Diana Cooper’s November 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
I can hardly believe that there has been yet another super moon. There are so many masters and angels pouring in thoughts of peace, equality and co-operation as the divine feminine flowing through the moon gets stronger. No wonder the entire world seems to be stirred up as ideas long held in the collective consciousness are changing and shifting. Hearts are opening with compassion towards refugees. There may be a long way to go before true love and co-operation form the foundation of spiritual communities but look how far we have come.
I am delighted that the Unicorn Game is selling really well and many of you are sharing your experiences and the guidance you have received. The unicorns really are life changing beings.
We have had lovely feedback about the 1 minute Tara promo but are still seeking a commissioner!
May the unicorns pour blessings on you all

Healing your body

I had a brief conversation with a lady who came to a workshop.  She was concerned about an upcoming blood transfusion and surgery (hysterectomy).  I told her that sometimes we cannot shift these things energetically and that we might need some surgical intervention to help the body. This really helped her to resolve the guilt that she was feeling that she could not have done more to shift her problem using alternative healing. She had tried homeopathy and Chinese medicine, with only marginal improvements.  She wrote that she has now had her operation and feels much better.

I had a hysterectomy thirty years ago and I remember the same feelings of frustration as I tried to sort the physical problem with my mind.  I knew that the ovarian cyst was the result of years of repressed anger towards my ex-husband.  And quite possibly many past life husbands too!  When I had surgery the grapefruit sized dense feelings were lifted out of me.  What a relief!

I absolutely agree that spiritual, mental and emotional thoughts and beliefs create the physical and that often the physical can transform through forgiveness and healing.  This process may be instantaneous but more often it takes lifetimes.  An operation draws in help, compassion, healing, friendship and many other things.  Often it draws families together.  So surgery can be seen as an act of grace that releases karma and sets us free.

If you are one of those mighty souls who has managed to create your own self-healing I’d love to hear your story!

Inspirational stories

First angel encounter

I am currently half way through reading my first ever book on angels (which happens to be yours – ‘Angel Inspiration’) and I thought I’d email you to tell you about my experience. For a few years now I have had an issue with my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend. I never really understood what my issue with her was but I’ve recently put this down to jealousy and feeling like the family prefer her to me. We have not spoken in a very long time but yesterday evening I was put in a situation where we came face to face. This unfortunately ended up in a massive row between my boyfriend and I, to the point I had to leave the room and go for a bath to calm down. I tried to focus on your book while ‘relaxing’ but to no avail. Instead I took to just calling my guardian angel’s name over and over – at this point I was still so angry that I couldn’t even verbalise what it was that I needed to say to her  so hoped that in repeating her name she’d get the idea. At some points there were of course doubt and I was basically yelling in my head that if she was real she’d need to fix that as I had no idea how to deal with any of it. Literally a minute later as I was sitting there, the girl text me. And to my astonishment, she was the one who was apologising to me. I was gobsmacked. Not only that, another minute later my boyfriend came in apologising and was clearly distraught that we had been arguing and wanted to make up. At that point I knew everything that I’d read was real and I had just experienced it personally.

So apologies for my rambling but driving to work this morning I had the sudden urge to email you to thank you for writing the book and I knew you more than anyone would completely understand.

From: Stephanie

The above story was very synchronicitous. I had just been telling some people about sorting out problems by talking to your Guardian Angel and asking them to talk to the other person’s angel. This is a quote from Angel Inspiration sharing what can happen when you communicate with your angel.
A lady was at her wit’s end when she attended the workshop. Her three adult step-children refused to accept her. They would not come to the home she shared with their father and were rude and abusive whenever they met. It caused her grief and tension and disrupted the extended family.
She told her Guardian Angel about the problem and directed them to speak to the angels of her three step-children, sending them a message of loving acceptance and telling them it was safe to let down their attack. She did not want to take their mother’s place or hurt them. She asked their angel to hold out the hand of friendship to them.
None of them had been in contact for some time. So she was amazed and delighted when both her step-daughters phoned the next day. Both of them were more than relaxed and civil to her. She said they had a lovely conversation. Her step-son e-mailed a few days later and proposed a visit. She continued to communicate via his Guardian Angel and the visit was an outstanding success.
Angels really can open doors, which seem closed.
It only takes a moment to ask your angel to communicate with someone else’s. The results can be incredible.
It does not have to be someone you know. You can tell your angel to talk to the President or Prime Minister’s angel, or to the Guardian Angel of a despot or the big boss of a company, and ask their angel to help them make decisions for the highest good or to take humanitarian actions.
When you communicate through divine forces, you become a powerful light.

