Diana Cooper’s July Newsletter

Dear Friends

This is a great time for spiritual growth and new beginnings.  The Summer Solstice has brought in huge downloads of light for us all to accept when we are ready.

Look out for synchronicities to remind you of the magic around us. Last week my friend Jacqueline, with whom I am writing next year’s book on crystal grids went into the summerhouse to set out a grid.  She exclaimed, ‘Oh there’s a Mary vortex in here and the Angel Mary wants us to work in this space.’  Before I could go in the doorbell rang and I ran to collect a surprise parcel from the postman. It was from a friend – a gorgeous scarf, hand knitted with angel and unicorn love, in Mary’s colours, arriving just in time for me to wear for the powerful ceremony we then performed!!!  The angels do it again and again.

And I am so delighted and honoured to be voted winner of the Kindred Spirit Personality of the Year Award.  Thankyou from the bottom of my heart everyone who voted for me.  Bless you all.

With love and angel blessings


Service Work: The Great Crystal of Atlantis

As you probably know the Great Crystal of Atlantis was an advanced computer and generator and fell into the centre of the Bermuda Triangle at the fall of Atlantis.  It was then energetically shut down.  The Great Crystal is also a high powered portal and has been protected by water dragons for ten thousand years, only occasionally switched on for use when the Intergalactic Council needed to do so.

In 2015 the frequency on Earth rose to such a level that the Great Crystal was permitted to activate again.  The dragons released their protection around it so that the full force of its light burst forth to illuminate Earth once more.  This has hugely accelerated the ascension of our planet.

However, one of the teachers in the Diana Cooper Foundation, Jacqueline Mary Piper drew my attention to the fact that the Great Crystal was slightly but significantly out of alignment.

When I checked in I found that indeed it was and then spirit asked that the teachers of the Diana Cooper Foundation focus on it to bring it into alignment.  These highly trained and powerful lightworkers did with great effect.

It is now merely a hairsbreadth off centre and the final adjustment is to be accomplished by lightworkers everywhere.  So now I have been asked to request that as many of you as possible focus on this fine tuning so that the Great Crystal can fulfil its mighty potential and cascade its light over and into every single part of the planet.  This is necessary to ensure Earth is ready energetically for 2032, when every planet, star, constellation and universe must reach its intended frequency.

Please will you participate by doing the following visualisation with pure intent and focus?

Visualisation to bring the Great Crystal into full alignment with the Great Central Sun 

  1. call on the mighty 7th dimensional Aquamarine Dragons of Neptune.
  2. Invoke the dragons of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and sense them with you.
  3. Find yourself in a cavalcade of light with the dragons, angels, Archangels, turtles, sharks, rays, whales, dolphins and shoal upon shoal of fish.  This is headed by the Dragons of Neptune
  4. the Dragons of Neptune will conduct everyone to the Bermuda Triangle.
  5. Here Archangel Joules will touch you with his shimmering blue-green light. Relax and receive his blessing.
  6. you may then touch and tune into the Great Crystal of Atlantis.
  7. Visualise it in perfect alignment with the Great Central Sun.
  8. See or sense the light from it spouting up and then cascading down to surround the entire world.
  9. Imagine the people of the world opening their hearts and minds to the light and receiving it.
  10. See the world in a golden aura.
  11. Find yourself back where you started and allow the Aquamarine Dragons of Neptune to thank you for your service by touching you so that you can carry more light for the new Golden Age.

Aquamarine Dragon of Neptune.  Painting by Carla Lee Morrow from Dragon Cards by Diana Cooper to be published by Hay House in Autumn 2017.


Reporting back on the service work of last month

Thousands of you called in the waiting legions of warrior angels and fire dragons and sent them to repel the dark entity that has invaded our planet.  This dark force has been touching vulnerable minds, inciting these people to commit acts of aggression and spread fear.  Our work together was spectacularly successful, according to Archangel Michael.  He reminds us that we see things from the Earth perspective while the angels see the impact it has had on thousands of souls and on their auras and that of the planet.  Of course more needs to be done but for the present that threat has withdrawn.


