Diana Cooper’s September 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We are living in special times of opportunity for spiritual growth.  Our leaders round the world are posturing and prancing like pugalists, so it is up to us all to hold the vision of peace.  Every person who keeps faith and constantly envisions peace and world co-operation will find that their aura has become golden.  This energy spreads like oil on troubled waters.  Together we brought the Great Crystal into alignment.  Together we repelled an alien force that was fomenting trouble on Earth.  Together we can hold a positive vision for our planet.  One person working with the angels is more powerful than any world leader!

Service work.  Light a candle for peace each day.  Ask the Angels of Peace to whisper peace to world leaders, business, religious and economic leaders.  Archangel Metatron will direct this and bring all the energy together into a potent force for peace. It is a small spiritual practise to commit to.  Yet the results can transform the course of history.  Will you add your light to this?

Louise Hay

I was so sorry to hear of the death of Louise Hay.  What an amazing soul who has inspired so many and how wonderful that she has magnificently fulfilled her life mission.  I see her now surrounded by golden angels and so happy.

It was quite a shock as I had just been into the offices and felt the love and respect everyone connected with Hay House has for her.  She really will be missed.

Love and peace


North Korea

Tuesday 6th September the restrictions of Mercury retrograde end and the expansive full moon takes us forward.

Serapis Bey, the Keeper of the White Flame of Atlantis, which is the highest frequency peace flame that there is, has asked the Lightworkers of the world to anchor the White Flame of Atlantis in the Presidential Palace of Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

It won’t take a moment.

Invoke Serapis Bey

Ask him to bring forward the Pure White Flame of Atlantis.

Visualise him anchoring the Flame in the Presidential Palace of Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

Invite the dragons to delve deep and consume dense matter in the country.

Ask thousands of Angels of Peace to sing over the Palace.

Call on unicorns to shower light and love over the country.

picture North Korea held in the light of the White Flame of Atlantis.

Please pass this on.


Messages of Eagle and Hawk.

Hawks look at life from a third dimensional perspective.  Even if hawk people are channelling, spirit has to work through their belief system.  Recently my attention has been drawn to channels who are saying that homosexuality is against God’s law, abortion is bad and even that animals don’t have souls.  This is a third dimensional perspective.  The eagle on the other hand is fifth dimensional.  Eagle people see from a higher divine viewpoint.  They see that homosexuality is a soul choice for a lifetime.  Abortion too is a choice and the soul to be aborted knows this is to happen.  If they really want to be birthed into a physical life they will choose different parents or will return at a better time.

I find it hard to believe that some people can believe animals don’t have souls!  You only have to look into their eyes to see their soul essence.  An eagle person knows this.

If you feel you might be a hawk, search for a higher perspective and the angels will help you see it.  If you are an eagle, gently help others rise on the currents of life.


Here is a rhyming affirmation for the angels

My angel loves me whatever I do

Watches me, helps me and guards me too

She whispers to me the best things to say

Drops little white feathers to show me the way

She says love is the answer. Love is the key,

It’s time to stop doing, relax and be me.


From Birkan Tore on Elementals and Bats

Last night I saw groups of elementals flying around and clearing the energy. They seemed to work together with bats as if the bats were showing them where they needed to work. It felt like they only came out and worked at night. I always got along well with elementals and have a special place in my heart for them. However, they are not a kind I’m familiar with.

I know that Earth has received more elementals in the past years… Have you seen them or happen to know who and what they they are? They were very small, flying very quickly and seemed like a transparent blur to me -maybe because of their speed or due to their vibrational frequency. Once I thought I saw a little face but I couldn’t be sure. I’d say they are the same size with a small fairy and I even thought maybe they are a kind of fairy I haven’t met before but… they just feel different. Sent them love anyway and thanked them for showing themselves to me.

If it wasn’t for the bats I don’t think I’d even seen them.

Note from Diana.  These were esaks, little elementals, smaller than fairies who were invited in by Archangels Butyalil who is in charge of the cosmic currents and Purlimiek, angel of nature, to help clear the lower energies on Earth.  They responded to his call and arrived from another universe.  Interesting that they are so active for in the Orb photos, while fairies are like dots, esaks are like small lines.  Thank you for all the information.  I didn’t realise they worked with bats though it is totally logical.  And yes bats are in my book.  They are so amazing on many levels and have beautiful heart centres.

