Diana Cooper’s September 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
This is the start of an extraordinary month. The most amazing high frequency energies are going to pour in between 16th and 28th September. In some parts of the world it has already started. When you absorb such vibrations the old within each of us has to come up to be transmuted, so it is not always easy. The moon will be extremely luminous as Archangel Christiel adds Christ light to the world. More importantly the portal of the Bermuda Triangle is accelerating its activation. During the Golden era of Atlantis the Temple of Poseidon housed the Great Crystal, which was an inter-dimensional portal, a powerful computer and a generator. It took in and radiated pure Source energy. At the fall of Atlantis the Great Crystal fell into the centre of the Bermuda Triangle where for ten thousand years it has mostly remained dormant. On the occasions when the Intergalactic Council has needed to use the portal, everyone within the Bermuda Triangle has gone through a rapid dimensional shift and vanished to our third dimensional eyes. Of course this happened with the agreement of their soul and they received spiritual promotion. The portal started to open at the Cosmic Moment but the cosmic energy coming in now is opening it wide. Pure Source love is pouring out of the Great Crystal and cascading over the world. This will touch the hearts of everyone, bringing higher perspectives and new attitudes – also some confusion.

My Birthday celebration.
I am talking at the Hay House I Can Do It conference the weekend before my 75th birthday. So I wondered how I could challenge myself! Well I’m not good with heights so I booked a tandem sky dive for myself and two of my children (the third said, ‘Absolutely no way!).
We celebrated it in advance and set off for Old Sarum Airport to fling ourselves out of the plane. It was quite a relief to find that the guys we were attached to were mostly ex SAS or ex-military and were strong fit guys. Mine said that he did the jump 50 times over a good weekend!
The worst moment was when I saw my son Justin jump out of the plane, closely followed by my daughter Dawn. I suddenly thought, ‘Oh what sort of terrible mother am I?’ I didn’t have long to contemplate it as I was soon hurled into a battering gale force wind as we exited the plane and fell at 130 mph. I knew Archangel Michael and many angels were with me, thank goodness. It was wonderful once the parachute opened and we floated down. And now I can say I CAN DO IT.
Here are a few photos.

2.we jump 3. we free fall 4. relief as parachute opens (1) 6. mission accomplished reunited with Justin and Dawn
Birthdays are very important. The angels always sing over you on your birthday to celebrate the anniversary of the date you came to Earth. A new surge of energy comes in for you on that date and things can change. So it is always a good idea to rest before the special day so that you are ready for the new.

For more information or to book tickets, please click here: I CAN DO IT CONFERENCE 56 September

NEW – The Wonder of Unicorns Game
I was so delighted when Findhorn Press suggested creating a game based on The Wonder of Unicorns book. I was even more excited when I received details of the game. I immediately phoned a friend and we settled down to play it.

The purpose of the game is to help you to be guided and supported by the unicorns and your fellow players to reach a goal. Clearly you must be willing and open to heal your physical, mental and emotional wounds and traumas by connecting to the unicorns. It is also important to be honest with yourself and the players who are supporting you.
Angels work with the energy of the heart while unicorns work with the soul. So this special game encourages you to choose a purpose for yourself or for the planet. The focus of everything is the highest good of all. Playing this game not only connects you to the unicorns but it raises your frequency and heals the planet.

My experience with the game
My friend shared that her son was quite distant from her and she wanted to find a way to communicate with him. He rarely phoned and she felt very upset about this. She had tried everything but realised she had to change an energy within herself. What did she need to do?
We tuned into the unicorns, following the instructions in the game. My friend asked what she could do for the highest good that would enable her to be closer to her son and have a better communication. As the game proceeded and she answered questions, she saw things differently. The guidance from the unicorns
was that she change her attitude in various areas, which she automatically did.
We decided to do our own ceremony afterwards where we burnt what we had written and called in the unicorns to bless the outcome.
Within half an hour her son phoned. They had a long chat and their relationship changed totally.

It is wonderful that we are able to change our lives so beautifully and dramatically with the help of the luminous higher spiritual worlds. Unicorns can make magic happen. This game is a great way of connecting with the angelic and unicorn worlds. It also brings families, neighbours and communities together. And it is fun.

