Diana Cooper’s November 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We certainly live in fascinating times of change when people are stepping forward to stir things up to create change, including presidents of countries and big corporations.  It is interesting that the voters in the countries or businesses are electing them.  Yes, it is true our leaders reflect the collective consciousness but people in all countries and walks of life want change.  It is never easy to move the barriers of the collective unconscious.  It took a war to start empowering women and there is still a long way to go. … even further in some cultures and parts of the world.  But everything is accelerating now.

Many of the great Illumined Goddess Masters are working to influence the changes. To see a little more….. link…..There is a great deal more in The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery.

There is a new format for FACEBOOK LIVE on Wednesdays at 7pm.  In future I will present ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME offering spiritual information, meditations, inspirational angel, unicorn and dragon card readings as well as service work.

With love and blessings



Great Illumined Goddess Masters helping to bring about change.

Catherine of Siena, who was Joan of Arc and Helena Blatsky in other lives is now working in the inner planes to bring spirituality into religion.

Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy is helping people to open their consciousness to accept and work with dragons. Currently she spreads the divine feminine wisdom and empowers women. She is also helping to bring balance into religion and spirituality.

Mary Magdelene is overseeing the lighting up of religions with spirituality.  She holds the vision of unified love for the world.

St Clare is one of a team of three female masters who are co-operating to raise the frequency of humanity.  The other two are Catherine of Siena and St. Therese d’Avila.

St Therese d’Avila is currently endeavouring to bring through religion without dogma, based on spirituality and Oneness with All That Is.

Lady Nada, who was Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist is helping people to remember ancient healing methods and old wisdom and is bringing forward the ‘alternative’ and ‘natural’ methods that are gaining influence now

Pallas Athena is helping all those who are bringing truth forward.

Lady Portia holds the Flame of Freedom with Paul the Venetian to enable humanity to walk the ascension path.



Everyone loves dolphins who are fifth-dimensional beings with a seventh-dimensional blueprint.  They are great healers and carry the sacred geometric codes of light from the Golden Age of Atlantis and express them with joy and lightness.  They pass the information into the waters of the oceans and rivers so that creatures swimming there can receive it.

Because of this many entities have tried to destroy the dolphins in order to access the information. They are so important that an army of sea creatures protects them; the sharks, the whales, the rays and the turtles.

Click HERE for a Message from the Dolphins that they gave me for The Archangel Guide to the Animal World.

Live joyfully in the present. The only important time is the now, and your current thoughts and actions create your future. Have fun, play and relax so that the knowledge and information coded in your cells can easily be released. Then you will be a wise one.

You can order your signed copy HERE


About the Portal of Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a vast portal for animals in the United States.  It covers the State of Wyoming, and touches Montana and Idaho.   It will be fully open and seventh dimensional by 2032.

As it opens it will spread light to help people understand that animals are on their own soul journey.

Domestic and wild animals worldwide will pick up its yellow energy and this will accelerate their ascension journey.  However, if people are too attached to their animals they will find it hard to benefit.

It is not by chance that the rocks here have a yellow tinge or that it is called Yellowstone.  Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals, vibrates on a yellow vibration.

When humans truly accept and honour animals the planet will ascend more quickly into higher dimensions.  This will happen by 2032 and the animals will forgive us and we will share the planet in harmony again.  Tuning into this portal and absorbing its light will accelerate this process.


To connect to Yellowstone

1.Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2.Light a candle if possible to raise the energy.

3.Visualise roots going down from your feet into the earth.

4.Take some deep breaths, close your eyes and relax.

5.Ask Archangel Fhelyai, the Angel of Animals to take you to Yellowstone.

6.Sense yourself within the yellow light of this portal.

7.See the animals of the world, each surrounded by yellow angelic light.

8.See the yellow light going into the minds of humans, helping to understand that animals are on their own soul journey.

9.See the people of the world honouring and respecting all animals.

10.Bring the yellow light from this portal back with you in your aura.

(From Birthing a New Civilization) 

Diana Cooper – Birthing a New Civilization, Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032

Bournemouth Seminar on Sunday 26th November  10-5

Accelerate your ascension path with animals and dragons

I am so excited about this special workshop because, at this time of unprecedented spiritual growth on the planet, the Angels and Archangels are connecting with and helping everyone who is open to them.  To facilitate this I will take you to the retreats of some of the Archangels to receive their special light.  They really will light up your aura and open new doors for you.

I will take you to meet Archangel Fhelyai, the Angel of Animals to connect with the soul of an animal.  No animal comes to you by chance.  Whether you read about it, see it on television or in the flesh, each one brings a message that assists your ascension.  I will share some of these today.

