Diana Cooper’s October 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends
This has been an amazing month. The blood moon was so bright and powerful, it is no wonder it has impacted so much on everyone. This has not necessarily been easy but at least we know that Archangel Christiel and the Gold Ray of Christ are moving the planet and everyone on it rapidly towards ascension.
I had a wonderful time in South Africa. To me it is beautiful the way the energy has shifted in the fifteen years I have been going there. I know there are still many challenges but so many of the people are glowing and have a deep love of their continent. I was asked to lead a petition to the Intergalactic Council to help Africa so I thought it would be really good if lots of people all over the world could add their energy to help Africa. It is the solar plexus of the planet and the entire world will become happier and more peaceful when Africa shines again. Click HERE


What a strange month. Mum had a birthday and the celebrations seemed to go on and on. The good thing is that everyone brought their dogs. At the family celebration there was only Sugar and Ash-ting our cat and myself and it rained all the time but we managed to enjoy ourselves. It was at Justin, her son’s house, and Maya who is five years old fell in love with Ash-ting. She ran round and round the house pulling a piece of string with that grey cat chasing her. I never knew Ash-ting could be so much fun. Anyway he stayed on for a holiday because Mum went to South Africa and he had a wonderful time. Here he is at Justin’s. I don’t think he missed me at all!


And then there were lots of other opportunities for people to sing something called Happy Birthday. People even sang it down the phone and if Mum was on speakerphone I was forced to listen to some weird renditions. I even thought of howling but Mum picked that thought up quickly and wagged her finger to stop me.

On her actual birthday she had a champagne party and three of my friends were invited. Buddy my Maltese friend, Arnie the plump Yorkie and Oscar my elderly Papillion friend. We had a wonderful time running about. Actually they raced round more than I did as I’m quite sensible.


(I am the cute little good dog in the middle)

Strange things happened.  Paul Dobree Carey pulled up some big stones from the garden and did stone balancing.

Stones 1  Stones 2

At midnight Paul and Dee went into the garden to find some smaller stones and he taught her to do it! Here is her attempt. It is still standing in the Metatron room.

Stones 3

Everyone lay on the floor and Diane Egby Edwards gave us a gong bath then a didgeridoo bath. The humans said it was wonderful but we dogs retired to the kitchen. We have sensitive hearing.
When I heard Mum say they were going to do levitation my heart sank. I’ve seen them do this before and it is not natural for people to float in the air. Luckily it was not very successful. Mum says it is because someone didn’t believe in it and that blocks the energy. Good. I have visions of them trying it on me and I don’t want to float up to the ceiling!! I’m so light I might float away over the trees and never come back.
The blood moon on the night of the eclipse was so huge I thought it was going to fall on top of me!
Mum said it was awesome and I think she is right.
Lots of love

Tara and her Magical Talking Kitten

At last we have the revised one minute promo for the Tara and her Talking Kitten series. Click HERE to watch the promo. We have listened to plenty of advice and criticism and have altered Tara’s image (we think she is a gorgeous seven year old now!) We have also changed the voice for the kitten and made other small adjustments. We know there is more work to do on it.

We are looking for a commissioner for a TV or on-line series so please forward the promo to anyone who you think may be interested or let us know of anyone.
We believe the Tara series, with 26 10 minute scripts already completed and more in the pipeline will help children everywhere. Tara finds life challenging until she receives a little grey kitten, Ash-ting, for her seventh birthday. Ash-ting helps her to make friends, deal with bullies, understand adults and bring the community together. He also introduces her to the invisible realms of fairies, angels, unicorns, dragons and mermaids and she learns how they can help humans.
I hope you enjoy the promo!
With angel blessings
Diana Cooper and Pat Greenland

TAra nes

Tim Whild’s article

The light of the September Full Moon has made landfall. This one was completely unique in constitution for a number of reasons, as the unrelenting illumination of the Great Central Sun continues to pass its 9th dimensional frequencies through the physical portal of our own star.
This is then reflected via our moon, an ascended satellite, and then infused with incredibly powerful energy from the heart of the Divine Feminine.
Many of us are adding the Lunar surges, X Flares and downloads to our list of growing ascension symptoms, and there is no doubt whatsoever of the effect that it is having on us physically. We are changing from our physical cores outwards.
This is just skimming the surface of their purpose, as everyone knows that every pin drop in the Universe has a higher motive.
As these waves of light cascade down, we continue to expand and illuminate.
The moon is directly connected to our activated Causal chakras, located just behind the back of the head. The purpose of this chakra is to draw in and utilise the highest facets of higher dimensional light, and distribute them as Christ Consciousness. It is literally a doorway to the angelic realms, triggering deep change on every level. This change is now a reality, not just a pipedream of spiritual souls.
We have navigated the initial surge of purification, and are now in the fast moving 20 year window of the fourth dimension.
This increases in pace with every passing second, and by 2032 we need to have established a solid fifth dimensional template for the next dimensional shift.
At a fifth dimensional frequency, our Heart centres are powerful beyond belief.
They are the divine focal point of our all singing, all dancing, ascended Master system.
These are online now, and ready to use whenever we wish to do so…
So use them!
Draw this fantastic Lunar energy through your causal chakras, and expand the light into your fifth dimensional spiritual bodies.
Close your eyes, breath outwards, and feel yourselves transform into beings of pure light.
This is a powerful and unique process that we are undergoing. The only thing that is providing the illusion of it being difficult, is our own belief in limitation. And one thing we are not, is limited.
Tim Whild