Hay House Angel Summit

We had a fabulous day for the launch of The Archangel Guide to the Animal World. Thank you to everyone who could be there and share such a special event.

You can watch the videos here: www.facebook.com/Angels.DianaCooper



Order your copy HERE


Spiritual Perspective on Grenfell Tower Block Fire in London

At a human emotional level this is a horror story.  I shiver every time I see those dreadful pictures or see those poor people who have gone through so much.

But spiritual levels are not emotional.  The spiritual levels take a higher view and clear decisions about what is needed to bring about change.  Souls, ie the Higher Selves, take decisions about what they want to learn, teach, offer or experience.  Once we are in the limitations of a human body and in the middle of such anguish how different it is.

And so the spiritual hierarchy sees that fire regulations need to be tightened, that flammable cladding liner is being used, that groups of people are burning with anger because they are not being heard, that minorities feel separate, that people are forced to live in tower blocks away from the healing and grounding of the earth and nature.  They formulate a plan and this is usually agreed even before the people involved are born for they can see the trends that are taking place and understand human nature.  The Intergalactic Council knows the probabilities.

No one dies by chance.  It has to be their time – the time their soul agreed before they were born, whether they live for four years or ninety years.  There are very few get out clauses to leave Earth sooner.  So all those whose time it is to pass into the light are drawn together for the happening.  A group soul may choose to leave together, often whole families going at the same time.  Others choose different experiences, such as Can I cope with loss and still keep my heart open?  Can I use this opportunity to help others?  (Look at the horrific Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 which was planned hundreds of years beforehand when thousands of people each took some of the negativity of the planet with them as they passed.  Part of their service mission.)

Fire is the most powerful transmuter of all.  It burns up fear and anger and transforms it into a higher energy.  Cremation is often chosen because it cleanses the aura of the deceased and assists their passing.

In the case of the Grenfell Tower Block it is hoped that at last those in authority will listen to the people; that much anger will be dissolved so the many can move into a higher frequency; that people power will create change; that decision makers will take responsibility for their actions and that love and compassion will bring out a sense of togetherness and oneness.  It is part of the heart opening activation taking place on Earth and we were all privileged to watch how people did open their hearts and respond in so many ways.

Bless all those who were affected and may it open all our hearts.


Wow! Latest aura pic and story

I have been aware for quite some time that dharshan was being downloaded from my soul through my eyes to certain people.  this stream of energy contains information and wisdom.  One day a friend said she wished she could have my wisdom.  Immediately I felt energy running through me and our eyes locked together as I could feel a download taking place.  She was also consciously aware of it and we discussed it while the energy transfer was happening.  Next day we had our aura photos taken.  Hers is usually pink.  Today it was full of clouds of gold over her head.  You can actually see the energy that had been transferred and was now in her aura.

Before I had my aura photo taken I asked the Angel Mary on her aquamarine ray to be with me.  You can see seven of her aqua angel Orbs over my head.  Oh I love the Angel  Mary.  She always feels so close.

Then we both took turns to sit in a crystal grid.  Violet is the colour of pure spirit.  This is her aura

and mine.

I was really thrilled when Monica Wade, the lovely lady who took the pictures wrote ‘I’m still in awe of your Aura photo taken on the day of our meeting as they contain some of the highest values in sensory light on one person that I believe I’ve ever recorded’. Oh How amazing!


 Archangel Guide to the Animal World

Heron in tree

Here is a quote from my new book on the animal world – about herons.  ‘They keep their energy clear by living near water.  They demonstrate to us patience and the power of holding a positive vision or intention.  Their goal is a fish and by their focused intent, they attract a fish to them.  The instant their goal is in sight they take action and catch it.’  If you see one their message is to be patient and hold your focus on your vision, then take immediate action when something comes your way.’

In our morning dog walks I often see our local heron sitting by the river and I am reminded of its message.  But recently it has been sitting up a tree!  I think it must be telling me that when I am not working I should relax and view the world from a higher perspective!