Where do animals come from?  What is their soul purpose?  What do their different colours mean?  Do they have angels?  Are some more evolved than humans?  I will answer these questions and present unique information about animals, birds, fish, insects and reptiles to open your heart to them, so you can connect with them more easily.

The glorious, wise and open hearted dragons are flocking to Earth now to assist our ascension.  Today you will meet your personal dragons AND to some of the awesome high frequency dragons and angels.  Your companion dragon and your Guardian Angel form a great team as they inspire, protect and encourage you on your journey.  As you truly connect with them today they help and heal you in ways you have not imagined.  Prepare for personal transformation.

You will also meet three glorious high frequency dragons and the Archangels who connect with them.

The pure white Dragon from Lyra take you to bathe in the 9D pool of white-gold Christ light, which shimmers and swirls with pure love. Absorb all you are ready to receive today and your aura will radiate the incredibly high frequency of white-gold.  He works with the ineffable Archangel Christiel and his shimmering white Angels of Lyra.  Together they will enable you to meet your personal unicorn at a higher frequency than before. They will dramatically expand your causal chakra, which will strengthen your connection with the entire angelic world.

Then Diana will introduce you to the Aquamarine Dragon from Neptune who will enable you to access your deepest soul wisdom and expand your psychic abilities.  This dragon will also help you prepare your crystalline body so that you can carry more light for the new Golden Age. The great Universal Angel Mary will assist with this process today.

The Dusty Pink Dragon from Andromeda, carrying the vibration of transcendent love, will touch you and prepare all your chakras to embody higher love.  Archangel Mariel will work with this dragon and expand your soul light.

Prepare for entirely new understandings and a huge download of light today.


£75 pp or £135 for two people. Click HERE to book your tickets 



It has been lovely presenting Angel Hour with Jacqueline on Wednesdays and there has been a huge response from everyone.  However, we have decided to change the format.  In future she will present her own Angel Hour on Mondays based on readings and evidential messages.  I will present ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME on Wednesdays at 7pm.

We live in such amazing times of opportunity and spiritual growth and the angels, dragons, unicorns and elementals, as well as Illumined Ones are coming closer to help us.  I will share the latest spiritual information for personal and planetary growth and answer questions about the spiritual realms.  I will offer a weekly meditation and high frequency readings with the angel, dragon and unicorn cards.  There will also be a time for service work together.  The theme for the first week will be Archangel Michael who does so much more than give protection and strength.  He lights up your fifth dimensional throat chakra with truth and power and connects you to the angels of the Golden Ray – and much more.

Please feel free to send in questions in advance to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com headed ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME.

I will share the latest spiritual information for personal and planetary growth and answer questions about the spiritual realms.  I will offer a weekly meditation and high frequency readings with the angel, dragon and unicorn cards.  There will also be a time for service work together.


Dragon Oracle Cards

I am getting great feedback from people using my New Dragon Cards, It’s been lovely to hear everyone’s joy at receiving them and their experiences with the cards, such as Margot: Dear Diana, I had order last week the Dragon oracle cards and received it today. They are really beautiful.  I want to thank you for dedicating me a card with your love wishes. I felt very touched receiving a signed card from you  and of cause the message of the  card, from YOU, came exactly at a  moment where I really needed to hear that kind of message.  I will keep it near my heart <3 Thank you so so much for all you do to help US all on our paths. I love books and courses, Love and Gratitude, Margot (France)

Click on the picture for a short video of Tim Whild using my cards to give me a reading.

For a limited time, you can order your signed Cards HERE

Healing, growth and transformation with sacred sound by Mildred Ryan

I’m delighted to let you know about 3 new online sound healing courses which are now available in the Diana Cooper Foundation’s Personal Development section.

In these challenging times, we are called on to heal our lives and focus on love. Powerful, yet gentle, frequencies of sound can help you to light up your life and accelerate your healing, growth and transformation.

Healing with sound is powerful because sound frequencies can enter into every cell, organ and system within your being, and every layer of your aura, cleansing your energies, while helping you to let go of anything that is holding you back. You can become a shining light, ready to create the life of your dreams, filled with love, joy, peace, harmony and oneness.

There are wonderful sound healing instruments that you can work with – the free gift of your own voice, singing bowls, drums, gongs, tuning forks, sacred music and colour – supporting you to heal yourself, others, animals, and our Planet Earth.

I’m passionate about helping people to step up to a new higher level, and take charge of their own healing. I love to show you that sound healing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, and is something that everyone can learn to do for themselves.

