Diana Cooper’s December 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I can hardly believe it is the Christmas season again. Time has flown so quickly this year – another indication that the frequency of the planet is rising. Time in the third dimension is tediously slow but in the fifth it accelerates rapidly.
We are so blessed to be on Earth at this time of incredible spiritual opportunity. The Christ light always pours into Earth through a sacred portal on Christmas Day and over this Christmas period it will flow in at a faster frequency than ever before. This is because the heart centres of humanity as a whole are ready to accept higher light and secondly because the divine feminine has been bathing us all through the supermoons allowing more Christ light in throughout the year.
The world may seem to be in chaos for there is always confusion and upheaval during a major shift, just as there is with a big house move. 2017 is a number 1 year, so we are all being prepared for the NEW. There will be more planetary and personal cleansing and purification. This offers a huge opportunity to hold steady and open up to more light.
Have a wonderful Christmas and be ready for the unexpected in the New Year.
With lots of love and Angel blessings

Diana x

2017 for the world

More and more people are opening their heart chakras and anchoring their Earth Star chakras. The Earth Star magnetically draws them to the part of the planet where they are supposed to be living or travelling. Some people are moving, then moving again as they briefly connect with the places they are destined to touch in this incarnation. The Earth Star is also the gateway to the wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis, so there is a movement to Lemurian love of nature (more people gardening, rambling, climbing, more interest in shamanism) – and at the same time almost unbelievable technological advancement.

The divine feminine energy flowing from Archangel Christiel and the unicorns through the supermoons is opening more and more of the Causal Chakras of humanity. It is through the Causal Chakra that we connect with the angels, unicorns, elementals and Illumined Masters. There will be a huge spiritual acceleration and awakening.
Some of the changes in the world will seem retrograde but they will facilitate people power to protest and this will start an avalanche of forward movement. I’m not saying this will all be easy – but we have signed up to be here at this extraordinary time of planetary change and transformation.

Thank you for the healing

Tim Whild kindly asked on facebook for healing for me.  Oh wow! Thank you all so much.  I have been basking in a wonderful energy of love and healing from so many of you – and I really cherish your messages.  It has been awesome and very nourishing.  I don’t really think it is fair to ask for healing from all you amazing light workers and then not share what it is about.   I have been feeling tired for some time and was rushed into hospital when I got back from Belfast for emergency blood transfusions. Last Friday 2nd December I had a colonoscopy ( a joyous procedure in itself, especially the preparation!) that showed a malignant tumour and a polyp, status unknown. Today the consultant has told me that the right side of my colon will be taken out on Monday 12th December and I will be in hospital for a week.  So please carry on sending love and healing. Please visualise my physical, mental and emotional body in divine perfection.  I really appreciate it.

It is a very strong message from the angels to change things in my life and have more fun.

2017 Personally

On a personal note I am looking forward tremendously to 2017. The highlights are:

Mind Body Spirit, in Olympia, London is celebrating its 40th year. I have presented there for the last 21 years and to my horror I found I was already engaged. But at the last minute my diary was freed and my seminar will be How The Angels can heal your Life on 1st May. I will also be on the Stage to call in the Dragons, Angels and Unicorns to create a massive ninth dimensional healing portal for the world. Rosemary Stephenson has agreed to join me and with her marvelous voice will facilitate everyone to sing in the Dragons, Unicorns and Choirs of Angels. Tim Whild has agreed to join me on stage. Do put it in your diary to join us or add your energy from where you are.

And Wrage who arranges the angel conferences in Germany and Austria are also celebrating their 40th year.  This time the annual conference will be in Salzburg at the end of May and I can’t wait to be part of it.  It is always fabulous to see all their family and meet up with old friends.

I have cut out the long haul flights this year and aim to spend more time at home with my family, friends and dogs!!  I will be talking in Europe however and the Diana Cooper Foundation will have our annual reunion of teachers at Santiago in Spain, the end of the Camino.  That will bring back memories for me.  I still regard walking the Camino as one of the great joys of my life.

I will be creating more on line courses with Hay House, Wrage and for myself!  I really enjoy making them!  And my next book will be published by Hay House – The Archangel Guide to the Animal World.  This gives the soul missions, service work, planet of origin and the Archangels who work with the myriad of animals, birds, insects, fish and reptiles with whom we share our planet.  And my dragon cards will be published in the Autumn.  I absolutely love them and they are magnificently illustrated.  A special year lies ahead. It starts with holiday! A cruise round the Canaries and North Africa.  Oh fabulous!

Bonding with Crystals by Tim Whild

Working with crystals and crystal skulls has been a passion of mine since I can remember. As a child I would collect rocks and pieces of brightly coloured glass and arrange them in ‘order’, or simply filled my pockets with them. In an old keepsake cabinet at my Mothers house is a small piece of every area that I visited before the age of 13.
It was just a ‘childish hobby’ to those around me, but I soon realised why I was so drawn to fragments of our planet when I discovered crystals properly in my early 20’s.