New Diana Cooper Foundation website

Please take a look at the new Diana Cooper Foundation website which is now up and running. There is so much interest in training to be a spiritual teacher right now while the energy is so very high and many people are waking up and looking for direction, knowledge, help or guidance. You can train to teach about Angels, Ascension, Unicorns, Atlantis, Transformation, Lemurian Healing and other subjects. And our teachers run many interesting workshops too. It is a wonderful way to help yourself and serve the planet.

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Lourdes and the Universal Mother Mary and Archangel Mary’s energy

Written by Carol De Vasconcelos – Principal Teacher – South Africa
carol@angelawareness.co.za or www.angelawareness.co.za

I have just come back from a wonderful holiday in London and Paris with my daughter. We had a lovely time and I became the student again and and I learnt so much by just surrendering. We met so many different people and I loved every moment. It was a magical adventure.
My favourite place was Lourdes it is a village in France where both the Universal Mother Mary and Archangel Mary appeared eighteen times to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858.
When we arrived it felt like walking into a portal of pure love on the 9th dimension,
I could hear angels chanting, and kept on looking to see where the music was being played, but this was etheric and there all the time. I felt Mary’s Aquamarine cloak around my shoulders and was immediately immersed in the Divine feminine and pure love and my third eye felt like it was being worked on. (This is mentioned in Diana’s new book The Archangel Guide to Ascension and I was so blessed to experience it)
One does a lot of walking here but I realized that energetically the energy is so high here that you will be very ungrounded if you are not aware of energy and this keeps everyone grounded. Her messages to Bernadette are ageless and apply to all of us today. In simple language it says that we are all love and that we should love ourselves and not judge ourselves or others, look within and we will find our truth.
My daughter and I also took a dip in the baths at Lourdes we stood in the queue from 8—12.30 until we were eventually let in. It was an experience that I will never forget and was very surreal for me. One is dipped in a bath and the water is ice cold I thought I was going to freeze but it happens so quickly and the energy is so magnetic that before you realize it you are out and drying yourself.
Afterwards we went to our hotel room and we slept for 3 hours and were refreshed, yet on an energetic level I knew that things will never be the same for either of us again.
There are many pilgrims, priests, nuns, and people from all denominations as it is said to be a spiritual place so about 6 million people visit the Shrine per year.
I was very humbled to see how many really sick people visit Lourdes, they are assisted by helpers and are in the queue, all are hoping for a miracle. Almost 7,000 cures have been documented at the waters of Lourdes. The Church has vigorously investigated and validated a mere 67 of them.
But I could feel that so many more miracles happen there that not many people know about. I was very blessed to have been taken to this very scared place and am so grateful to my daughter for making this dream of mine come true.
I know a miracle also happened there for both of us and that we will never forget our visit to Lourdes.
Namaste Carol

NEW! The Unicorn Game

The new UNICORN GAME created by Marc Kucharz and using my Unicorn cards, so beautifully illustrated by Damian Keenan is wonderful.
I have played it several times already and it always adds new light and perspective to a problem or situation. I took a box for my friend Sandi in South Africa. As a child she always felt she was looking for the Seventh Heaven and the Garden of Eden and she wondered how she could connect more and find it again. This is what she said about the unicorns’ revelations to her. Click HERE

When I played with my friend Pat she wanted to know if she should develop as a healer.


This felt like an extremely important soul mission and The Unicorn Game validated her intuition and offered guidance. She was overawed.
Because we feel this game is so important to connect to the unicorns, develop intuition and offer help and assistance, we are making it our SPECIAL OFFER this month.



Currently only £12.99 + P&& Click HERE to order your copy

South Africa

I love going to South Africa. It is such a beautiful country with a special energy. It seemed such a great location to talk about the soul missions of the great African animals like rhinoceros, lions and elephants which created huge numbers of questions everywhere.
Here I am with some of the Diana Cooper Foundation teachers in Capetown at the end of the tour.