There are a range of short courses available, including a free course, and the full programme – Become a Shining Light.

Here is a short, yet powerful exercise, that you can do today:

  1. Take a moment to connect with the wisdom of your Higher Self and the many Angels and Ascended Masters who are working with you.
  2. Hum, chant a sacred mantra or Om for 10 minutes, while directing the sounds to flow to anywhere within your being – mind, body and spirit, in need of healing or extra attention.
  3. Ask the Angels to sing and chant with you to add their divine frequencies to your sounds.
  4. Know that your sounds, combined with your highest wisdom and inner healing intelligence, will give extra energy, power and direction to your sounds, and bring about healing for your highest good, in divine timing.
  5. Rest and give thanks.

We are all vibrating frequencies of sound – together we can create a beautiful and harmonious world.

Watch Mildred’s video HERE


Mildred Ryan

Principal Teacher


Nature in Autumn – hedge cutting

I was walking through the fields with Venus and Sugar, my dogs, when a huge machine was cutting the hedges, slashing them ferociously.  There was a cloud of anguish round the trees and bushes.  I called in the Angel of Nature, Archangel Purlimiek and could immediately see a soft green light pouring down over that length of hedge.  Everything seemed to calm down as if the greenery relaxed.  Then I quickly called in the Angel of Animals, Archangel Fhelyai to help any animals in the hedgerow and Angel Bhokpi, who is the Seraphim who looks after birds. There was instantly a palpable difference in the energy.

Service Work for the Natural World

This autumn if you have a moment please invoke

the Angel of Nature, Archangel Purlimiek to soothe trees and hedges being cut.

the Angel of Animals, Archangel Fhelyai to help any animals disturbed by the autumnal tidying.

Angel Bhokpi, the Seraphim looking after birds to help them if they are disturbed or are migrating.

If we all do this what a difference it will make.


The Magical world of Colour by Penny Wing

 Light is a form of energy and all energy acts on the matter that it comes into contact with. What we see as colour is the brain’s way of recognizing the different energy qualities of light. We tend to think of colour as existing on surfaces, but the colour of an object is determined by what happens to the light that hits it.

Every frequency of visible light, each colour, creates changes in us at all levels, physically, emotionally and mentally. Different cultures have given different attributes and meanings to colour, but on a biological level we all react in the same way. Colour is not superficial; it shows us the energetic reality around us.

Everything under the sun is affected by colour. Plants, animals, bacteria, chemical reactions, all show changes of behaviour when exposed to different colours. It is also a subconscious language that we use instinctively in very area of our lives. Learning to recognise and use colour with awareness can bring positive changes into our lives.

Each colour has a set of clearly defined meanings and influences which can help us understand the world around us and our behaviour. These qualities can also be used to create particular impressions on others. A subtle message can be sent with colour much more effectively than with words.

Red is the colour with the longest wavelength. It is the nearest visible light to infra-red in the electromagnetic (energy) spectrum. It is closely linked to heat and warmth.

Physical activity and the energy that supports it also have a red vibration. If speed, danger, daring or courage are involved the red quality of the activity increases – people like stunt men, racing car drivers or mountaineers all have “red” careers.

Using Red – If you want to come across as a bold and dynamic person, wear a red scarf or a tie. This is especially effective if you are going to an event where your confidence needs a boost e.g. a presentation or an interview. It will also help you feel less nervous about meeting new people.

Bring red into your life when there is….

  • A lack of enthusiasm and interest in life
  • A lack of energy and a feeling of over-tiredness
  • An inability to make your dreams a practical reality
  • A feeling of insecurity, unwarranted fear or anxiety

Orange Whilst red is associated with fiery heat, orange is more closely linked to the more gentle warmth of the sun and of fire. Orange is certainly dynamic, but more thoughtful and controlled than explosive red.

Surveys have often found orange to be the least popular of colours (green and blue being the favourites) – is this because orange is linked to shock and trauma? After a shock or unpleasant surprise wearing shades of orange can help return you to a state of calmness.

Bring orange into your life when there is…

  • A feeling of boredom and bleakness
  • A lack of interest in what is going on around you
  • An obsessive need to have things in their “proper” place and resentment of changes in familiar routines
  • A lack of sense of humour
  • A fear of experiencing pleasure through the senses and of enjoying sensuality
  • An inability to let go of the past
  • A problem with blocked creativity

Yellow is a bright, sunny colour. Most people will recognize the sensation of warmth and vitality when looking at pure yellow. Different shades of yellow produce different reactions e.g. a clean, light yellow can help to clear the mind whereas a yellow that has green tinge to it can create a degree of discomfort, disorientation and even nausea.

