Diana Cooper’s November 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
These are such exciting, yet challenging times. The frequency is rising breathtakingly rapidly. The angels always say, ‘Look how far you have come. Don’t waste energy struggling to see the future.’ So here is a brief synopsis of our speedy acceleration.
In 1987 we had the Harmonic Convergence, marking the start of the 25-year period of purification of the planet. Humanity was sent the 5th dimensional Violet Flame to help transmute the old stuff. A crack appeared in the Stargate of Lyra and a few 7th dimensional unicorns took the opportunity to squeeze through to help humanity.
2012 offered the long awaited Cosmic Moment, the end of the 260,000 year era of Atlantis. At this moment pure Source light touched the heart of every sentient being in this and every other universe. This triggered the ascension over a 20-year period of every star, planet or galaxy in every universe to a dimension higher. This is with the exception of Earth which is ascending through two dimensions in the same 20-year period. At the Cosmic Moment the six great pyramids, that are cosmic computers, were programmed to wake up and activate the 33 cosmic portals and many others bringing in a flood of 5th to 7th dimensional Christ Light.

2015 was extraordinary. The 12th dimensional Stargate of Lyra opened fully and 9th and 7th dimensional unicorns poured in through the portal of the moon. The exceptionally powerful moons bathed the planet in high frequency divine feminine light. Dragons really started to make their presence felt as they fulfilled their ancient commitment to help us through the 20-year period to the new Golden Age. Archangels for the first time overlit us with 9th dimensional light. 9th dimensional portals started to open. 9th dimensional aspect of energies like the Christ light, the Mahatma energy, the Pleiadean Rose became available to us. As the Stargate opened the pink 5th dimensional Veil of Illusion in many people dissolved allowing their heart centres to open with higher frequencies of love and enabling them to attract and connect with their soul families.

In 30 years the entire planet has attracted in enormously high frequency light. No wonder special light souls are incarnating now. No wonder we are stirred up and in chaos as a planet.
And next year 2017 is the start of a new phase. Wow!
Angel blessings

The Vision Prayer

The Vision Prayer was given to me for the Cosmic Moment but it still applies now so I thought I would include it here:
The Vision Prayer
I have a vision where all people are at peace, fed and housed, every child is loved and educated to develop their talents, where the heart is more important than the head and wisdom is revered over riches.
In this world justice, equality and fairness rule.
Nature is honoured, so the waters flow pure and clear and the air is fresh and clean. Plants and trees are nurtured and all animals are respected and treated with kindness. Happiness and laughter prevail
And humans walk hand in hand with angels.
Thank you for the love, understanding, wisdom, courage and humility to do my part to spread the light.
May all the world ascend.So be it.


We had the most marvelous retreat on Crete in a fabulous five-star hotel on the beach. Pools of water featured everywhere, lit with coloured lights at night and it felt very Atlantean.

crete at night

Our hotel at night!

Rosemary Stephenson and I arrived a week early to rest and relax. And when the group arrived it felt as if we had been together for ever. Such beautiful people, like a gathering of Masters and Priestesses of old.

We did meditations etc in a conference room in the morning, mainly accessing the new 9D energies and building the new 9D grid round the planet in preparation for the New Golden Age. In the afternoons we went on tours. Here are some of the group getting into a pirate ship at Santorini. At Knossus something extraordinary happened. I was wearing my citrine Shankari pendant. We were looking into an ancient water system and suddenly there was a ping and a flash of light as the pendant literally flew off the chain. The clasp simply opened, released the pendant but was perfectly intact and the heavy duty chain stayed round my neck. I had worn it for over a month without taking it off but it chose that moment to release the crystal. It really felt as if it was meant to be there sending light down through Knossus.


Well what a month! First Mum gets whisked into hospital and Sugar and I go to her daughter Lauren’s. Then she goes to Crete for two whole weeks so she can have a rest before the Crete Retreat. I was very sad because I couldn’t protect her or look after her. My dewclaw got torn off and went septic and Mum wasn’t there to protect me or look after me. Look at me! Photo But I didn’t whinge or moan. I was chipper and friendly and Sugar looked after me. She cuddled up to me and made sure I was OK. But I was very relieved to see Mum again.
Now I am better we chase each other and play all the time. See here

sore paw

She seems to think it is her job to protect me now. How strange! I am the feisty one who always protected her- but it was rather nice.
Winter has come. The good thing is that we can sit in front of the fire. We can even chase each other in circles round the house and luckily Mum thinks it is funny. Ash-ting is still at Justin’s where they adore him and Maya plays with him all the time. When we went round the other evening, Ash-ting sat on a chair while Sugar and I lay at his feet. He really did keep us in order. Cats!

Update on Andrew from Thailand from Rosemary Stephenson

Andrew has asked me to convey his deepest gratitude and thanks to all of you for the healing and for all your donations.

He is so overwhelmed and didn’t expect such an amazing response. He is now up to nearly £9,500 which means he can begin his treatment.

His treatment last year in Bangkok hospital was the insertion of 120 million stem cells into his spine along with a device which shoots electrical currents through his spine to strengthen the spinal cord. This initial surgery cost £47,000 and is not available in UK.

Andrew arrived back in Bangkok on 20th October and is so excited and positive. He has returned there to undergo more intensive physiotherapy which he hopes will lead to him being able to walk with crutches rather than a wheelchair to get around. His goal is to take part in the Great North Run in 2018!!!!

Do watch this video of him receiving treatment.

Message from Andrew from Thailand:
Thanks firstly for the very kind donation & for the continued support from everyone.