Order your copy HERE

The Solstice of the Heart by Tim Whild

Summer and Winter Solstice has always been events to be celebrated in cultures around the world and they have incredibly important connotations for our ascension process. These ‘halfway points’ in the Solar cycles mark the transition of the Sun to its maximum or minimum flow of light to us wherever we are located. We celebrate the coming of the light as it floods to us in physical and etheric form.Since the Earth moved into the fourth dimension on the Cosmic Moment (21st Dec 2012) Solstice events have been used in conjunction with the ascension plan here on Earth. Lightworkers ‘in the know’ harvest the frequencies and distribute them, and the Higher Realms align special gateways and Cosmic Downloads to speed and establish the higher Matrix energies yet further.

On the Summer Solstice of 2014 the entire planet received the blueprint for their 12-chakra system after 10,000 years of limited consciousness in the third dimension. This is just one example of the magnitude of the events that have been occurring since our great shift.

Our ascension process is no longer a ‘solo’ affair. Initially we embodied the changes on an individual level with selective soul groups anchoring vast amounts of light and assisting with the clearance of planetary density. Now the first three groups of pioneers are awake the resonant effect is becoming far more collective, with entire layers of the planet rising in frequency together.

The Summer Solstice 2017 was greeted in Britain by waves of beautiful Sunshine and an anchoring of the Heart Collective into the planetary Heart Chakra which is located in Glastonbury. So many souls celebrated this event knowingly or unknowingly distributing this heart-opening light to the areas of our planet where it is needed most.

The side affects of this increase are not always as beautiful and serene as we might think. The process of illuminating the fifth-dimensional heart chakra (from dormancy) triggers a specific process where the heart begins to run the show instead of the ego. The ego, which is a term that everyone here is familiar with, has been leading the construction of all aspects of human life/society since the end days of Atlantis. It has the tendency to defend itself when threatened and now seven and a half billion egos are now consciously or unconsciously aware that things are changing.

As well as the beautiful side of life on Earth we also have to be grounded, focused and aware that all of our brothers and sisters are entering this phase of ascension development. This applies to everyone, not just those of us that are awake…everyone. The energy on Earth has risen to the point now where there are no more corners or shadows to hide in, we are all standing in the light and receiving the opportunity to take another massive step into the fifth dimension.

If you see people struggling, be kind. If someone is triggered by your light, be kind. If you are placed in situations where you are challenged, be kind. Everything on this planet is a test and although we may have days that are tough to work through we have the light, power and training to assist those who are really finding life tough. Also, most importantly, be kind to yourself. If you need to take a break, go and give yourself some love. Social media can be a massive tool for the light but it can also be a playground for the very process I have just described.

There is a beautiful mantra that was given to Diana Cooper some years ago by Archangel Chamuel, “I am living love”. Use this to keep your heart open and fill yourself with with the love that you need and deserve at all times.

As Within So Without

As Above So Below,

Tim Whild


Follow Tim on his YouTube channel HERE

Upcoming Workshops

Zurich 7 -8 October

A weekend of illumination
1. Seven of the great Illumined Masters will light up your keys and codes of enlightenment and ascension.
2. The Archangels will bathe you in the light of the different rays.
3. Archangel Christiel will step through his cross shaped stargate on Lyra to hold you in his white moon energy. This will expand your causal chakra to activate your higher connection to unicorns and angels.
4. The Goddess Masters promise you divine feminine transformation.
5. The ninth dimensional unicorns will take you on an extraordinary soul healing journey.
6. You will work with the mighty cosmic dragons to heal yourself at every level and the planet.
7. You will connect with Lord Voosloo to bring in awesome, life changing 9D energies.
8. Together we will help build the 9D grid round Earth.
9. We will explore and activate the latest ascension techniques, tools and energies available.

For information and to book tickets, please email: parabola_forum@hotmail.com



10:00 am – 5:00 pm 

At this time of unprecedented spiritual growth on the planet, the Angels and Archangels are connecting with and helping everyone who is open to them. Be prepared for an amazing Angel experience as Diana invites you to visit the retreats of some of the Archangels and receive their special light.

