Diana Coopers’s October 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I keep being reminded that we live in extraordinary times and this means huge opportunities for spiritual growth.  On one hand new high frequency energies are pouring into the planet and we can tune into them to ride an accelerated journey to ascension.  On the other we have huge political and economic dilemmas worldwide and are called on to remain centred while visualising the most positive outcome for the highest good of all.  At the same time, we have increasing volcano, earthquake, flood, fire and hurricane activity that will continue until 2022.  This is designed to open the hearts of humanity as we watch or participate as it cleanses the area.

I anticipated that I would be slowing down now that I have had my 77th birthday!  Thanks to so many of you for your good wishes.  It was lovely to receive the wave of love.  But I seem to be busier than ever!  I’ll be doing regular facebook lives on Wednesday evenings at 7pm with live readings to help individuals and hopefully everyone.

And I am so excited about the new Dragon Oracle Cards.  They are truly gorgeous and as you would expect people are picking the perfect card each time that they need. They are literally going like hot cakes.

What fabulous, interesting days lie ahead.

With love and joy


Facebook live Angel Hour

On Wednesday 4th October at 7pm GMT I’ll be doing a facebook live on the dragon oracle with live readings.  It promises to be fun and very informative – and especially so for those who receive readings.

From Wednesday 11th at 7pm GMT I shall be doing an Angel Hour live with my friend Jacqueline Mary Piper.  She is one of the best clairvoyant mediums I have ever met and we will both give readings to callers as well as download important information.  Write Angel Hour every Wednesday into your diary!  It could change your life and it will be lovely to meet you.

Filming an Ascension Course

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I filmed a 55 video Ascension with the Angels Course for Hay House!  It was quite an undertaking and I was so tired I could hardly crawl out of bed on Friday morning but it felt very important, with the angelic realms and Illumined Masters pouring their light in.  The angels have assured me that those who really practice the steps diligently will hold the required light to be an Ascended Master by the time they have completed the course.  This is quite a promise from the realms of glory and I know it to be so.  It will probably be some months before it is edited and released but I will keep you informed.



It has been an interesting month.  Mum says the international energies have been quite weird and threatening and we animals feel it too.  I have been quite skittish.  One night Sugar barked to go out at 3.30 in the morning.  It was not a call of nature but a con as she’d heard a cat in the garden.  Mum assumed it was a try on – but let her out anyway!  Then she let me out separately and guess what, I found a hole in the fence.  I squeezed through and escaped to freedom.  Mum opened the door to let me back in and knew immediately that I was not in the garden.  She said there was an eerie empty feeling!  She went round the area with a torch and down the road rustling my treat packet but I wasn’t going to be fooled by that!  I went off on an adventure.  In the meantime, she phoned the number where my chip is registered to tell them I was missing.  She said it was just like when I was a puppy and Ash-ting our cat taught me to climb the chain link fence round the garden of our old house.  I disappeared as often as I could until she had another layer of wire fencing erected round the entire garden.

Well it was a bit dark and cold so I went home after an hour.  Do you think the house was lit up, with Mum throwing her arms wide open to greet me?  No! The house was in darkness.  I could not believe it.  Mum had gone back to bed even though I, her beloved Venus was missing.  I barked loudly on the front doorstep and she did have to grace to get up and let me in – and she was very pleased to see me.

Sugar and I had to stay at her son, Justin’s, while Mum was filming for three days.  It was fun to be with Ash-ting again our old cat again.  Mum came round one evening with garlic salami and the three of us, Sugar, Ash-ting and I played Find together round the garden.  Ash-ting and I used to play this every night and that cat is nearly as good at hunting for the bits of salami as I am.  Well not quite as good, of course.


New Dragon Oracle Cards

I am delighted to introduce my new Dragon Oracle Cards, Dragons are great friends, companions and protectors. They accompany you and look after you as you move through the dimensions in meditation and sleep. They will guide you through the astral realms where nightmares lie and protect you from experiencing them. The dragon cards will reveal many more ways in which you can direct them and they can help you. Order yours here and I’ll personally select and sign one card from your deck. £8.00 + P&P https://dianacooperstg.wpenginepowered.com/books/dragons/

Click HERE to see me demonstrating how to use the cards

North Korea – the next step.  Call to service work.

Thank you everyone who helped to anchor the Pure White Peace Flame of Atlantis into the Presidential Palace of Kim Jong-un in North Korea.   The intention and energy of those of you who did this piece of light work was so pure that it was anchored within a few days. And then it continued to be more strongly embedded as time went on.  Every time I asked if we could now do more to help the situation I was told that there were three huge dark entities attached to Kim Jong-un and the condition there was so fragile that any more focus might upset the balance, with potentially disastrous consequences.

However, now it is time for another step to be taken.  This is two-fold, so please help.  Remember that dragons can delve into lower frequencies that angels and unicorns cannot touch.

Step 1

Once again invoke the Illumined Master Serapis Bey to bring in his Pure White Peace Flame and place it in the White House in Washington USA.

Visualise it being anchored there.

And see the Angels of Peace singing over the White House.

Step 2

1.Call in the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame dragons.  They are powerful transmuters and can delve deep into dark energies to consume them and bring in something better.  Ask them to fly through the whole of North Korea, then spread out over South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, transmuting the fear held in those places.

2.Be aware of the vast legions of Fire Dragons lining up, as well as Thor’s black, gold and red dragons, and Archangel Michael’s Deep Blue Dragons waiting for the instruction to clear the lower frequencies.  Command them to now to move and see your clear thought acting as the bridge that allows them to do so.

3.Ask golden angels of Archangel Uriel to watch over North Korea to touch all those who are ready for it, to bring in wisdom and an understanding of who they truly are.

4.Finally ask the great illumined Angel Mary and Archangel Chamuel to watch over Kim Jong-un.  Invite them to pour their aquamarine cosmic love and pink human love into his aura as soon as there is an opportunity to do so.

Bless you and thank you for using your light to help the world.


The new children

There is a wave of golden children waiting to incarnate.  They are being taught in the inner planes as they prepare for the energy on Earth to rise.  I know that I am one of those who is teaching them in my sleep so that they are ready to come in and make a difference.  Are you also teaching and preparing these special souls?  What tasks are you doing in your sleep time?  Healing? Rescuing stuck souls? Working as a galactic ambassador? Teaching? Being a guide? Helping the animals?  Serving the Intergalactic Council? Or are you doing something else entirely?  And you may well be multi-tasking and doing many different jobs while your spirit is out of your body.  There is a shortage of true lightworkers to help with some of the cosmic roles, so you can offer your services before you go to sleep.

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