Whenever I am in Africa I think about Petranium the second golden age on this planet, pre Mu and Lemuria, that seeded that great continent. The great Ascended Master Afra, a seventh dimension Master oversees Africa. When he was in a physical body he was male. Now he is androgynous. He works with Serapis Bey.
Originally, during the Golden Age of Petranium, the landmass of Africa was well covered with moist, green and vibrant vegetation and every single plant was healthy. The land was magical. It was alive.
The beings that first came here understood how to work with the planet and its elements. Some of the first settlers knew how to work with the crystals of Earth, especially how to help the crystals shine the light of Earth far and wide as a signal to other stars, planets and galaxies in this Universe.
Those who came to the continent worked very closely with cosmic beings and together they were able to direct clouds so that the water fell when and where it was needed. They had awesome abilities.
Africa could still return to this wonderful state if those living there could reconnect with their innate knowing and reignite it. Then they could once again merge their energies with those cosmic beings who support this continent.
Golden Africa held a light that was alive and strong. Now the memories and the wisdom are held deep within the core of the land, yet they can be released and recaptured and the angels are prepared
to support us with this.
There are still thousands of the original seventh-dimensional ones in Africa. They are everywhere and go where they are most needed but they are invisible to the current humans. In addition the seventh-dimensional beings are all assisting the portals of Africa to wake up.
There is much more about Africa and Petranium in The Keys to the Universe.

Here is an exercise from the Keys to the Universe.

EXER CISE : Visualization to connect with Golden Africa
1. Find a space where you can be quiet and still.
2. Light a candle if possible and dedicate it to Golden Africa.
3. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Let go of the outside world and relax.
4. Ground yourself by imagining roots going from your feet deep into the earth.
5. Place Archangel Michael’s blue protective cloak around you.
6. Imagine yourself moving into the time of Golden Africa.
7. Stand with your feet in the rich fertile earth, surrounded by the green beauty of the land.
8. Connect with the vibrant harmony of the continent.
9. Then be aware of the presence of one of the Original Ones, a mighty seventh-dimensional being, holding all the wisdom and knowing of Africa.
10. Merge your energy in that of the Original Ones and feel the wonder of being in the seventh dimension.
11. See yourself walking through modern Africa and touching the people with wisdom.
12. Know that you have made a difference and experience the good feeling this engenders.
13. Thank the Original Ones.
14. Bring your awareness back to the room and open your eyes.

Secret Alechemy – Too many changes or being stuck?!

Dear friends, in September we experienced the Full Moon plus the Eclipses and the energy on our planet has changed tremendously. All of us can feel the impact of this energy wave!

As this energy stirs up consciousness you may find yourself experiencing too many changes. Some of the “symptoms” many people experience are: physically and mentally stressed, feeling overwhelmed by just thinking of the many things you want to do or being stuck and having delays… Indeed the energy now brings a lot of potential for creation and drives ideas into manifestation. This is a great opportunity to move on and manifest in this dimension our dreams; we could say it’s a time for action.

But how can we stay in balance between activity and rest; manifesting our dreams without burning our system? A great assistant for this period is Archangel Sandalphon and the Secret Alchemy Energy Spray. As you begin your day take some moments to center and ground yourself, by asking Archangel Sandalphon to bring centeredness, grounding and alignment throughout your consciousness. Spray a few times over the crown and shoulders and inhale its fresh green fragrance. When our roots are strong we can flourish, enjoy the unfoldment of every moment as it is and experience the miracle of Life. Then we can recognize that we are trees and grow strong like trees.

This is a time to be here and deeply appreciate the gift of Life. Ask Archangel Sandalphon to help you in becoming and recognizing the beautiful tree that you are. With this we wish you a blessed month of October and leave you with a quote from the zen master Thich Nhat Hanh as a beautiful reminder of the gift of life on earth…

“The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive.”

With love and blessings,
Frixos Christodoulou and Paschalis Kazakopoulos


Archangel Sandalphon Energy Spray

General Effect: Connects us with Earth and fellow people. For grounding, centeredness, energy and awareness. Empowers and strengthens the auric field. Helps us stay in our own energy, instead being concerned extremely for others showing great empathy. Protects our emotions from unwanted astral obstacles and not to absorb fears, negative emotions and “things” from others.

Qualities: Balance, Discernment, Grounding, Protection.

Correspondence: Root Chakra & Earth Star.

Fragrance: Rich green/ grass, Hyacinth

Affirmation: I stand firmly on earth! I embrace life! Life supports my dreams and my being here and now!

img_4145_fotor (1)

Get your Secret Alchemy Spray: www.angelshouse.eu | E-mail: info@angelshouse.eu

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