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Dear Friends,

This is unicorn month for me.  It started with a powerful blaze of white light with a Unicorn Zoom on Sunday 3rd November.  They arrived to touch everyone so beautifully.  And now my book The Wonder of Unicorns is being re-published, illuminated with illustrations from the unicorn cards.  That book is so pure that as you read it your frequency rises so high that the unicorns can touch you.  I am so excited that it is coming out again in time for the new wave of unicorn energy sweeping the planet.

Thirdly I am making a documentary on unicorns and we are filming the promo in a couple of weeks!  The director, Dylan and his producer Habeeb, have become fascinated with the subject after our initial conversations.  I will tell you how it all goes next month.

Fourthly I have just finished the first draft of my next unicorn book, The Magic of Unicorns, to be published by Hay House next year.  The unicorns are definitely pushing things forward.

With unicorn love and blessings


Unicorn Documentary

I have had a very exciting meeting with the documentary maker, Dylan and his producer Habeeb.  My first impression was of two very warm, professional and dedicated men and this made my heart sing.  We sat round my kitchen table as for two hours they asked me questions about angels, dragons, unicorns, Orbs, Golden Atlantis, ascension and all other aspects of my work.  I almost felt as if I had given a mini workshop!  But they really wanted to understand me and the bigger picture of what I did.  I found that so special and reassuring.  At present we are only talking about the promo but it means that when the full documentary is made, anyone who watches it will be touched by light way beyond that of the unicorns.

They emailed me after the meeting to say that they too are very excited by this project!!!  Hopefully we will start on the promo quite soon.   Please light a candle to this.  I feel it will raise the frequency of everyone….

Orb of the month

When Kirstin Joost sent me this Orb I was overwhelmed.  I couldn’t stop looking at it!

Every Orb, in its very centre, has a connection to Source.  I have rarely seen this central core connection so clearly!  It is like being drawn up through a vortex of Seraphim energy to Source.  Here is an exercise to help you to work with it.

1.Look at the Orb through half closed eyes.

2.After a while close your eyes and still see or imagine the Orb in front of you.

3.Know that angels are singing you I through the vortex.

4.You are moving through the angelic realms into the divine centre.

5.You may see a vision of this dimension or you may rest here for a moment.

6.This is a wonderful opportunity to offer a prayer to Source.

Opportunities for November

In November the universe is giving you the opportunity to look at and clear underlying patterns that no longer serve you, with a special emphasis on release and forgiveness.  (For assistance see the section on the Spiritual Laws.)  And then there are wonderful chances for expansion.   So, if you have a project or an idea to aim for, expand your horizons.  Look at the possibilities from a broader perspective.  This is a time for optimism, to keep your hopes high.  The universe is supporting you.  Your third eye chakra holds the energy for these potentials.

Everything is a hologram.  Just as you have personal chakras, so does the world and the universe.   The cosmic third eye chakra is Jupiter and its ascended aspect has the vibration Jumbay.  When you tune into it everything becomes achievable.

Quick exercise to tune into Jupiter / Jumbay for expanded assistance

1.Decide on the abundance or job you want or the expansion you envisage or the project you would like to aim for.

2.Focus on your third eye in the centre of your forehead.

3.ask Archangel Raphael to touch you here.  You may have a sensation or feel a movement or a draught of air.

4.Imagine or sense a tube of crystal emerald light connecting your third eye, right through the universe to Jupiter.  Then to Jumbay.

5.picture your vision expanding.  Growing enormous.

6.Know it has received the blessing of the universe.

7.Bring the blessed vision back into your third eye.

Spiritual Laws to Transform your Life

In this amazing but challenging time of spiritual opportunity it is more important than ever to understand the great immutable Laws of the Universe.  You as a lightworker have incarnated to help birth the new golden age.

Instant Karma

In 2015 the frequency of the planet reached that at which instant karma comes into play.  This is why long-standing debts and ancestral karma are being called in now.

Clearing karma

Seven billion souls have been given permission to incarnate.  Many are returning to have a shot at clearing their karma so that they can complete with Earth before it ascends into the fifth dimension.  If they do not succeed they will continue to experience on another third dimensional plane of existence.  Everything is being stirred up by souls with a great deal of karma to handle, who have gone through the Veil of Amnesia and forgotten what they came to do.  They need our prayers.