I am currently offering this game for £12.99 + P&P (RRP £14.99),  please email Melissa@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com to order your copy.

wonder of unicorns GAME


Inspirational Dreams

Dreams are messages from your soul on many levels. They also bring messages from the angels or your unicorns.
Here is a beautiful dream the Teja Melinc shared with me:

A few nights ago I had an amazing dream that I was taken to the angels and was enveloped in blue and golden light, and I was just resting. There were angelic beings all around me and they were working on repairing every single cell of my body, rejuvenating and activating it. It was so beautiful. Sadly I didn’t see any faces but it was such a divine experience. I think they did a lot of work on my physical body as I started feeling so much better and I am also so much stronger and fitter since that therapy in the dream. amazing huh? I love angels so much …

Here is another dream from Teja who is expecting her first child. She is Slovenian but speaks perfect English. In the time of Golden Atlantis a couple who wanted a baby would meditate for the kind of soul they could best serve and then connect telepathically before conception.

‘A few years ago, when I was sick I woke up in the middle of the night and was a bit in and out of my body. I literally wanted to escape my body because I was feeling so ill. I saw all my guides from all sorts of levels… American Indians, Mother Mary, Jesus etc …and than at one point, all of the sudden I see a staircase and on the top of it was Archangel Michael holding little girl’s hand. The girl had long light brown hair, a bit curly and she was wearing a dress. She was so excited to see me and so wanted to come to me and hug me. She looked at me and said, ‘I will do readings, just like mommy’. She even spoke in English! That shook me badly. This happened on the 4/4/2012. I found I was pregnant on 4/4/2015. So the same date! And few days early, before even knowing I was pregnant i had a dream about the same little girl that was playing around with Will, my husband, and laughing. She was pure joy! I also had a dream about a boy, so maybe that means there are two souls waiting to be born. Teja’

I too had an interesting dream, though mine was a spiritual dream about maintaining calm in the face of adversity or attack. ‘I was standing in front of a group of people when a very angry snarling woman came up to me and shouted at me. I looked at her calmly and said quietly, ‘We stand for peace and love.’ Immediately all the hate dissolved from her face and she turned and ran away.
It felt as if it was a reminder that high frequencies can dissolve low ones.

The Diana Cooper Foundation

Do you want to be a spiritual teacher? At the Foundation, which is a not for profit organisation, we train people to teach about Angels, Ascension, Transformation, Atlantis, and many other spiritual subjects. Here is a video filmed at our annual reunion: https://youtu.be/Muhy5uf2L4Y
If you would like to serve in this way and be part of our family why not join us. www.dianacooperschool.com

Hi everyone,
Not quite the hot sunny August that people seem to love. We went to a big animal show on the hottest day of the year. My friend Sugar and I won a rosette for being best friends. Isabel, Granny’s granddaughter, fed us treats and we two little white dogs licked her hand together looking as if we were nuzzling each other all the time. The dog ladies kept coming round with bowls of water for owners to wet our head and ears to keep us cool.
We did try to picnic in the shade by the lake. Only thing was every single spaniel and Labrador in the place jumped into the lake, then ran ten yards to where we were picnicking before they shook themselves dry. We were all drenched in dirty lake water. The only good thing was we all smelt delicious.
Talking about Isabel. You will not believe what she did. She put me on the table in the conservatory and cut off all my beautiful hair. Mum walked in to see me looking totally dejected, sitting on the table with this huge pile of fur beside me. My beautiful tail plumes, my trailing ears, my pantaloons and fur from my legs – all gone. Mum was horrified. She said I looked like a chicken from behind. She used to love watching my lovely swaying pantaloons. But she reassures me it will grow again. As for Isabel, if I see her with a pair of scissors again I shall run away from home.
When the few hot days passed Mum and her friend Katrina took me and Arnie, the portly Yorkie for a three hour walk. I ran and chased and hunted non stop. When we got home I raced round the garden asking for more walk, then found my way under the fence into our neighbour’s and barked at their dog to play. Apparently that whoos Arnie was on the bed fast asleep on his back with his paws in the air. Mum suggested a swap! Huh! I think she was joking. I hope so anyway.
I know lots of you love me and I love you too. I’d love to meet you.
With a woof and a lick
Love Venus


