Diana Cooper’s February 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It has been another amazing month culminating in the blue supermoon.  I talk about its effect on the world and our individual lives in my newsletter.

I also had a gorgeous holiday in Madeira, with beautiful sunshine.  There was a lovely energy there.

And I have just sent my next book DRAGONS to Hay House.  It was so exciting to write.  Every time I sat down at my laptop the dragon who wanted to communicate would pour a stream of energy through me.  I don’t think I have ever experienced such clear messages as the ones from these beautiful, wise, open hearted beings. They are truly awesome.

Facebook live on Wednesday evenings continues to be fun and an opportunity to answer lots of questions on all sorts of topics. Don’t forget to send me in your questions; Diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com RE: FB LIVE

Lots of love and angel blessings



The effects of the supermoon

The exciting blue supermoon has passed but we are now digesting the effects of it as a world and in our individual lives –  there is no full moon this month, so we have time to absorb and reflect.  The 31st January supermoon was working on the divine feminine, families, respect for women etc.  It is spot on that the BBC’s unequal pay for women was disclosed and more will become transparent as other companies share their pay policies.  Also the debate about the charity function at the Dorchester that exploited women or women allowed themselves to be exploited was brought forward by this energy.  Either way it is old age behaviour and the supermoon is revealing lots more 3D sacral stuff now.

Unbalanced sacral chakras have caused huge problems for humanity in people’s family relationships, sexual lives, misuse of power and creating AIDS.  In some cases, life missions have been aborted because distortion in this chakra has taken people off their paths.  Examples of this are President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Healing your sacral chakra.  The benefits of a balanced high frequency sacral chakra are – you attract true love, health and healing, good family relationships and more.

March also has a blue moon so rapid changes are to take place in our world.


Healing your sacral chakra – and that of the world

As long ago as the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 the Aquamarine Ray flooded Earth again with love and feminine compassion.  A trine of great beings, the Angel Mary, Mother Mary and Isis are still holding this luminous healing ray and have been directing this to enter the sacral chakras of receptive souls. When this is absorbed humanity can start to experience true love again.  So call in the Aquamarine Ray and visualise it pouring into your sacral chakra.

As your sacral chakra starts to develop and grow a soft luminous pink light of pure love glows from here and spreads to all who are near you. Your sacral chakra expands and fills the entire hip area.

Every person who masters the lessons of the sacral chakra adds to the wave of change that is lighting up planet Earth. The bonus is that as the sacral chakra expands the higher energy of transcendent love draws partners together. A sacral that matches the vibration of someone else’s will unify the two souls in perfect harmony. Couples will start to experience true love.

When members of a family connect through their higher sacral chakras karmic bonds dissolve. Then individuals within the family can be independent and free to enjoy relationships based on love and mutual respect.  Family life will be based on unconditional love.

And when this chakra is fully fifth dimensional all physical problems associated with it disappear to be replaced with radiant health.

Here is a Visualisation that may help you

  1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
  2. Relax and close your eyes.
  3. Ask Archangel Gabriel to touch, balance and fully activate your shimmering pink sacral chakra, flooding it with transcendent love and harmony.
  4. Picture all your cords with others dissolving.
  5. Visualise all your relationships free and happy.
  6. Ask Archangel Gabriel to place the fifth dimensional blueprint for perfect radiant sexual and emotional health within your chakra. Even if this is only for a moment it will affect you.
  7. Ask him to raise the vibration of this chakra in humanity.
  8. Allow the Aquamarine Ray to flow into your sacral chakra.
  9. When you have finished thank Archangel Gabriel.

Much more information in The Archangel Guide to Ascension co-written with Tim Whild.


Looking after our bodies

One of the responsibilities of accepting an incarnation is to look after our physical bodies.  This is proving more and more challenging as we are flooded with unhealthy options and have lost touch with our essence.  Our emotional, mental and spiritual health is also intimately connected with the food we choose.