During Atlantean times the entire Continent was powered by advanced crystal technology that was way beyond our current scientific comprehension. Vast crystals and pyramids harnessed the power of the Sun and stars, pouring the energy into copper matrices to provide us with clean energy and unlimited resources. We are moving into the revival of this way of life now and as we progress further into the Age of Aquarius we will see the return of our ancient knowledge. Atlantis existed as a blueprint for the way of life that we will see on our planet once balance has been restored. Many remember the mistakes that we made during these times but that is why we make mistakes…to learn and evolve from them.

I work directly with many crystals, skulls and other carvings such as Dragons, Ankhs and Unicorns. I have them carved especially to order before clearing and activating them for their intended keepers.
When a crystal is mined from the Earth it is done with a conscious process of permission, as it is a Being in its own right. All crystals have a different state of vibration but have the ability to hold, store, gather and express knowledge at a very high level.
This article is intended to cover one of the most commonly asked questions that I hear. “How do I work with my crystal?”
Once you have chosen your crystal in whatever form it has chosen to express itself the process is incredibly natural. Many people think that working with them is complicated or that they won’t know what to do and I hope to simplify this. Once you hold your crystal in your hand your connection has been made and the work has already started.

These are a few simple guidelines that I follow when using my crystals.

1. Communicate with your crystal. It is a conscious expression of a higher form of energy that has solidified into a beautiful object. It will have been ‘speaking’ to you from the second you laid eyes on it.

2. Be open to communication in ANY form. Not all of us receive information in the same way and many people are intuitively affected by contact with crystals. This means that instead of hearing clear voices we act on an instinctive energy that is synchronistic with Universal signs and flow. Your crystal will be part of your conscious thought patterns wherever you are.

3. Crystals love to be placed in the elements. Sun, rain, wind and Moonlight are perfect for keeping your crystal charged and clear. Always place it outside during Lunar events such as a New or Full Moon.

4. When I receive and then sell a crystal, it has always been activated and cleared of lower vibrations. To ensure this is so yourself you can call in energies such as the Violet Flame to remove any lower vibrations and purify the energy. Methods such as salt and rain baths are also great for purifying a crystal template.

5. Activating a crystal is a process of higher communication. A crystal is always conscious, but when I use the term ‘activated’ I have linked that crystal specifically to an external energy source. You can use your intention (asking) to connect your crystal to a higher energy framework that exists in the dimensional spaces around you. An example of this would be the Atlantean Skull Conclave created by the crystal skulls from over 10,000 years ago. The energy exists in pools very much like a modern day iCloud and can be accessed very easily.

6. Carry your crystal with you. Unless it is a Skull weighing over a kilo most crystals are very portable. When they are with you they will act as a magnet for higher vibrations and energy, drawing them to you and expanding your energy fields. This is particularly the case with the Ankh carvings as they can increase your field energy volume by up to five times!

7. Remember that your crystal absorbs EVERYTHING around you. The simplest and most effective way of ensuring that you and your companion remain clear is to ask your crystal to receive energies ONLY from 5D and above. From that moment on, the crystal will only allow high frequencies to connect and be stored.

8. Store your information! For example, not all of us have the time available to do our favourite meditations/activations every day. If you read the words (or play your CD etc) to your crystal it will store it word for word upon request. The following day you then ask your crystal to re-create the energy around you and it will do so immediately. Crystals that record very well tend to be clear, such as quartz. Silicon chips in computers are made from the same material and a tiny piece can hold an vast quantity of information.

9. Relax and trust yourself. One issue that I see every day is powerful souls doubting the validity of their own information. Most of the time when we receive something we immediately look for verification to ‘prove’ that it is correct. In my experience the first thing that drops in is usually the one to go with, so look for signs (or ask for one) if you are having doubts.

10. You can use your crystal to set up a perimeter of high frequency energy around your home or workspace very easily. For example, call in an energy such as the protective Gold Ray of Christ and ask your crystal to expand this energy to the diameter of the space you wish to cover. If it is your entire house say “ please expand your radius to a sphere of 500 meters” and that should cover your garden also.

These are just a few simple examples of how to work and bond with your crystal. I am writing a comprehensive book on the subject soon, and I am also available for Skype consultations regarding crystal programming and usage.
Much love,




It is such fun now that Sugar is living with us.  We play all the time and she doesn’t even pretend to be Mum’s dog.  She’s mine!  Mum took me to Devon and I stayed with her friend Pat (who adores me) while she did a workshop.  Sugar was with family and Justin brought her home on Monday morning.  Mum went to the door to greet her but Sugar bounded past her, straight up to me and greeted me like her best long lost friend.  I think Mum was a bit put out!

And together we get things done.  The other morning we reached the bench at the top of the hill where we sit every morning to look at the view.  There were two women we’d never seen before sitting on OUR BENCH!  What cheek.  We stood in front of them and barked our heads off.  Mum explained that we often sat there and we dogs thought it was their bench – which it is.  And they laughed and said that there was plenty of room for all of us.  So we sat with them and chatted for ages so it turned out very well.  It is lucky that we told them.

