Diana Cooper’s January 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

So 2018 has started with a supermoon of extraordinary brilliance.  I gasped when I saw it!  And the month ends with a super blue moon.  It feels as if ascension is being accelerated even more quickly.

Every single time I have picked a card for the year I received Archangel Fhelyai’s dragon, the dragon looking after animals.  It seems this is a year when we really must pay more attention to what is being done to animals in the wild and in food production.  With divine synchronicity I watched Cowspiracy on Netflix just before the new year and it really reminded me again how each one of us can make a difference.

I felt incredibly privileged to be given some of Louise Hay’s ashes.  Wow! It felt such an honour.  I decided to plant a tree and scatter the ashes at the roots and a pink double blossom weeping cherry tree called to me. I duly found one left at the second garden centre I visited and it was delivered just before Christmas. My son dug the hole and planted it while several of us held lit candles and dedicated it to Louise’s life and work.

With love and angel blessings



Venus and Sugar – Animal healing with a difference

I recently spent a fascinating afternoon with Melanie McAlpine, who is a zoopharmacognosy Practitioner!  Yes I know!  That means she heals animals with herbs and oils.  Sugar had started to be very afraid of noises.  She has always been jumpy and scared around fireworks but any loud noise was terrifying her.  When we walked in the countryside if there was a bang in the distance, her tail would go down and she would head for home.  And Venus, who is a mix of Papillon and Jack Russell, is quite a nervy (though feisty) little dog.

I heard about Mel’s amazing work with animals through my daughter who knows her and to my delight Mel agreed to come and see the dogs.

Mel is warm and cheerful and I liked her immediately.  So did Venus and Sugar!  They didn’t even bark when she came in but lay on their backs, paws in the air, asking for a tummy rub.  I knew then that she was a genuine animal lover.


She was carrying a big box of goodies, full of oils and herbs.  She put out a choice of herbs and allowed the dogs to self-select what they needed. She had explained that animals will take exactly what they need and so it proved.

The dogs were scarcely interested in the first herbs that were laid out.  Then Mel put some Violet Leaf on her finger which treats anxiety about the future. Sugar returned again and again for a lick, then kept rolling on the rug and yawning, in a release of energy.  Then she tapped the bottle with her nose and lay on her back.  That is quite some reaction.

I thought they would both react to Frankincense which helps with fear in the moment, like the fear of fireworks, but neither dog was interested.

Venus concentrated deeply on angelica root, which opens an animal up to healing but then she turned away.  However, she loved hemp for calming, which Sugar ignored.

When they had received what they needed both dogs fell into a deep sleep.  I was impressed.

Mel made me up two little bottles, one with Violet Leaf for Sugar and the other with valerian water for mild anxiety.   They proved their worth in gold on New Year’s Eve when both dogs were initially terrified, then snuggled with me under the duvet and slept while the fireworks raged outside.

She told us that horses are the easiest animals to treat as they are so sensitive and receptive.  One horse she treated was called Rebel, who was on its last legs when she went to see it.  Its back was inflamed and its owner was told she could never be ridden again.  When offered a variety of herbs and oils she took a whole bottle of peppermint.  She was so much better that her owner had a physio see her, who continued to work with Mel and the herbs.  Two months later Rebel was being ridden and is still fine three years later.

My daughter Lauren put some herbs down for her cats.  Kali the older one was not interested but Beauty certainly was.

Do look at Mel’s website where there are case histories and touching pictures of her work with many animals including rabbits, horses, goats, sheep and cats.  www.mel@mcalpine.tv



Hallo everyone.  It was a very busy Christmas again.  There were either nine or twelve people here all the time for seven days!  I escaped quite often to Mum’s bedroom but one grandchild or other would soon find me!  Someone said, ‘No peace for the wicked!’ and they all laughed.  How could they. I feel mortally affronted.  I am the best behaved dog in the world.  It was not my fault that the young man delivering leaflets was scared of me when I slipped my lead and danced round him barking.  I wouldn’t stop when Mum told me to or let her catch me, but I was defending her and the house and I was having fun.  So that doesn’t count.  And when I pinched Sugar’s treat I thought she was asleep and genuinely didn’t want it.

As for when I crawled under the hedge and got into the grounds of the derelict house, then couldn’t get out, that was their fault.  I used to be able to run through the field into the grounds and squeeze under the gate. Now they have padlocked the gate and put barbed wire over it and wire netting to the ground.  How is a little dog supposed to know that?  Mum couldn’t manage to climb the gate, though she did try.  Then a man came along and offered.  She held his dog while he climbed over, nearly getting torn on the barbed wire.  Mum did say, I don’t think she’ll let you touch her.’  Too right!  Let a stranger pick me up.  Not on your life.  I turned into a snarling weasel and tried to bite him, then dived frantically for the wire and managed to flatten myself to squeeze under.   Mum was pleased I was out of there but embarrassed that the man had gone to so much trouble to rescue me.  Luckily he laughed and said, ‘That’s dogs for you!’


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