The start of a new year sees lots of new beginnings and I am offering blessings to my daughter Dawn and her friend Bay who, this year, are following their dreams to launch a new online course that will help people who are struggling to lose weight effectively.

My daughter Dawn is a nutritional therapist and Bay is a psychotherapist, combining all their skills, experience and compassion has resulted in the birth of ‘Your Holistic Diet’.  It is an exciting new holistic approach to sustainable weight loss that will look at both the biochemical and psychological reasons why people struggle to lose weight and find happiness in their own unique shape and size.  Dawn and Bay have spent the past four years designing the course and developing the strategies that will help people to change their relationship with food forever.


If you would like to find out more about Dawn and Bay and ‘Your Holistic Diet’ just click on this link: www.yourholisticdiet.com


 Venus and other animals

Mum has come back from her holiday and we were very pleased to see her.  We meaning Sugar and myself.  Naturally I was even happier to see Mum than Sugar was!  We dogs stayed with her son Justin and Ash-ting the cat. The three of us love to snuggle up at night in one basket, that is, Sugar and Ash-ting and me.  Now we are back at home I sleep under the duvet with Mum while Sugar is an unmovable lump on top!

Isabel had nearly reached school the other morning when she saw their little black cat with big green eyes, sitting on a wall.  She never strays so Isabel was horrified to see her so far from home.  She scooped her up and ran all the way home with her, with Beauty hissing and scratching her.  When she got in her Mum said, ‘Why’s Beauty behaving like that?  I’ve never seen her hissing before.’  Then of course, the real Beauty wandered in!  Isabel had to pick the other cat up and run all the way back with her – and was late for school.  She never told me if they accepted her excuse.

Believe it or not Mum’s daughter Lauren took us for a walk and lost me!  How could she?  I only nipped into the trees to chase squirrels and then she was gone.  Apparently she rang Mum who asked Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals to look after me.  I really did try to find Lauren.  In the end I raced twice round our usual walk, then went home, quite exhausted.  Lots of people I know quite well tried to stop me and even put their dog’s leads on me but I wasn’t having any of it.  I reached home without anyone catching me.  But every time we go out someone tells Mum they saw me.  It is very disconcerting for a little dog to be lost.


Service work – Puppy Farms

When the economy dips people start breeding puppies for cash.  Dogs have puppies when they are still puppies themselves and their babies are taken from them when they are too immature.  They are used as money making machines and often kept in awful conditions, then kicked out.  Who could do such a thing?  I have a friend who rescues Cavaliers and loves them deeply.  She takes in dogs who are heartbroken and abused and brings them back to health and happiness.  Here is Rani, her seventh dog, who was used for breeding but was of no further use to the breeder. She was completely untrained, nameless and unused to people but is now frolicking around and devoted to her new family.  Pic

I thought this photo of us visiting the dog family was typical.  Venus and Sugar together on one chair, watching in bemusement.


So what can we do?

1.If no one bought from a puppy farm there would be no demand.  So tell people to check on the breeder.

2.If the economy was better people would not resort to turning dogs into cash.  So the world needs more prosperity consciousness.  See the section on the Silver Dragons for Prosperity.

3.And the more we invoke Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals, and his beautiful sunshine yellow angels, the more animals they can help and the more human consciousness they can lift to a higher frequency.  High frequency people treat animals with love and respect.


Invocation to Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals

Beloved Archangel Fhelyai, I humbly invoke you to pour your light into our planet to raise our consciousness towards animals, so that we love and respect them.  And please send your angels to help all animals in need.  So be it.  It is Done.


The Silver Dragons for Prosperity

See the section on Service work to stop puppy farms.  The same principle applies to any people who are using and abusing animals for profit.

About the Silver Dragons

These dragons are incredibly wise and exude peace, calm and gentleness.  When they approach you their soft silver light surrounds you and bathes you in a loving glow that melts away any deep pain that may block your soul progression.

They draw to your consciousness aspects of your potential that you may not have been aware of so you can get in touch with higher possibilities for your life.