Upcoming Workshops

Saturday September 5|6

The Light, Friends House, Euston Road, London

The Archangel Guide to Ascension
5.00pm – 6.00pm
Diana Cooper the much beloved expert on Angels and Ascension will show you how you can raise your vibrational frequency to the fifth dimension where you can find soul satisfaction and true happiness. In this inspiring talk Diana will connect you to 10 mighty Archangels, who will help you to enter, open and activate your 12 chakras. This will bring you confidence, hope, wisdom and higher love. Diana will enable you to open your heart to embrace fully the higher love energies available in these times and offer you 10 simple steps to Ascension that you can practice daily.

You can book your tickets HERE


South Africa

19 September Johannesburg

20 September Durban

24 September Capetown

9AM – 5PM

AM Session – Angel Ascension

Since 2012 the energy pouring into the planet has expanded and risen in frequency. Today, through the archangels, we will explore and receive some of the awesome ascension energies that are available to us now. You will all receive Source love through the blue Pleiadean Rose, the cosmic diamond violet flame of Gabriel and Zadkiel and Mother Mary’s Aquamarine Cloak to bring your 12 chakras into a unified column of light. You will visit the 12 sub temples of Metatron to prepare your energy for 2032 and receive his light bath. Then explore and access the new crystalline energies. Be prepared to dramatically expand your light.

PM Session – Angels, Animals and Nature

Nature is ascending more quickly than humans! Today we will connect through the animals to some of the amazing energies they can access, for example through rabbits to the song of the Earth, through pandas to Angel Mary’s universal love. Every type of tree offers us a different quality and every forest stores cosmic wisdom. We will access this and work with the tree kingdom. You will share tools to help save endangered species and we will explore the eye opening missions of animals, birds and insects and connect and communicate with them and the elementals that work with them. You will meet the angels and masters who work with all aspects of the nature kingdom. Feel one with Gaia and ascend.

For more information or to book tickets: www.dianacooper.co.za


Tim Whild at Birmingham MBS

Many of you know Tim through the wonderful articles and activations he writes for this newsletter and also through his illuminating website. He co-authored The Archangel Guide to Ascension with me and CD’s of visualisations based on those in the book. These are incredibly popular. And now Tim is coming to Birmingham to talk at the MBS on Sunday 13th September from 11 – 1. He is very powerful and especially attuned to Thoth, Archangel Metatron and the dragons. I really suggest you go if you can!
You will:
Open and activate your 12 ascension chakras
Illuminate your 5D light body
Receive an awesome ascension light bath from Archangel Metatron
Build your light quotient
Work with the golden dragons of Lemuria

Book of the Month

This is the time of year when the children go back to school and people look for something new. With the huge energy shifts coming in to open us all up spiritually why not study my Angel Correspondence Course at home at your own pace. It will connect you to the spiritual realms and transform your life.

Angel Correspondence Course
If you feel you are ready to go on a wonderful spiritual journey then the Diana Cooper Correspondence Course will be a life changing experience. During this programme you will be assigned your own personal tutor to guide and help you. The beauty of the course is that you are able to develop in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.
Please Read What People Say HERE

When I first started to make contact with the angels and realized how much help, support and guidance they could give me I felt excited and overjoyed. I also felt a sense of safety and peace. An understanding of the angelic realms has changed my life and opened up a new spiritual world to me. I know that the angels can touch and help you in this way too. I’d like to share the inspiration of the angels with you. I run seminars and events throughout the world. See my events and courses 

Who is this course for?
Those who want to learn about and experience their own connection to the angels in the comfort of their own home and maybe are unsure about joining a group, are too busy to attend seminars, have unusual working hours or are simply unable to attend workshops for some other reason.
The benefits of this correspondence course
Each student has the friendly guidance of an angel tutor to give feedback on submissions that are made by post or email. The course can be taken at your own pace, with flexible study time using exercises and CD meditations in the quiet of your own home.