Ancestral Karma

One of the biggest challenges is this.  Before 2032 all family and ancestral karma has to be completed going back seven generations.  So, for example, if your great great grandmother died without forgiving someone or did not pay her debts or was cruel, one of her children or nieces or nephews, at a soul level, might agree to carry her karma.  But until now they had a choice. Since 2015 someone must take on the burden.  If no one agrees to do so, it is divided amongst the blood relatives.

If you had a great great-great uncle who died without having children or the children died before him, any karmic residue he left when he passed may have been hanging round like a cloud over the extended family.  He may have had cousins and nephews and nieces who refused to undertake it.  Now it is divided between the far-flung relatives and everyone must take on a bit of the debt.

How to dissolve the Karma

Do you have any blocks in your abundance, or hiccups to your success or relationships?  Is there a tendency to an illness in your family?  Are there patterns you want to clear?  Whether these are your challenges or you have inherited them, spiritual laws still apply.

Obviously, every single thought you have or word you utter affects your energy fields and therefore the karma you attract to you according to the Law of Attraction, so monitor your thoughts, words and actions very closely.  You have the power to change them if they are not drawing to you what you want.

Forgiveness is a key.  When someone hurts, cheats, abandons, injures or does something unforgiveable (oh that word) to you unless you are a saint, your ego is engaged.  Most of us don’t think, ‘Oh you have stepped into my life to give me an opportunity to practise the Law of Grace and Oneness!  Thank you.’  We just have a strong emotional reaction.

The Law of Grace is about giving unconditional love and it is the golden solvent that dissolves all the yukky sticky glue that keeps us holding on.

The Law of Oneness knows we are all One.  There is no separation.  That other person hurting me is me hurting myself.

Here is an example.  You and your business partner have worked long and hard building up your company.  At last it is thriving.  One day you arrive at work to discover that your partner has been fiddling the books and now he has emptied the bank accounts and run off with your wife.’

At a third dimensional level you rant and rage and swear revenge.  If you want to be ready for the new Golden Age, after your rant and rage you activate the Law of Grace.   You take a deep breath and let go of the money, the business and your wife.  You forgive!  You bless them and see them happy and successful.  And then the universe brings you something much better – and it really does!  And there is no karma.  It is dissolved in Grace.

Here’s a little poem I wrote about it on the train home from the Hay House I Can Do It Conference in Birmingham.

Instant Karma

Gone are the days of karmic debt

When you shrugged and said, ‘I won’t pay yet.

Maybe I will in a life or three.’

It didn’t seem to matter you see.

But now the rules have changed of course

For Instant Karma’s back in force,

So, everything you say or do

Wings its way straight back to you.

It’s pay-back time. Oh what a bore!

Ancestral debts are free no more.

So, you must pay Great Grandma’s loan

And relatives you’ve never known.

Your soul agreed to clear the lot

Whether it seems fair or not.

What can you do? I’m sure you know

How to pay it off and let it go.

First watch your thoughts, let them be kind

Never judge the spiritually blind.

For even actions gross and base

Dissolve in the tender touch of grace

So, bless each one who has harmed you

Be sure to see them happy too.

For when you know that we are one

Karma dissolves in your Spiritual Sun.

Spontaneous Drawings

I love doing spontaneous drawings with family and friends.  The Wednesday Zoom I did on this subject was so fascinating.  There was so much supportive feedback for the pictures that were chosen.  I gather from the responses and comments I have received that everyone learnt a lot.  The comment I loved was, ‘What a wonderful way to spend an evening!’

So while I am talking about it let’s do another Spontaneous Drawing Zoom, this time to look at your relationship with your unicorn!  ZOOM Wednesday 13th November. You may be surprised at what you discover.  So here are seven symbols to put into your picture.

Unicorn, river, bridge, boat, person, bird, moon.

You can still sign up to this session HERE

Upcoming Events

FB LIVE Wednesday 6th November.  The Temple of Poseidon in Atlantis

ZOOM Wednesday 13th November. Spontaneous Drawings to discover your relationship with your unicorn and much more.  Drawings should include the seven following symbols, made into a picture.  River, bridge, person, boat, bird, unicorn, moon.  Expect an evening of fun, spiritual growth, sharing and illumination.  7-8.30 uk time £5.50 (SIGN UP HERE)

FB LIVE Wednesday 20th November  no session sorry

FB LIVE Wednesday 27th November… more ascension flames

ZOOM Sunday 1st December.  Healing under grace.  This is an opportunity to receive (and give) different types of healing.  We will invoke Archangel Raphael’s emerald healing angels.  I have personally seen his emerald light flashing through me to heal someone who was not expected to live the night as her organs had started to shut down.  Her recovery was astonishing and total. (SIGN UP HERE)

We will call in the Christ light that heals through Source love.  So many people are having challenges with their sacral chakras containing the sexual organs.  We will direct the Christ light to those in need and receive it into our own sacral chakras.  When you send healing with pure intent under grace, it always touches you too.