Service work
Sit quietly and direct your angel to talk to the angel of someone who is influential in the world about taking decisions for the highest good of all.
You can tell the angel to remind them about environmental issues, health, empowerment of others, integrity or any higher way of being

Upcoming Workshops


12th November 2015
Lecture, Thursday 7.30pm
Archangels – Your Powerful Guides
Fee: 35 CHF
Venue: Hotel Banana City, Schaffhauserstrasse 8, CH- 8400 Winterthur, Schweiz

Click here to book tickets: http://www.bpv.ch/referenten/dianacooper

13th November 2015
Lecture, Friday, 7pm
Archangels – Your Powerful Guides
Fee: presales 25 Euro, at the door 30 Euro
Venue: Haus International, Elisabethstraße 87, 80797 München

Click here to book tickets: http://wrage.de/index.php?id=215&uid=37&L=&lp=1

14th November 2015
Seminar, Saturday 10 am to 5 pm
Archangels – Guide to Ascension
Fee: 140 Euro, including Lunch/Beverage 152,50 Euro,
Venue: Heffterhof, Maria-Cebotari-Straße 1-7, A-5020 Salzburg

Since 2012 the energy pouring into the planet has expanded and risen in frequency. Today, through the archangels, we will explore and receive some of the awesome ascension energies that are available to us now. You will all receive Source love through the blue Pleiadean Rose and Mother Mary’s Aquamarine Cloak to bring your 12 chakras into a unified column of light. You will visit the Metatron’s etheric retreat to receive his light bath and four body ascension boost. Connect with the dragon and unicorn kingdom.
Nature is ascending more quickly than humans! You will connect through the animals to some of the amazing energies they can access, for example through rabbits to the song of the Earth, through rhinos to the heart of Lady Gaia. Every type of tree offers us a different quality and every forest stores cosmic wisdom. Share tools to help save endangered species and to expand on the role of domestic animals and horses? We will access this and work with the tree kingdom. We will explore the extraordinary missions of animals, birds and insects and connect and communicate with them and the elementals that work with them. You will meet the angels and masters who work with all aspects of the nature kingdom.

Click here to book tickets: http://wrage.de/index.php?id=215&uid=37&L=&lp=1

15th November 2015
Seminar, Sunday from 11am to 6pm
Archangels – Guide to Ascension
Fee: 180 CHF
Venue: Restaurant Seegarten, Rainstrasse 6, CH 4142 Münchenstein bei Basel

Since 2012 the energy pouring into the planet has expanded and risen in frequency. Today, through the archangels, we will explore and receive some of the awesome ascension energies that are available to us now. You will all receive Source love through the blue Pleiadean Rose and Mother Mary’s Aquamarine Cloak to bring your 12 chakras into a unified column of light. You will visit the Metatron’s etheric retreat to receive his light bath and four body ascension boost. Connect with the dragon and unicorn kingdom.
Nature is ascending more quickly than humans! You will connect through the animals to some of the amazing energies they can access, for example through rabbits to the song of the Earth, through rhinos to the heart of Lady Gaia. Every type of tree offers us a different quality and every forest stores cosmic wisdom. Share tools to help save endangered species and to expand on the role of domestic animals and horses? We will access this and work with the tree kingdom. We will explore the extraordinary missions of animals, birds and insects and connect and communicate with them and the elementals that work with them. You will meet the angels and masters who work with all aspects of the nature kingdom.

