Diana Cooper’s February Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all the love and healing you have sent me over the past few weeks.  I said in my December message that it was important to clear everything in 2016 as it was a 9 year of endings.  But then I had no idea that the new would come in with such force.

As many of you know I have been in hospital since a first operation on 12th December to remove part of my colon – rather a long and convoluted spiritual journey to start 2017. Actually I was discharged twice but each time deteriorated rapidly and returned by ambulance.

Life review

The night after the first operation I was shown all aspects of my life and asked if I was ready to let go.  The questions ranged from my house and work to Venus to my children and grandchildren and so on.  After the second operation a week later the same thing happened but even deeper until I could release everything.  There were no angels, just pictures and a guiding voice.  After that I felt I could continue my journey on Earth or pass over.

Angels and initiation

In the weeks before the first operation I had a great big golden angel with me all the time.  I could feel or see it round me and it was deeply comforting and kept me totally calm.  When I returned from the op all my spiritual guides and angels stepped aside while I underwent the initiation.  (though a water dragon stayed with me, keeping the Christ light flowing).  I did not see angels again for six weeks until Archangel Gabriel sat beside me when I was about to have a blood transfusion.  The transfusion was due to start at midnight and I was thinking it was going to be a late night if I sat up to bless the incoming blood, when Archangel Gabriel appeared and sat in the chair by my bed.  He told me to relax and he would bless the blood for me.  He also reminded me that my entire illness was for the world and every time I had a set back more light workers sent in light and healing to add to the healing portal that had been created.  He showed me angels bringing their charges to take in the healing light from the portal and said everyone was doing valiant work.

Clearing the sacral chakra for humanity

As many of you know this was always about a clearance for the world, mainly of the sacral chakra.  According to my friend Tim Whild all the clearing and healing you have done with me has enabled humanity to step onto the Rainbow Path, so thank you all.

Christmas Eve and the Gold Ray of Christ

A huge portal for the Christ light opens wide every year on Christmas Eve bringing in the Gold Ray of Christ at a high frequency over Christmas.  As my stoma leaked four times in the night and had to be replaced each time along with my bedding, I was awake much of the night.  Knowing how these things are spiritually orchestrated I reminded myself that it was a privilege to be awake as this special gateway opened and poured light over the world.  So I kept affirming the Christ consciousness 33.  Then I relaxed and watched golden light pouring into the hospital.  When the early morning cleaner arrived, clanking, clattering and banging the beds with his mop my heart sank a little and then I saw the most amazing sight.  A deep golden light poured in a cascade over and through him, like a stream of golden lava, splashing all round him.  And I knew this was happening all over the world.  Christmas is truly an awesome time.

My favourite moment

This is a personal moment but for me it was beautiful.  I woke from a deep sleep on Christmas day to see my five grandchildren standing in a row at the end of the bed!!  They were all holding their hands awkwardly in front of them because they had been told I was too ill to be touched and they were completely silent so as not to disturb me!  They were soon relaxing and taking it in turns to sit by me and we had a wonderful hour together!

Archangel Raphael sends help

I remarked to my daughter that most of the Archangels I work with had been around since Archangel Gabriel’s visit with the exception of Archangel Raphael. She reminded me with a grin, ‘But he sent Dr Raphael.’ And that was extraordinary.  I had been discharged home but was getting sicker and sicker till I was as limp as cooked spaghetti.  My son tried all night to get an emergency doctor and then suddenly in the morning, the doorbell rang and in walked an impressive looking man who announced, ‘I’m Dr. Raphael.’  From that moment thing changed.  He immediately ordered nursing help, blood tests and did not mince words with my disinterested surgery.  As soon as the blood tests arrived he ordered an ambulance and I was in resusc with acute kidney failure and then in intensive care.   Once again the angels helped in unexpected ways. 

Andromedan Light Healing Team

I was delighted to hear from Huw Mathias that he had asked his Andromedan Light Healing team to assist and support the angelic healing team that is working with our project.  I immediately saw them coming in and being challenged by Archangel Gabriel who talking with them in a conversation of light and then bowed and welcomed them.  It is heartening that others are asking their own healing teams to work on this.  So thank you everyone who has done so.

Big thanks to Rosemary Stephenson and my children

I took on a new understanding of friendship and caring this year.  Both times I was discharged from hospital Rosemary travelled down from the north of England to look after me.  Neither of us knew that I was so sick but Rosemary coped with everything like a trouper.  Talk about service with a smile. I couldn’t even sit myself up without passing out and she did everything possible.  An incredible thanks to you Rosemary.

And also to my children, especially Justin who has visited constantly and shown such incredible love and caring.  It has all been a revelation.

And thanks to all of you who have held the light for me.  I am so humbled.


This has been a tough year for me.  I have only seen Mum twice since December 12th.  When she left I stared and stared at her fearing I would never see her again.  Intuitive dogs like me can smell cancer so I knew how ill she was.  When she came home the first time instead of jumping all over her with excitement I let Isabel carry me to her and I nuzzled into her lap and didn’t move a muscle.

After that Sugar and I went back to Justin’s.  At first I was very lost but they gave me lots of cuddles and walks and Ash-ting lay on top of me in my basket just like he used to, so I settled down.  Sugar has been wonderful and I follow her round everywhere.  As long as she is with me I feel safe.

There are good things too.  The trees are bare and full of squirrels so I know I will catch one soon.  I live in a quiver of expectation.  And one night a fox came into the garden.  Sugar and I went wild and when we were finally let out it stood and stared at us for a moment before disappearing over the fence.  Then we had a glorious race round and round the garden for twenty minutes following its scent like real wolves.

An Update on Andrews Progress from Rosemary Stephenson

He was told by Medics he would always be confined to a wheel chair, being paralysed from the chest downwards 18 months ago!!!! Andrew has arrived back to UK from Thailand after intensive treatment since October. He was on Look North BBC TV being interviewed about how his treatment over there, and a lot of determination from him, has stunned UK Medics and produced unbelievable results. The pictures say it all!!!

Here’s what Andrew said: ”After a few days rest after my flight home, it was straight back to work with some trunk & balance exercises on my bed, 30 leg kicks & then a 10min stand & some swings for the first time on my own. Feels good to know I can continue my momentum now that I’m back home”

He truly is an inspiration to anyone in a similar position and will now achieve his goal to do the Great North Run next year. My son Joe and a few other friends will be joining him. He sends so much love and thanks to all of you who have supported him with healing and donations. He plans to return for more physio in the spring. Love and blessings Rosemary xxx

The link for donations is www.gofundme.com/abellmissiontowalk

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