Kyhils do the same job as esaks in the water and came to Earth at the same time.

Birkan continues

Since my vacation I’ve been paying more attention to bats. I made friends with a little brown bat in Mexico. He stayed in our room under the palapa. I must admit that I never gave much thought to bats before. I always thought they were kind of cute but felt like they wanted to stay away from people. Who can blame them?

This little guy was just beaming so much love that it would expand my heart chakra every time I saw him or heard him click away at night. I kept sending him love and left the balcony door open so he could go join his friends but he didn’t leave. He actually showed me that there was a hole in the grass roof and he could leave whenever he wanted. He with us the whole 10 days. I could feel that his clicking sound clear the energy in the room and thanks to his presence we didn’t have to use anything against mosquitos as we didn’t have any in the room. The hotel told us we had things we could plug in the wall and spray ourselves with as the palapa roofs sometimes let mosquitos in.

Also the first night there I was overwhelmed with the amount of spirit visitors and asked angels’ help to get a good night’s sleep but I felt like my little bat friend helped me as well as the smallest bodyguard in the world!

Thanks to him I connected with the other bats outdoors, too. Both in the resort and when we would go for excursions in nature. Every time they’d come nearby I could feel my third eye and heart chakras tingling with such a beautiful energy. I felt like they were helping me trust my intuition and dispel any fears or worries I might have been holding on… I can tell you that as soon as your book comes out here theirs will be the first chapter I will read! Assuming there will be one.

Note from Diana.  Yes there is a chapter on bats in The Archangel Guide to the Animal World and they are amazing little creatures with big open heart centres.  There is a lot more about them in the book and I learnt from Birkan that they guide the elementals to energies that need to be cleared and even protect certain humans from spirit activity.  Thanks Birkan.


Trip to California

It was such a pleasure to visit the beautiful gracious Hay House Offices and so exciting to meet people who had just been names up until now.  I made a presentation about my new book, the Archangel Guide to the Animal World and recorded a meditation about dragons as my Dragon Cards are due out in December.


I must confess I was rather dreading the heat of California in August but it turned out to be a cool August for them and the weather was perfect for me!!  Sizzling on the beach but lovely for Disneyland etc.

I took Isabel my 14-year-old granddaughter and as always it is so refreshing to see things and people through a young person’s eyes.  I even enjoyed the fashion mall, which is not exactly my scene and ten hours there was a little excessive!

Birkan Tore and Rachel Boulouys came up from Atlanta and Southern California respectively for lunch.  We talked of angels, unicorns, dragons, lllumined Masters, the Intergalactic Council, crystals etc etc and were so buzzing at the end of it that we met up again next day and buzzed even more.  It is wonderful to connect with like-minded souls and we did some direct eye to eye soul transference.

Rachel Diana Birkan

We even went inland into the hills to see the 70% eclipse.  It was very interesting and will be life changing for all of us in some way, though it did not have the awesome, spooky, silent  effect of the total eclipse I experienced a few years ago in the UK.


Venus and Sugar

All Mum’s plans for us to be cared for while she was away fell apart at the last minute so we were taken down to her friend Pat in Dorset.  I know and love Pat so it was fine for me but Sugar doesn’t know her.  Luckily I was there to look after her and reassure her!  Because Pat is allergic to dogs though she loves us, we had to sleep downstairs and Sugar crept up to the landing and stretched out outside her bedroom door every night.  I am a year older than Sugar so I told her off but she has a lot to learn.

I was a complete angel the whole time.  I didn’t run off once even on the walk by the rabbits.  How is that for self-restraint?  Mum keeps saying I am growing up into a very mature and sensible dog.  What does she expect from a Queen dog?

All the same I was very pleased to see Mum again, though it was rather unfortunate she arrived just when I’d been given my favourite chew.  I ran to greet her, then raced back to my chew in case Sugar got any ideas about pinching it.  I know she’s my best friend and that it is

I who steal her treats, but I didn’t want to take any chances.  I was sure Mum would understand.

Anyway we are all back at home now and guess what, it’s raining?


Angel Orb at sunset when I collected Venus and Sugar from Dorset.