Click here to book tickets: http://www.bpv.ch/referenten/dianacooper


mmlWell I am most insulted. My vet thinks I am a drama queen. Me! The most stoical dog in the world! He says other dogs don’t squeal when they have an injection so I admit I’m sensitive. Mum has taken me to the vet three times because I limp sometimes. In fact when it hurts I hold my paw right up in the air and run on three legs. Then it stops hurting and I race round and jump over banks and ditches. The other day it was fine one minute and then it hurt suddenly. I lay on the ground and held it up. I couldn’t move. A crowd gathered round me. I wouldn’t let Mum near me but crawled slowly and painfully into into long grass. A man came along who happened to be a vet. He picked me up and examined me and said I needed to go to my vet and have an X ray. Ten minutes later I felt fine and was racing along the beach. When Mum took me to my vet he examined me for over half an hour and said there was nothing wrong with me. Huh! Humans! Clearly I need attention.
Life can offer sudden excitements. The other evening we were watching television, Mum with her daughter and partner, Dawn and Barry. And Ash-ting and me of course. I saw something move and ran across the room. Mum saw me and jumped up. There was a very large mouse half way up the curtains. Mum ran to fetch the butterfly net. Dawn put the cat out of the room. She couldn’t catch me for I’m not called White Lightening for nothing. In the thirty seconds Mum was gone the mouse took a desperate leap from the curtain and dashed under a chair. They moved the chair and it ran under the sofa. Then it made a dash across the room. I nearly got it but Barry caught it in the net and those mean humans put it outside. We all settled back to a boring evening but you never know what might happen. Keep watchful!
Love Venus

Walking Mastery by Tim Whild


September came and went with a combination of Mercury Retrogrades and Lunar activity of vast magnitude.Following the lunar eclipse on the 28th, a lot of souls felt a sense of disappointment as they awoke as normal and life in this dimensional space continued.

Nothing had changed, or had it?
Amongst the cornucopia of channeled promises and predictions came a very different energy. The energy of authenticity and the beginnings of Walking Mastery. Walking Mastery is a term that is going to become quite familiar to many. The next book in the Archangel Guide series that Diana Cooper and myself are currently writing focusses on this phenomenon as it is completely unique to our current process.

In a nutshell, Walking Mastery involves holding an ascension light quotient within the confines of a physical shell. When this process starts as it did at the Cosmic Moment, our lightbodies and chakra systems completely change.
Those of us still here in physical, and this applies to over 7 billion souls, have agreed to experience this next step in the form we currently occupy.
It consists of….
1. an evolving physical body that is changing its needs and requirements to become pure and harmonious.
2. An expanded emotional body that has just spent the last four years dumping everything that it experienced in 3d.
3. A mental body that is dis-engaging its attachment to the ego-mind and rerouting its flow of energy via the heart.
4. An incredible spiritual field that contains our Master Blueprint and Christ-Consciousness Merkabah
5. An Adam Kadmon Ascended Master 12 chakra system that we became very acquainted with in Atlantis.

This is our template with which we move into the Golden Era, and for now it is more than enough to be utilising.
Walking Mastery requires some very intensive shifts in personal consciousness.
One of the greatest distractions of the last few millennia has been the dis-empowerment of souls on Earth.
Through various social constructions, we all agreed to experience just how limited we can feel when our light is dimmed, and our connections to our hearts are replaced with the will of others.
The first step of our new Earth is to change this. In order to do so we must first take absolute responsibility for every little thing that we create in this beautiful period.
Self responsibility is the first and sometimes the most daunting step on this pathway.
During the third dimension, many souls on the spiritual path became very comfortable with their external sources of guidance.