Uing yellow – When working at your computer a yellow mouse mat will help improve your concentration and keep you alert. It is a good idea to use lots of yellow stationery in your place of work.

Bring yellow into your life when there is…..

  • Confusion and indecision
  • Unknown fear and anxiety
  • A weak immune system
  • Nervous exhaustion, panic attacks, hot flushes
  • Poor memory, inability to study or concentrate
  • A tendency to Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome (SAD) or depression in dull weather

Green is the colour of nature, the colour of the plant world. Green is the middle of the colour spectrum and is therefore seen as a colour of balance. It can be interpreted as either a warm or cool colour, depending on the shade.

Green stands for growth, expansion, and new beginnings. It is the vibration of relationships because in growing and expanding we connect more with others.

Using green – If you feel trapped by external circumstances or restricted in some way taking a walk in green surroundings or surrounding yourself with green will restore your balance.

Bring green into your life when there is…..

  • A need for new ideas
  • A need to let change happen but also when there is a fear of the unknown
  • A restricted feeling caused by circumstances such as being housebound or feeling trapped by other people’s rules and regulations
  • Negative “green” emotions such as jealously, envy and greed

Blue – There are two aspects of blue – on the one side there is the search for information and detail and on the other side the experience of rest and peacefulness without any particular focus or thought. This seems to be a contradiction but the common factor is the desire for balance.

All kinds of communication e.g. listening, talking and learning are “blue” activities. In fact, blue is the colour of our throat chakra which is related to how we express ourselves.

Using blue – Blue will help the energy flow of communication whether you are listening to yourself or someone else. To help remember a speech or anything you need to remember, write it on blue paper.

Bring blue into your life when there is…..

  •  A need to communicate clearly
  • A need for help with new information
  • A need to calm down excitable or agitated states
  • A need for peace, rest or solitude

Indigo – On a physical level, indigo is a sedating colour. If you are feeling down it is a good idea to avoid this colour as it could deepen your mood. Whereas blue promotes communication between people, indigo creates more of an internal communication in a person – this could involve new insights or strengthen your intuition.

Indigo is related to clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience (clear seeing, feeling and hearing) and other physic skills. Our “3rd eye” chakra which opens us up spiritually is the colour of indigo.

Using indigo – To feel calm, look up at the clear, night sky. Deep meditation/contemplation comes easier to us in the indigo depths of night. It is often at night that people find solutions to their problems.

Bring indigo into your life when there is…..

  • A need to focus on personal issues, ideas and beliefs
  • A need to develop sensitivity to intuition and the inner senses
  • A need to quieten normal mental processes
  • A need to relieve physical, mental and emotional pain
  • A need for temporary relief/removal from everyday problems or difficulties in life
  • A need for some space or solitude

 Violet is a complex colour made up of red – which is dynamic and blue which is a peaceful energy.

Violet can become one of the most effective colours to bring balance and healing in any situation. It helps to integrate energies at every level and as healing requires the building up of new systems (red energy), according to accurate information (blue energy), violet can speed up both physical and emotional recovery.

Using Violet – The violet coloured plant, Lavender, is one of the best essential oils for insomnia. Use it in a burner or put a drop on your pillow (preferably dark bedclothes not white!) to encourage a good night’s sleep.

Bring violet into your life when there is ……

  • A need to calm hyperactivity or energize lethargy or depression
  • A need to rebalance life
  • A need to speed up the natural healing energy of the body
  • A need to remove obstacles in your life

Black and White – Strictly speaking, black and white are not colours; they are characteristics of the presence or absence of light.

Black absorbs all aspects of light whereas white reflects, black conceals whereas white reveals. In symbolism, white is seen as holy, good and whole therefore black has inevitably become linked to fearful and bad experiences.

White is the colour of emergence, birth and change whereas black is the colour of withdrawal from definition, it is the hidden. White makes its presence stand out whereas black withdraws, refusing to be noticed.

Using black – If you want to become inconspicuous, consider dressing in black. Black clothes can often send out the message “notice I am here but don’t invade my space”

Using white – White has the ability to clear away all clutter, all unwanted noise. New beginnings and fresh starts benefit from this energy.

Love and colourful blessings,

Penny Wing



Birmingham MBS Exhibition

I had such a wonderful time with Tim Whild and Rosemary Stevenson at the Mind Body Spirit exhibition in Birmingham last weekend, there was such a high frequency in our little tent! For those that missed out here are two short videos from my workshops there. Just click on the pictures for the video.

Creating a portal with Angels and Dragons

The history of Dragons

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