What will I achieve from doing the course?
You will experience a strong connection with the angelic realms and understand how they can help you. You will learn how to access the might of the wondrous Archangels, become an instrument for angelic healing, enhance your psychic abilities and accelerate your spiritual development.
Relationships can be healed with the help of the angels and the course will teach you the tools to deal with challenges and to take control of your life. As well as all this you will learn to relax deeply and open up to hundreds of other things! Your questions will be answered.

To purchase any of the correspondence courses please click this link: www.dianacoopercorrespondencecourse.com

Fabulous Organic
A note from Dawn and Barry: Thanks so much to everyone who sent us their reviews on our weekly tips. It was great to hear that you find them so helpful! We will be updating our website later this month. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at inflammation and how you can reduce it via the foods you eat.

Natural and Healthy Living Tip – Inflammation part 1: Omega 3 fats
If you have any condition ending in ‘itis’ (e.g. arthritis, etc) you have an inflammatory condition.
The type of fats you eat can either help with inflammation or make it worse. Omega 3 fats in oily fish, flaxseed, chia seed and walnuts are anti-inflammatory.

Here’s one of our favourite recipes using chia seed:

Raspberry smoothie
Serves 1. Blend the following ingredients:
100g frozen raspberries
1/2 banana
1 tbsp milled chia seed
100ml almond milk

This also makes a delicious dessert – we call it Raspberry Wobble. Serve in bowls topped with a few berries and mint leaves. (It’s really worth adding the mint leaves!)


Next week we will be looking at omega 6 fats:
How sometimes your body converts them to inflammatory substances and sometimes to anti-inflammatory ones
What influences this
How to increase conversion to anti-inflammatory substances
To signup to our weekly Natural and Healthy Living Tips click here or go to www.fabulousorganic.co.uk

Here’s to Your Health and Happiness
Fabulous Organic
We only put fabulous stuff in our products. All our body care products are made with natural and organic ingredients

PS Have you told us what you think of our weekly tips? If not, we’d love to hear from you: info@fabulousorganic.co.uk Please let us know whether we can include your comments on our website and whether we can use your name with it

Secret Alchemy – Moving Gracefully into the New

Beloved family of light, from the activation of the Infinity Portal 8:8:8 we have stepped into a new evolutionary stage and this is being felt by everyone. Many veils that were holding us back have fallen and we have the opportunity to move on in life with Grace. While we are supported by this energy, we can now choose to live with Grace and sustain this new state in every aspect of our life.

You may have found yourself reviewing your life, the options you have before you and your choices. At the same time people are doing major life changes and many souls have made their transition to spirit – especially during the powerful August full moon. In these times is good to remember that we are here to enjoy life and live with grace; appreciating the gift of life.

For the month of September we are closely supported by Mother Mary and her energies; guiding us through dreams, helping us in finding balance and nurturing our inner light. If you feel the need for protection and safety for yourself/ others/ your life path, pray to Mother Mary and she will respond fast and in amazing ways. In fact, one of the many names of Mother Mary in Christianity is “the Supreme Protection”!

With this we wish you a blessed September and a graceful transition into your new Self!

With love and blessings,
Frixos Christodoulou and Paschalis Kazakopoulos


Mother Mary Secret Alchemy Spray

General Effect: Love manifests with tangible actions. Helps come in balance and harmony, connecting us with feelings of love. Brings clarity in the senses, connecting the heart and mind with our inner light. To be able to see more clearly the many aspects of a situation. With patience we learn the value of being. It’s not what we do but the way we do it. This makes the difference! Our motive can help us live every moment with compassion.

Qualities: Sensitivity, Loving Kindness, Snugness, Divine Love, Prophetic Dreams.

Fragrance: Rich – Indian Jasmine

Correspondence: Heart & Third Eye Chakra.

Affirmation: I Am safe and protected! Love takes care for me now!

Get your Secret Alchemy Spray: www.angelshouse.eu | E-mail: info@angelshouse.eu


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