Angels, guides, souls who have moved over all contributed to assist us to move from unaware to aware of the higher dimensions that exist all around us.
As we have moved from the third dimensional space that we existed in, a great paradox has appeared to take place.
The guides, masters and angels have appeared in many cases to take a step back. Flows of information have become minimal, questions have gone unanswered, and in many cases promises have been made that have not been fulfilled.
This has led to a sense of disillusion and abandonment.
Why has this happened?
The short and easy answer is that we are now in a position of responsibility for our next phase.
The separation between Higher and Lower Self only exists in the mind of the soul that perceives it, and therefor as Masters of this new age, we now take the reigns for everything that comes onto our pathway.
One of the first actions of the Heart centre when it comes online at the start of the ascension process is to re-route the flow of energy from the ego to the thoughts of the soul concerned. At this point the heart takes charge of everything that occurs on the pathway of the Master, and life becomes simplified in its reflections.
This simplicity is only so if the soul is ready to let go of the things that were confining his or her spiritual existence. Many of the shake-ups that are happening right now are evidence of this happening in the lives of those around us.
This process is no longer a topic discussed within the confines of spiritual groups, likeminded souls or workshops. Its really happening.
The most beautiful part of this Ascension Spring is seeing souls waking up. When a heart illuminates, it is unmistakable in its light. This light then spreads to other hearts via the process of Cellular Chime, and the process increases and grows. It is now unstoppable in its momentum and regardless of some dimmer pictures out there, the matrix of the previous paradigm is dissolving very rapidly. What it is replaced with is down to us.
This next phase is a delicate one.
There are many out there who are still in a process of transition. There are also many that seek to use their knowledge to guide others.
To do so, we must operate completely under the Law of One. When stepping forward to guide others only do so when invited or, operating from a position of Grace. Its very tempting to assess the situation of another and replace it with a picture that ‘feel right’ from a personal viewpoint. Remember that every soul has chosen their position or pathway, and that ultimately that their heart knows what is best for them.
So, Walking Masters of Earth, what do YOU choose to create today? There are some lovely flows of energy out there and some beautiful spaces to occupy.
Go get them.
Tim Whild


Fabulous Organic
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Today’s tip: What foods do you reach for when stressed?
What kind of food do you reach for when you are stressed? We’re guessing it is not the super-healthy kind! Chances are it is something high in sugar and/or fat. If you eat high sugar/high fat foods when you are chronically stressed, you release a neurotransmitter which:

Increases the rate at which you gain weight
Makes you want to eat more, particularly carbohydrate foods (such as bread, rice, potatoes and biscuits)

Even if you are not watching your weight, it is not good for your health to reach for high sugar / high fat foods as a response to stress. Next time you find yourself doing this, it is worth taking a moment to think about what you really need. It may not be food. Perhaps you need a hug or to chat to a friend. If you do decide to eat and want something sweet, try something like:
Natural yogurt with fresh mango or blueberries
A sugar-free (and artificial sweetener-free) cereal bar
Stewed fruit (made without sugar) topped with sugar-free granola

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The Art of Stone Balancing by Polaris

The Art of Stone Balancing is an amazing method of achieving a single concentration of divine stillness of mind – a state known as “Samadhi”. It involves the use of two or more stones or rocks placed one on top of the other. However, it is not just about stacking the stones one on one but finding a place on the lower stone to place the upper stone using the least possible contact between the two stones. In turn, two stones can be used as the platform to place a third and a fourth – with each new introduction requiring adjustment to the arrangement between the lower stones.

stone 1

Stone Balancing allows understanding of the forces in play between mind, body spirit and our relationship with matter. Balance takes place not through use of the Will, Ego or logic, but by attuning to find equilibrium in the stone’s own nature. In doing so, it allows you to find your own balance too. The benefits of this help to overcome the need to try and control or affect an outcome, to accept the nature of things as they are, rather than how you would wish them to be. Through patience, you allow time itself to become irrelevant as you get to know how nature chooses to be. Every situation has a solution and by persevering, your created manifestation finally exists before you, set in stone – literally.
In the Days of Atlantis, the Scientist – Priests known as the Atla-Ra were Masters of Crystal and Stone. Over a long period, they worked co-operatively with the elemental forces of nature to perfect the art of channelling telluric or earth current energy through stones, rocks and crystals. This allowed them to do amazing things with stone and create huge structures, colossal buildings and spirals of Standing Stones in important areas of the Earth electro-magnetic grid. The most powerful of these were the Great Crystals which occupied many of the Sacred Sites across the world. The purpose of many of these ancient structures was to create spiralling currents of energy to charge, amplify and benefit the surrounding area. Whilst the Stones remain standing, the energies continue to work their magic.
The Great Crystals are returning once more and memories of these ancient skills are becoming known to those who were present in the Days of Atlantis. Many are becoming aware of their abilities to practice and perfect this satisfying and increasingly rewarding pursuit. By mastering your relationship with the forces of gravity, friction and counter-balance, you too can achieve the results you may have seen in others’ displays of this Art. The more you work with the balancing of opposing energy, the more startling the results. In some cases, the upper stone(s) is very close to achieving a floating position above the bottom stone, barely touching and yet still maintaining the intended balance required.