We dogs stayed with Mum’s son Justin while she was in Hamburg.  It was good to see Ash-ting, who used to be our cat.  Mum did suggest he could perhaps come back to us now that the builders have left her house but this met with implacable opposition.  They love him, especially Maya, who is six and plays with him constantly and tells everyone he is her cat.  And Ash-ting sat on a stool with his back to us during this conversation!!  Then he jumped down and snuggled up to me in my basket just like old times.  I have to say he has become extremely fat even though they have him on a diet.  When they visited some people in the next road, there was Ash-ting, sitting in front of their fire, as if he owned the place.  I wonder how many people think he is their cat?

xmas hats cuddles

Trying on Christmas Hats                                  Cuddles with Isabelle and Sugar

Una Chrystal, Athena Therapies Ltd

Thank you for the warm flood of support after my October newsletter when I shared that  Una Chrystal still hasn’t paid me for the Glasgow workshop , books or air fare from 9/10 April this year and sends unpleasant angry emails.  I put the matter into the hands of debt solicitors but they tell me her last bankruptcy was discharged on 29th November 2014, so she probably does not have assets.  I feel a good deal of compassion for someone who is so incredibly angry that they are earning so much karma.

Crystals and Children Part One – by Carol De Vasconcelos – Principal Teacher of the Diana Cooper School in South Africa 

Crystals have been part of my life for many years now, but when I first started working with them I did not really have a clue as to how the energy really worked.
Over time I have come to realize that every crystal has a very different energy and even if it is the same kind of crystals the energy is always special to the person working with it.
Children love crystals and are fascinated by them as they can feel the vibra-tions, tumbled stones are good for them to start out with as they have no sharp points, it is no secret that they are drawn to the perfect crystal for them.

I have used crystals on my grandchildren in an experimental capacity and have always been amazed at the results.
When my first grandson Matthew was born I looked after him and had the opportunity to have a firsthand experience of the power of crystals. I used five rather large Rose Quartz and placed them in a circle around him, we were playing he was about six month old, and seemed to enjoy sitting in the circle of crystals. When his parents fetched him later that afternoon they went home and the next morning they told me that he was up for most of the night, he was not sleepy, he was energized but happy.
I realized that I had energized Matthew probably because the Rose Quartz were rather large and quite a few.
Then I started to try many different crystals on my grandchildren when they came to visit and I have found that the way to assist a child to sleep soundly is to place four small Rose Quartz crystals at the four corners of the bed or cot, or if you wish place them under the mattress.
Clear Quartz is a good choice as the first crystal for children as this crystal contains all the colours of the rainbow and will assist with negativity, clarity and with any issue that may be in the body.
Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful stone to have close to a child as it bring in calmness and peace and help them to express themselves in a peaceful way.
Amethyst is a wonderful stone for nightmares so you can place this under the pillow or by the bed, or you can make up a magic spray simply by filling a spray bottle with mineral water placing a few drops of Lavender essence into it and placing an Amethyst crystal inside it. This needs to draw for a day and then you simply spray it around the bed, this can be used for animals as well in the same way.
Moonstones are for emotional issues and hyperactivity in children. You can give them a tumbled crystal and let them hold it in their hand or rub it on their forehead, or use it instinctively where it is needed.
Tigers Eye is a grounding stone. Sometimes children get carried away and get lost in their dream world; it helps to pull them back to reality. This stone is also
very useful to help put thoughts into action. It also provides them with self esteem.
Amber is great for assisting babies with teething. You get a lovely necklace which you can purchase at all the esoteric shops and this truly works for teething.
Fluorite assists if you are still battling with teething. A tumbled stone of fluorite will assist and you can place this under the pillow or in the pillow of your child. (Always make sure the stones are not able to be swallowed or placed where the baby/child cannot get to it)
Make sure that any crystals your child chooses are tumbled and not too small, as this will help prevent pieces breaking off.
I would also advise all crystal be cleansed and programmed for the task they are going to perform.
Clearing the crystals
Very simply give your crystals a bath, you place them in water and wash them until you feel they are clean. They love water and might jump out of the bath. After you have washed them, dry them in the sun for about an hour.
Then hold the crystal in your hand and tell it what you would like it to do for you……..keep it simple……… “Please help me to sleep soundly “, “Thank you”
Crystals need to be cleared once a week
Ways of using crystals:
Worn on the body, in a pouch or pocket.
Kept under a pillow or tucked inside a dream pillow.
Placed in bathwater or in the room.
Held for a period of time in the hands and may also be used to rub on the body.
These are just a few of the many wonderful properties of crystals. If you wish to know more do not hesitate to contact me on carol@angelawareness.co.za or www.angelawareness.co.za

Namaste Carol

Soul and Spirit Awardssoul and spirt awards

I am delighted to have won an award in the Soul and Spirit Awards 2016.  I love writing a column for their magazine and wish them all well for 2017.


And I would like to end with a prayer….


Thank you for the lessons and blessings of this last year.  I now ask that a golden door to 2017 be opened for me and for the world as a whole. I ask you to touch the hearts and minds of humanity with peace, caring and understanding towards each other, animals and the natural world.  May the dragons, angels and unicorns surround and protect me, my loved ones and the entire community on Earth.  Please unite us all as ONE.

So Be It.  It Is Done.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, abundant and love filled 2017



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