Yes I’ve managed to settle in much quicker than I expected & the room & facilities are fantastic. I have already had my first physical session & this afternoon I’ll be doing some stepping for 2 hours … so most days it’s 3-4 hours physical rehab which is just what the doctor ordered. The area I’m staying is a lot less hectic compared to last time as well which is nicer.

I will try my best to keep you updated along the way & please pass on my thanks & best wishes to everyone who is sending support & love my way.


Book of the month

2015 Venus 2 Wayne Lawes

I know many of you love Venus so the book of the month is Venus, The Diary of a Puppy and her Angel.

Venus is an adorable, mischievous puppy, part terrier, part Papillon who brings joy, delight and learnings to Mum. As a very psychic, sensitive dog she sees and communicates with the angels and shares their guidance and wisdom in her diary. The adventurous puppy manages to find a dead body, is led into trouble by a spirit dog, makes friends with the elementals and meets a rich diversity of people and animals. Stories of the people she knows flow through the pages. Will Elizabeth see her children again? Will Wallace the miniature Schnauzer be rescued when he is kidnapped? Is Cyril the dog or the husband?

As a terrier she loves to chase anything that moves. She says, ‘Then I discover something even more fabulous. There are big brown clucking birds in an enclosure in the garden. Chickens. I race round them barking in ecstasy, my tail erect and every fibre of my being quivering with anticipation. They appear to be terrified and that adds to my delight. Naturally that spoil sport Mum captures me and takes me inside but I expect she’ll let me out again.
My angel tells me hens are very special – wouldn’t you believe it! They just look like dull brown birds to me. She says that all birds come from Sirius but hens hail from a distant asteroid and step down through Sirius before they incarnate. They arrived on Earth in the golden era of Atlantis to offer humans feathers and eggs and to teach them it is good to serve. I feel quite warm towards the chickens when I hear this but it doesn’t stop me wanting to hassle them.’


Venus loves walks in the forest where she becomes part of a human and dog community. ‘I meet my first horse today. They are big smelly creatures, who look like giant dogs with long legs and funny swishy tails and they plod along with people on their backs. How strange? I’m glad people don’t sit on me.’

When Ash-ting the little grey kitten arrives, Venus is jealous but her protective instinct wins and she looks after him until eventually they become best friends. Only Ash-ting can comfort Venus when she is terrified of fireworks. It is Venus who alerts Mum when the kitten is lost and in danger.

This book will open your heart and fill you with hope. If you want to laugh, understand animals and access angelic wisdom Venus, The Diary of a Puppy and her Angel is the book for you.
With much love


Order your copy here

As Within So Without by Tim Whild

One of the greatest paradoxes on our physical world is to feel the light increasing as we see the nights getting longer, and the days shorter. For many this is usually a period to rest and integrate, taking stock of the year and building on our reserves to pass smoothly through the Winter months.
Energetically we are now within the most physical phase of our ascension journey. The years building up to this allowed us to find out who we really are and remove the energetic veils that have clouded our sight for so many generations. Now we can ‘see’ what do we do with this? The simple answer is we create for ourselves.

The outer world, the third-dimensional projection, is collapsing. Since the fall of Atlantis 10,000 years ago human beings have allowed themselves to participate in an experiment of social control. Regardeless of how unnatural this may sound, we experience everything in order to learn and move forward and evolve. It is safe to say that this aspect of our growth has now been fully explored. Returning to our natural state isn’t something that we are going to have to fight for, it is simply going to occur because we have collectively agreed to it.

When we focus upon a scenario within ourselves or outside of ‘our’ lives we add an immediate flow of energy to the situation. I remember having a conversation with my good friend Polaris AB a few years back with regards to this as we were discussing the rise in thought-manifestation-reality. It is safe to say now that our ability to project our thoughts into reality occurs 2000 times faster than it did before the Cosmic Moment in 2012.
If we forget for a minute about our ‘problems’ and the problems of the world and weigh that thought in, what does it tell us? The answer is that we have the ability to create a perfect future for ourselves and others with the correct point of focus.
Every single thought we think and word we speak gets projected by our advanced chakra system into the surrounding ether and returned to our reality almost instantly. When a collective reality is being projected it becomes a very powerful force for either positive or ‘negative’ purposes.

Sometimes it isn’t realistic to think thoughts of love and light constantly. Life on Earth is an accumulation of consistent challenges combined with the vast increase of Light that we absorb/integrate on a daily basis. There are a myriad of distractions to lead our attention away from the positive and emmerse our energies in denser climes.
Don’t give up. Everyone has challenges to overcome and ego to deal with, even the Masters in the higher dimensions. Just because one has ascended and left this physical plane doesn’t mean that the learning ceases. It just evolves into something much vaster.

The months leading up to the Winter Solstice are going to be about this physical life. You.
We are now residing in a physical vessel that has the abilty to alchemise reality very swiftly, and the best part is the energies that we have at our fingertips to assist with this alchemy.
As Above So Below, As Within So Without.
When situations are presented to us we are given an immediate choice to respond with either love or fear. Fear creates more fear and love creates more love. The fact of the matter is that one of these energies is vastly more powerful than the other and moves a lot faster.
Fear is constructed from a dense vibration that resonates with our old blueprint. Although that blueprint still exists within us collectively it is becoming overwhelmed by the higher, finer vibrations of Love that flows from the hearts of us all. Even on the most challenging of days we still exude the vibration of love. It is our natural essence and the most powerful force in the Universe. Remember this and return to it regardless of what is happening in the outside world. Your heart has the ability to move mountains. Use it.

Much love, Tim


You can see Tim at the Birmingham Mind Body Spirit Exhibition on 4th November. Click here for details: www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk



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