stone 2  The purpose of using individual balanced stones is to create an upward spiral flow of beneficial earth current energy into the surrounding area. In places where there is a large flow of traffic due to pathways, tourist walks – positioning balanced stones alongside the paths in strategic places helps to provide a natural flow of energy to break up heavy dense congested flows along narrow streams. Higher vibrations begin to change the path and flow of these areas. Placing balanced stones upon the edge of rivers and streams of water allow the earth’s telluric currents to flow with the water aiding purification and raising the vibrancy. Positioning the stones on high ledges and sides of hills and even in tree tops also creates beneficial energies for the whole surrounding area.
(Please however be aware that your creation can end with a puff of wind or by curious small children, so please take care where you place your balances without creating a hazard to Others)
So how do you achieve the balance that you see in the accompanying photos and in other works by others around the world? You may have seen the wonders created by Master Stone Balancer, Michael Grab. His amazing works defy explanation and many comments are written by those who do not believe them possible without the use of glue or other attachments – even the modern phrase used to describe every miraculous event that occurs – Photoshop! But for those that know the techniques, understand that each balance is a variation on some very simple physical forces that we use everyday – gravity, friction and counter-balance. In these virtual days of media manipulation, watching something happen in front of you overcomes the fact that something you thought impossible can be created – and the best part is, you can do it too!

For those of you with busy lives and busy minds, have difficulty concentrating, lack co-ordination or just simply cannot find a way to switch off internally through meditation, let the rocks help you find balance and peace of mind. They are experts are being still. For families with children with Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Stone Balancing provides an external focal point to concentrate upon. It demonstrates cause and effect, external forces at play and offers success in response to effort whilst providing fun and endless variations of possibilities.

“Polaris was the reason we tried Stone Balancing! He wrote that it was good for ADHD…I took the boys to the Patapsco National park, Maryland on Wednesday. I wanted to see if I could do it, and told Brandon about it. Brandon got very frustrated at first but we brought the rocks home and he kept trying. I told him about Polaris as well. Brandon tends to give up on things very quickly if he can’t get them right so I was so happy to see him keep trying until he succeeded! Thank you for sharing! I hope Brandon continues and he can find stillness within when he works with them. I thank Polaris as well for the inspiration or we might never have tried that at all!”

stone 3

So how is it ‘done’?
Although there are infinite variances, the most simple balance is based on the use of the trinity points or three point balance. Firstly, look to find a small hollow or indentation in the base rock, however imperceptible, to provide three points upon which to place the upper stone. Two points are used for the counterbalance and the third point is used to stabilise using gravity. The actual balance doesn’t need to be complicated or perfect in design – the satisfaction comes from the achievement. Practice brings about natural progression to more enhanced means of achieving the final balanced position. Some of the most difficult yet visually stunning balances can be achieved using perfectly polished stones. It is extremely satisfying when you feel the stone finally ‘click’ into its final position.

“Life is so much bigger than this human form and I am excited to use my new knowledge to aid in my ascension. As an added bonus, I was able to take a rock balancing class with Polaris. I finally found an activity that not only helps me be quiet and in the moment but allow me to create positive energy vortex’s for everyone to enjoy. Thank you Polaris!”

stone 4I started Stone Balancing in 2013 after seeing a news article by Adrian Gray who lives locally to me. I was fascinated with the fact that the stones remained completely still whilst balanced in precarious ways. My stone balancing practices really took off during an extensive trip across the South Americas starting with the Galapagos Islands – 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, working down through the Sacred Incan Trail of Peru, Bolivia, across Argentina and up along the coast of Uruguay to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Some beautiful views provided the perfect backdrop to producing some uniquely superb photographs of sacred sites, sublime sunsets and stunning scenery. Each location brought back floods of memories from past lives as I attuned to the earth energies of the area.