No animal comes to you by chance. Whether you read about it, see it on television or in the flesh, each one brings a message that assists your ascension. Diana will share some of these today. Where do animals come from? What is their soul purpose? What do their different colours mean? Do they have angels? Are some more evolved than humans? Diana will answer these questions and present unique information about animals, birds, fish, insects and reptiles to open your heart to them, so you can connect with them more easily.

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS – Early bird offer available now


The Diana Cooper Foundation Reunion, By  Bettina Barbara Siemsen, Germany

A most joyous THANK YOU to all teachers who attended the Diana Cooper Foundation Reunion 2017.  I want to thank you for your presence.  You contributed to making the Reunion a very special occasion for all of us.

You travelled from far and wide – a total of 10 different countries – to join the Reunion in Santiago de Compostela.  We hope you all had a safe and smooth return journey back and now at home remember our gathering with much joy and laughter and are looking forward to our next Reunion.

We of the organisation team had no doubt that we would be blessed with the best weather one could imagine.  It was the Irish teachers who were so happy and grateful to leave the rain behind them.  The sun rose every morning and in the late evening we could marvel at a beautiful sunset.

The Opening Ceremony – with the great Lotus flower Mariel created and brought all the way from Ireland – was very special.  Heartfelt thanks to Mariel!  Diana’s Welcome video was very special too and everybody could sense the sacred vibrations that were surrounding us as we listened to her appreciative and dear words.

On Saturday morning, the walking meditation to the Cathedral spreading the Light in silence was awesome.  We all were delighted to be there beside the Cathedral singing beautiful mantras with Rosemary leading us, lightening up the town.

During our Foundation meeting on Saturday afternoon we voted for the location of Reunion in 2018.  We all were very surprised that the last minute suggestion got the majority of votes.  So, we will celebrate the next Reunion in the beautiful county of Cornwall, England, the mystical land of King Arthur and Merlin.  I am sure we are all looking forward to meeting again in this wonderful area.  After the voting we had the pleasure to listen again to Diana’s voice leading us through a most wondrous meditation so we could help to bring the Great Crystal of Atlantis, which is lying under the sea in the Bermuda Triangle, back into alignment with the Galactic Central Sun.  We felt it was a very important task and were very blessed doing this service for the highest good of Mother Earth and the whole Universe.

On Sunday we went on an adventure, going by coach to Finisterre (Land’s end in Spanish).
In the morning the bus took us to a beautiful shady place in nature, close to where Camino Pilgrims celebrate reaching the end of their journey. Here we shared a powerful meditation with the Dragons.  Rosemary brought some of her crystal singing bowls with her which she had carried all along her one week march on the Camino!!!  A special and big Thank You to Rosemary. Rosemary played the crystal singing bowls at this special place during our Dragon meditation and afterwards we sang together ‘Diana we love you’.  Wesley recorded some of the activities and we will all be able to see the video on the website as soon as it is ready.  Big thanks to Wesley!

On the way to Finisterre, the coach stopped so we could sing the amazing Chakra Song composed by Franziska and Rosemary on a hill overlooking the coast and with a beautiful view of the deep blue sea.

After arriving at Finisterre some had lunch first whereas some immediately ran to the nearby beach to bathe in the refreshing Atlantic ocean.  After lunch, there was time either to go to the beach or stay chatting and laughing together at the restaurant.

Our next stop was Finisterre lighthouse , beside which we found the perfect place to do the Releasing Ceremony prepared by Mariel, once again overlooking the beautiful ocean.  It was really awesome. A big Thank You to Mariel!  After the Ceremony which ended with releasing beautiful white feathers into the wind, we sang the Song for the Sea composed by Rosemary and, again, she played her crystal bowls like an angel.

In the evening we had our Closing Ceremony where Mariel led us through a wonderful meditation with blessings for us and for all people on earth. It had been a long and spectacular day and we enjoyed dinner and staying together in the garden watching a fantastic sunset and a marvellous sky as the 2017 Reunion ended.

With love

Bettina Barbara Siemsen



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