If one touches you unexpected good fortune follows.  This may be a windfall, a raise in pay, selling something for a profit or a lucky break.  If you are setting up a new business and the silver dragon appears trust that it will prosper. They enable you to flow with success.

So let’s call on the silver dragons to touch anyone who is resorting to abusing animals in order to earn a living and ask that they be opened up to prosperity in another way.

Visualisation to call in the Silver Dragons of Prosperity

  1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
  2. Relax and close your eyes.
  3. Call in the beautiful silver dragons and sense them pouring soft silver light into your aura.
  4. Be aware of thousands of silver dragons eagerly awaiting your command.
  5. Ask them to touch the consciousness of all those who need financial support in order to set their animals free.
  6. Picture the streaks of silver as they race round the world.
  7. Visualise dogs everywhere being released from squalid conditions and held in loving arms.
  8. Visualise animals world-wide being allowed to live naturally.
  9. Sense a silver dragon puffing the light of prosperity into your consciousness.
  10. Thank them all and open your eyes.


Helsinki, Finland – Mina Olen  10-11 February

I am so looking forward to talking at the Mina Olen again.  In the morning I will talk about Meet the Dragons which is so exciting!

In the afternoon I am presenting a seminar on Ascension with Angels, Dragons and Unicorns.  We live in exciting times of opportunity for ascension and I will explain how the dragons, angels, unicorns, cosmic portals and animals are accelerating our journey to the new Golden Age.

You will connect with some of the high frequency dragons like the Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragon, the Golden Christed Dragon and others, who can clear past life energy that is preventing your spiritual progress.

You will visit the retreats of Archangels Sandalphon and Raphael for higher illumination.

With the help of Archangel Christiel you will expand your Causal Chakra and bring in 9th dimensional unicorns with golden horns.  They will take you on an awesome healing and light filled journey.

For more information or to book your tickets, please email: Bernhard Schaer- bs@parabolaforum.com


Belfast, Saturday March 24 

Serve the planet and receive from the Angelic Realms

Today we will invite the Dusty Pink Dragons from Andromeda to place their transcendent love into our chakras so that we become a flame of love.  We will use this to light up certain politicians so that they start to take decisions with love.  The Aquamarine Dragons will bring forward your psychic abilities and deep wisdom held in your soul.

You will connect with some of the high frequency dragons like the Golden Christed Dragon and others, who can clear past life energy so that your spiritual progress advances, while

Archangel Raphael and his Emerald Dragons will bring you healing and abundance.

We will also learn about and connect with the souls of various animals, then create a vast portal for animals to assist the animal kingdom.

For our personal happiness and to serve the planet we will practice some powerful spiritual manifestation techniques that they used in the golden era of Atlantis.

Please email Caroline.fht@btinternet.com or  call Caroline on 07801988856 for more information or to make your booking.


London, Mind Body Spirit  – Sunday 27 May  4.30-6.30

Meet the Dragons

Today you will connect with the wise open hearted dragons including your personal dragon as well as the Dusty Pink Dragons from Andromeda who will activate you with higher love and the dragons from Lyra who will help you connect with golden horned unicorns. And many more!

For tickets, please click here: www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk



Join me every Wednesday at 7pm GMT for Facebook Live. Simply follow me on my Facebook page (Diana Cooper – Angels & Ascension) and tune in at 7pm. The sessions will be available on my page for you to view if you miss out.

Wednesday 7th February at 7pm

The main theme will be the angel of nature, Archangel Purlimiek and how we can work with the angels, fairies, elves, goblins and other elementals to help nature.  And the Earth dragons.  We will also discuss other questions that you ask or e mail in advance to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com marked ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME.  I will also do some angel, dragon, unicorn or Atlantis readings!


Wednesday 14th February ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME

The theme will be Angels of Love.  We will talk about Archangel Chamuel, the Rose Pink dragons who bring romantic love and I will answer other questions that you ask.  Remember you can e mail questions in advance to diana@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com marked ANGEL INSPIRATION TIME.  I will also do some angel, dragon, unicorn or Atlantis readings!




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