It is these pictures that will be collated together in my first Stone Balancing book:
Portraits in Stone – Stone Balancing across South America. Details of this will be available via my website. I also offer Stone Balancing tuition via classes and personal sessions. I recently provided a class whilst in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, US at a beautiful setting known as the Garden of the Gods. Other classes have taken place at Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset which provides the perfect selection of Stone candidates. The classes are always fun and often attract passers-by to join in too. So, if you wish to join in and learn a brand new hobby that allows you to relax, meditate, get out into nature and make a connection with a deeper part of you, please get in touch and before long, you could be achieving your own unique creations through the Art of Stone Balancing.
Love and Blessings, Polaris AB



The Law of Karma By Penny Wing Master Teacher Diana Cooper Foundation
The Law of Karma is “as you give so you will receive”. Low frequency thoughts and deeds return to you as do acts of kindness, generosity and love. If you can take on board the following guidance this will help improve your life and help others in the process.

Let go of the past

We all have regrets and we have all made mistakes but constantly agonising over them or repeatedly going over them isn’t going to solve anything. Work more with the energy of “mindfulness” – observe what is happening to your thoughts in the present and focus on how you shape and interpret events. Can you see patterns emerging? We are co-creators – you can create the possibility of a different future. Karma isn’t about saying “too bad, you’ve failed”, it’s a clue to where you may need to do some self-reflection.

Get rid of negativity

Our thoughts create our reality. Negative thoughts impact on each other and the energy intensifies. You can then become stuck in a negative cycle and you end up attracting more negative energy!
Meditation or counselling can help us to let go of negative thought patterns and we can then learn how to let our thoughts come and go without obsessing on them. We can then gain perspective which helps us to make clearer, better choices. Go into your heart centre – be more compassionate and generous – this will make you feel better and generate good karma.

Embrace an honest life

Honesty is at the core of an ethical life in just about every tradition. What if total honesty is not the wisest or kindest response? How do we decide what is an honest life? Dishonesty with clear intent to harm is obviously a big no-no, but most of our day to day falsifying is less clear cut isn’t it? Honesty is more than just truth and lies; it’s an attitude towards life, a decision to stand by our words and deeds. Honesty is about being honest with yourself.
We all know some people who stake their reputation on being totally honest about everyone and everything no matter who they hurt in the process. Try to add some kindness to the truth and everyone will feel better.


Generosity is one of humanity’s greatest virtues. Offering time, money, love or a helping hand signals concern for our mutual welfare. Don’t spend ages deciding what, when or how much to give or wait to be asked, just do it! Giving is a direct path to good karma.

Buy ethically

Genuine wealth is about knowing what you need, using wisely what you have and investing your resources where they will do the most good. Today’s attitude of entitlement is fuelling negative karma. Just look at how our gas-guzzling, waste-producing lifestyle is helping to upset the balance of the planet! To redress the balance start looking beyond the price of an item – what about the human and environmental cost of the things you buy? Living ethically and responsibly is a good karmic investment.

Do good

We don’t have to wait for our next life to reap the rewards of caring for others. Our daily lives offer limitless opportunities to help other people. Doing good whilst in this life makes us feel good and helping others who may have less or need some support raises the quality of life for everyone! When we help others we are helping ourselves as well.

Listen to your body

Often people see illness as a wake-up call – a message from the body to take better care of themselves but also to identify aspects of their inner being that they have been neglecting. Our state of health may not be totally under our conscious control but we do know that stress weakens the immune system, making us more prone to illness. We can reduce our chances of illness (and negative karma) by not doing what wears down our resistance.