The unicorns will bring purification and healing into your spiritual, mental and emotional bodies.  As we relax this will affect your physical body.

The Dragons from the Pleaides wish us to call on their special heart healing powers to touch those who request it.

We will also visit the Temple of Healing in Atlantis to experience their transformational healing methods.

Expect magic, miracles and healing.  7-9 UK time.  £25 (SIGN UP HERE)

Healing with the Angelic Realms – Hamburg / November 2019

8th – 10th November

Healing with the Angelic Realms

Friday evening 8th November

Tonight you will make a deep connection with Archangel Raphael and his wonderful emerald angels and dragons.  Attuning to them we will practise physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  In beautiful visualisations you will experience some of the new high frequency healing modalities that are becoming available to us now, for example healing with unicorns, with the Arcturians and in the Atlantean healing temples.

Be prepared for transformation and wonder.

For more information contact: events@wrage.de

Creating new resources for weight loss

Extract from Dawn and Bay, Your Holistic Diet

 We are creating a new resource for weight loss

This picture is from a photoshoot that we did for our new website. We took lots of lovely nourishing food and wanted to create a real feeling of abundance and health. Luckily the weather was on our side – the only sunny day that week!

It was great drinking the smoothies after the shoot. Smoothies are so quick and easy, you can carry them on the go and, whatever your tastes, there’s bound to be one you love! Unlike juice, they contain the fibre from the fruit and veg, so they don’t destabilise your blood sugar and they keep you fuller for longer.  Here’s the green smoothie that we made:

Green smoothie recipe

15 Red grapes (approx 55g)

1/2 Large banana (approx 60g)

50g Kale

180g Pineapple

1 Dessertspoon milled chia seed

100ml Water

Just put all the ingredients in an extractor blender and blend.

Makes 2 generous servings

This green smoothie recipe is packed full of nutrients which helps you feel less hungry.

Note: Don’t eat raw kale everyday. Too much raw kale can affect your thryroid function. Its best to use a variety of veg in your smoothies.

Our new website should go live in the next month or so. We’ve been working really hard to update it and make it a fabulous resource. There will be quizzes to help you work out the best place for you to start and books on the different elements that may be contributing to your weight. We want our website to help you learn about yourself in a safe space and find the resources you need.

The Four Pillars to sustainable weight loss

We’re reorganising our approach into Four Pillars. Each pillar is a cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle and if you work on all four it will help you build a way of life that sustains your weight loss so you do not have to struggle with it again.

We’ve created a system to make it easy for you to instantly see which pillar you are in, by using symbols to represent each pillar. Bay has drawn beautiful images for each pillar, that we are really delighted with.You will see them on our new website soon, and they will help you find what you need. Here’s a sneak preview of the symbols and their deeper meanings……….

Biochemical Pillar: Pods are bursting with seed life. Seeds contain everything the plant needs to nourish it. It represents you giving your body everything it needs to be nourished and balanced.

Psychological Pillar: A butterfly in flight represents transformation. The beautiful butterfly emerges from a transformative cycle just as you will emerge from all the emotional healing when working through your weight loss journey.

Environmental Pillar: The oak is one of our oldest and wisest trees. This symbolises you planting, so future generations have the healthy lifestyles they need.

Spiritual Pillar: The spiral of the nautilus shell is a symbol that represents the sacred journey and change of life as it unfolds. It symbolises your expanding consciousness.

When you change your relationship with food, you change your relationship with yourself

Signup to Your Holistic Diet’s Monthly Newsletter to get tips and advice on how a holistic approach to weight loss can help you: https://forms.aweber.com/form/08/1489609308.htm

I’m conducting an anonymous survey about women and their health for my upcoming Masterclass Project. I’m looking to get at least 100 responses for the survey and would love if women in this group can participate. The survey will take less than 3 minutes to complete and I’m happy to share the results once I’ve collected the numbers needed. Here’s the link to do the survey: https://tinyurl.com/y6tn8zlc

Many thanks, Dawn

With lots of love

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