reconnect, we naturally want to implement the Four Pillars, to nourish ourselves physically and emotionally and to protect the environment.

Even if you are really busy, it is important to find time to stop when you eat. Take a few minutes to connect to your body and to the food you are about to eat. Appreciate the effort that went into getting the food to you and give thanks for it. Then really focus on your food and enjoy every bite!

Signup to Your Holistic Diet’s Monthly Newsletter to get tips and advice on how a holistic approach to weight loss can help you: https://forms.aweber.com/form/08/1489609308.htm

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 15th October – Horsham

Spiritual Guide to the Animal World 

I am delighted to be giving a talk to my local Mind Body Spirit organisation in Horsham about the messages of the animals, birds and insects.  Since I wrote The Archangel Guide to the Animal World I look at every animal, bird or insect with new eyes.  I am aware just how much they are teaching me and love to share this.

We cannot ascend until we learn to understand animals. Did you know that cats come from Orion and are enlightened, psychic and wise?  Your cat knows absolutely everything about you and looks after your home by clearing any negative energy that approaches.  When it is lazing in the sun, it is bringing in wisdom and knowledge to spread.  Black cats really are magical.

I’d love to meet you so do come along.

I’ll be at the Friends Meeting House, Worthing Road.  7.30. 

Saturday  19th October –  The Hay House I can do it Conference – Birmingham City Hall. 

New Steps to Ascension

I will be taking you on a journey to bring brand new energies into your chakras to raise your frequency to ascension and even higher ascension.

I did a video clip for HH that Tom adjusted amazingly.  Do we have it to go out with the newsletter?

With lots of love

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