Clear the slate

How do we get rid of negative karma? Must we first right our wrongs or resolve inner conflicts? Do good deeds cancel out bad deeds?
There are things you can do right now such as repaying a debt, repairing or replacing property you damaged, returning something you took or stopping hurtful behaviour/words. Making a conscious effort to clean up the past begins the process of restoring balance in our lives and being kind and generous helps to cancel out negative karma which has arisen from greed or selfish behaviour.

With love and blessings,



Wisdom Cards
I created the Wisdom Cards with Greg Suart some years ago and we have both had lots of positive feedback. He phoned me the other day with this story. He had been working with a medium sized company where two of the executives loved the Wisdom Cards and kept them on their desks. A secretary came in who was very stressed and fed up. One of the men suggested she think about her problem and pick a Wisdom Card. She was very reluctant to do so but eventually did so and picked, Commitment. She gulped and said she knew exactly what it meant but she didn’t want it. She shuffled the pack and picked again….. Commitment.
She was rather cross and said she really didn’t want to know that. An hour later she came back into the office and asked to pick again. She shuffled. Commitment. By now she was saying perhaps she should think about it.
At 4pm she walked in and said, ‘Can I have one last go.’ She went through the whole procedure, thought about her problem, asked for guidance, shuffled and picked.
An oracle always shows you the way.


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Secret Alchemy

Archangel Chamuel – Meditation

The beloved Archangel Chamuel has a wonderful energy and can bring us a lot of wisdom and deep understanding. He helps us in restoring balance, peace and right relationships. His name means “He who sees God” or “He who seeks God”. Many lightworkers may not feel attracted to work with Chamuel because of his association to the Sephiroth Geburah (Severity) on the Tree of Life, due to misunderstandings around this Archangel, subconscious resistances or the changes that he could bring (More characteristics of his energy below). Nevertheless the Archangel Chamuel can be of great help, support and empowerment with deep love!

Now, this period we are going through a “renovation” of our light body and the way the field of the heart expands and enfolds the light body. This expansion brings changes to the way we perceive the world through the emotional lense and through the clarity of the heart; bringing a new level of inner-outer communication with enhanced clarity.

Archangel Chamuel has contributed to this message so here is a Meditation to connect you with his energy; to bring healing, balance, activation and to support you in this month!

1. Find a quiet place for the meditation not to disturbed for 5-10 minutes. Begin by taking a few deep breaths, activating within the love and compassion in your heart.

2. Visualize/ feel/ see/ invoke a Ray of clear red scintillating light with pink hues coming from the Angelic Kingdom. This ray comes down and as it gets closer to you, becomes a vortex of energy which enfolds you gradually all the way from head to toes. (Pause and give some time for this)

3. A sphere of pure angelic energy comes down and “sits” on your crown chakra. Feel the sphere and allow some moments for the clearing/ activation to take place.

4. When the activation is completed, (you will) see a vertical line shooting from the center of the sphere all the way up into the Angelic realms and down into your heart chakra. Sit in this space for a few minutes while the angelic kingdom will be transmitting to you vibrational frequencies to activate the heart chakra and bring healing to heart related issues.

5. End this meditation by taking a few deep breaths; releasing all energies back to their source and giving thanks to Archangel Chamuel and the angels. You can repeat this meditation for as many days as you wish.
With love and blessings,
Frixos Christodoulou and Paschalis Kazakopoulos

Archangel Chamuel – Secret Alchemy Energy Spray

General Effect: It purifies bringing higher spiritual love. Develops the right use of power, when to move forward and when to relax. Setting boundaries when there is exploitation and encroachment. Boosts our energy and takes us out of laziness. Cultivates confidence of self, respect and self-discipline. Bringing warmth dissolves tension and resentment. To overcome obstacles. Helps in all relationships and in life changing situations.

Qualities: Self discipline, Self confidence, Self-respect, Energy, Vitality.

Correspondence: Heart Chakra.

Fragrance: Red Roses

Affirmation: With courage I release the old! With self respect I move forward and find balance!

Get your Secret Alchemy Spray: www.angelshouse.eu | E-mail: info@angelshouse.eu

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