Venus and Sugar relaxing with Jacqueline Mary Piper between writing sessions on the Crystal Grid book.

Forthcoming Events


Saturday 7th 10-6pm and Sunday 8th October 10-5pm

1.Seven of the great Illumined Masters will light up your keys and codes of enlightenment and ascension.
2. The Archangels will bathe you in the light of the different rays.
3. Archangel Christiel will step through his cross shaped stargate of Lyra to hold you in his whitemoon energy. This will expand your causal chakra to activate your higher connection to unicorns and angels.
4. The Goddess Masters promise you divine feminine transformation.
5. The ninth dimensional unicorns will take you on an extraordinary soul healing journey.
6. You will work with the mighty cosmic dragons to heal yourself at every level and the planet.
7. You will connect with Lord Voosloo to bring in awesome, life changing 9D energies.
8. Together we will help build the 9D grid round Earth.
9. We will explore and activate the latest ascension techniques, tools and energies available.
Seminarprice: CHF 350.- / Euro 340.-
Seminarplace: Volkshaus, Stauffacherstr. 60, 8004 Zürich
Parabola-Forum, Oberdorfstr. 16e, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
Tel: 0041 (0)44 261 00 90
E-Mail: bs@parabolaforum.com www.parabolaforum.com


Birmingham UK MBS

Sunday 5th November 1.15 – 3.15

Angels and Animals

Sunday, November 5th 2017  Birmingham

How Animals work with Angels

Did you know that rabbits work with Archangel Gabriel to bring people into harmony through the Song of the Earth?  Or that pandas connect you to the Cosmic Heart?  Or certain insects are more evolved than humans? Or sharks come from Mars?

Today Diana will share fascinating information about the animal kingdom, their soul missions, their service work and how they work with the Archangels.  She will take you on a powerful journey to petition the Intergalactic Council for help for all animals.  Through visualisations, prayer and exercises you will make a difference.  This will accelerate your ascension path.

Tickets £30.00



Sunday 26 November Clare Apollo Bournemouth

Accelerate your ascension path with animals and dragons

At this time of unprecedented spiritual growth on the planet, the Angels and Archangels are connecting with and helping everyone who is open to them.  Be prepared for an amazing Angel experience as Diana invites you to visit the retreats of some of the Archangels and receive their special light.

No animal comes to you by chance.  Whether you read about it, see it on television or in the flesh, each one brings a message that assists your ascension.  Diana will share some of these today.

Where do animals come from?  What is their soul purpose?  What do their different colours mean?  Do they have angels?  Are some more evolved than humans?

Diana will answer these questions and present unique information about animals, birds, fish, insects and reptiles to open your heart to them, so you can connect with them more easily.  In beautiful meditation journeys she will take you to meet the Archangels in charge of animals, birds, fish and insects.

Dragons are mighty beings who are flocking to Earth now to assist our ascension.  Today Diana will introduce you to your personal dragons and angels AND to some of the awesome high frequency dragons and angels.  Your companion dragon and your Guardian Angel form a great team as they inspire, protect and encourage you on your journey.  As you truly connect with them today they help and heal you in ways you have not imagined.  Prepare for personal transformation.

You will also meet three glorious high frequency dragons and the Archangels who connect with them.

The pure white Dragon from Lyra take you to bathe in the 9D pool of white-gold Christ light, which shimmers and swirls with pure love. Absorb all you are ready to receive today and your aura will radiate the incredibly high frequency of white-gold.  He works with the ineffable Archangel Christiel and his shimmering white Angels of Lyra.  Together they will enable you to meet your personal unicorn at a higher frequency than before. They will dramatically expand your causal chakra, which will strengthen your connection with the entire angelic world.

Then Diana will introduce you to the Aquamarine Dragon from Neptune who will enable you to access your deepest soul wisdom and expand your psychic abilities.  This dragon will also help you prepare your crystalline body so that you can carry more light for the new Golden Age. The great Universal Angel Mary will assist with this process today.

The Dusty Pink Dragon from Andromeda, carrying the vibration of transcendent love, will touch you and prepare all your chakras to embody higher love.  Archangel Mariel will work with this dragon and expand your soul light.

Prepare for entirely new understandings and a huge download of light today.



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